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  1. She’s hot and has the look down, but isn’t talented enough for something like this. They’re already getting shit for taking a chance on Rob, they don’t need anymore bad publicity.    What was she in to make you say this?  
  2. Everyone wanting her pushed meanwhile her body was slowly deteriorating this entire time
  3. WWE should cover ALL of this, it’s the least they can do for Ashley after all they put her through. This new fundraiser should be going towards an actual cause like suicide awareness, rape victims, idk, things that will prevent deaths like Ashley’s from happening again? Just my opinion. 
  4. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    This is perfect  thank you. I can’t get over Becky’s awkward look to the side transitioning to utter look of disappointment, meanwhile Sasha and Charlotte are happily celebrating  
  5. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    I love her, but I’M WEAK  @Don Draper or someone please gif this     
  6. Wrestling's Sexiest Men | NSFW

    This is goals. What a perfect body  
  7. WWE Adding Another Championship

    Given that Mick is the one announcing this, I’ll guess they’re bringing back the Harcore Title? Sounds cute, but not cute enough for me to tune in
  8. WWE Network | Official Chat Thread

    That Becky Lynch WWE24 was sooo amazing  Words can’t express how much she makes me smile. It was really inspiring and I enjoyed watching her journey. The moments with Seth and her were adorable af  I also loved the part where Vince came up to her after the main event and told her he loved her
  9. Money in the Bank 2019: Results

    MITB review The women’s MITB match was probably the best women’s MITB match imo. I really enjoyed Mandy, Dana and Naomi a lot, and I totally popped hard when Ember hit the Eclipse off the ladder! As per usual with WWE, the wrong girl won. Bayley is someone that would’ve benefited more from a chase to win the title rather than winning MITB. She is the under dog. It’s quite funny actually that they booked Becky the way should’ve been booking Bayley. It’s no wonder Becky ended up the bigger star     Lacey vs Becky- Lacey’s entrance, mannerisms, character work, it’s all perfect.... she’s great until she wrestles. The match had a good start with Becky getting most the offense, then the match spiraled downwards once Lacey took control. There was a messy botch where it looked like Lacey was going for a DDT but somehow turned into a stunner  The finish turned out to be very ugly too which ruined the match. Lacey went for a roll up and the ref just refused to count      Charlotte vs Becky- Definitely the better Becky match. I liked the heel work Charlotte displayed demanding the match to take place after Becky just won her match. Once again, the finish ruined the match. Lacey didn’t need to interfere since her feud with Becky doesn’t deserve continuity and Charlotte absolutely didn’t deserve a 9th reign . Although I’m not a fan of Bayley, her cash in was quite cute. The crowd went NUTS for her! Was definitely the biggest reaction of the night.    Mens wise: Nothing to say really as I missed virtually everything. I heard -Gail Kim- that Seth vs Aj was amazing. I did get to see the MITB match and it was probably the best MITB match I’ve ever seen.   That about covers everything 
  10. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    Whew, the crowd was hot for Ashley  I really wanna know why Candice went out looking like this tho  
  11. 🎶 Now Playing...

    As a fan of Sublime, I can honestly say she did THAT       
  12. JoJo Gives Birth

    Who gave them the okay to post that photo? Congrats tho     
  13. Nia Jax DRAGS Becky Lynch on Twitter

    Becky’s tweet was a joke, not a drag. I’m speaking in regards to everyone else she gets into with. She just got into it with Beth for example and some seeds were planted for a possible feud. Whether her tweets get mentioned or used in storylines doesn’t detract from the fact that she still TRIES to give creative something to work with. I’m sorry your blind hate causes you not to see the obvious 
  14. Ashley Massaro passes away

    This is exactly why Stephanie is fake. She’s all “woman power” now, but denied Ashley the right to improve as a performer and really didn’t have her best interest. Reading this truly makes me lose so much respect for the company and the people who work for it