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  1. welp ladies, time to yeehaw!
  2. Hello!

    updated: spotify link x
  3. Hello!

    I've been on this site for a few years but I don't think I ever posted one of these introduction things for yall to get to know me.. so here are a few of my favorite things; WRESTLERS: Kelly Kelly Maryse Billie Kay (iiconics) Summer Rae Carmella Michelle McCool (Laycool) Alicia Fox Divas Era Finn Balor Fandango Ricochet SINGERS: Kesha Bebe Rexha Fergie Bonnie McKee Ariana Grande Eden XO Erika Jayne Pop Girls 90's music early 2000-2014 pop music SHOWS: Big Brother Judge Judy Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Big Mouth (Netflix) Orange is the New Black (Netflix) Santa Clarita Diet (Netflix) Grace & Frankie (Netflix) End of the F***ing World (Netflix) Queer Eye (Netflix) Nailed It! (Netflix) OTHER: Gay Disney I have 4 tattoos I have 2 dogs (one is my parents) Tanning Warm Weather Comedy SOCIAL HANDLES: Twitter: https://twitter.com/eyeroII Discord: justin#8938 Instagram: dm me for username Snapchat: dm me for username Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/user/jayblew?si=yT0BzDhIR4SHJCJD1N6TNQ   I hope this gives y'all a feel for who I am and what my interests are. Feel free to private message me if you'd like to get to know me more, chat or form friendships!
  4. Biggest Wrestling Pet Peeves?

    4HW, Nia & Alexa being shoved down our throats when there's plenty of other girls deserving of chances.
  5. Sasha Banks cleared for Elimination Chamber

    this is such unfortunate news....
  6. Hello!

  7. i may be a top, but i’ll always get to the bottom of things!

    1. Qwan™
    2. Angelic
    3. Twisted Bliss

      Twisted Bliss

      Not this Real Housewives of New Jersey tag line. :frecklefox:

  8. Post Your Pictures

    hello i'm finally back. www.instagram.com/jayblew
  9. WWE Games | Discussion: WWE 2K20

    they want to talk about "first ever" but paid ultimate DUST to the returnees of the first ever women's royal rumble? im sick.....
  10. PSN Usernames

  11. we finally will be getting a cute heel tag team. sorry absolution and riott squad but it's a no from me..
  12. Alicia Fox cleared for WM Battle Royal?

  13. More former Divas on Chasing Glory

    it's official; Natalie and I were obviously destined to be bff's
  14. Charlotte Injured?

    this is why we stan the diva era sis!
  15. are we going to act like Michelle McCool vs Melina NoC 2009 didnt happen?????
  16. i love these girlies i hope they come to main roster soon. but i also hope if they do, they get the attention and recognition they deserve!
  17. okay well who's fault is it that they hire midgets? and what does her height have to do with anything? that is so MESSY! the queen slayed in FCW as a GM and put in WORK on NXT. they love doing my girl dirty im sicc.
  18. 2018 Predictions and Hopes

    PREDICTIONS: - barbie blank (kelly kelly) will continue being beautiful, and a successful model - danielle moinet (summer rae) will continue being beautiful, and a successful model
  19. when they said "maryse" for who kharma has antagonized, they showed kharma flicking kelly kelly's forehead LMAO! 
  20. Sasha & Alexa Make History

    are there any better pics of alexa's gear? hers doesnt seem THAT bad compared to whatever sasha is wearing. congrats to both!
  21. Match Announced For Tonight's Raw

    i wish paige teamed with emma and summer for this storyline that shit woulda been iconic!
  22. what is with WWE allowing men winning women matches? Santina? James Ellsworth? Ronda? i've had ENOUGH!
  23. imagine Kelly with these looks in WWE. a true queen! POSE FOR THE CAMERA DADDY IM VOGUIN'! love seeing my girls summer & k2 still living their successful lives post wwe
  24. Speculation on why Summer Rae was released.

    this is nothing but bullshit coming from wwe's excuses as to having "nothing" for her? it seems to me that the people who work for main roster dont pay any attention to nxt or fcw, or do any research on the talent they have tbh. summer was getting POPS in nxt with her feud with paige and the bff's etc. she has great mic skills which you could see in nxt and fcw. they're so stupid and pathetic. i'm glad summer is still successful outside of wwe and wwe really missed out on greatness.