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  1. Me not being a fan of any of these. Where my non theater geeks/comic book nerds at
  2. HBO reviving The Boondocks for two-season order

    Was I really on here giving white twink teas? Let me undergo my Liv Morgan transformation  
  3. This should have its own countdown tbh.    
  4. Liv Morgan coming back as Bray Wyatt's partner?

    I'm willing to bet a million dollars this idea ain't it, that's how confident I am about this. IF this does happen(it won't) don't quote me. My answer will be the same as Teairra Mari's    
  5. I already know @Jeigz voted this   The 3 actress were- Halle, Anne and Michelle pfeiffer probably Mary Jane, Catwoman, WonderWoman, Storm, Harley Quinn Selena and Tina Turner
  6. Highkey I only put her on because I Googled "best women in movies" or something along those lines and saw her name listed. I really had to grasp for straws for those last 5 spots
  7. HBO reviving The Boondocks for two-season order

    Never seen these. Most these adult shows have corny white boy humor like SouthPark for example. I've always thought American Dad was iconic since it never peaked for me. I loved Futurama, but that definitelyyyy peaked! It got too weird IMO. Shoutout to Boondocks tho for having humor my black ass can understand
  8. If WWE/F stars were part of your family

    These were really funny! Make more  
  9. American Horror Story: 1984: Live Chat

    That was the season trailer. In it you'll see they showed the lake scene from the current episode  I'm not sure they give out next week previews for shows premieres 
  10. American Horror Story: 1984: Live Chat

    LMAOOO "Girl, you trippin'" 
  11. American Horror Story: 1984: Live Chat

    Would it really be a slasher if bitches weren't tripping every 10 seconds  
  12. American Horror Story: 1984: Live Chat

    My expectations weren't high to begin with after finding out most the big names weren't going to be on. I'd say it's better than expected, to say the least