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  1. Me. I Am Mariah...

    Sorry if I'm responding late, but this was so touching and honest, you're amazing  I haven't known you as long as some of the others HBers, nor am I as active as I used to be, but from the day one you've always been the kindest person on here, and I can speak for everyone when I say you're the heart and soul of this community. Can't wait to see what the future holds 
  2. Laygend advancing so smoothly, her power
  3. Why are the women who retired a year into this decade (Maryse, Michelle, Melina) in this competition, let alone advancing? Should’ve made it minimum of 5 years of activity for qualification.  
  4. WWE Draft 2019: Hopes and Predictions

    The rosters I'm predicting: RAW: Sasha, Naomi, Nattie, Lacey, Tamina, Asuka, Kairi, Ember, Nia, Ruby, Sarah, The IIconics, Mickie SD: Becky, Charlotte, Bayley, Alexa, Nikki, Carmella, Mandy, Sonya, Dana, Zelina, Liv, Alicia & Lana (if they are returning) And I'm hoping for NEW champions for each title.
  5. Ronda buried Raw, Becky and Charlotte buried SD, and it resulted in this. A weak and directionless division, not to mention Bayley winning the briefcase when she needed it the least.
  6. AEW Announces TV Deal

    Good luck to them but their description of the product seems too shady towards WWE and not appealing to the wider audience. They don't want soap storylines and want to let wrestlers control their characters? Well, that's all fine but what will the excuses be when the product gets boring then, too? Can't put it on wrestlers being held back or not having the creative control. Just great matches aren't going to cut it. 205 Live will tell you that.
  7. Dean Ambrose Resurfaces as Jon Moxley

    Victoria tease
  8. Becky and Charlotte Announced For Smackdown

    I’m actually excited for the Raw division more. They have less women and the most pushed ones are not active (Ronda and Nia injured, Sasha MIA, Alexa semi-active). They have 3 hours so they can use them better too. As for SD, they were cutting their matches and segments when they had like 8 women, and only focused on Charlotte and Becky, so I don’t know how they plan to feature a division of 12 women. Judging by this nothing has changed.
  9. Sasha Banks leaving WWE?

    At some point the Krew will have to stop using Sasha's short reigns and no successful defenses as an ammo for her being mistreated. Literally every other woman who won a title in WWE has held it longer than her or had a successful defense, Alicia for example. Does that make her more successful than Sasha? It's not black and white and Sasha's career is far bigger than her title reigns. Her highs outweigh her lows, she's on TV every week, she's winning, she usually gets side PPV matches (vs Nia, Alicia, Riott Squad) if she's not in title picture, first-evers, PPV main events. Could be worse. Also, I'ma need those who are shading less relevant girls and calling them ''complacent'' to stop. It's not easy being in that position and demanding more when you know you don't have the backing and popularity Sasha does. She has always had Triple H's leverage and the popularity to keep her safe, most other women don't have that. Just look what happened to Emma who complained over and over again about her position - she lost her job. It's not as simple as asking for a better spot. Overall, if she feels she deserves more, good for her and I wish her all the best, but to me, she is in a better position than 80% of the women's division and she should just wait because she's young and they clearly value her, once she is separated from Bayley, she will prosper. If Becky reached her current level, Sasha sure as hell can too.
  10. Charlotte, and it really fits the story as her being “the irrelevant” one in the match, she can win because the other two would be too focused on each other to remember she’s there. What a better place and time to break Trish’s record and cement herself as the GOAT. Becky already had her big moment months ago. Beat Charlotte for the SD title, won the first main roster Last Woman Standing match, main evented TLC, won the Rumble. She’s already there. She doesn’t really need to win. Ronda is possible but I see her taking that break after Mania so that’s that.
  11. Lacey Evans - Chasing Glory

    she cried a lot lol
  12. Lacey Evans - Chasing Glory

    the way she said it sounded like a promo so i’d say yes
  13. I listened to it hours ago so it might not be as detailed but I’ll do my best: - Says how she discovered wrestling while she was at the marine corps, didn’t watch it before. The staff sergeant invited her to the live event at APW in Georgia, she got hooked and wanted to wrestle. - The very next week she had a match and was in the main event. She did wrestling in school so it didn’t take her a lot to get used to it. - She had a rough childhood, both of her parents were drug addicts. Her dad started a construction company so for the most part they were stable with money but a lot of times he spent everything on drugs. - She remembers when she was 10, and at the time wanted to have children one day. She was very sick at the time, with a fever, it was so bad that she had diarrhea, vomited all over herself and then fainted. She woke up the next day to realize no one was there to help her and from that point on vowed she’d never have her future kids go through something like that. She cleaned herself up alone and went to school that day. - She said her family struggles with mental health and depression all the time and she’s trying to set an example for all of them. She doesn’t smoke or drink because she doesn’t want to be in the same position as her parents were. Her daughter and husband travel with her all the time. - She said Ted Dibiase hooked her up with a tryout, she initially didn’t know who he was. Her dad died 2 months before the tryout. - When she googled Divas she thought she couldn’t do it because she didn’t look like them. When she got to the tryout she saw girls like Bianca and Vanessa all dolled up with matching outfits and she was nothing like that. She wanted to leave immediately and as she opened the door, the male wrestlers came in and thought she was just opening the door for them. - She eventually stayed to finish the tryout. She was told she needs to smile more and was given the choice to cut a promo of her choice. She cut a marine-like promo. They wanted to know more about her family background and when she eventually told them they thought they had something special there. - They offered her a contract a few months later. She wanted her name to be Macey Evans, her maiden name, and also Lacey Loretta, her middle name. They wanted it to be Lacey Evans and she was against it at first because that is the real name of her sister. They said if her sister is fine with it they want it. She approved of it and that’s how it came about. - She has 7 siblings, one brother, and all of her sisters are named like Lacey, Stacey, Kacey... - She said she doesn’t really want to be famous, she just wants to share her story and inspire others. She wants to garden and have more children in the future. - She talked about the lady character and how she sees it as a woman who can do it all, as a mother, wife, wrestler, cook, and can still be feminine. Lilian mentions Becky and Lacey starts dragging The Man gimmick, saying they don’t need to call themselves men now in order to feel powerful. - She said how wrestling doesn’t give her the rush like the times she was in the marines, it’s a different kind of environment and she definitely misses it. - This was filmed a day after the Rumble so she said she doesn’t know what her direction is, she’s appearing on both shows and waiting to see where it goes.  
  14. Tamother on Chasing Glory

    I love her 😭 she’s always so humble and supportive of other women. They need to put respect on her name and give her an accolade for herself. Tag titles at least.
  15. Alicia Fox Incident Led to Arn Anderson's Release?

    She won’t be released. This is pretty much like Rosa’s situation where they sent her to rehab and suspended Hayes who was enabling her addiction, and in this case fired Arn.  Not to mention Jimmy Uso got drunk and ARRESTED and won the Tag titles the next week. It is different since it wasn’t at work place but no less problematic. She should be fine as long as she gets the help she needs.