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  1. WWE SmackDown | Official Chat Thread

    I'm interested into seeing what they're gonna do with Liv. I think her comment at the end is just going to lead to her being back to how she was in NXT. Which is probably why they used the Riott Squad theme tonight. So that when she comes back it'll be her old theme, old style, etc.  Bayley being Embers partner was pretty obvious because she had to be on TV one way or another. But SS is gonna be boring af if they go with Becky/Nattie and Bayley/Ember. Hopefully the SWC match gets Mandy & Sonya involved. That'd make it interesting and fresh. I'm happy the IIconics found a way of keeping their titles, there needs to be more build up before they lose it to them. 
  2. WWE SmackDown | Official Chat Thread

    they couldn't give alexas spot to ember, asuka, kairi, mandy, sonya or liv? messy  
  3. WWE Raw | Official Chat Thread

    They're been fucking up so much with using the other girls. Ruby & Sarah haven't been seen since WM. That goes with Liv & Mickie on SD too. It's sad.
  4. WWE Raw | Official Chat Thread

    Raw was actually cute for once  
  5. What 1 season TV Show deserved to last longer?

    Freaks & Geeks ofc 
  6. Bianca Belair graduates college

    I didn't even know she was still in college. Maybe that's why she isn't on the MR yet, it'd be impossible to be in college and be on the road.
  7. They just need to change everything with creative, and Vince needs to step back a bit and let HHH & Stephanie take over. 
  8. WWE Raw | Official Chat Thread

    well tonight was a choice   
  9. Full Superstar Shake Up Results

    Mickie better get a push and not be treated as a jobber. I'm ready to finally see Charlotte v Mickie though
  10. WWE SmackDown | Official Chat Thread

    omfg Mickie to SD? They should of just kept Mandy/Sonya backstage and have Mickie & Liv take their spots instead.  
  11. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    Am I the only one who would be okay with a 3-hour Smackdown? It'll be a way for more people to be used. They could send more girls to SD, and easily get 1-2 more segments/matches on the show. 
  12. omg yes, I need to get another Beth and Mickie interaction before I die