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  1. Braun Legitimately Injured

    Maybe if they were given more than 24 hours off at a time they wouldn't have so many injuries. I can't believe he's had to work for months injured. Actually I can believe it, just wish it wasn't the case. WWE should take better care of their people.
  2. Is Charlotte a Career Heel Now?

    Quoting Dre. I stan. I prefer her as a heel, I don't ever really buy it when she's face. I doubt she'll forever stay heel, but I bet her best moments will come when she is
  3. Honest Opinion on Shayna Baszler?

    I'll probably get points for this I just cannot get beyond her face.
  4. Your political compass?

    55/45 left leaning centrist the question about eating monkey meat... EW. I'll eat deer, bison, elk, but a monkey?? wtf
  5. Define an HB Member

    lmfao the accuracy of the last pic 
  6. RuPaul's Drag Race

    All Stars 4 cast announced!!!!!!!!! https://ew.com/tv/rupauls-drag-race-all-stars-4-cast/
  7. Raw Overruns Are Done For Now

    darn. I was hoping they'd shorten it by an hour and twenty
  8. Smackdown Not Playing With Necki?

    keep it. I can't handle anymore grungy girls on tv right now.
  9. Reby Hardy drags Ashley Massaro

    I see she still types like a 12 year old on MySpace. 
  10. echhhh, his glasses or not, I hate when they get super personal with things. Like the time Matt brought Jeff's dead dog's collar to the ring after that fire. And didn't they try to bring up Charlotte's brother? I know it's good heat, but it hurts my heart for them.
  11. wait who said this?! Ronda? Or Nikki? 'cause it's eradicate... :X eviscerating is like disemboweling someone.
  12. yasssss girl! I thought the same thing about that dumb show. Girls can't even show their hair, but it's cool for the guys to run around in their skivvies. Nips are nips no matter the chest their on! Edit: okay, I was wrong, women are allowed to show their hair (but it's kinda controversial if they do?), but they are not allowed to show the shape of their bodies in public.
  13. oh settle down! is she serious? she thinks she and her sister don't get enough credit? You have two shows, a clothing line, a wine, MILLIONS of fans and followers, championship reigns, have come from working 30 second matches to telling 15+ minute stories in the ring. what more do you want?? WWE to come outright and say, "The Bellas are the sole and only reason why we started this women's evolution"? And if she thinks that putting her with others because it will elevate them is an insult, like wtf??? that should be an HONOR. You are THAT good that WWE sees that in you and wants you to help the future of the business. I don't think there are many people out there who think of the term Diva with a negative connotation. I still call the girls Divas, I don't care. They should be Divas in every sense of the word. Fierce, strong, beautiful and boss bitches who own their shit and don't take any from anyone. I'm not a huge Bella fan, but I have never, ever discounted what they have done. To me this kinda comes across like she feels like it was only her and Brie who stepped up and tried to get more for the women. The last paragraph changed my mind, but while I was reading this I'm just like, girl what? Maybe she's just salty because of this Ronda business, but she needs to let it go. Ronda is WWE's new toy at Christmas time. Give it time and they'll get bored with her just like they do with everyone else. And guess who they'll come running back to? The Bellas. And guess who will be in the spotlight again? The Bellas.
  14. i'd just close my eyes and imagine 2010 Dolph
  15. get over one by getting under another.