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  1. they deserve it, but can't we wait a few more years? or do more females, and add molly + victoria too like the fuck 
  2. WWE Games | Discussion: WWE 2K20

    omg hopefully it'll finally be playable 
  3. Current plans for WrestleMania

    I wouldn't mind if they did Becky v Char v Shayna, and then Bayley v Sasha (v Naomi) 
  4. Royal Rumble 2020: Live Chat

    So we all agree that 2018 >> 2020 >>>>> 2019, right?
  5. Royal Rumble 2020: Live Chat

    I'd be happier if it wasn't Charlotte who won.   But thank you 
  6. Royal Rumble 2020: Live Chat

    i won yall wheres my badge 
  7. Royal Rumble 2020: Live Chat

    okay where was victoria
  8. Royal Rumble 2020: Live Chat

  9. Royal Rumble 2020: Live Chat

    Why the fuck are the iiconics in Australia? This is a crime. I want my donation towards the Australia bushfires back 
  10. Royal Rumble 2020: Live Chat

    i'm so ready! hope those rumors were true
  11. Are the divas not answering their phone or something
  12. Predicting the Royal Rumble

    Raw 1. Billie Kay 2. Charlotte Flair 3. Kairi Sane 4. Lana 5. Liv Morgan 6. Natalya 7. Peyton Royce 8. Sarah Logan 9. Zelina Vega Smackdown 10. Alexa Bliss 11. Carmella 12. Dana Brooke 13. Mandy Rose 14. Nikki Cross 15. Sasha Banks 16. Sonya Deville 17. Tamina? idk where she is, but i guess they need spaces to fill NXT 18. Bianca Belair 19. Candice LeRae 20. Dakota Kai 21. Io Shirai 22. Mia Yim 23. Shayna Baszler 24. Tegan Nox 25. Toni Storm   26. Mickie James?  27. Naomi 28. Nia Jax   Ember and Ruby could make up the last two spots, but idk how far along they are with their injuries. I wouldn't mind them letting Tamother sit out this year and bringing back a former diva. 
  13. 2020 WWE Royal Rumble Pool

    count me in 
  14. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    i just watched chelsea v sarah on main event. when did mickie start doing commentary for main event? i didn't even know she was back on the road. her ivory era is here
  15. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    i hope she returns at the rumble. i don't think she'd win, but a feud with bayley/sasha towards WM would be amazing