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  1. The fact she wore a suit and tie just because she knew she was going to say this  she is sick 
  2. Predicting the Royal Rumble

    I want Kairi to eliminate her as a revenge. Then we get Naomi vs Sasha as the final that would also be a preview of their mania match 
  3. Predicting the Royal Rumble

    The surprises will be Ronda, Shayna, Naomi, Nia, Toni, Bianca, KLR, Io, Mickie, and Ruby. Maybe Mia, Dakota and Tegan  I hope the Rumble final four is Charlotte, Sasha, Kairi and Naomi but it will be Charlotte, Sasha, Shayna and Ronda 
  4. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    That poor kid 
  5. 2020 WWE Royal Rumble Pool

    Sign me up
  6. Sex Education | Season 2 Streaming Now on Netflix

    I really loved this season. I love how you they focused in more than 4 characters this time, even Jackson's storyline that I wasn't interested at all at first ended being one of the cutest When after the first 2 episodes I was like damn Queen Aimee barely had lines can she have a storyline but then THAT happened. THAT WASN'T WHAT I WANTED Well but it ended being probably my fave storyline. The end of ep 7
  7. Charlotte talks injuring Kairi

    She avoided that question like how she avoids making her opponents look when she is losing a match 
  8. Already sounds scripted 
  9. Wednesday Night War | Official Chat Thread

    Also you can tell looking at the booking of the battle royal the people in charge know Io and Bianca are the best girls in nxt so why they can't get a damn title! They could easily just have Bianca and Tegan as the finalists or Bianca and Shotzi but they gave the 2 of them like 6 minutes alone even tho they are both heels 
  10. Wednesday Night War | Official Chat Thread

    Now I was happy that Bianca won but then I saw the match is for takeover  Io gave like the 2 best women matches in the last takeovers. I expect Rhea vs Bianca to have the quality of Bianca vs Shayna.  Hopefully this means Io is next and she wins the title 
  11. You know you don't always have to say the contrary of what everyone is saying right? Lol. Especially when is something really serious like this 
  12. Oscar Nominees 2020 | Joker leads with 11 nominations

    The fact Marriage Story was released like a week before award shows started announcing nominations. I'm telling y'all this is conspiracy, someone needs to expose Scarlett's payola 
  13. Oscar Nominees 2020 | Joker leads with 11 nominations

    This is so bad. Not even one for Us? And Scarlett is an industry plant!  Do the academy only pay attention to the movies released the last 3 months? The only good thing is that Klaus got nominated and Zara Larsson sings the song of the movie. Queen tingz