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  1. Dua Lipa - ‘Future Nostalgia’

    Amazing. As expected from a Kylie influence
  2. Next MCU Big Bad?

    Wait this would be serve. She was never a villain like THAT in the comics tho yhggh only maybe in House of M and Decimation but that affected mostly only the x men
  3. Next MCU Big Bad?

    Doctor Doom or Galactus
  4. Quizantine

    Idk but you weren't the only one that thought that 
  5. Quizantine
  6. Eve Torres Ring the Belle interview

    Aww it was so sad to hear how much she wanted more for the women. Also I know she is tired of being asked about the super glam slam
  7. So why she didn't quit after the Daniel storyline and waited like 6 months 
  8. "Scream 5" Reportedly Finds Director

    Hmm cute But with a reboot I didn't mean the same characters
  9. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    We- you can't tell he was waiting for an excuse to be homophobic 
  10. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    What happened omg
  11. Eurovision 2020 Cancelled

    Where I'm going to hear the annual copy of Fuego by Eleni now
  12. Update on the 3/18 episode of NXT

    They are saying there actually won't be matches. It won't be like RAW and SD 
  13. The Comic Book Character Mount Rushmore?

    Wonder Woman, Wolverine, Hulk, Joker and Catwoman more popular than Captain Maga
  14. "Scream 5" Reportedly Finds Director

    Ooooooooomg I was worried about this but I LOVE Ready Or Not. I agree that it should be a Reboot