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  1. Survivor

    I'm still enjoying the season. Sara and Tony are my favorites that are left. A friend and I were discussing the fire tokens. We think it would be cool if when they do the challenge for EOE to get back in the game, Jeff can also offer a buy back. if they have enough tokens, they can just skip the challenge and buy their way back into the game. I still want a "back to basics" season. No hidden Idols, no advantages, actual challenges, shoot I wouldn't even mind if they took it all the way back where they didn't get a lot of rice or a clean water source. I feel like Survivor has turned into an entirely social game. it's Big Brother on an island and it gets boring. I want the survival element back.
  2. So sad to see Nicky go home. She was such a look queen which I live for. Her tuck last night, like girl... I don't even know if I could look that good and I don't have a penis! AND wtf were the judges on? I LOVED Heidi's look. It was honestly my favorite of them all. Still wish she'd get her makeup figured out, but her outfit was on point. She tore up that lip sync too.
  3. Health + Fitness Discussion Thread

    I could sit at home for days on end and be happy as can be, but not having my gym is KILLING ME. I feel so soft. I've found many workouts on YouTube, but I think the mental block is still there for me. I have 5 and 10 pound dumbbells and a 30 pound kettlebell, but I'm used to lifting heavier so I feel like I'm losing muscle. AND SO AGREE WITH THE DOGS!!! My wiener dog isn't as bad, but my new rescue is still only 10 months old so she's like OMG YOU'RE JUMPING AND THEN GETTING ON THE GROUND, THEN JUMPING BACK UP, LET'S PLAAAAAY. Get out of my face, Ella! One of my favorite people on YouTube just released her at home workout, I'm going to be doing it today. I've been doing the Chloe Ting 2 week thing as well just for something to get my heart rate up. I LOVE her videos. A lot of times before I go to the gym, I'll watch videos of others just to get fresh ideas for new exercises so I'm not getting in a rut. She is by far my favorite. She explains things really well so that you can get the form down correctly. Does anyone else have someone they like watching? I'm always looking for new fitspiration.
  4. HB Movie Night | Courtesy of Rabb.it

    is this something we could bring back using Discord?
  5. WrestleMania 36 Trainwreck Thread

    WWE, single handedly keeping the covid alive.
  6. HB Drag Race - Untucked

    beg pardon?
  7. HB Drag Race - Untucked

    girl I didn't make this set. I don't make anything. My sewing equipment includes Paint. Had I known I could've been as basic as SOME, I don't think I would've stressed as much, but I know what lewk kweens we have here, so I tried my best with what I had.
  8. HB Drag Race - Untucked

    Since we have you here @prince. any advice for me if I make it through this week?  
  9. I looked back, on the 9th when I posted to wash your hands and you'd be fine, at that time I was like yeah whatever, this is just like a flu, no biggie. Not even 20 days later and I am thinking the exact opposite. This is no bueno. The speed at which this moves... scary.
  10. HB Drag Race - Untucked

    but did you mean to give it a fish bowl effect and make Billie look like a guppy?
  11. HB Drag Race - Untucked

    okay, then let me carry on. @Mariah. at least I did more than take a single photo and put a filter over it.
  12. guess this is one way to kill off the stupid.     this is ridiculous. I honestly didn't take this that seriously at first because I didn't see it being THIS deadly, but it didn't take me long to see I was wrong. Not sure why others aren't seeing this either. Stay. The fuck. HOME. I cannot believe there are people who are all, "The government isn't gonna tell me what I can and can't do, where I can and can't go!"
  13. HB Drag Race - Untucked

    Y'all explain something, this literally just clicked in my head like a light bulb. Is this entire competition going to be graphics? Or will it be other stuff too? Because if this is only graphics.... *insert sound clip of the "gurrrrrrrrrl" we hear before Untucked*
  14. HB Drag Race - Untucked

    At least I understood the rules.