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  1. WWE Games | Discussion: WWE 2K19 Roster Reveal

    We can rename and make a The Kat CAW
  2. Ember Moon to Marry King of Black Women This Fall, How He Proposed

    The Ember dragging on here is fucking hilarious
  3. WWE Games | Discussion: WWE 2K19 Roster Reveal

    The hair physics look like a downgrade! Guess I'll need to see actual gameplay but the way beckys wig glitched on the cell wasn't cute, and how it barely moved as the girls fell.  Garb
  4. Bigger Missed Opportunity?

    Fuck a Lana basic ass, it should have been Cameron given the treatment Eva had.  She already had the heat.  Better mic skills, could wrestle and was getting better and better in NXT, gave Asuka her best squash.  They dropped the ball
  5. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    Is that Alicia?
  6. WWE Games | Discussion: WWE 2K19 Roster Reveal

    81? Bitch just started wrestling
  7. Lita vs. Mickie James Announced for Evolution

    They're both a bit floppy and not snug in their ring style so that's a strange one.  I'll be pertched to see it anyway, Lita is the reason a lot of people my age got into wrestling. Hype for Naomi vs. Michelle anouncement
  8. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

  9. Charlotte vs Ronda Not A Lock for Mania

    I miss when the girls didn't have tiers and pedestals
  10. Wrestling's Sexiest Men | NSFW

    far eastern daddy
  11. Stephanie McMahon - All Business

  12. Eve Gives Birth

    How is her hair looking that good after a fucking birth
  13. Maryse Returning To The Ring As A Full-Time Performer?

    She's too lazy
  14. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    Maybe she was nervous
  15. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    It looks crispy af she needed to lay off the hair spray and get some tresemme hair conditioner stat