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  1. Triple H Confirms Women's Tournament Still Happening

    I really have to disagree, especially because the women competitors across the board are more consistent and better trained than some of the men and could easily go toe-to-toe with cruiserweights/light-heavyweights. Girls like Nattie, Charlotte, Nia (size-wise, she'd be a liability technically), and even Asuka in NXT could easily take on some of the men realistically. Trish and Lita worked a (mostly) legitimate match with Christian and Jericho if you need proof of the plausibility of these women being able to work the matches, although that match didn't let them shine as much as they could have. The problem is if a woman engages in a feud with a man, the WWE majority audience views it as emasculating should the man lose (because most of them are backwards rednecks) so the woman always takes the loss. There's a way to do it, and it's not hardcore stipulations or crazy high-flyers, but it's not going to work in WWE.   On topic, the Cruiserweight division's fate should give us a clue to the way this tournament can and may actually go. It worries me that they may put promotions like Shine and SHIMMER out of business should they choose to keep the women they use for the tournament. It reads almost as a way to monopolize the industry, and while they can try, it would be so damaging to other companies that are trying to make it.  
  2. SmackDown / 205 January 17, 2017: Results

    I'm gonna need more info on why Mickie/Alexa teamed up or what kind of cheap backstory they're going to throw on Mickie and Becky, but the feud is stagnant and a little boring so the addition of Mickie is going to help tremendously I think.  I'm a little surprised that Nattie and Nikki have only been brawling since I think they're probably the two best competitors on the show right now, but hopefully that's going to allow them to have a huge blow-off match when it finally comes   Whether or not you stan any of the women on SD, they are working what they're being given and giving us so many MOMENTS that are memorable and create great storytelling.
  3. Triple H Confirms Women's Tournament Still Happening

    "Levesque was also asked about intergender matches and while he understands that they may work for some smaller groups as shock entertainment value, he didn't think the WWE fanbase would be ready for a male to be seen beating up a woman in the ring. He prefers the women being able to stand out on their own athletic merits."   I'm tired of hearing this like we couldn't have a serious intergender match without implications of the woman being lesser or "beaten" because she's in a match with a man. It's only that way if you sell it that way. Cancel your backwards values, Paul, women are the future.
  4. I need a LOOK. I can't take bright colored bell-bottoms seriously from someone who it seems like is going to be a bitter veteran heel. 
  5. Mickie literally sipping from the fountain of youth   she better serve a psycho era or hardcore country look and they better keep Obsession, I'm ready for it  
  6. nn when have they had a spectacular match? I'd rather remember the moments then be served a college amateur wrestling meet  
  7. Me being thirty seconds late and not getting a stream to work
  8. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    I don't either, but do you expect someone who trains for months and tries new things to impress her employer and then continue to get paid dust to not speak out? It's like doing A quality work and being given a C because of how you did on the first assignment. It's her right to speak up.  
  9. Update on Mickie James' Smackdown Return

    I'm SHOOK that she's debuting so soon but I want to know how they're going to work her into this storyline and how they're going to sell her and Becky as a feud rn. There's no motivation behind it.
  10. Raw January 16, 2017: Live Chat

    Alicia found her d*va brujería and is using it to escape the horse era since the other Raw d*vas decided to go on permanent vacation/commit to questionable men. You have to respect her hustle.
  11. Raw January 16, 2017: Live Chat

    I tried to skim the thread but I saw no match being talked about just some ugly promo about Bayley still trying to be an underdog when the bitch superplexed Nia Jax three weeks ago. The women wrestling superstars are really breaking new ground. 
  12. Female WWE Hall of Fame Inductee REVEALED?

    I don't know how legit it is for a Reddit thread to be reporting it, but   She deserves it down the road, as she did do more things/accomplish more than most of the other women in her era did and they've always liked her. Do I think it should be now? Of course not, but I also want official tea before I jump to a conclusion. People are saying inducting Chyna now would seem like a cop-out since she died so recently, but honestly no one deserves it more. Her career ended 15 years ago and she is probably the most unique and distinguished female talent of their most popular and successful era. She needs to be in the HOF before anyone else in my opinion, and leaving her off the list this year would be petty. Give her the respect you should have given her while she was still alive.  That's not to say there can't be two women inducted in one year, but it's the WWE so let's not get ourselves hyped for that when we know it's not going to happen. 
  13. Sasha is a d**a, and it's time for her to fess up and own it.  
  14. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    The "Paige is an addict/has an eating disorder" angle is a little tired, that's a serious social stigma that people suffer with and it's a little insensitive to constantly bring it up in regards to her as if she's trash if she has a problem with either of those two things.      Keep dragging tho, I feel like this is gonna get good tonight  
  15. The most underrated women's wrestler?

    They literally brought in Bull Nakano seemingly so that Alundra didn't have to drop to Luna  They did her so dirty