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  1. Fantasy Booking

    They have numerous oportunities to involve the majority of women's roster but they won't take it. Naomi is married into the Fatu family. Where is she when Roman and her husband and brother in law we're getting beat down? Meanwhile they take the time for basic Becky to look all forlorn about Seth and they're not even married!   They need to stop splitting  up Naomi and the USO's. What could have happened was that the family gets beat down, and Naomi comes to check on Jimmy. Have Drew and Shane be threatening toward Naomi. Have Roman and the USO's revive to fight them off but Naomi gets accidentally hit. Simple. You get some heat and it's now getting deeply personal.  But no, have Naomi in the back doing nothing while family is being destroyed.
  2. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    She did. But she and Naomi were right about how they had been treated. An injury or time off doesn't negate that. Naomi complained about what happened to her and was currently happening to her and fans agreed with her. I bet nothing would have been said if the WWE didn't try to be slick and put Alicia in the Total Divas pic while taking great pains to make sure everyone else was correct. They deserved that roasting from fans. And time off is way different from an injury. In fact this proves the reports were wrong, since everyone was trying to sweep what she said under the rug because she was "injured". Even when people were posting evidence to the contrary. I still feel this was a punishment for her speaking out. They just covered for it by using Jeys injury and sent her home.    
  3. WWE SmackDown | Official Chat Thread

    The way the IWC can be they'll be wishing Eva would Naomi on her way to the title. And I would not be surprised.
  4. WWE SmackDown | Official Chat Thread

    I still don't see where Naomi fits into all these storylines and it sucks.
  5. Update on Mickie James

    Two matches is a feud now? They didn't have any promos or backstage skits. Alexa got her win back and was done. That's not s feud and Naomi, as usual, was filler. They could have at least let Naomi put Alexa on notice afterwards or something. And sorry I have a hard time Naomi was injured when the WWE was embarrassed and have been caught in a lie before regarding her injures. And like I said, and injury doesn't negate her being used.
  6. Update on Mickie James

    Still doesn't explain why she hasn't had a feud or storyline since the brand split, which predates any "injury". I love Mickie to death, and I was crushed when she was released, but I'll be gutted if Mickie coming to SD pushes Naomi further down the totem pole. She's already scraping bottom and she deserves better than this. And Mickie feuding with Carmella, when she's already starting a second feud? Please.
  7. WWE SmackDown | Official Chat Thread

    So they can make a jobber be over, pull a storyline for Renee out of their asses, have Nikki feud with two women yet Naomi is supposed to show emotion with no feud. I see you WWE.
  8. Booker T comes for our favorites.

    You can even say they bent over backwards to ensure Eva had a spot and a gimmick. In workrate focused NXt she was given a corporate preferred diva gimmick facing off against Bailey. She was given Nia and a shady ref to try and screw Bailey out of the title. On SD she was given her own ring announcer and a gimmick where she trolled fan favorite Becky. She had something new to do each week, and had she not been suspended it probably would have continued. What has Naomi gotten in comparison to that? She gets crumbs...a t shirt, and entrance, maybe a match or two to get built up before getting crushed. She was the only one with a story or feud before her "injury", even Nattie got something to work with. There's only so much you can do with during matches and even the ones on SD were to further someone else's feud. So Booker can miss me with this she needs to put in time and show emotion. She's been trying for over 6 years just to get a solid feud, never mind the title, and all she gets is dust. Maybe if she had something to work toward, Booker could get his emotion.  
  9. Booker T comes for our favorites.

    It always feels like they keep moving the goal posts when it comes to Naomi. "Oh she needs before she can be champ." "She needs to do that." Other women can get away with less yet Naomi has to check off all these requirements before she can before she can be considered for a title reign. And the worst part? She does what people want! She's never stake or basic, despite being constantly sabotaged and given the run around. What more does she need to do to be considered worthy for a reign? Sometimes I think they keep dangling carrots in front of her to give her hope, only to snatch it back. Like with her getting a tshirt and recently with her entrance. If they're not going to give her a title or let her do something significant let her and the fans know so she can make accurate decisions for herself. At this point it's cruel.  
  10. Booker T comes for our favorites.

    This. Just how is she supposed to serve emotion when she has no storyline? No feud? All she gets recently is matched. What can she draw on from that? All they gave her to work with is her entrance so she does that. But they constantly keep pulling the rug out from her under her. Every time she gets momentum she's pulled off tv or loses and never gets back to where she was. I'd have a hard time displaying emotion too if that kept happening to me. And it's not like she hasn't shown it. I loved her storyline with the Miz and wished she could start getting a paparazzi gimmick tied in with the movie at the time. She was doing great work bouncing off Miz Jimmy and Sandow.
  11. Naomi goes OFF on Twitter

    Sasha's black, but this is where colorism comes into play. Shes acceptable because of her light coloring. There are privileges associated with it. Being light enough to pass is the same thing that got Rock where he was in the WWE when he was wrestling. And with the Rock, note that certain black aspects of his black heritage was downplayed and how his Samoan heritage took over. Naomi has a racism and colorism issue. She has to fight harder than anyone else because she's black. Because of her dark skin, she's not marketable enough to get mercy or be a face of the WWE. Everyone and their mother can get a Muscle and Fitness Hers shoot, but Naomi who has a body better than a lot of women, can't get shit. So it boils down to this: Just because New Day is breaking a record doesn't that they and other black wrestlers don't get fair opportunities. Just because Sasha is champ doesn't negate Naomi's frustrations, nor does it disprove that the WWE has treated her (or Alicia) poorly.
  12. Naomi sidelined with an Injury

    This. And it's very suspicious that these reports said that she's able to return next week. Why put out a report like that for such a short time frame? Especially since Naomi was wrestling on Main Event two weeks ago? Two weeks with such a slight "injury" shouldn't have made her disappear from TV for weeks. This is what was being complained about. Before this she had no one to feud against. Now with the title change she still doesn't have a feud. Alexa is still tied up with Becky. Nikki has Nattie AND Carmella. Naomi's been cut off at the knees with nothing to feud for or feud against. And this isn't the first time this happened to her. It keeps happening to her. She and her fans are pissed, and they have every right to be. The thing that really sucks is that they can find time to make a jobber relevant but Naomi just has to keep dealing with crap. A story for her shouldn't be that damn hard to do. Have her run up against the Fashion Police. That would give all three of them something to do. WWE have paid writers to come up with stuff I thought up in five minutes. 
  13. Naomi sidelined with an Injury

    This. Naomi getting fed up and defending herself, injured or not, still doesn't make what the WWE have and continue to do her acceptable.  She called them out about not having a storyline, which is true. This is way before any "injury" is to believed. Plus even if she was injured they could have had her do a backstage skit to keep from dropping her off the face of the earth completely.  I'm also having trouble believing she was injured when people on twitter said she's been pushing Jey around in a wheelchair. Until Naomi confirms this herself, this feels like a face saving move by the WWE after being called out on their bullshit by her fans.
  14. Naomi goes OFF on Twitter

    So Naomi has to go 200% at all times plus make a greenhorn look good just to keep her name in the hat? No. Hell no. Naomi pulling a great match out of Rosa should be proof enough of her talent.  Enough is enough. I'm well aware that black people have to do more but that shit gets tiring. She's had it, and so have I. Im tired of the WWE as it is, plus I'm tired of HHH babies getting shit and his instagram photos. If Naomi does get released, I hope she clocks HHH on the way out.
  15. Naomi goes OFF on Twitter

    Why is it whenever fans of a black wrestler complain about their treatment, someone always has to bring out the old "But so and so did well! Why are you complaining?" argument. Its like when the Rock gets brought up whenever the lack of black WWE champs is mentioned.  The WWE has a racism AND colorism issue. Leaving out past examples, let's focus on Sasha and New Day. First, Sasha is so damn light you wouldn't think she was Snoop's cousin unless you were told. So she has the privilege of a light skin color a lot of black women, myself included, have to deal with. New Day might be long reigning champs, but look at how they act. Shuckin n jivin. Plus even though they may have main evented, the tag titles are at the bottom of totem pole. And when they lose them and break up, are any of them going to put into the main event scene, even though Kofi and Big E deserved runs? Getting back to Naomi she was straight up disrespected. I hate that it seems that she (and Alicia) have to be quiet and nice. She has to sit there and wait like a good girl and keep going 100%, because the moment she dials it back her commitment is called into question. Meanwhile everyone else can be green as fuck and get a title. I'm sick of it.