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  1. Lacey Evans - Chasing Glory

    Damn. One day someone will be stronger than her tear voodoo. 
  2. AJ Styles Signs New Deal With WWE

    THE WAY WAY WAY MORE IMPORTANT PART OF THIS STORY IS THE PUPPY. HE GOT. A WIENER DOG. AND I CANNOT WITH THE CUTE!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!! I looooooooooooooove little furry four legged sausages!!!!!! GUH!!
  3. Lacey Evans - Chasing Glory

    luff her. I love how her daughter is so much involved in her life, and she in hers. I didn't realize she was married. no tears? Lil must've been pressed.
  4. sounds like someone got his ass handed to him by a woman and his feelers are hurt.
  5. Raw March 11, 2019: Live Chat

    .....you can just go.
  6. Raw March 11, 2019: Live Chat

    ...ew. one is hot. the other looks like a giant cabbage patch doll. get it together girl.
  7. Music of the moment

  8. GET IT GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!! Good for her!!!
  9. Tamother on Chasing Glory

    Timestamp for the tears? Do we have a new record? It seems like she kinda kept it together for most of it. Lil was probably like CRY ALREADY. I lowkey wonder if Lil and Rock ever banged.. Can someone interview her and ask the real questions?
  10. Brie Bella Officially Retires

    I.... never said anything about LayCool???? Layla's too busy eating suckers to worry about a return. Brie has plenty to keep her happy and successful, she doesn't need any of the hot mess that is WWE for that. Plus if she ever gets the urge to come visit, she can roll up with her husband.
  11. Brie Bella Officially Retires

    K byeeeee
  12. Fastlane 2019: Live Chat

    I hope someone out there makes a gif of a Mario Kart banana split and her slipping on it. that final kick looked really good.
  13. Fastlane 2019: Live Chat

    I didn't think shorts could get shorter than Nikki Bella's. Mandy has proven me wrong.