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  1. Then she can do it without getting fired? Queen of job security
  2. I want these girls to do something! Sending out a vague bitchy tweet ain’t cutting it!  
  3. At this point the highlight of Evolution will be Naomi Gail Kim-ing herself outta this match. I’m ready to retire.
  4. Actually, I could see an ounce of truth to this because they seem to have some kind of weird arm-breaking match fetish with Ronda as we saw in the reports around WM season that said Asuka had to drop the armbar because they cancelled the idea of those two working together. But the report’s bias is screaming out too:
  5. Sure, I believe that Charlotte is cancelled now that the fans don’t like her. The McMahons do like and respect their fans more than Ric Flair, after all!
  6. And then we’ll have to pretend to be shocked when they’re the “surprise” entrants in the actual RR like this isn’t the practice match. Melina and Victoria can stay working the gyms where people appreciate them and Candice can keep her polio-carrying, glass-boned body at home. 
  7. Ivory’s returning to the ring for the first time in almost 15 years to get tossed out in 45 seconds, yikes  
  8. Beth was confirmed to appear around the same time as Trish and Lita and we’ve yet to hear more. They’ll either get brought out on the ramp for polite applause or they won’t appear at all. 

    I’m ready for the drama 
  10. You know, I was going to make a comment about her surely not knowing half of the words she used after being knocked around in impact sports for her entire adult life, but I fact checked and found that she apparently had a developmental disability as a child, so I won’t. It’s nice that she owns a thesaurus though. 
  11. YouTube Experiencing Worldwide Outage

    It seems to be back up.
  12. SmackDown 1000: Live Chat

    Shinsuke or Rey are really about to be the only POC in the WORLD cup. Just call it a Main Eventer orgy and scandalize the Saudis, someone's going to get shot anyway
  13. SmackDown 1000: Live Chat

    John Cena needs to get off the Atkins diet