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  1. end this history lesson. end cena.
  2. at the finish line? what is this? an nxt competition? keep it.
  3. that emo shit is horrible. a bunch of dudes in girl jeans whining. no thanks.
  4. oh. let me not be a bitch. :X maybe I'll try it then!
  5. lmao Queen only competes at PPV or in title matches.
  6. ....ew. is that really a thing?
  7. I NEED HELP. SERIOUS HELP. what color should I paint my toes?
  8. I feel like except for when they were gone for a few weeks, New Lame is always in the title picture. And it's extremely annoying.
  9. Good Lord I just watched Summer's insta story and she has horrendous taste in music.
  10. Raw July 17, 2017: Live Chat

    Why does Bayley's song talk about celebrating on the floor?? How about a chair? Or a nice sofa?
  11. Bop to the Top - HB's Top 50 Countdown

    @Laycoolism would never.
  12. WWE Having Trouble Selling Out Battleground

    bring back the pyro and I'll go to shows again! just kidding. I will never go to a show again unless it's Mania or they're comp seats.