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  1. MASH

  2. "Black Adam" set for 2021 release

    My body is ready 
  3. this all seems so dumb to me. any bets yet about when he returns to the ring?
  4. I cannot. I friggin stan Lacey and Lana so hard. They're makeup vid is presh!!!!

  5. Lana, easy. Of all those in this round, she's the only one who has kept me interested in WWE long after my favorites left and I've been sleeping on the product. I still make sure to peep what she's up to. She's been pretty consistently pushed, in fairly high profile storylines. And let's be real, I eat up those dumb soap opera love triangles.
  6. with his horse teeth?? eesh. I always rooted for Steiner when Stacy was in that triangle.
  7. you might be the only person who remembers such irrelevant and frivolous facts.
  8. For like .2 seconds I was going to vote Ronda because she did kinda do some stuff, but then I came to my senses. Beth.
  9. ....he used to be hot. what in the fuck happened?
  10. then it wouldn't have been a decade, which is literally in the title. poor Jeigz. bless all of you who host things like this
  11. Me. I Am Mariah...

    I think the image of you I have in my head will never change, even if you posted a picture. I've always imagined this Mariah Carey/Trish Stratus hybrid who walked down the halls of high school with the entire student body falling at your feet. In many ways, I don't think that's inaccurate  so when can we expect your debut on Drag Race? We're perched for Ru to choke on his words.