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  1. Mickie giving a Raw thread 15 pages just by showing some personality and wearing a cute outfit, a true Diva
  2. Mickie is serving tonight tbh 
  4. I can't wait till asuka debuts at TLC either, Alexis 
  5. Asuka set to make her debut at TLC!

    You're talking about all men, who clearly are prioritized differently than women. Think about the last few big women debuts: Paige immediately wins the title and stays in the spotlight, Charlotte is called up and is pushed immediately and remains the most important woman on the roster, and even Alexa has been pushed since her debut and has remained in the title picture for a year. When They prioritize a woman, they push them immediately. Even AJ's career follows this model. And if you didn't understand what I meant when I said that Asuka's streak and NXT dominance is canonical, they're clearly going to play off of that and continue her streak at least for a little while because they're hyping it so much. It would be nice to think that WWE would apply the "how-to-make-a-male-star" theory to Asuka, but clearly women are booked and handled incredibly differently still in the company despite the new ways of booking and handling women's feuds. 
  6. Which Stipulation Match Are You Eager to See Next?

    None if they don't get them right tbh. The MITB and HIAC delivered for what they were, but, thinking about it, a lot of the other stips were boring. I'd like to see a good steel cage match (Victoria/Lita ca. 2003 is not shook by the terrible match at the expense Mickie's redebut last year) but maybe Charlotte and Nattie will pull it out at Starrcade. The inevitable "first ever" women's "Chair Match" is coming at TLC, though.
  7. Asuka set to make her debut at TLC!

    Asuka has already squashed 3/4 of Raw's roster, so realistically they could book her in a title match and it would be fine. Asuka  is going to outprioritize Sasha and Alexa from an in-ring perspective anyway, and she has to if they don't want to ruin her already established run in NXT, which they're treating as canon for her on the main roster. Asuka debuting to squash Summer Rae, who has not even been booked in a year, would make her look like a fool. Same goes for Fox, Dana, and even Mickie tbh. Why would she debut to beat a jobber when she's got such a strong presence already?
  8. WWE Games | Discussion: WWE 2K18

    The preview in the trailer made it look like she won't have any accessories, and tbh I'd rather have a well-animated entrance than her dressed up in a fur coat and glasses
  9. Random Thoughts

    Can someone post that gif of Mo'Nique from The Parkers? I can't find it anywhere.  
  10. WWE Network | Official Chat Thread

    Don't do too much, now.
  11. WWE Network | Official Chat Thread

    Yes, tell us more about the mental workings someone you don't know and have never met who literally has been buzzworthy for the odd attires and braid (+ her physique itself is distinguishing) since she had a televised match but okay
  12. WWE Network | Official Chat Thread

    I think they both seemed a little slow here, but the match was pretty good. I want to see more personality from both of these girls, but in-ring it wasn't bad at all for two rookies.  
  13. This is not surprising, none of the information is shocking, and I don't know why everyone is mad. If you don't like it, don't watch it. I won't be.
  14. the girls were not prepared for this tonight but it's still cute.