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  1. Quizantine    I had trouble thinking of questions lol. Hopefully nothing’s boring. 
  2. Quizantine

    You had Chun Li listed twice so I didn't know which to pick  I actually thought it was a trick question so I went with Jil   And Taste@Amy Rose and Peach. I would always pick Peach(Jigglypuff too) in SSB That frying pan was my fav      This thread is a few days old so I feel like no one would take my quiz since I'm late to the game  If I make one y'all better take it   
  3. Health + Fitness Discussion Thread

    !!! The worst  LIKE MOVE! I actually got barked at too. Definitely not ideal if you have apartments with neighbors that complain about noise  
  4. Dark Side of the Ring

    IIRC the media was misinformed at the time and blamed it all on steroids, then after that so many wrestlers got busted with it which caused a huge scandal. That's probably why they were in such hot water. Didn't Hogan also nearly bring down the business because of that? Now that there is so much talk about CTE especially with the NFL the topic should be re-evaluated
  5. Health + Fitness Discussion Thread

    I'm actually glad I don't have dogs  I tried a homeworkout before when I was dogsitting and they kept trying to lick me and jump on me whenever I'd do sets   I also feel bad when I have to lock them away 
  6. Health + Fitness Discussion Thread

    I'm happy you've found a nice alternative   Exercise is supposed to release endorphins which help better your mood, it definitely helps mine. There's also the saying "When you look good, you feel good" so I hope you're still seeing the results you desire   I may do what you're doing, but it's been very rainy here lately. I also have little space as well, but it's best I stop making excuses  
  7. Dark Side of the Ring

    I actually didn't know Nancy was abused by him, I always thought the love triangle was more similar to Chyna/HHH/Steph. It said he refused to come on the show and denied all the allegations 
  8. Dark Side of the Ring

    Idk. They can at least say Randy Orton beat him to win his first World Title... stuff like that. Celebrating him and acknowledging are different. They can acknowledge him without glamorizing him 
  9. Quizantine

    More quarantine activities for the forum plz and thanks  This was fun 
  10. Quizantine

    @Mariah. I got 6. I could have gotten 7 but I second guessed myself on one of the questions   @Katy I got 6   @AntiKingAndrew I got 2   You seem cooler than I thought tho @Jodes I got 2 points  I'm sorry, Queen! @Leigh 2 points, sorry gerl. Ps; LOUD>>>Talk That Talk. Stan Rihsus tho  @Angelic 4 points  I feel like I should know you better The Chun Li one threw me off @Jeigz 4 points. I'm most shocked you stanned Carmella   Hmph, it feels like you only stan Naomi/Asuka/Nattie since you drag everybody else  @Shoaib. It won't let me take your test cause it says I already did but I didn't even answer anything???   Let's pretend I got a high score since you're one of the ones I'm most familiar with here @Kevin Thomas 4 points. Chilombo should be top 2020 album   @Amlex I'm sad I got 2 points because you make me laugh so much. Side note: Why did I think you were from Brazil? @Rainbow Heart I got 4 points but I feel like I would've gotten 0 if some of your questions weren't so easy @Twisted Bliss  4 points. I keep getting 4's on everyone   Also bitch you should have came up with more original questions 
  11. Dark Side of the Ring

    Some of you have this all confused. The documentary wasn't made to make you sympathize with Chris and want for him to be in the HOF.... it was made to open the door for discussion. David(the son of Chris) and Nancy's sister deserve to have their stories heard and Nancy's career should be highlighted. 
  12. Dark Side of the Ring

    Thank you! I'm about to watch the one on the Von Erich's Only the Chris Benoit one is on Youtube, the rest you have to pay for.  The wrestling industry over-discussed the Montreal Screwjob so meh.. and I'll probably watch Moolah's after! I'm even gonna see the mysterious death of Gorgeous Gino too! I've never heard of him but for some reason the history of wrestling is all very intriguing, so I'm gonna give that one a chance.  You're so right tho, it did highlight how unsafe things used to be. I cringed superrrr hard looking at the chair shots to the head shown in the documentary. It's actually REALLY bad that it took a double murder and suicide for the industry to care more about the safety of the wrestlers
  13. 20 Years of Trish Stratus

    This may be weird, but Trish getting thrown into the pool of mud was something I remember very vividly from when I used to watch   The Undertaker/Mankind moment for DIVAS  
  14. 20 Years of Trish Stratus

    Happy 20 years to one of the goats I am here to shake the table  tho This era of Trish was her best. The theme and her cowboy hats>>> She just oozed so much sex     
  15. Dark Side of the Ring

    Cmon sis, this is a conversation that's been needed to have for awhile. The industry simply can't pretend Benoit doesn't exist just because of what he did, especially since he's so influential. I'd at least watch for Nancy. I feel bad for her since her legacy has also been erased even though she did nothing wrong  After watching the doc I'm all for her getting in the HOF