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  1. WWE disables comments on Mooloser video

      You're gonna let your own forum come for you like that sis? @Mariah.
  2. WWE Changing Moolah Battle Royal Name

    I'm sick of this whack ass white feminism bitch who's too fucking stupid to make her own opinions and needs a fucking revolution for her to have an epiphany  I'm ready for Ronda to forget that its WWE and break her arm
  3. Fastlane 2018: Live Chat

    lowkey the promo was cute and I'm actually now sorta sold on the Riott Squad. They still have a long way to go but I like how they progressed and they're starting to develop chemistry  
  4. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    tbh every heel woman on sd sans lana (cause of rusev) are all not over  I feel like she's definitely supposed to serve as a character champ, and y'all know how much WWE loves them (Alexa, Enzo, Brock). Her cash-in attempts are probably the most entertaining parts of SD whenever a womyn segment comes on (which isn't like a big accomplishment, but she still has the power to draw in the crowd as necessary). She doesn't have to wrestle to be over, and knowing WWE's track record, a memorable champ certainly doesn't need the wrestling ability. She isn't even that bad, she's def getting there I also think people like Charlotte, Alexa, and Sasha really started becoming memorable and iconic AFTER they became champion because that spotlight forced them out of stagnancy (which I think Carm is in rn). Naomi's the only exception knowing she's been way overdue for a reign.  As far as mitb goes, idk who else should've won it cause I don't even think they would've carried the role any better than carm could've, but that's just my opinion
  5. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    Also the first female MiTB losing AND starting off with a failed cash-in is not a cute look on WWE's part. Carm's victory has been written in the history books before it even happened, a legend  
  6. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    A longer period of waiting before a cash-in usually means that they're more likely going to win the title. WWE is not going to place her with a briefcase only for her to lose every victory since then only to lose the cash-in. They're probably building her to look weak so that the shock of her winning the title will be even greater. Everybody been knew that Seth was going to snatch the title and even then his cash in was iconic, imagine Carm playing like she's a jobber only to dethrone Charlotte or Asuka 
  7. Should Mickie bring back "hardcore country"?

    Her new gear is cute tbh, the ones she used during Royal Rumble and Elimination Chamber was iconic Its the long bell bottoms tbh, the pants look dated and her new shorts are cuter. Shes also been rocking some TNA stuff like the look she had when she climbed the ladder. She's aging well but her fashion is wonky at times 
  8. Raw February 26, 2018: Live Chat

    Sashas been stagnant for a while but she's been serving cute matches and showing signs of her old character, lemme stan for her heel turn and tune out  
  9. The Saraya Store Opens Its First Physical Storefront

    Saraya probably dragging them from the airport to Anaheim before the show so they can help her sell merch, we love a morning person  
  10. The Saraya Store Opens Its First Physical Storefront

    me just realizing that with her opening, all the Fab Four has successful side businesses/career paths  Bella Twins basically having an empire, AJ with her New York Times Best Seller, and Paige with her own storefront appealing to the goth/scene audience which WWE superstars usually don't touch. What queens  
  11. The Saraya Store Opens Its First Physical Storefront

    Seems like Mandy, Sonya, and Charly has come out too  
  12. Alexa Bliss

    Not gonna lie, I was getting frustrated with her booking and how she's been so stagnant recently but her performance last night WHEW I really can't believe how far she progressed when I first stanning ha down in NXT, I always wanted her to be big but was never expecting this much. Her SD title reign gave me Paige teas in which I was scared she wasn't ready enough and then was gonna end up flatlining after losing the title. But she really made RAW her BITCH and snatched two title reigns (one of which is kind of too long for my tastes). Her promo last night is exactly why she belongs in there. Her ring work isn't the most entertaining but its always solid. She's really good at consistency and making the most of what she has. Everything came full circle and is the biggest glo up I've ever seen from her. Even from her SD's promo work to now is much more solid and confident.
  13. Post Your Pictures

    It's that time of year where I post a pic and delete a week later  
  14.   At the end of 2017, WWE superstar Paige opened up The Saraya Store, an online storefront featuring her own merch and designs separate from the WWE entirely. She has also collaborated with fellow superstars in their designs, such as a 2Pawz themed shirt and a Noelle Foley shirt.   After from what Paige is reporting to be a successful business, Paige opened up her very first physical storefront nearby the warehouse in Anaheim, CA. Her grand opening today featured an appearance from her, Nia Jax, Renee Young, and Lillian Garcia.    From her Instagram, it seems that The Saraya Store may also be in collaboration with Hot Topic in the near future, as she has also reported that there has been business talks between the two companies.   This is not a uncommon side career path for WWE women, as women such as the Bella Twins, Eva Marie, AJ Lee, etc. have all pursued business interests outside of WWE to great success. It seems that for now, her storefront seems to be active and successful. Queen not staying stagnant in the WWE and pursuing her own interests.  What are your thoughts?
  15. Raw February 19, 2018: Live Chat

    My fave is main eventing RAW again without even being in the match AND avoiding the d*va treatment, what a queen I guess