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  1. Not Alexa stone facing her title win 
  2. dflgjkj you thinking they're gonna cancel it when we already know they're pulling out the stops to make it flop  
  3. Literally what the fuck are they gonna fill the card with?  This currently not even making it to two hours, im...
  4. Former WWE writer drags Ronda promo

    not mariah hacking his account so she can get another aj mention in I don't understand why WWE is set on marketing Evolution for the smarks when half of them are misogynists and won't even be tuning in because they're getting their nut from Crown Jewel. This is ESPECIALLY considering they already trust Nikki enough to main event it as they SHOULD. The only way half this shit makes sense is if Ronda is heel, but they're literally encouraging the face of the story to slut shame women, which is already disgusting but even worse considering it's such a high-level feud. Nattie vs Nikki is still not bothered, we already know Evolution is a mess, let's try this again next year!
  5. Ronda Rousey wrote the entire promo about The Bella Twins herself

    Ronda making history by outdoing the writers in making bad promos, only the BADdest woman on the planet!
  6. Mae Young Classic 2018 | Official Chat Thread

    every match of the second round was pretty good, even some props to nicole i guess! Kaitlyn looked so good in the tournament, probably the best ring work I've ever seen from her! Based on how well all the winners did, the quarter and semi finals look GOOD  Us not having to be worried about having another Shayna in the tournament so every match delivering
  7. Chelsea Green signs with WWE

    nn sorry if it was confusing, it was more to talk about the fact that NXT has been doing a decent job of building multiple superstars up (contrary to Asuka's time where a lot of superstars suffered from being basically feeders to her), so they could probably handle the amount of talent they're signing right now
  8. Chelsea Green signs with WWE

    and it took a whole ass year for the division to recover considering this group of girls were the only ones since the 4hw who were close to holding a title in nxt  
  9. Chelsea Green signs with WWE

    After Asuka's departure and recent developments about NXT probably expanding, I think NXT is going to definitely step up their game with the women's division. I feel like the era of Bianca/Candice/Kairi/Nikki/Lacey/Shayna is going to end soon with Bianca probably getting a title run while the rest gets called up. With the recents signings, I feel like the division will now build around Io/Mia/Deonna/Vanessa/Chelsea/Reina?? I feel like Dakota will move over to UK full time or get called up while the UK division also gets some signees and have the usual Toni/Jinny/Rhea to help build it. I'm not very much concerned for the space, and Chelsea is a good wrestler and all... but her bride gimmick is.... interesting. Congrats I guess!
  10. Raw October 8, 2018: Live Chat

  11. Raw October 8, 2018: Live Chat

  12. Paige on Chasing Glory Again - She's Back!

    tbh i do agree that she shouldn't place anything solely on ruby or sarah since they were prob shook too (i feel like off camera anybody could've helped liv not go back in), but the fact that brie should've been the only one helping her makes no sense to me.  To clear up your other point, she was referencing how Sasha refused to do any more spots with her even though her as a performer in the moment wanted to, and that was the responsible decision to make. She knows that wrestlers want to keep going but the ones to stop them have to be the others in the ring (again she sorta fucked up her point by not referencing anybody else in the tag match she was involved in)  Liv is making herself look foolish when she's shading her well knowing that Paige only has her best intentions in mind unless she actually thinks Brie is completely responsible for the accident
  13. In the video, Michael Cole talks about how he brought Cathy Kelly into WWE and brought Beth and Renee into the commentary team for the MYC and basically goes on to say how amazing both the women are. Michael Cole, a true feminist?  Thoughts?