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  1. Why did one of the Godfather's Hoooo spotting Brie's hairstyle? Can i beat them up at ringside?  Jackie looks good tho
  2. I'm not surprised that Lilian asked such boring questions because if you guys notice she's quite protective of WWE. She is lucky to get alot of awesome guests for the show tho.
  3. Happy Birthday, Dawit!

    Happy Happy Birthday! <3
  4. No teenagers gonna look up to Bayley
  5. Happy Birthday, KiKi!

    Happy Birthday Kiki!
  6. Nicole Bass Passes Away

    RIP Nicole
  7. Can Charlotte Be A Successful Babyface?

    She can be. Just have Sasha or any other heel to keep bullying Bayley and have Charlotte out there mocking Bayley tgt with the heels, then for the next couple of weeks, She start to feel unsure about the situation / walk in to the lockerroom to find Bayley crying by herself / Charlotte telling Sasha and gang that the bullying is abit too much with Sasha snapping back at Charlotte / Charlotte found Bayley out cold backstage after being attack / and sloooowly turn Charlotte face with her running out for the save. This can probably help Bayley to get back her underdog status/character and get Charlotte over as a face, in the meantime solidify Sasha as a heel.
  8. Kelly Kelly Coming Back For Another Run?

    Kelly is coming straight for the spot on Total Divas.  
  9. Rosa Mendes Announces Her Retirement From WWE

    I really wanna see her back on SD & Total Divas All the best to her & her family. & stay strong all Rosa stans. 
  10. Wrestlemania match predictions

    With Carmella tangling with the cardboard screaming & James Ellsworth saves the day.
  11. Elimination Chamber 2017: Live Chat

  12. Happy Birthday, Boris!

    HB Boris!
  13. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    Did Eva removed 'WWE Superstar' in her twitter profile?