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  1. MITB predictions?

    Lana actually being considered an option to win in 2018 when the heifer was laughed at just the year before for being in a title match, a reversal  
  2. SmackDown June 12, 2018: Live Chat

    us wanting femme fatale to play for at least 50 seconds but they play it for 0
  3. SmackDown June 12, 2018: Live Chat

    not charlotte switching robes between segments
  4. Raw June 11, 2018: Live Chat

    Why is Ronda and Nia face to face advertised when they were doing that for the past three weeks?  
  5. Raw June 11, 2018: Live Chat

    the announce team for RAW is absolutely the pits with Michael calling the wrong moves and Jonathan having no logic  dis the flagship show?
  6. Happy Birthday, Mariah!

    Happy birthday Mooriah! A true stan through and through and even though I know you're going through a tough time with your faves right now, I'm glad you stuck around for these LONG LONG years and still invest your time and energy into HB. Time truly is a test and you're still going strong when the forum has changed drastically. Keep slaying mawma     .. i also thought this was appropriate
  7. so they still were keeping him but decided to fire him after being exposed to save face. disappointed but not surprised
  8. Enzo Amore drops songs titled “Phoenix”

    the White JUMPED out whew
  9. Raw May 28, 2018: Live Chat

    odkjfgjldfkg the gays are SNAPPING tonight  
  10. NeXT Breakout Star??

    I honestly feel like this division's been getting a build it needed for quite some time, with multiple girls in the spotlight. It honestly reminds me of the beginning of SD Live when every girl was trying to get their name across. As far as booking goes, I feel like Dakota, Kairi, and Candice all have the makings of a top babyface star which is sort of new and is what the division desperately needs. Nikki is a strange middle of the two which is fine cause she's over either way. Bianca and Lacey have been DELIVERING when it comes to their match quality and general appeal, which I'm sort of shocked by the latter. I'm glad Lacey's been improving because she def is putting in work, getting reactions, and actually got a win over Kairi . With the direction they've been going, I can see the division actually being the strongest it's been in quite a while. I also think Aliyah and Vanessa will also get their foot in the door sometime but they're kind of basic rn
  11. NeXT Breakout Star??

    With Ember Moon's title loss and the call up of her and the Iiconics, the NXT Women's Division now called up the entire generation of women's wrestlers in Asuka's era (sans Nikki and Aliyah lmao). This means that NXT is now has a fresh group of superstars that are all competing for the spotlight, more importantly, free from the undefeated streak of Asuka that arguably prevented some of the women in her era from ever getting the title. With the fresh batch of girls and even more probably coming in with signings like Io Shirai, Toni Storm, and more competitors for the MYC, there is a lot of potential for the division to thrive. Who do you all think will be NXT's next breakout women's superstar? Sha*** Ba**** already staked her claim as she is current NXT Women's Champion, but who else do you think will stand out among the rest and soon become a popular name in the WWE? Note: Live Event superstars not included cause we don't know them asdkfj
  12. Wrestling's Sexiest Men | NSFW

    im about to lock this thread
  13. Return, Release, Repackage

    Return: Paige. Kinda obvious one but it was clear they had a set direction for her in RR and WM season, and I really wanted to see how she would handle a pressure of a big match at WM since she never really had a singles match at all and played side in both the ones she was involved in. Her neck was the only thing holding her back. Absolution at the time was fresher than Riott Squad, they were pretty much on a huge momentum before her neck got injured, and it was clear she was clearly going to be back in the title picture.  Seem Paige seems like a easy cop out, I'm also going to say that I would love to see Eve return. I think she was one of the only ones taken seriously in the diva era, with a huge heel following and brilliant character/ring work. It seemed like the people she was working with at the time sans AJ and Layla wasn't really fit for the level of competition she could produce. She really was a complete package that I think would be pushed nicely if she was aligned with The Iiconics tbh. Release: Nattie. Even though she's constantly in the picture and still being decently treated by the WWE, I feel like her career ran its course. There's nothing wrong with her particularly, but she just did everything she had to do, and I feel like her assets are more valued in places like the PC. I can't possibly think of a good storyline for her especially after her feud with Nikki Repackage: Alexa Bliss. Even though Alexa's moveset and character is as stale as they come right now, I think her heel alignment has ran its course. I don't think her Glitz gimmick will work, but rather a underdog. It's always bizzare how she won so often and how her feud with Nia had her on the heel side. Her athleticism, height, favored look, etc. all scream face for her. It doesn't seem like they're gonna do anything to do her anytime soon, but it would still be nice to see her actually work for her moveset and character and give something new.
  14. SmackDown May 22, 2018: Live Chat

    kii at you thinking lexi is gonna pull that out  and i still see no justification for choosing them from mickie who has delivered consistently in high-flying situation who actually takes risks, sasha who literally is a good fit in any match and will fucken maim herself for match quality, and ruby who's been known to be extremely fluid in the ring and can deliver high flying spots. sis it just doesn't make any sense  
  15. Raw May 21, 2018: Live Chat