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  1. WWE announces Mixed Tag Tournament

    This sounds more like some sort of "Diva Search" style type of competition "Pie Eating contest" etc Β  Β 
  2. Speculation on a potential women's Royal Rumble match.

    Asuka not gonna win this?
  3. Is this finally the appropriate time for the WWE to introduce the Women's Tag Team Titles on the MR? They do have more than enough girls now for that, unless they are planning to release more girls in the near future. Β  Thoughts?
  4. Carmella shades Liv Morgan via Twitter

    RL feuds = Entertaining. Wouldn't be surprised if WWE put them in a storyline just like Melina/Mickie.Β 
  5. Charlotte Flair: "Letter to My Dad"

    THE QUEEN! So proud of her!
  6. Backstage News On Emma's Releases

    Tbh not everyone who open their mouths on social media etc will get pushes or storylines. I think this is just common sense and those Superstars who did that are taking the risk. It can go either way. Can you imagine all the chaos if this works on anybody who does that?Β  Anyway Emma doesn't really need WWE just as WWE doesn't really need Emma. I believed with her skills and hardwork she can easily make it big in other wrestling companies. I wish her all the best and hopefully WWE will bring her back. Β 
  7. Emma and Summer Rae Released

    Well they are not gonna use her anyway, especially with all the upcomin newbies. It might be a new opportunity for her. I think Rae Rae will be next.Β  Hope they can make a name for themselves in other Wrestling companies tho.Β 
  8. TNA Now Sells Pizza!

    Hexagon shaped pizza cominΒ 
  9. It's exciting tbh. I'm kinda looking forward.Β 
  10. Disgusting. Hope no one book her & she loses her job #FallenStar
  11. Marty Jannetty wants to fuck his daughter

    What the fuck did i just read. Β 
  12. Nikki Bella Credits Total Divas for Women's Revolution

    Total Divas plays A PART in the Women's Revolution. Total Divas did not start the Women's Revolution.Β 
  13. Mob of WWE Fans boo Sasha Banks outside of her hotel

    Those idiots even feel so proud of themselves, it's beyond disgusting. Β 
  14. OMGGG Queen Taryn is baccccccccck to save GFW!!!!! Β 
  15. Brie wants to be a single mother

    Why can't he let it go and do something else when he have the choice now? Does he want to kill or paralyze himself so he can finally wake the f up? I mean passion for wrestling is one thing, but he is married and no longer fending for himself. The smarks might be supporting him for now, but they are not gonna pay for his medical bills or Bridies school fees when something happen. It's kinda selfish thinking on his part imo. Β  The title of the thread tho LOL