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  1. Bigger Missed Opportunity?

    I don't understand what people saw in Eva. She was pretty, but that was it in my opinion. She always came across as flat on screen. Monotonous and boring. and let's be real, the biggest missed opportunity was with Emma.
  2. Post Your Pictures

    biiiiiiiiiitch you are beautiful!!!!! ..and why is there a female butt touching you while leaning the other way??
  3. Zelina Vega on Chasing Glory

    THE TASTE!!!!!!!
  4. What's Your Mixed Match Challenge Dream Team?

    McCool/Styles would be cool, just to see the Faith Breaker x2! I would obviously DIE if McTaker teamed up. McTaker vs McMahon-Helmsley.. jesus take my wheel.
  5. Charlotte vs McQueen OR I'd even be happy for Charlotte AND McQueen vs the IIconics.
  6. Does WWE make you turn on the girls you like?

    no. the only thing that's made me dislike someone I previously liked was finding out what kind of person they actually are.
  7. even though they're on their way already?? wwe is dumb.
  8. wait so they're not at the restaurant..? did I miss something
  9. Charlotte looking like a champ. Becky looking amazing....uuuuntil the pants. wtf girl
  10. My face every time WWE announces a new match for Evolution  
  11. no because then after that it advertised her and New Day as well, but not any matches, just "also appearing"
  12. why does Daniel's gear look like a hotwheels car?
  13. so they just aired a promo for SD coming to Oklahoma in two weeks and it has Carmella vs Asuka for the title