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  1. Production underway on ‘Chicken Run’ sequel

    Me half expecting to open this thread to WWE 2K20 screenshots.
  2. Pokemon

    Baby what the fuck is this stream and translator? Let me turn this off and get ready for class.
  3. Pokemon

      I saw one of the directors saying that there was gonna be a lot of information today so I was perched too. Gen 1 being the 4 Horsewomen of Pokemon. I'm tired.
  4. Pokemon

    ...okay but can they show new pokemon and the starter evolutions? This game is about to have 50 new pokemon
  5. Pokemon

    I lowkey have always hated Experience Share because I like my pokemon to all be at the same level. I hope you can toggle it off.
  6. FIRST LOOK: DCU's Titans Nightwing outfit revealed

    Preliminary thoughts are that the live action does not look like it'll measure up to the animation. You can't compete where you don't compare.  
  7. Wednesday Night War | Official Chat Thread

    @ me with some foolishness one more time.
  8. She looks good in a sex doll/luxurious porn ad kinda way. 
  9. HBO reviving The Boondocks for two-season order

    You watch The Boondocks? HBO Max & Chill?
  10. Pokemon

    With this being a Sword exclusive and them weirdly not showing Farfetch'd, I wonder if there's a split evolution counterpart for Shield.
  11. What are the chances she retweeted unironically when she swung on Becky and shattered her face like glass and was dragged for months for it?
  12. She better help sell Sasha's heel character whilst riling the girls up yet again. A bad bitch.
  13. Pokemon

    I was just checking up on Sword/Shield updates after being reminded from hearing about Ash finally not being a flop and winning a league, but did y'all see that Pokemon that they have glitching across the official website?  
  14. Does heel Bayley need a makeover?

    No, lol tf? Bayley: *turns heel* @Jacqulee: