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  1. Seminal Pop Culture Moments

    Oh i think one of the reasons why I ended becoming a women wrestling stan is because growing up I stanned Tomb Raider, Charlie's Angels, the DOA movie (I guess Charmed counts too? nn) and I always stanned the girls in X- Men Evolution and Teen Titans
  2. Seminal Pop Culture Moments

    This opened me up to sexual expression and liberation, and told me that you can be young (a young gay at that) and still finding yourself/your identity, but you could still have control over your sexuality, body, mind, destiny, etc.   
  3. Maria Comes for Charlotte

    .... Because of the segment from yesterday 
  4. Maria Comes for Charlotte

    "Be careful disparaging the women that fought for what you are getting" 
  5. Maria Comes for Charlotte

    Go against the queen... 
  6. Maria Comes for Charlotte

    Are you dumb- Remy Ma She wants the support of the Divas stans so bad since nobody likes her. Why is she coming for Charlotte for a scripted promo? Her stupid ass is coming for the creative team instead. Good luck booking that return you speak of 
  7. Yerrrrrr

  8. Hi

  9. Happy birthday HB!  YOU GUYS LIKE HEARTBREAKERS.ME?! \O/
  10. Jim Neidhart Passes Away

    You are so edgy wow!
  11. Jim Neidhart Passes Away

    You are disgusting. Grow up 
  12. Jim Neidhart Passes Away

    Omg.... R.I.P
  13. Naomi @ TCA tonight btw 

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. prince.


      literally defended naomi and this is what I get 

      fags have no loyalty 

    3. Amlex


      Oh i thought he was coming for just Maryse. Nvm Maryse looked like a beautiful Disney princess. We love stanning mainstream Queens! Not everyone can relate, especially Halitosis Fox stans! 

    4. prince.


      te la dejo pasar esta vez solamente porque sè que eso es lo que querias decir del principio :clap: