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  1. According to Meltzer, WWE is done with Paige

      I will be waiting for the official statement.
  2. Maria Kanellis to WWE?

    Im excited tbh. Give her the mic!  
  3. Im not here for Bayley to retain until Summerslam. Hope the crowd do their job and boo her. 
  4. Lana Joins Team Blue -- Coming Soon

    Actually i want her to continue with Eva's gimmick tho. Lemme stan
  5. Superstars Rumored To Switch Brands

    Nooooo RAW houseshow is comin and I wanna see Charlotte  
  6. I blame that ugly face husband of hers and WWE for not bringing her back. She expressed interest in coming back and sometimes talks about how she misses #AllRedEverything, still watches wrestling (the way she supports team Maryse for WM is cute), and keeps in contact with the girls. I guess they gonna keep her until the end of this season of Total Divas. 
  7. WWE Shake-Up/Trades: Predictions

    No point of wanting Summer and Alicia to SD if they gonna draft NXT girls there as well. Hopefully no call ups from NXT to SD. The only woman that will not be lost in the shuffle would be Asuka to RAW.  
  8. Nikki Reveals Truth behind Maryse/Barbie

    Ehhhhh, any links that Maria/Maryse talking smack about Bella's father used to abuse the twins? To be frank i didnt even heard any rumors about this until Nikki said it herself. :/
  9. Samoa Joe FLOPS at Axxess; Nikki & Roman overcrowd

    I'm surprise the smarks didn't queue twice. Keep flopping.
  10. Nikki Reveals Truth behind Maryse/Barbie

    Oh my with this interview out just a day or two before WM, the fight gonna be ugly. Necki better becareful. Black belt Maryse is not just another pretty face and I don't think she will back down from ANYthing so the medical team better be ready.
  11. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    I need a new favorite. 
  12. SD Live women's match Officially makes Main Show

    Peer pressure works  
  13. SD Live women's match Officially makes Main Show

    Yaaassss great news! Flash mob 'feel the glow' entrance for Naomi please. 
  14. Pre-show... I knew our luck gonna run out somehow and WWE gonna screw us a bit. 
  15. WWE signs Christy Olsen

    I like her tho, she can be the heel bitch version of Renee.