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  1. Raw March 27, 2017: Live Chat

    I hope Cole gags on a pretzel every time he screams BEAULYAYY.
  2. Raw March 27, 2017: Live Chat

    i feel like she won't til after Mania though since there's already 2 heels in the match. hmpfh
  3. Raw March 27, 2017: Live Chat

    Can Sasha please turn heel nowwwww
  4. Raw March 27, 2017: Live Chat

    Sasha looks different... what'd she do?
  5. Raw March 27, 2017: Live Chat

    ...okay. fair. lol I forget about that stuff. I feel like 3 hours just drags and drags, and it's nothing but replays.
  6. Tammy Sytch Comments on WWE Nude Photo Leaks

    she's just jealous that her nudes didn't get leaked... the hacker probably saw them and was like "nope."
  8. Summer Rae for Raw GM?

    I'd rather it be Lana.
  9. shimmy shimmy yay shimmy yay shimmy yaw, drank!

  10. Maria Kanellis to WWE?

    It'd be cool for diva fans to see them return... but I bet like 90% of the live Mania crowd aren't going to even know who Maria or Kelly are so it'll be a giant flop. Maybe if Beth comes out and introduces some of her "friends from the past" it might go over better? but eh... I'd like to see them, but I don't want second hand embarrassment when there's crickets either.
  11. Jim Ross' wife in accident.

    GUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. it must be dusty in this room the way my eyes keep watering... so, so sad. my heart hurts for JR and their families.