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  1. Y'all arguing about Alexa's 5 dollars when it probably wasn't her
  2. She does deserve better. But I don't see her in this.  
  3. I feel like Mortal Kombat would be cute this time. Hopefully the pick good characters for it.  Good luck to he-man
  4. Kat Dennings is coming! 
  5. 🎶 Now Playing...

    The hags are back and slaying this year   
  6. Ashley Massaro passes away

    RIP. This is so sad and weird, she was in the first wrestling match I ever watched 
  7. I doubt they started to work in the x men cast but hopefully this inspires them and cast him in the future. I'm tired of Wolverine but if it has to be someone, it better be king Henry 
  8. "Black Mirror" Season 5 Official Trailer

    It looks so good omg  screaming at mortal kombat Miley
  9. MTV Movie & TV Award Nominations

    MJ Rodríguez better win 
  10. Wait not y'all making us list like 100 for the wrestling one but 12 for this 
  11. What are all these guests posting in that section 

  12. Nikki Cross Gets a Character Change

    She should go back to that "Best In The Galaxy" gimmick she had in the indies, everyone loved her.  I still wonder why they gave a completely different character to the only girl with a gimmick coming from the indies but let the other girls in the pc gimmickless 💀