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  1. Emmergency just got injured (again) 
  2. Random Thoughts

  3. Random Thoughts

    This is @Wiccan Venus  
  4. The Bella Twins Hint At Return?

    You said it like she won't be Daniel's valet if she goes solo 
  5. The Bella Twins Hint At Return?

    Y'all know that if they tweet about it means that it won't happen 
  6. Love your video! @Dante.


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Dante.


      Oh sweetie, no. We aren’t doing that. Not with that little white bitch :uhh: 

    3. Amlex


      Rgttt I forgot she just came for nicki 

    4. Rahgeme


      Y’all are so messy. She already explained she likes both stop being bitter before I sock you ugly!

  7. Music of the moment

    Becky Global looks SNATCHED aaaaaah   
  8. Ariana Grande

    Not too much 
  9. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    Omg this match is goodT. Naomi snapped  Carmella vs Liv I didn't notice how many house matches you can find now. The struggle in the Divas era  
  10. Ariana Grande

    OK relax 
  11. Ok wig. I will watch her return  She better have the winter gimmick tho 
  12. Is the poster above you messy?

    The only one in the forum that isn't 
  13. So what was the point of the shake up? The only thing that shaked the table were the debuts and returns and the shake up wasn't necessary for that so like ¿?  Why they didn't save the shake up for later