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  1. serving Angelina Love being deported back to Canada at the peak of her career
  2. WrestleMania 36 Trainwreck Thread

    I'm sorta bummed we're not getting the women's battle royal this year. The NXT roster is hot as fuck, and would be cool to see one of them get the win
  3. WrestleMania 36 Trainwreck Thread

    They should really start creating new teams. Fabulous Glow was really cute, it's obvious neither of them are gonna be smackdown women's champion anytime soon, so why not have them chase the tag titles. Maybe Nia/Tamina too, after Nia returns and feuds with Becky. 
  4. 20 Years of Trish Stratus  
  5. WWE Raw | Official Chat Thread

    AJ Styles dragging Michelle into this Undertaker feud. whew does this mean the queen is coming back 
  6. Eh, I don't mind her. However, she is kind of boring, and I can't really see her going anywhere besides the Dakota feud. 
  7. WWE SmackDown | Official Chat Thread

    The segment was weird, but whatever. Brie sounded like she was drugged. Maybe she's been feeling sick this pregnancy.  Carmella v Naomi was cute tho.
  8. they deserve it, but can't we wait a few more years? or do more females, and add molly + victoria too like the fuck 
  9. WWE Games | Discussion: WWE 2K20

    omg hopefully it'll finally be playable 
  10. Current plans for WrestleMania

    I wouldn't mind if they did Becky v Char v Shayna, and then Bayley v Sasha (v Naomi) 
  11. Royal Rumble 2020: Live Chat

    So we all agree that 2018 >> 2020 >>>>> 2019, right?
  12. Royal Rumble 2020: Live Chat

    I'd be happier if it wasn't Charlotte who won.   But thank you 
  13. Royal Rumble 2020: Live Chat

    i won yall wheres my badge 
  14. Royal Rumble 2020: Live Chat

    okay where was victoria
  15. Royal Rumble 2020: Live Chat