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  1. Taylor Wilde Originally Considered for Mae Young Classic

    Queen of arm drags
  2. Raw July 17, 2017: Live Chat

    Come thru Alicia Fox as Jason Jordans half sister sub-plot
  3. It was just a fucking video package some editor threw together it's not that deep
  4. WWE rumored to clear out Women's roster

  5. Worst Botch in History?

  7. Can Mickie make this run successful?

    Yes of course, she just needs the support of a storyline like any other woman.  Her vs. Sasha would be amazing but I don't see it happening, she needs to go back to SD next draft where they take care of their girls.  I can see something happening with her and EnD soon so hopefully she will reap some benefits ala screentime from that.  I'm not giving up on Mickie because she's serving body, mic skills and face consistently! 
  8. Ugh this just made me want to go to disney really bad never been
  9. Meet Mickie James at Little Caesars Pizza

    im hurt
  10. Talking Smack CANCELED as a Weekly Show

    FUCK THIS.  Talking smack supplied such a ki ki with the girls.  Renne and Daniel were also kind of cute when they tugged at each other too.  Who's decision was this
  11. Brie Bella to Make First Major Appearance Since Giving Birth

    She better spill some tea on how the girls are backstage.  We don't here enough from this era 
  12. Main Event July 10, 2017: Results

    Really enjoyed Mickie vs. Emma this week.  Felt the action was swift and fast, the hits snug and impactful, great to see some good offence from Mickie instead of just being flattened.  They worked really well together and I defo need more Momckie in my life.  Hope she snatches a side feud with EnD.  Ugh it's soo cool seeing someone from the old gen mix it up with the new gen.
  13. Sonya Deville

    I didn't know she was a 93' born a month after me.  Officially add me to the Sonyelpers
  14. NXT Spoilers

    wwudi asuka def liv morgen
  15. Rumored Women's Match for Battleground