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  1. Liv Morgan coming back as Bray Wyatt's partner?

    Idk how to say this without sounding rude but wwe really doesn't care about her. The match with Charlotte was just to make people shut up and it kinda worked 
  2. Don't worry I didn't vote for Kat Dennings 
  3. Just realized I forgot about 2 girls that could easily have been my #1
  4. FIRST LOOK: DCU's Titans Nightwing outfit revealed

    nn the bad timing. Poor Brenton, now everybody is going to compare his ass with that illustration 
  5. Becky Lynch gets a DVD

    WWE dvds are still a thing? 
  6. Marvel and DC in alleged bidding war for Keanu Reeves

    Most overrated actor ever 
  7. I really want to do this but I'm horrible at remembering movies and shows. I can only think of Cindy and Brenda from Scary Movie and Becky G in Power Ranges 
  8. Acclaimed films that you dislike?

    Hereditary, Mother, Suspiria, Lord Of The Rings, Harry Potter, Avatar, Star Wars and Star Trek
  9. Elite | Netflix [Season 2 Out Now!]

    This season was sooooo much better  and Carla and Samuel is a SHIP
  10. The fact y'all still doubt Jennifer Streep's movies quality
  11. "Mortal Kombat" Movie Reboot Casts Major Characters

    I couldn't think of more characters 
  12. "Mortal Kombat" Movie Reboot Casts Major Characters

    Can't wait for Kat Dennings to be announced as Kitana
  13. Best Eeveelution?

    Vaporeon. Pussy wetter than the Seaquarium