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  1. Can they do this with Dark Phoenix
  2. Molly but Michelle and Naomi honorable mentions?
  3. This is going to be a mess. What are they going to do now? An anniversary? Sidney releasing a book? They already did all that in Scream 4 Also Courteney Cox is almost 60
  4. Congrats Asuka
  5. Maybe they aren't that cordial. And why they are afraid of saying names
  6. Live-Action "Hercules" In the Works at Disney

    Kat Dennings as Megara
  7. That explains why she is so corny 
  8. I know they are cordial now but i want them to be honest about their problem with AJ
  9. I can see most of the agents coming back and Ryder, hopefully that video makes them change their mind about Drake, he is really likeable. I feel like Rusev won't want to come back or he asked for his release 
  10. I thought Primo was already gone but then saw people tweet he was still signed and i got happy but they fired him 30 minutes later
  11. WWE releases Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder

    At least Dash putting Chad Gable over on Twitter was cute
  12. Fgfgeyrfy they are going to stay just posting how to work out at home videos
  13. Can't stand her but wasn't it just to make that gay joke
  14. WWE Superstars Don't Rush Challenge

    Nattie forgetting to put the cat close to the camera to make the transition