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  1. HB Drag Race - Sign Up Now!

    Should our name be a drag name or our actual name? 
  2. 2020 WWE Royal Rumble Pool

    Yes please! Sign me up
  3. What exactly did she say/defend? And just reading it, it doesn't sound that bad. It's like he's saying, yeah she might have something in her future, down the road. Then you read it in HHH's voice and it's like ah... yes.. scum.
  4. After how they dismembered Hannibal, I'm side-eyeing this real hard. I'm not getting my hopes up at all.
  5. in all seriousness, thank you @Charlie. I honestly don't know how you do it. The amount of time and dedication this has to take, not many would go through all that just for our bitchy selves.
  7. Don't care. Fandango changes out his generic brunette on the monthly but still gets my follow because of his dog.
  8. Sasha and a wiener dog. Let me try so very hard to not stan. BUT OMG A WIENER IS A GOOD LOOK FOR ANY AND ALL!!!!!
  9. this is the ugliest HBRR ever.
  10. Netflix drops ‘Friends’, locals riot

    well now wtf do I put on for background noise when I want to scroll Insta and not pay attention to the TV????
  11. Lacey AND Charlotte out that quick? McCool not even in? I see y'all don't give a damn about strong blonde women!
  12. Michelle running in as a surprise entrant, big booting all the little girls over the top
  13. @Rainbow Heart still finding ways to bring a southern gal down... Thank you for trying!