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  1. RuPaul's Drag Race

    oh I love Laganja! I think she's awesome, she came to Oklahoma for Pride Week this year. I didn't get to see her, I think I was in Denver...? Or idk lol I was somewhere. and I love that she got on SYTYCD. The tongue pops and the Alyssa mannerisms were a bit much at times though. Like girl, Shangie is your sister, you don't see her acting like that!
  2. RuPaul's Drag Race

    I'm 3 episodes from being done with season 6 and omg. Bianca Del Rio!!! biiiiiiiiiiiitch! I LOVE her!!!!!!! I really watched this season for Dela and Courtney, and while I still adore Ben, Courtney is kind of a bitch... I still think she's gorgeous, but she has that attitude. Joslyn Fox is adorable and I'd be her friend in real life. I really liked Adore this season. Was not a fan of her on All Stars (of course she left super early), but loving her now #PARTY. Darrien Lake I don't understand. How'd she make it as far as she did? And Laganja is like a Diet Alyssa Edwards. :X
  3. I started getting my list in order when you were posting in the updates, aaaaaaaand then I stopped. lol but this is always fun, so I'll get to it!
  4. Jim Ross gives opinion on Carmella

    Wow, really? That title and "soon to be dead"??  
  5. I need a LayCool return for a line with the Iconics
  6. what dos she look like now days?
  7. Nikki Bella Can't Masturbate

    I mean if he was hittin it right to begin with she wouldn't even need to masturbate...
  8. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    so I was driving to the lake this afternoon and while passing through a small town, I saw this giant billboard. It said "MARRIAGE IS 1 (male figure) + (but the plus sign was a cross) 1 (female figure)" Then on the other side it said, "WAKE UP AMERICA. HOW WOULD JESUS VOTE?" and in my head I'm thinking, uh, pretty sure Jesus preached to love everyone no matter what, and man do I hate this state sometimes.
  9. WWE signs Lacey Lane

    dreads gross me out. other than that, okay. she reminds me of a new age Jazz
  10. Did Trish separate from her husband

    at least it's something new to discuss and not the same ol' nonsense that's been recirculated for the past 2 years.
  11. the jealousy.... OBVIOUSLY Charlotte would win. But I'm a faithful follower, so I will never not vote for McQueen.
  12. Women's PPV Dream Matches: Past vs Present

    McCool vs Charlotte, or it's trash and you can keep it.