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  1. Is this just his edit to his own speculation that Asuka would be facing Lacey from literally yesterday? Give it up, Deelishis.
  2. Tye Dillinger Ask For Release

    so he asks to be released, but then is gonna whine about not getting booked in the same breath? maybe they’ll change his pissy diaper in the cafeteria before the AEW school gym tapings 
  3. the actress playing Paige looks like Nikki Cross. good night.
  4. all these nxt call ups are cique du soleil rejects.
  5. the execution was poor but it made sense considering they just wont a championship and the only story development we get is for championships. this has literally been a non-English speaking woman cutting a promo, a run-in to start a match (which may or may not be for the title), then there's an additional run-in which is just to hype up someone who's completed uninvolved, then they miss the timing for the commercial break, and finally, Mandy's heel tactic garners 0 reaction.
  6. this is non-title. well, it seems that way. it's not like they gave us any context.
  7. this is the worst booked segment I can recall in a LONG time
  8. "We will have an exclusive interview-"  
  9. The crowd whisper-chanting "Johhny!" like they would for a diva. Welcome to the big league, boys.
  10. a Paige movie graphic to hype up Nattie? I have to SCREAM
  11. Johnny Gargano's hair is dirty and he's a dweeb. But I clocked that last night, so let's move on.
  12. ECW eventually sent them into a downward spiral and this might too, tbh, but we'll see. It's definitely disheartening that everything anymore is so clearly booked on an event-to-event basis and that nothing has the long-term in mind, which makes it all really stagnant and boring. WM is coming up and other than Brock/Rollins and the Ronda/Becky/Charlotte triangle everything is just being booked as "here's the challenger for Fast Lane!" which is going to lead to boring and uneventful matches at what is supposed to be the most entertaining and exciting event of the entire year.
  13. they've also been slowly rewarding talent who were rumored to be interested in leaving tho rumors are rumors so I wouldn't be surprised honestly. The way they signed all those indy women a few weeks ago is the same kind of thing to me. It's all about trying to keep a monopoly running.
  14. who'd they plant in the crowd to start the NXT chant