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  1. 2017 WWE Yearbook

    Becky getting most talented  No lies detected  
  2. 2017 WWE Yearbook                          
  3. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    I'm yelling@ the "YEAH!"  
  4. NXT Spoilers

    Prayers for the Iconic Duo and Liv
  5. Everyone on SD will get the title. Everyone on RAW will not get the title  
  6. If you were a women's wrestler which title would you rather win A. The title very few women get to hold(RAW) B. The title that gets passed around like a joint that everyone gets to hold(SD) Raw is far more valuable especially since it's on the flagship show.           
  7. The Kairi vs Shayna match made me pretty disappointed with the women's main roster matches. I don't think any have been as good as that one.... the only real good women's match I've seen was Asuka vs Ember and that wasn't even from the main roster Hopefully the MYC inspired these girls to step their game up
  8. Did they drop the Lana and Tamina storyline  Someone tell Naomi to keep that ring gear btw. That look was one of her all time best 
  9. Superstar Photo Booth

    Becky's beauty is underrated  An undercover model tbh  
  10. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    I hate to slander Red Queen, but Brandi suffers from Eva Marie syndrome where their movements in the ring are so stiff  To her credit she can promo. The one at the end she did was pretty good. That Kelly chick is a huge no btw.... how is she undefeated with ring skills like that? I'm also going to need her to get some new ring gear. She has that Baron Corbin belly button going on that does not need to be seen   
  11. Random Thoughts

    Bitch I was about to go get the 8 and now they do this to me! They wanna see me go bankrupt so bad
  12. Michelle's success>>>>>>> any of the other girls. 2004 wins by default 
  13. Kairi Sane Guaranteed an NXT Women's Title Shot

    Kairi seems like she'll be booked as an underdog, I don't see her winning this. The NXT women's division is about to be eclipsed......  Also, for the love of God, if the Iconic Duo are in this match and they don't pin each other they will officially be seen as the Dumb & Dumber of NXT  
  14. Raw September 11, 2017: Live Chat

    NXT- Vacant title. Rarely showcases their women the way they used to during the HW era SD- Boring champion. No storyline.  Raw- Overly repetitive