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  1. Mae Young Classic 2018 Women Announcement Thread

    Aww I'm so happy for Nicole! I was surprised she was one of the few  from Shimmer not to get signed along with girls like Ember, Paige, Bayley, and Billie. 
  2. Women's Match Booked For WWE UK Tournament

    This is something I noticed too and it's kind of sad for these indy companies being wiped out, but so exciting to see so much talent signed. I remember SHIMMER started up around the time the Golden Era was finishing up and so did other companies and now they're not as needed with the shift in the women signed over the last decade.
  3. Post Your Pictures

    jfkvm I've been back, just hiding in the shadows. 
  4. Trish by far, she actually looked better than any of her prior post-retirement matches too. And agreed on Lita being noticeably rusty, sis was struggling with a monkey flip. 
  5. You don't think it's creating a divide to just refuse to associate with people because of their political affiliation? Granted you don't do it here, but there are literally people who think all Trump supporters are blatant racists, sexists, etc.
  6. Wait when did they hire a Marine?  Not even going there would have been preferred course of action, but mess if people turn on her for simply taking a similar stance on an issue like Trump.
  7. Random Thoughts

    Yeah like if I had to pick one it'd be the left, but it's frustrating when the left doesn't even want to acknowledge it's own faults and flaws (see ANTIFA). I'm so tired of the sam old corporate, extremist, corrupt Dems. I'm at least hoping for good things for the midterms. 
  8. Random Thoughts

    I feel like a blog post would be better for this and while I wouldn't call myself conservative at all, I find myself really getting turned off by so much of what I see on the left and from liberals, especially now that we're about a year away from the election. Maybe I should just make this into a blog post 
  9. Trash won | Heartbreakers' 75 Favorite TV Shows

    waiT A late 90s classic, I'm distraught.
  10. Trash won | Heartbreakers' 75 Favorite TV Shows

    Oop I hope Shameless (US) at least ranks. Also pull through Degrassi and BMW!
  11. Trash won | Heartbreakers' 75 Favorite TV Shows

    1. Cooksie 2. Foxy 3. Rita 4. Jake 5. Layout 6. Angelic  7. Christon  8. Mariah. 9. Katy 10. Cordelia 11. Shoaib 12. Day Dreamer  13. Kara Zor-El 14. Dante. 15. StayFearlessk  16. Jhonmarco
  12. Awww I've always liked her and even though she's never really been a top fave of mine, always respected what she brought to the table and used her SD baby face run especially. Timing is definitely off, but happy for her getting her dues regardless. I love the idea of Kelly inducing her given their past together too. I'm HOPING the Chyna situation is them not wanting to look that transparent in inducting her the very next year they can after repeatedly paying her dust.
  13. Oop unexpected asf, this sounds like something you'd hear for her two years ago, but excited regardless.
  14. Post Your Pictures

    The way you dropped your "I'm saying myself for true love and a relationship" so fast
  15. Post Your Pictures

    I screamed, was not ready for this evolution