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  1. WWE Barbies releasing soon

    Them running out of florescent indigo nylon hair
  2. NXT Spoilers

    Im over the mistreatment
  3. Eight More Women Announced for Mae Young Classic 2

    Isla Dawn better be in to represent Scotland, or else!
  4. Lacey Evans gets Merch

    Serving MAGA
  5. WWE signs Lacey Lane

    She's hot, wonder what shitty name theyll give her
  6. Killa Barbie?
  7. Which WWE women’s wrestler are you?

    I picked In Ring Ability and got Lexi a kii kii
  8. Raw July 2, 2018: Live Chat

    Summer 2017 outsold
  9. Ruby Riott Injured

    Thats a shame for Ruby.  On the bright side when she returns I imagen they'll actually have an angle for her though and Sarah/Liv can develop  
  10. WWE United Kingdom Championship Tournament 2018: Results

    What did Isla Dawn do? She did THAT!
  11. Becky Lynch Pitched Tag Titles to Management

    No thank you Rebecca
  12. Post Your Pictures

    Throwback to the time I wore my Naomi top on a night out and met a a group of Dutch guys that didnt speak english.  Then I made them follow her on insta
  13. The Fox is Ready to Snap.

    Do the creative team travek with the roster? Why is writing in NXT slightly better for having a storying then goes to shit on the main roster?
  14. Mae Young Classic Announcement

  15. Alex Riley

    Hmm cut and a pencil dick 👎 I'd still give the succ