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  1. ddd same. Talking Smack forcing me to watch trash. We're free! 
  2. Drew Gulak looks like a Trump supporter 
  3. It's starting to sink in that TS is cancelled Normally tonight we'd get all the girls on for a segment since the PPV is Sunday 
  4. I may have to stan    
  5. jdshjsdjs@Lana slamming Nattie 
  6. Me as Enzo finding out Charlotte tapped to Becky. We really are in a new error 
  7. The natural selection into the dis-arm-her  I'm loving this 
  8. WIG OFF@Charlotte bringing back the Charlotte's web I loved that move 
  9. Becky's entrance looks so weird without smoke. I need it back 
  10. Perched for her DQ win 
  11. And that's all that matters
  12. Tbh she's cute. It's just her husband who's  
  13. The fact that Alexa can do a better forearm