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  1. Kaitlyn Officially Returning for Mae Young Classic

    I hope she jobs to Jessie in the first round
  2. yesss at Layla getting spotlight .
  3. If we're gonna keep seeing these tag matches, why not for the titles? Also, they keep adding at least 3 girls on the main roster every year without releasing any for the most part, so if they want a big division they need to keep them occupied as well and I think Tag Titles would give everyone something to do.
  4. Didn't like his dig on Carmella and Alexa. Just because they're pretty it doesn't mean they're automatically disqualified from holding the titles. Yes, Alexa has been pushed more than enough but that just shows how Vince values his faves and those who can speak on the mic. I thought Carmella would never cash in and if she did, would have a transitional title reign and here she is, beat both Charlotte and Asuka. If talent mattered all the time Nattie would've been a 10x champ by now.
  5. DEBUNKED: Drama amongst former BFFS?

    This is giving me shades of Sasha unfriending Charlotte because of her push in NXT, that’s why she said prefers Becky, who always stayed by her side regardless of how pushed she was. Looks like Nia reached the breaking point and Alexa ending her title reign was it. 
  6. NXT UK Brand Officially Announced

    this is cute, but can they make another developmental for the US? there are so many girls sitting in the PC not getting TV time, leave NXT as it is and make the other one like FCW, for REAL developmental talent.
  7. Money in the Bank 2018: Live Chat

    I think anyone can win MITB other than Naomi, I just think she's there for spots. Charlotte on the other side as well since she's taking a break, but will that stop them when it comes to her
  8. Money in the Bank 2018: Live Chat

    the gold parts are not pink, it's a progress!
  9. Money in the Bank 2018: Live Chat

    she finally got a new color
  10. Money in the Bank 2018: Live Chat

    okay it's been a while since I was on live threads, let's see how it goes
  11. Who Will Be on the WWE 2K19 Cover?

    Charlotte or Ronda 
  12. Happy Birthday, Mariah!

    Happy birthday, hope you have an amazing day 🎉🎂 
  13. Alicia Fox Returning Soon?

    she doesn't, she liked my comment on IG about asking for a new theme