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  1. NXT Spoilers

    I really can only see Io and Kairi once every month 
  2. There are more possibilities of Lacey becoming a comedy wrestler 
  3. Chris Hemsworth playing Hogan in biopic

    At least we will see him in trunks 
  4. Charlotte Dating WWE Superstar

    His push is coming yas
  5. I'm starting to think they wil put Asuka in the battle royal 
  6. She is doing drugs again   
  7. Lana is Salty

    Embarrassing. At least if it was funny, but not even that 
  8. Been watching only the girls since 2014 
  9. Can Wrestlemania happen already. Everything with Becky in the road to wrestlemania will be corny and cringe af
  10. Booked on a therapy session with Corey's kids maybe 
  11. Fuck Jimmy Uso too btw. I never liked him 
  12. The tag titles will really stay on raw forever huh 
  13. Hopefully Carmella didn't get anything else from it