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  1. Also only know Rebecca was Stamos's ex wife, so don't feel bad @Leigh
  2. I can't be the only one who can't stand Uma. A poor man's Charlize  
  3. Definitely not a comic book fan. They just don't do it for me. Except Wonder Woman, that was fun.
  4. I've never seen any of her stuff so I don't have anything to base that on.
  5. I put that as my number 2. She's incredible in that movie. She's incredible over all, but whew that transformation.
  6. When Rachel McAdams is on the list for Regina George...  
  7. Backstage Incident with Big Cass at Indy Show

    Meth, never once. Hope he gets his shit figured out.
  8. when will the results start to be posted?
  9. Does heel Bayley need a makeover?

    that first pic reminds me of this girl that just got out of the jail on Love After Lockup. Not a look.
  10. I just picture some dude DRIPPING sweat like he got out of a pool and that makes me cringe.  
  11. Acclaimed films that you dislike?

    Wolf of Wall Street was awful. I will never get those hours back. I know there are others, but I've shoved that out of my brain to make room for more important, useful information, like eyeshadow blending techniques and nail art designs. A lot of films that are always nominated for awards, I don't get it. I'm like wtf? I've never even seen a preview for this. Milk is the big one I remember winning a lot and I had never heard of it.
  12. hmm.... definitely did not do my list right
  13. Torrie Wilson Ring the Belle Interview

    From what I know when Michelle worked with Dawn, she was a royal see you next Tuesday. And part of all that is why Michelle and Torrie are such good friends.