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  1. Raw June 25, 2018: Live Chat

    “Will you be watching?” me: 
  2. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    Crying@me scrolling down and thinking you were dragging Maryse for getting a whole sleeve done  
  3. You would think she does given how she’s booked 
  4. Hip thrusts* squats don’t do shit for your ass tbh  
  5. Their backstage reputation never ruined anything for themselves though. Enzo was able to achieve a lot until the rape case, and Cass would have too if he hadn’t gotten injured. If anything the separation was bad for her since she’d be much more popular had they remained a stable 
  6. They don’t even care about the men’s tag titles, so it’s not a shock they didn’t approve of women’s tag titles   It’s nice to know that girls like Becky are at least TRYING to change things and get women more opportunities. I think her including it being defended against NXT talent too makes this concept much more interesting 
  7. Alexa managed to make Murphy and Blake an interesting team. Meanwhile she managed to bury a women’s division. It’s clear which she’s more suited for. Enzo and Cass definitely didn’t hold Carmella back either  She was the sprinkles to their cake, essentially. 
  8. Charly Caruso addresses if she’s leaving WWE

    I’m glad Carly is staying. She’s the best looking interviewer there and seems like a lovely person. Congrats to her for getting her training license  Secure that bag! 
  9. Charly Caruso addresses if she’s leaving WWE

    Everyone irritates you  
  10. I honestly agree that things feel like a regression. The women we have now can really set the world on fire, and we’ve seen them do just that, but instead these girls have to dull their shine just so the less talented girls can shine bright. I’d be in favor of The Golden Era booking where Bliss and Carmella can be the Stacy and Torrie Wilsons who manage and have relevancy while Charlotte and others have competitive matches. Alexa Bliss is so tired to me and while Carmella is fun, I’m growing annoyed by her  
  11. To MIA, I simply see the title as nothing more than a prop. To Raws credit, I still rate it higher than SD's women's title. 
  12. All I could think of watching this was "Whew, the ghetto!" I'm happy for them though. Congrats to women's wrasslin'  
  13. Paige Attacked By A Drunk Fan After MITB PPV

    People are a mess. First Paige was "too skinny and needs to gain weight"  when she was with Alberto, now she's "fat and needs to lose weight". There's just no pleasing people these days I hope sis enjoyed her french fries and continues to remain the confident and beautiful woman we all know she is 
  14. Money in the Bank 2018: Live Chat

    Me too, Summer really is a class act. Her IG comment was even cuter