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  1. I can’t believe I’m complaining about legends returning but they really need to call other women, we’ve seen Royal Rumble women enough this year.  I wonder if Zelina will be involved and who from NXT will be in.
  2. Why is AJ Lee so in demand?

    I think all Diva era stans want their faves to return and have a moment in this climate of the women’s division, where the opportunities are endless, even if for one night (Royal Rumble). AJ specifically is sought after because she was a huge name of her era so having someone of that caliber share the ring with some of the current women would be insane. I think if she were ever to return full time, she wouldn’t be as stale as she was once she left - she has plenty of new women to face, 2 new titles, and multiple match types to compete in (RR, EC, MITB, other stipulation matches). But for now, considering all the Punk drama and what not, an appearance would be a great start.
  3. I don’t think The Bellas would turn on Ronda just for Evolution then go away, I think they’re staying until Mania at least (they said they want to retire together and if the tag titles arrive they’ll most likely win them before they leave).
  4. Torrie, Melina and Layla deserved a mention
  5. she liked a couple comments about Evolution on Insta but that probably means nothing. Can Layla pick up her phone
  6. Best looks?

  7. What's Your Favorite Mae Young Classic Match So Far?

    Hiroyo vs Rachel, Mia vs Allysin, Toni vs Jinny, Kelly vs Meiko, in that order.
  8. tbh the match should be good if they rehearse it well in advance like what Ronda is probably doing. That Moonsault on her IG looked great so I’m optimistic.
  9. What if Michelle and Alicia never seperated?

    I don't think it would've worked, Alicia was just as tall as Michelle then so it wouldn't have been realistic to see her as her lackey, plus she wasn't as charismatic and good on the mic as Layla was at the time, which is what Michelle needed.
  10. Spoiler: New Match Confirmed for Evolution

    Their last match was great so I’m here for it, plus it has storyline to it. I only hope Shayna doesn’t win tho.
  11. Charlotte Flair Is Predicted To Win Royal Rumble 2019

    I have no problem with this. RR should go to wrestlers they will 100% commit to, we don’t need experiments like Asuka and Nakamura that won only for the moment and not for the long-term payoff. 
  12. Bigger Missed Opportunity?

    I wouldn’t say Eva was a missed opportunity. They were just about to push her but she backed out the moment she got one movie role. I actually think Alexa wouldn’t have been pushed as much had Eva stayed. I mean she had the show that used all women still focus on her the most. So that was on her. With Lana I think they should’ve stuck with her as wrestler after her original debut at WM. Made no sense to have her go back to managing. Her momentum was lost and the moment she debuted on SD as a dancer with that theme I knew they were over her as a serious character. I don’t think she can bounce back though, they clearly see her as the Dana of SD, switching between managing and wrestling, just a tad bit more relevant. She won’t prosper with the rosters being so crowded.
  13. Someone call The Rock and tell him to make an Ember biopic. 
  14. What's Your Mixed Match Challenge Dream Team?

    can you post on here without promoting your channel? anyway, Ruby Riott and Baron Corbin would be a good fit.