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  1. Catwoman Series in Development at HBO Max

    Zoe to HBO: Let's try again you bunch of bastards!!!  But omg yaaaaaaas, I'm so excited
  2. Courteney Cox Officially Signs Onto "Scream" Reboot

    And like what is going to happen after this, a sixth movie of the same people trying to be killed?? I don't want them to end like Halloween 
  3. Courteney Cox Officially Signs Onto "Scream" Reboot

    I still don't know how to feel about it being Scream 5 more than a reboot and I'm gonna be mad if they die (not Dewey tbh) 
  4. Ooooooooomg the way she always winning Also after what they said their next projects better be serving DIVERSITY and not all the main characters being straight nerdy white latinos  
  5. The fact i can't remember who it was 
  6. Queen  the way she made such an impact in just a year in the main roster tho  
  7. WWE Fancast

    The twins will become one character like Dorinda in Cheetah Girls 
  8. WWE Fancast

    Sabrina Carpenter as Alexa Bliss since she wants to act like a teenager.  Kat Dennings as Nikki Bella  Amy Schumer as Natalya 
  9. WWE Fancast

    After Keke's (rest in peace Keke Palmer we miss you girl) tweet and because i saw someone making a thread like this on Twitter ngl. Who would you cast as the WWE girls?  While you think about it stream Giants by Keke Palmer and Becky G!   
  10. Noah Centineo Cast in DC Movie

    Well The Rock is there so Noah won't be the worst actor in the movie 
  11. Alternate Universe Casting

    I heard Kat Dennings was supposed to be Furiosa on Mad Max: Fury Road 
  12. That was the only interesting thing about Alexa 
  13. "Zatanna" Movie Rumored to be in Development

    Kat Dennings coming! 
  14. Don't even remember her having bra and panties matches 
  15. Spread The Word

    Just tweeted it. Hope everything works out