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  1. Maria debuts a new look (BLACK HAIR)

    Pretty! She gonna look great with straight hair too.
  2. Money In The Bank: Did the right woman win?

    Well all of the Women in the match have a possibility of winning & deserving so no matter who won it doesn't matter to me.
  3. I hope they introduce Intergender Tag titles since they start to have a few of the couple teams on going.
  4. Just like the guys, the Women's Division is in need of some sort of a tier group. Cruiserweight, Main event players etc. If WWE & the fans can accept this mindset, there will be a whole lot of different feuds just like the guys, and people can probablyyyy accept more girls in the main roster. Girls like Lana/Maria/Maryse can have their own feuds in their own 'division'. It is abit sad that they only have one championship title for the Women on each brand, so the storylines are quite limited.  
  5. Ronda Rousey may be WWE bound

    Watch her debut at the Women's Tournament.
  6. Bayley & Corey Graves storyline in the works?

    They better don't kiss on live TV.  
  7. Well Cameron can like whoever she wants and dislike whoever she wants just like all of the people here. There isn't a need to question every single thing and analysis too much. Some people click, some don't. #That'sLife
  8. Dana Brooke Starts Feud with Trisha Paytas

    Honestly Trasha deserves all the backlashes she is getting. You don't go around dissing everyone who is in the same professional just because you got screwed by one.
  9. She is at 51% against his 49% now. Vote people!!!!
  10. Who is the SDL Mystery Woman?

    I need Summer to come back since I've lost Eva. WWE better don't joke around
  11. Who Do You Think Will Win at MITB & Who Deserves To?

    Time for Natalya to win. She needs a title run before the girls from the Women's Tournament debut.
  12. Work your way girrrrl. Taryn and Rae Rae, bff soon.  
  13. Wig News: Mickie James SNAPS on Twitter!

    I know this sucks for her but... shouldn't she already know and prepared for this kind of treatment by WWE? 
  14. Will the smarks turn on Bayley?