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  1. IMPORTANT: Staff Shake-Up

    Nati M. has the most interesting storylines and will carry.
  2. IMPORTANT: Staff Shake-Up

    Congrats to the new cast lineup for Total Moderators. Hope everyone can make it to next season.
  3. Sasha To Sit Out The Rest Of Her WWE Contract?

    I think it's supposed to mean that they wanted to set the tone as first champions and have the opportunity to put the division/titles on the map with meaningful feuds and some hot matches. Nothing unreasonable or that shouldn't be expected from an inaugural reign in a new division. But instead, because of bad booking and poor planning, you had an initial reign that was cut after just one quick mini-feud and a multi-team match. And now you have the new champions bouncing back between both shows to take pins for no real reason. Things are off to an ugly start. The issue here is the shitty booking, but for what it's worth BHC weren't two midcarders randomly thrown together. Bayley literally debuted on the main roster as Sasha's tag partner in 2016 and their characters have been linked on-screen and tagging ever since then. They have separate identities as singles competitors, but they definitely weren't a random pairing for the sake of a tag team division (i.e. Naomi/Carmella).
  4. Hello

  5. The Evolution of Heartbreakers Community

    I detect a bit of shade and sarcasm, but I'm glad you're bracing yourself.
  6. Let them know. Some people call themselves fans but never bothered to read.
  7. I know Becky's staring at her phone LIVID right now as these girls successfully posture her back as a petty heel twitter troll when she's supposed to be this dual champion, crowd favorite babyface.
  8. Not it taking her white best friend getting dragged as collateral for Amber to finally deliver some heat. Not on her watch!
  9. Garza Jr. and Others Report to WWE PC

    How about we just celebrate my growth?
  10. Garza Jr. and Others Report to WWE PC

    Not familiar with the other two, but I already know Garza Jr. has a bright future behind him.
  11. Why did none of these "reporters" report on them being unhappy over being split before this week's episode of Smackdown?
  12. Raw April 15, 2019: Live Chat

    brush your fingers along ya taint, smell them, wash your hands, and reevaluate coming for me when I didn't send for you.
  13. Raw April 15, 2019: Live Chat

    When are yall gonna realize Charlotte is going through her "40-something caucasian woman with a younger latin lover" phase. This is temporary and she's not taking it serious.
  14. Raw April 15, 2019: Live Chat

    Oop Sexdric moving up after I turn in my resignation? Love that for him.