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  1. TV Guide's 25 Best Shows of the Decade (2010-2019)

    I’ve only seen a few of these in passing, tbh there are some that came to mind that are absent  
  2. WWE Games | Discussion: WWE 2K20

    was going to go to the redbox and just play out the showcase, but maybe not. we going ✈️ full-time nintendo switch 
  3. WWE Raw | Official Chat Thread

    I know they won’t not have a women’s segment in this day and age but I wish they would just for the backlash 
  4. Thanks @Mariah. and the girls who participated! It was a cute list all things considered.  Stay tuned for a more old-school HB game/countdown in the coming weeks in the wr*stling section, maybe   
  5. looks for judge applications due to not knowing a thing about drag race 
  6. It’s a wig and a costume difference, use your imagination
  7. countdown over, cute list ladies x
  8. tbh I agree but it’s more about the entire act that it’s seen in and what she does in it + then how the real person explained and defended the claims of the film hypersexualizing her body. A feminist icon. 
  9. you telling us you’re too young to be a millennial and then confirming it here once again by clearly not having grown up with the re-release. y’all missing your queer awakening via-metal bikini, or maybe I’m too old
  10. Bitches always wanna get tough and call it Star Trek when no one who leaves their home checks for that shit!  anyway, sorry you missed second wave feminism AND the writeup that clearly shows it was Star Wars
  11. Carrie Fisher is a queen among queens, period. You know you’re the GOAT when Meryl Streep plays you in a movie.
  12. Lizzo’s career isn’t dead, so no! and truth hurts ain’t her best song either, it’s actually not so hot tbh but anyway! the countdown!
  13. the queen has yet to arrive I would cross out queen and put princess but I’m on mobile