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  1. SmackDown December 11, 2018: Live Chat

    any predictions that mandy will write a micro aggressive tweet towards nay bc her match got cut?
  2. Wrestling's Sexiest Men | NSFW

    Y'all really fighting over this forum's TERRIBLE yet predictable taste in any fit white male wrestler?? We've been knew these gays had terrible taste since HB pushed Do**h. Couldn't be me!
  3. Xavier Woods Implies Sexual Fluidity/Bisexuality?

    These STRAIGHT men just now recognizing their gay stanbase and trying to subtly expand their audience so they can outshine the women AGAIN, not today fats!
  4. Who are you 'on the fence' with?

    Shayna Baszler! She's definitely improved a lot and she really does exude that bad bitch energy and is probably the most believable as a wrestler out of the rest of the horses, but her wrestling can be  It's not exciting or fun to watch but her vs Kairi is one of the best NXT matches in recent history. Make her solo and I could bear her tbh
  5. SmackDown November 27, 2018: Live Chat

    3 of the women who EXCELS in matches getting the 1st womens TLC match together in a division full of developed bad bitches led by a flawless general manager  i never expected this roster to snap so hard
  6. Even though her mic skills and charisma can carry through in any sort of managerial position, I feel like her role as a GM is perfect right now and actually helps both sides in terms of promoting Total Divas/women/etc and also be a credible on-screen character for the brand. The only thing I wish she did is what Baron is doing on RAW; SD since the brand split has had consistently face GMs even though I feel like the storytelling and pace of a Smackdown show can flesh out a heel authority storyline with better. It seems a bit wasteful for a former talent with great mic skills to just be a talking piece when they've utilized talent really well as GM in the past (i.e AJ, Eve, Stephanie, etc.). At least Daniel's excuse is that his promos aren't really that good ff My bias is speaking for a good amount of this, but give my fave a storyline!
  7. Survivor Series 2018: Live Chat

    Charlotte going from being booed out of the arena to being the biggest pop of the night, this bitch is so fucking powerful  am I really supposed to stan?
  8. Your political compass?

    i always knew sasha's japanese princess fetishization would eventually affect her stans  Also 75% / 25% left leaning, woo maybe this quiz will get the ugly repubes to show themselves!
  9. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    If she's voting for Bernie, tf is she doing writing her own promos about women sleeping to the top and complaining about millenials as a face? Going off that logic that she made in her brain, did she even figure out how to vote? Sure sounds like the dumbest bitch on the planet 
  10. SmackDown November 13, 2018: Live Chat

    i hate how this bitch chooses when she wants to snatch
  11. SmackDown November 13, 2018: Live Chat

    the fact that becky is the heel and she's the one giving charlotte, THE FACE, the pops  The clownery
  12. SmackDown November 13, 2018: Live Chat

    the smarks not getting the wrestlemania char vs ronda match they wanted, glad we avoided that MESS
  13. SmackDown November 13, 2018: Live Chat

    She has been since her turn, but I wouldn't expect you to be good with numbers!
  14. SmackDown November 13, 2018: Live Chat

    Woo but Becky being injured means her undefeated streak is still goimg, makes her even more big, and possibly shafts Charlotte as the biggest match they can make with Honda. She's so smart, the HEADLINER JUMPED OUT. hand me my permanent stan card
  15. It's crazy because titles usually elevate the superstars that need it and are ready (Carm is a perfect example, she took OFF), but it seems like Becky is the one elevating the title to a level it's never been at  it's crazy to me how ronda is the raw champ (the arguably more "prestigious" one) but both smarks and diva stans admit they care about Becky more. I'm glad they went full force with her reign because even Charlotte's name can't take the title to the level that Becky is taking it.  Even though it's likely, Becky losing to Ronda will be the biggest mistake that creative will make in quite some time. I think the only bigger mistake is if Becky never beat Charlotte.