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  1. This is pretty much what I imagined as they can’t do too many revolutionary changes with the films firmly in place. The last season did look really good from all the previews I saw as episodes were released, and I like the idea of getting a better grasp of the minor characters so I’ve been thinking about watching it   
  2. Lady Gaga - ‘Chromatica’

    A Gaga album with no ballad
  3. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    I don’t know what’s worse, her brainwashing her children or Torrie Wilson commenting “proud of you” like she did something other than expose her own stupidity 
  4. Jojo and Bray Welcome 2nd Child

    Congratulations to them. Interesting that she will be home tending two infants while her husband is parading around with puppets and a latex Halloween mask for weird adults during a pandemic, but that’s their marriage and they’re living it.
  5. Suicide Squad idk, they’re waiting on a release for WW84 because of this all though. The marketing cycle went out literally as this all began which sucks but they’re not going to just shelve it when it’s finished and they’ve spent all that they have on it. 
  6. Deonna really went and complained to some podcast about missing out on AEW for WWE and then chose to debut on Impact the same week
  7. Nia Jax injures Kairi Sane at Raw taping

    amazing how something that occurs semi-regularly becomes an “injury” just because it was a match with Nia in it. reason would also tell us that, even though she’s a great worker, Kairi is continually having communication errors with the other women or she’s overselling in the case of these two unsubstantiated issues with Nia, but it’s really a non-issue either way. 
  8. Drew Gulak Back with WWE

    clock me, I swore I saw that there was an official post. Maybe he was on snapchat with the wrong WWE intern and they thought they’d play a trick on his career.
  9. Drew Gulak Back with WWE

    eye have a feeling he initially rejected the deal they gave him and then he had a change of heart. it seems odd that WWE made a public statement about his release if they were in negotiations, only for him to now be back. Job security is terrible right now though, so good for him.
  10. HB Drag Race - Week 4

    *comforts @Katy in the sewing room*
  11. so we got literally the worst elimination chamber of all time for what reason
  12. Ryan Murphy wants to reboot ‘Glee’

    AHS officially irrelevant, Hollywood flopping hard, he’s pulling out all the stops to keep his career afloat
  13. Sarah Logan Training for MMA Fight

    Not this announcement being coupled with her doomsday preppers YouTube channel debut... I wish her an ounce of luck.
  14. I really thought people were speculating about her returning to face Bayley at Summerslam and had 0 idea this was something that had happened previously.   Her career has been a series of unfortunate events and not indicative of her talent. It would be nice to see her get the chance to shine, but for some reason her loosely put-together persona is too fantasy to get her over. That’s what it’s seemed like to me anyway. It would be sad if this injury means the end for her, but I’d hope that if she gets to return that it lights a spark under her to get the recognition she deserves.
  15. Lady Gaga & Ariana Grande - ‘Rain on Me’

    at least now we know where the budget for the stupid love video went