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  1. The only one with a memorable spot was Michelle, and you can tell from the last year that she and the WWE want to keep her legacy alive which is nice. Maria’s little thing with Nia was okay too. And while I love Ivory, they clearly kept her busy in the corners because she wasn’t prepared, yet they still wanted to keep her in for the majority of the match, so I don’t know what to make of that.   
  2. Best of 2018

  3. HBW '19 | Smack Talk

    double check that math, sweetie
  4. Tables Match Announced for TLC

    This match screams preshow to me, and the Mixed Match challenge isn’t looking too riveting as a main-card match either, especially if someone has to compete twice. 
  5. Tables Match Announced for TLC

    If we’ve learned anything over the years, it’s that table matches are not a good showcase for the women and often leave them looking foolish. I get what they’re doing and the booking was obvious, but let’s all hope they practice their spots so Nattie doesn’t powerbomb Ruby onto a table and it doesn’t break. 
  6. Tables Match Announced for TLC

    I feel like they’re rewarding her for her husband’s good performance since he’s the only one booking good matches these days. Scammer queen!
  7. in before someone quotes me with "this is wwe they don't put effort in lol!" I'm stressed and ready to argue this week.
  8. y'all know King of the Ring was (typically) used to promote lower-card talents and give them the opportunity to show what they could do without putting them into the title picture, right? It became a stepping stone accolade for people who weren't quite ready to headline yet, so suggesting the predictable women would win just seems.. wrong to me, tbh. it gives the girls not in the 1v1 title feuds something to do, so good!
  9. am I really supposed to believe that Asuka went from “longest undefeated streak ever” to intentionally giving herself a loss? the 5-minute-before-airtime script jumped out
  10. omg Mandy is coming  
  11. Mandy, sweetie... 
  12. Wait, did Charlotte do an acrobatic stunt and not land on her feet? Growth!
  13. Scroll up to complete SD’s typical commentary and see the weekly reminiscing about the imaginary time when Billie/Peyton weren’t jobbers 
  14. Every week: omg Mandy is coming   Every week: ________ def. Mandy Rose