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  1. Miz and Mrs premiering July 24th

    Can't wait. I need a special appearance by Eva to visit Monroe Sky or something, please  
  2. Now we all know why they did not announce the wedding date before hand and the date is not on May like they supposely said. Planning for this 'break up' for media coverage. They probably still planning the wedding secretly and it might be for June/July. Another season of Total Bellas secured i guess.
  3. According to Nikki Bella, the Say Anything inspired post has now convinced her that John Cena does indeed desire children of his own. Bella told TMZ,    
  4. When is her contract ending? She probably gonna win the title soon, hold it till the next WM for her retirement match and lose to Charlotte.
  5. Why are WWE ashamed of the Divas title era?

    Because the division wasn't "steadily evolving" during that era in their opinon. WWE did not take the girls seriously during that period and they knew they could have done ALOT more for the girls. One obvious example is to compare that era to TNA knockouts division during that time.  If WWE is competitive and pushes their girls like the Knockouts, they would probably be proud of that era and alot of 'first ever' milestones/matches would have already been obtained.
  6. Gail Kim comes for WWE, Stephanie McMahon

    And 1 month down the road if another reporter ask her the same question on her thoughts about WWE and the Women's Revolution, Gail is gonna repeat that again. I don't see anything wrong with her answers, they just need to ask her new questions.
  7. Well it's a good thing too. The main roster is full AF anyway. 
  8. Nikki Bella and John Cena End Relationship and Engagement

    This is truly shocking. Didn't expect it will come to this, especially a year after the proposal. And it seems like the relationship didn't end that well either. Hope this is not about cheating because it suck and most importantly, I wonder will WWE take sides. This situation is a messsss.  
  9. Tbh Charlotte wasn't from the indies and WWE build her up from scratch just like Trish Stratus. Their very own home  grown girl, plus she is a 2nd generation Superstar. I don't really see her wrestling for other companies even if she quits WWE, thus WWE values her over most of the other girls tbh.  And as for Carmella to steal from Nia, the chances are slim since its a new reign for her and WWE is finally buildin her up. And she is another home grown girl too so..
  10. If not her then who? The pick to end Asuka streak probably comes down to either Charlotte or Ronda. Plus it is time for Mella to cash in the MITB on the SD Women's Champion after WM and frankly speaking I don't see WWE allowing Mella to get the pin over Asuka (if she wins the title at WM) even after interference/beat down by the Iconics.
  11. Obviously there is going to be a Charlotte vs Ronda feud in time to come since both of them are the top cards Superstars in the Women's Division.
  12. WWE disables comments on Mooloser video

    Hope they drop name just like how they drop 'The Submission Sorority' for Team PCB  
  13. Six Woman Tag match announced for Raw

    Creative trying to bored up the division right now so Ronda Rousey's debut gonna be a breath of fresh air.
  14. Possible Spoiler for Women's Elimination Chamber Match

    It's kind of suspicious that WWE wouldn't insert Ronda Rousey. We shall see.
  15. Bayley fans don't like to see her flopping

    Nobody can be in the spotlight (other than the Queen of Legend Trish) forever. They need to learn and grow up.