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  1. Sasha Banks a homophobe?

    I mean, I know my fave's name is often used to get hits for otherwise nonsense topics, but this shouldn't have been more than an Extreme Rules post. Locked.  
  2. That was really rereshing! The dynamics were interesting and the match was really good and I hope Finn and Sasha make it to the end because I know they will show out in the finals.
  3. Ricochet Signs With WWE

    A reason for me to pretend like I’m going to start watching NXT again.
  4. Billie next, please.
  5. Oop, no repeat winners.
  6. Me waiting for Brie to outlast Nikki in one of these games.
  7. Her twitter @ represents something uglee and she should probably change it, but congrats.
  8. So @Dana Brooke really had his friend with one post send in his exact list, and Jillian was still the first one out?
  9. More former Divas on Chasing Glory

    Eve. nn okay but did she forget how she sabotaged ha last push because she didn't commit to her heel turn and made sure everyone on twitter knew that she was just portraying a character? Because I didn't.
  10. Raw January 1, 2018: Live Chat

    Oh, you ain't shit.
  11. Oop! I wonder how long it will take before we torch their wig on the global rank as well.    
  12. Imagine showing a long, dramatic promo about this women's evolution, and then following it up with a one minute match and rinse-and-repeat aftermatch brawling.
  13. Wrestling's Sexiest Men | NSFW

    Head into the blog section of the forum.