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  1. The Dollhouse was so iconic . Tarynsus literally breathing new life into the division with a single appearance, Sierra really thought she was going to be top heel    
  2. Raw August 14, 2017: Live Chat

    Sis don't give a fuck that shes cleared to wrestle
  3. GFW Suspends Alberto El Patron

    Alberto's ass getting stripped of the title and still suspended while Paige is waiting for ha return to RAW. Karma wins  
  4. Adam Cole Signs With WWE

    He sort of reminds me of D**ph but cuter and less annoying. Let me stan a bit
  5. Favorite Summerslam moments

    Without a doubt, Summerslam 2014 with Paige vs AJ & Stephanie vs Brie was the height of how good divas got in terms of PPV. Brie vs Stephanie was built up so excellently since Payback, and tied into Bryan's storyline really well too. Paige vs AJ wasn't that great in terms of storyline, but they def made up for the mess that was Battleground and my fave snatched a 2nd title reign with her red gear . The Black Widow counter into the Rampaige was iconic too
  6. Not 15, did y'all bring me from a time machine or something    
  7. You also cut down on the usage of "eat my ass", proud of you
  8. Also, to the newer members, don't ever let these gifs die, they are a rich part of our history   
  9. Anybody else remembers the six months of waiting we had to do for the forum board to update? Y'all ain't slick for adding that to the five year total  
  10. Five years and members still don't know how to post in ER.  
  11. I mean that wasn't really the title, but go off
  12. I've been on this forum for over two years, nearing three, and I'm still so glad I'm still here I discovered this forum because Diva Dirt kept stealing @GLOOBER's GIFs and I reversed google searched only for me to get a whole kii out of this entire website. Rest is history. I'm going to state this again so many times, but Heartbreakers was so crucial for my gay identity to finally come full circle, and for me to finally have the confidence for me to say its okay for me to be a flaming fuck. While y'all taught me some really fucking weird shit like scat @Shoaib., I've also learned a lot about human experience and living life for fun. I would have to say this forum is the reason why I'm so mellowed out and not taking life so seriously, even though I have goals I want to meet personally. From the HB Podcast with @Cordelia@Lady DarkFox@Michael Psyches@Travy Massaro , to my never ending feud with @Travis Roucka, reading up pages of tribal councils on Survivor and cringy WWE HS scenes, I've honestly forgotten what I've contributed to this forum tbh cause they were always random sldfj, but I really hope I can keep tradition running for more years to come. HB is so iconic and I wouldn't change any of my past experiences on this forum. Thank you gays so much And kii at most of you bottoms trying to make top happen, tradition never changes I see!
  13. Angelina Love leaves GFW.

    Did this sis really only come back to GFW for a short ass time and miss the MYC?  Like her storyline with Davey was cute, but she really had an opportunity and missed it.
  14. Random Thoughts