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  1. I’d hate to admit it but this is tea. But give us someone who has both qualities instead.  
  2. We can only hope but tbh she could probably call @trishallday a fat, musty ****** to his face and he'd still be on the forum weekly talking about "My queen is fit as fuck and the poster girl. Poor the others."
  3. Whew, imagine if by some miracle this blew up into a Hulk Hogan situation and WWE had no choice but to fire her right before she got that record breaking reign. Her ex-husband, his mind.
  4. What was your favorite part of AJ's book again, since you brought it up?
  5. She, a rich white woman, was tased during that arrest, wasn't she? That's a receipt in and of itself.
  6. dfasfsad do you have siblings? Sarcasm or not, it's a fucking weird thing to say.
  7. SmackDown 1000: Live Chat

    Cut from Evolution and placed in a battle royal instead.
  8. SmackDown 1000: Live Chat

    Them having the Bar win to try to give this abysmal night a memorable moment.
  9. SmackDown 1000: Live Chat

    Can someone get Big Slow a damn wheelchair? Seeing him wobble down to the ring on those twig legs always makes me uneasy.
  10. SmackDown 1000: Live Chat

    And Rey vs Shinsuke. It's a wrap.
  11. SmackDown 1000: Live Chat

    Leave her. One of the WWEMakeupDivas told her that black was slimming while she was in the makeup chair and she hasn't looked back since.
  12. SmackDown 1000: Live Chat

    Edge doing all this talking serving Mick Foley during that HIAC promo... How did Raw win this week?
  13. SmackDown 1000: Live Chat

    She looks like Dobby.