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  1. Let's keep it realistic.
  2. I just realized that Nikki Cross's "debut" wasn't actually a debut, lol.
  3. Was Naomi vs Mandy cancelled?
  4. WWE trying to build up suspense as to which show Lars Sullivan is going to end up on as if anyone cares.
  5. Sisuke is serving in this blue ensemble.
  6. Aiden sitting backstage in catering after creative broke up a hot and over act for no reason.
  7. Shane about to break this jobbers neck.
  8. And right after they dropped the ball on the Daniel and Miz feud.
  9. Whew the women of color in this shitty company are THIS close to snapping.
  10. Still don't understand why this match is happening but they are snapping.
  11. Special: Heartbreakers Secret Santa 2018

    Yes, lol. And it's all in good fun.
  12. Special: Heartbreakers Secret Santa 2018

    If you are interested, copy and paste the updated list with your name and number added: 1.
  13.     2018 is rapidly winding down, and the holiday season is upon us. As we all know, the holiday season is the season of giving, and this presents the perfect opportunity for us as a community to come together and do something nice for our fellow Heartbreakers. Sign up to participate in our fifth annual Secret Santa gift swap!   ---     Interested members should reply to this thread stating their intention to participate, in the format that will soon follow. From the list of participating members, One person will be randomly selected (it could be a friend, it could be a stranger) for which each member is expected to create a gift. I will contact each member individually with the name of the member for whom they are expected to find a gift. For this to truly work, it is important that members do not reveal the identity of the person who will receive their gift, nor should members reveal what they plan to give. Participants should message the designated moderator (me, @Ari M.) with completed gifts. On Gift Exchange Day, the gifts will be revealed, displayed in intervals with brief intermissions in between. Participants are welcome to guess the member who created the gifts they or others received. I will eventually reveal the member responsible for each gift given. If you sign up please plan to participate. This process only works if everyone who pledges to participate actually does so. If you are unable to participate through the entire event please let me  know. Don't be discouraged if you aren't paired with your e-bestie. Treat this as a bonding experience with new members. ---     Gifts of the heart are absolutely priceless. It's not expected that anyone participating should actually spend money. Think hand-crafted. Think outside the box. Do a little investigating. We'll be sending out surveys which each participant will have to fill out, then post them in this thread to help you guys come up with cute ideas based on your person's likes. I am also open to giving out suggestions and gift ideas. Alternatively, you may want to consider looking at our Secret Santa events from previous years for inspiration or to help get your creative juices flowing. The possibilities are endless. Nothing is too small. It's the thought that counts, as cliche as it sounds. However, if you're interested in going big and flashy, feel free. If anyone actually plans on spending money, that is also acceptable. There won't be many restrictions, but please be kind. Don't send out unnecessarily shady or mean-spirited gifts. Also, let's keep the gifts fairly appropriate. Nothing too explicit or sexual. You may have fun with it, but note we are a public forum and anything that isn't allowed anywhere else shouldn't be exchanged as it will be posted. ----- SIGN UPS: Tuesday December 11, 2018 to Thursday December 13, 2018 @ 11:59 pm EST GIFTS DUE: Wednesday December 26, 2018 @ 11:59 pm EST (Subject To Change) EXCHANGE:  Thursday December 27, 2016 @ TBA (Subject To Change)   shoutout to @Dante. for the main graphic, and Shoriah for recycled template/graphics. <3
  14. Her views and hair still being stuck in the last millennium.
  15. Raw December 10, 2018: Live Chat

    Alexa came out to do what? Let her ass take a break.