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  1. The Bella Twins Hint At Return?

    They should be the first tag champs and put the IIconics over in Australia or at WM.
  2. Best Womens Match in Wrestlemania History

    WM 32, they did that. Match of the night.
  3. Why does Ronda Rousey want to be a WWE Superstar?

    Omg fjsks the avis and the replies here scared me until I saw the stan swap thread  On the topic, I hope she does well at WM, for her and our sake.
  4. What does the future hold for the NXT women?

    Vanessa WILL prosper. Vince will love her look and gimmick.
  5. Have The Bellas become the first champions and let Iconic Duo beat them at that Australia event in October.
  6. Worst reign of terror?

    AJ's. She dragged the TD with the pipebomb, then kept beating them in title matches. None of them got to respond to her on the mic, nor got to beat her for the title.The hierarchy was AJ beating TD, TD beating other women. So even when the whole division gathered to beat her, she still defeated them all at WM, and Paige was the final nail in the coffin. Not only that, none of them managed to even beat Paige, but AJ did it in her first match back, and then the hot potato started. Thank God that the Authority storyline gave Nikki credibility otherwise I don't even know who would've dethroned her after she was done with Paige.
  7. Should Bliss retain at Wrestlemania?

    No. She's beaten the entire division except for Nia and it's time for her to lose. If Nia doesn't win at WM she's honestly done, there's no coming back from that.
  8. Abbey Laith & Sage Beckett Released from NXT

    she announced she'll be there tonight as well, so did Xia. I hope Zeda is safe. I don't know who else they could release. Nixon is possible due to her injury. Rhea just got there so doubt it.
  9. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    I think that could be a SummerSlam match.
  10. PPVS to become dual brand events?

    This wouldn't be a good idea. WWE PPVs usually have 7-8 matches, and they currently have 9 titles. That'd basically mean no side feuds on the card, and whichever titles are left off the card would be seen as less important. Just stick with this schedule.
  11. I don't think she will retire, she seems very passionate about it, and we saw her best run this past year. But if/when she returns, I'm going to need her do more and ditch the bodyguard black attires she's been sporting since 2013 and find something new, or at least go back to her Warrior Princess babyface gimmick/look. We saw the crowd get behind her on SD and I think that would help her get more over.
  12. Alicia Fox to be out for several months

    She better get a push once she returns, she's earned it, no ifs, ands or buts.
  13. Trish, she got to show the most and she backed it up. Beth was also very crisp even though she was there for two minutes. Nikki also never shows ring rust, sis came back ready.
  14. Ivory reportedly headlining HOF ceremony

    Over Goldberg? But it would be a pleasant surprise!