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  1. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    About 11 - 12 matches? This person must be dreaming. Even Summerslam with 14 matches need about 5 hrs.  I expect more of a Lumberjill match to showcase all the Women.
  2. Team Bestie vs The Bella Twins at Evolution?

    Nope. I don't think most of the fans are in for this anymore and the focus have shifted. And, IF the tag titles somehow make their way into the PPV, plus Mae Young Classics thingy, Horsewomen vs Horsewomen, and both Raw and SD titles on the line etc, i wonder do they have enough time for all that even tho it's an all Women's PPV?
  3. Which WWE women’s wrestler are you?

    WWE Personality Quiz (Women’s) Liv Morgan
  4. Becky Lynch Pitched Tag Titles to Management

    Whether the tag titles work or not, it will at least give the others something to fight for. I'm sure all of the girls are dying for this to happen, and they are probably sick of loitering behind backstage and is desperate enough to not even care whether the title is 'prestige' or not etc as long as they have something to do.
  5. Hmmm i'm glad that Carmella retains at MITB since we all know Asuka is gonna be holding on to the title for a long looong time when she wins it, plus Carmella probably will not be getting the title back anytime soon, or not even in her remaining career in WWE. (With all the new and upcoming big names in NXT coming up etc, i don't think she is anywhere in line for anymore runs) As for Alexa, she is probably a feeder to Ronda Rousey, I see her as more of a transitional champion in this situation. I guess they need someone to be good with the mic to thrash talk Ronda before her big win.
  6. Charly Caruso addresses if she’s leaving WWE

      We need a few backstage interviewers to be like Icon Hemme tbh.
  7. Good riddance! Sounds like a total creep with bad behavior.
  8. The Fox is Ready to Snap.

    I don't even have any hopes for the current active batch who is sitting around doing nothing. 
  9. DEBUNKED: Drama amongst former BFFS?

    Nia is in a panic mode because she knows that nobody in this current batch is gonna get anymore championship runs when the UFC girls/Japanese wrestlers from NXT debut on the MR.
  10. DEBUNKED: Drama amongst former BFFS?

    Well we don't get along with all our colleagues/classmates so it's the same for Wrestlers who is working in WWE. Not much of a big deal tbh.
  11. NXT UK Brand Officially Announced

    They might as well go ahead and start a UK RAW and UK Smackdown Live because there isn't room for anymore wrestlers on the MR. It's gonna be a Mess imo.
  12. Raw Women's Championships: Credibility & Prestige

    Hmm.. that is why I am quite supportive of the tag titles for the Women tbh. They need a 'secondary championship' to, I don't know if it seems right to put it this way, to award the other girls /give them the recognition who will never get the chance to hold the 'Main Championship'?  Girls like Emma, Dana, Summer Rae etc would at least have a greater or more 'meaningful' run in WWE. And yes, i do agreed that WWE tends to defeat the purpose on giving the titles to the selected few, but then again they did the same with the guys as well i guess. Probably thats how they work and they need to change.
  13. Raw Women's Championships: Credibility & Prestige

    I don't watch the guys, so can someone enlighten me, does 80% / 90% of the Male Wrestlers in WWE given the chance to hold any of the main titles before they retire/quit etc, and what are the chances of them having a championship reign in comparison to the Women in WWE?  And IF WWE tries to give almost every Women in the WWE a Championship run, example Lana/Ruby Riott/Ember Moon etc, will the Women Championship be as 'prestige' in your point of view?
  14. Money in the Bank 2018: Live Chat

    WWE gonna feed Alexa to Ronda. Watch Ronda win the title in time to face Charlotte at WM.
  15. Money in the Bank 2018: Live Chat

    Meh, i thought Bliss is gonna cash in on Carmella after the match. Guess she is holding the briefcase for god knows how long. Poor Lana tho I rooted for her.