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  1. Punk probably didn't even said all that
  2. That's so sad. He was sooooo over and now he had to come up with this shit to be on tv 
  3. First ‘Black Widow’ poster revealed at D23 Expo

    Looks like fanart
  4. James Dean reborn in CGI for Vietnam War drama

    Marilyn Monroe is going to slay as Emma Frost 
  5. The Rock highest paid actor globally

    Well I feels like he makes 5 movies every year so 
  6. Watchmen | Airs Sundays at 9 PM EST on HBO

    Will watch when I finish my shows. Hopefully someone in the cast can top Patrick Wilson's ass in the movie 
  7. So are they just as a team or both as singles and team 
  8. K now I'm irritated and solo or team The Bellas will be at the bottom of my list
  9. Io.  Welp this one will be hard 
  10. Apple TV+ shows premiere to lukewarm reviews

    I didn't even know Apple TV already started. I thought it was coming next year 
  11. Alexa Bliss out with injury?

    ! I really think they just don't have nothing for her rn but they also they don't want her to lose so. 
  12. Allie irritates me. I do like Rosemary tho... so my vote goes to her!
  13. Bye this is unfair. Naomi better be againts Jamie Keyes and Brandi