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  1. Wednesday Night War | Official Chat Thread

    Io and Asuka, is this year real  
  2. Wednesday Night War | Official Chat Thread

    This match is EATING  
  3. Wednesday Night War | Official Chat Thread

  4. Wednesday Night War | Official Chat Thread

    not aliyah kind of snapping, nhooph really did improve over the years  
  5. Wednesday Night War | Official Chat Thread

    This match can easily be a shoo-in for MOTY, please deliver oh my god
  6. Wednesday Night War | Official Chat Thread

    It's really not a bad idea. I think the Kabukis really proved how useful the titles can be to elevate the girls on the brand right now. I really hope that once the Iiconics get the title, it could do the same with their career trajectory. Sasha sold for her LIFE last night Seeing the ending segment just cemented Io v Sasha as my top feud, make it happen!!!
  7. Pokemon

    Sw/Sh started souring on me after I bought the expansion so I gave her a go anyways. It was way cuter than I expected. Some of the maps are still hit or miss, but the detailing on this whole island from the story to the areas to the animations are The online is still shit and I'm still not a fan of them over-centralizing max raid battles since there isn't that much strategy to it, but they added new/maybe fixed some trainers and they don't seem as dumb?? I don't know how far y'all got, but the endgame stuff you can do with your watts is AMAZING if you're into competitive. If they keep this up, Crown Tundra is gonna SNAP bc these mons...
  8. Stream Tokyo Shock on WWEMUSIC :shook:

    1. Empress Sam

      Empress Sam

      PERIOD :shook:

  9. WWE Raw | Official Chat Thread

    Peyton & Billie getting the push LIKE THEY DESERVE Give them the titles now!!!
  10. Backlash 2020: Live Chat

    backkklash is such a fucking cursed ppv sans the six pack sd challenge. nia vs alexa, that one welcoming committee tag match, carm vs char and the fact that if it wasn't for the mediocre triple threat opener, it would probably be the worst backlash in existence (even though it's easily worst ppv of the year) I need to go back to being nxt only or retire again bc....
  11. Backlash 2020: Live Chat

    girl what  
  12. Backlash 2020: Live Chat

    ! the girls were afraid to run in this match, their momentum and pacing were off. doesn't help that they keep billie and nikki in the match for a long period of time
  13. Backlash 2020: Live Chat

  14. Backlash 2020: Live Chat

  15. Backlash 2020: Live Chat

    women are on, can't wait to shut off after watching