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  1. Net Neutrality Discussion

    Sis is alive and WOKE  
  2. She looks really good here, why is this not her render? 
  3. screaming at Paige throwing Mandy, she really is that bitch  
  4. n their promos have gotten better at least  
  5. Paige on Lilian Garcia's Chasing Glory

    Reading vs listening made all the difference, it brought tears to my eyes. You can tell she's grown so much ever since everything that had happened, and now she seems to be so focused on what she actually wants in her life and her career. The fact that she accomplished so much despite the odds she had even before anything that happened recently is so inspiring and motivating for anyone who listens to her. She's literally a fucking role model because she went through so much alone and now she's inspiring others who might feel alone as well And I'm really glad she chose Lillian's podcast because I think it made all the difference in her opening up and getting people to understand her. I'm so glad WWE is still with her, perched to see her win the the title and give us the P3 we all truly deserve  
  6. Is WWE/Wrestling Next?

    you still finding a way to slip AJ in
  7. Match Set for Monday Night Raw

    but... like almost all the matches they do on RAW/SD have been done before? 
  8. SmackDown November 28, 2017: Live Chat

    Paige sweetie I'm so sorry
  9. Raw November 27, 2017: Live Chat

    The fact that I'll be more shook seeing a normal write up op
  10. Time for another year break