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  1. Post Your Pictures

    Snapchat recognizes my Hannibal painting as a person...
  2. idk I thought her teeth have always been really nice? They've always been bigger, which I like because I have big teeth that I got teased for in school. It's my weak spot, so when I see someone with big, amazing teeth, I want. lmao I want veneers so bad, they're so expensive though.
  4. Charlotte seriously has the most beautiful teeth. I want to know what whitener she uses.
  5. fatal four way, and the fourth girl isn't even featured. I can't with WWE. Back to DWTS and Ballers.
  6. so Emma's in the match... yet gets no build up. Cool.
  7. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    Β  why'd they put her face on Nia's body?
  8. McQueen and Charlotte. Trish and Thea
  9. "Back in my day we used candles and had to boil our water! And we liked it that way!"
  10. Post Your Pictures

    There is a dude at my gym that looks just like you!!!! You sure you don't live in Oklahoma?
  11. 2004. It was the first, the best and the most memorable. Plus it gave us McQueen. 2006 gave us good girls too, but I honestly didn't know all those girls were in the same season. 2004 had the dodgeball game, the bull riding, pie eating contest, and OF COURSE Diss the Diva. "WHORE! You know shit about the WWE!" my favorite though "a cock sucking gutter slut"
  12. Who is the queen of FCW?

    pass, your man Jason already did that. ;)
  13. Who is the queen of FCW?

    didn't Fong win a Queen of FCW tournament or something like that? Do a DSW one, McCool deserves a win.