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  1. let me go to bed before this clusterfuck of a tag match starts.
  2. I only see 21 women in that graphic. do I even want Michelle to waste her time with a new gear for 30 seconds of time?
  3. ....her show isn't even IN the ring? what kind of mess.
  4. .....soooooooo they're traveling together to Arizona then??
  5. also, all the Oklahoma jokes are getting a bit old and tired. we get it. we're redneck hillbillies who don't understand big words. move it along.
  6. I don't understand the look of a lot of wrestlers today.. maybe I'm weird. I'm just not a fan of all the fur. I like 'em smooth and clean cut. These homeless bearded, furry chested looks are not it. looking like Plays with Squirrels. (so many bonus points to anyone here that is old enough to get that)
  7. girl, let it be known, he's on his own. I swear everything in Australia was engineered to murder. I'll be over here with my rattlesnakes and meth labs, you keep your snakes, sharks, spiders, stingrays... everything.
  8. that was awkward. is he mute?
  9. this is going on far too long. and within 20 minutes I'm more than okay that I didn't go
  10. LMAO Hillbilly land, oh Vince! You troll!
  11. ew. Brock's teeth looks like he dips a can of Skoal every hour on the hour. Maybe Suplex City should invest in toothpaste for their next sponsor.
  12. how sad. my mom was the one to tell me Raw was in OKC tonight. suppose I'll watch to see what I'm missing. 10 years ago I would've had tickets for this show the day they went on sale. /nostalgia Raw in Oklahoma isn't as fun now that JR's gone. We could always count on him being embarrassed and beaten.
  13. Nikki Bella Talks Dating After John Cena

    ....girl. cut it loose entirely or you'll never move on/grow. telling him about each date, like wtf? #letitgo