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  1. It's really not hard to be better than half the men's roster, a lot of them are flat out boring. The 205 Live roster all crush Sasha based off pure athleticism , but she's far more charismatic than any of them which is more important in the industry they're in
  2. Favorite Female Faction

     Kong was such a kii. Also, shout out to Rebel. Her choreography for The Doll Houses entrance>>>>> 
  3. Favorite Female Faction

    Oh and mess@the Team Bad mentions when they were an even cornier version of New Day. Naomina was much better without Sasha and Sasha was better without those 2 
  4. Favorite Female Faction

    TNA really did THAT when it came to factions. I'm mad Kong had to beat Reby's ass  her in the Dollhouse was sooooooo iconic  "My metabolism isn't fair!"  
  5. He definitely did. Here's what he had to say after her death. He and Billy are very good guys.   ""I hope you forgive me for not taking better care of you ... and I'll do everything in my power to make sure you end up in the WWE Hall of Fame where you belong."
  6. Leave him alone  He's trying to get her in the HOF. The real villains are Triple Nose, Vince and Headphanie  
  7. Why is he covering a movie that's not about him? Whatever. He looks goodT
  8. The men are STANNING our girls    
  9. Sus is giving 60 year old men lap dances. The TRUE vixen of wrestling, Mandy, won 
  10. Bey's face after she said "Don't touch me"  
  11. 2k Universe Mode  
  12. Naomi looks like she's in a onesie  
  13. Main Eventing Cancelled. They're going to say Sonya drove to come pick Mandy up and no-showed for the match