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  1. Because like I said those were the Diva era days where he didn't care and degraded them left and right. Not saying it's not impossible now, but he wouldn't get away with it today, especially with an angle involving sex change just for laughs.
  2. These are all old sis. He wouldn't do that now, at WM, against his top woman.ย 
  3. Y'all actually believe thisย 
  4. The Rock's daughter wants to wrestle

    If anything, this is a good thing to me. With all the things she could do with her money and connections, she would like to wrestle, so that's admirable to me. But we'll see how it works out once she starts doing it.
  5. I think Ember. She came the closest to beat Asuka twice, and now that she's gone, it's Ember's time. I feel like if she loses now she will look like a flop. It's too early for Kairi, Peyton is ready but I think more ready for SD, Nikki is just a character, she doesn't need the title.
  6. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    @Wilifred.ย  ย 
  7. I'm happy for Charlotte, that was sweet, but I probably witnessed Nattie's last title reign ย 
  8. Ugh I wanna see this match
  9. Raw November 13, 2017: Live Chat

    ย Lana posting that picture on twitter, she's so messy
  10. Raw November 13, 2017: Live Chat

    Dana is so quick and smooth these days, they should give her a chance
  11. Raw November 13, 2017: Live Chat

    Reports are saying they already switched the decision. Idk, to me it looks so spoiled, both her and Foxy posted a picture together and fans filmed her arriving at the arena. It's too obvious. I'd like it to be a surprise like Nikki's when she had to hide inside the bus so it would stay a surprise sjskk
  12. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    I really want them to face off at SSย  ย