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  1. Raw May 22, 2017: Live Chat

    Finn looks better when he's smiling/showing a bit of personality. I wasn't here for the vacant staring.
  2. Raw May 22, 2017: Live Chat

    So since they went into how Miz was so smart for hitting Elias... basically if Maryse doesn't attack the Miz at Extreme Rules to win him the title, then they are gonna look dumb.
  3. Raw May 22, 2017: Live Chat

    Bye @ Dean's over the top selling.
  4. Raw May 22, 2017: Live Chat

    Why didnt they just have him on commentary?
  5. Main Event May 19, 2017: Spoilers

    Screaming at an Emma injury really fucking Dana over for the second year in a row. They need to cancel this show because these rosters are thin enough as is and they shouldn't be giving away fresh match-ups on programs that no one watches.
  6. Raw May 15, 2017: Results

    Kinda boring, tbh. The Kurt and Bayley segment was the best thing about last night to me but the match sounds dumb so.... I get the feeling that the entire division's status is beginning to drop, from the cut entrances and the rushed feel of these Sasha and Alicia matches to the title feud not getting good placement on the card for the past couple of weeks to the fact that they are having an "on a pole" match at Extreme Rules. I still don't think these girls with the current alignments are going to be serving anything mindblowing in the ring, at least not regularly, so I'd really like for them to develop an actually interesting storyline somewhere to compensate.
  7. Is Tamina ever going to wrestle a match?  
  8. Raw May 15, 2017: Live Chat

    I want to know the significance of that symbol on the back of TJP's tights because the shape and placement serves starfish anus.
  9. Raw May 15, 2017: Live Chat

    How many times are they going to put these four in matches in different combinations?
  10. Raw May 15, 2017: Live Chat

    Agglexa continuously parting her pumped up lips to come for Baysus's kid-friendly gimmick doesn't sit right with me when she herself dresses up like comic book characters.    
  11. Raw May 15, 2017: Live Chat

    Nice to see Alicia get a win before she gets dragged to close out the feud, but that axe kick was so ugly. I would have kicked out and made ha do it again.
  12. Former WWE Diva Doesn't Date Black Men

    So no one is gonna tell that girls that didn't watch the video that she never said she wouldn't date The Rock because he's half black and that was just the writer being a mess? I mean it's probably true, but still...
  13. Former WWE Diva Doesn't Date Black Men

    Oh my God, I wonder if this is part of the reason why her and Alicia used to throw shots at each other. They were in direct competition all this time!
  14. Former WWE Diva Doesn't Date Black Men

      !!! For someone who has been trying to spearhead an entire empowerment and anti-bullying movement, she really put her foot in her mouth. I was ready to give her the benefit of the doubt and say that she could have misspoke and meant to say that she hasn't ever dated a black guy. But then I read down to the baby comment, and then I watched the video and saw that the man didn't even ask her about black men before she decided to share that exclusionary comment, so it leads me to believe that there's probably a deep-rooted issue there with her as it pertains to racial inferiority/superiority, as Mariah said. That or she's just dumb. Sidenote,  but her dumb ass looks so fucking good here. She should have left those crazy hair colors alone back when she was on TV.
  15. WWE legend looking to return in the ring

    Here. For. It.. The build to Stephanie matches are always iconic and make for great TV. Her self-serving ass wouldn't have it any other way.