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  1. Whose cooking would you rather eat?

    The one that didn't accept free meals in exchange for insta posts. 
  2. She did win two Money in the Bank matches, but I don't see "Two-Time" anywhere.
  3. This could end really badly for her but tbh if he presses charges against her on top of the police department that may be the only way that she'll open her eyes and see she needs to get away from him since no one else seems to have told her she's in danger with this man
  4. Can we rescind 2x Miss Money in the Bank from Carmella tbh, or is that something WWE is actually going with?   all are still lacking in one place or another, in my opinion, but Alexa Bliss as a 3-time champion at this point is something I would not believe last year and I still think is a little odd on paper. 
  5. Booking: RAW or Smackdown Live?

    tbh I'm getting sick of the multi-woman mashup on SD when we've seen that they're capable of having good feuds going on. Nattie/Nikki was probably the best feud of the last year and that's not saying much tbh because the story was shallow and there was no championship involved, so while Raw gives all the importance to the champ, that's not always needed. I feel like as long as there is some sort of thought behind the booking and the girls are putting their all into it, both shows have the capacity to have good programs going on. Sasha/Charlotte was stale by the end, but the two knew how to work with each other and bring energy to big matches, which kept us excited, while SD kept us interested by letting all the girls have a chance for equal development and competition. Raw is obviously worse for lower tier talent and for actually booking time for the women, but SD is at the point where the division needs a clear hierarchy. So SD for the time being.
  6. Can Mickie make this run successful?

    Mickie is undoubtedly a legend, but I think part of the issue is that they aren't even reminding the people of her many, many accomplishments, which was the beginning of what went wrong in her initial SD run, in my opinion. If they would have capitalized on dropping facts about her accolades and continued on with the "bitter-vet-returns-to-seek-vengeance" gimmick, I think she could have been somewhere at this point rather than just enhancement talent. Granted, a majority of fans will not remember her other than the Trish storyline, but if you drill into the fans' heads enough, coupled with her combatting the HW, she could have gotten over that way. I think the shift to Raw is an okay move as they do need some enhancement talent for Nia/Alexa/Dana, but at the same time, I don't feel Mickie returned for the chance to simply bolster the others. Also, I just don't think Mickie herself is in a place where she gels with the WWE's current message. The "milfy" thing doesn't fit with the programming or with her on-screen, 2008 re-up persona, yet that's where she goes on her social media, and I remember seeing this shirt on her twitter account before her Takeover match and thinking that I didn't know how that was going to work on WWE programming. Of course, then she came out in bell bottoms, so... I guess her look sets her apart partially because it's so dated, but I'd much rather see her in something akin to her TNA attires, as many have said. It just seems to gel better with who she is as a person, and, honestly, I think people would take her more seriously. This was the best she ever looked, tbh, and she's in good enough shape to pull it off again. They can't just rest on her being an alumnus like they're doing though. She should be considered a serious contender and she deserves development and a clear character. I just don't see it happening for her at this point. I'm hopeful she'll take initiative and reinvent herself in some way before it's too late.  
  7. Mae Young Classic: Spoilers

    I hope Bianca BelHair or Kairi Hojo wins tbh, keep the MMA girl's push for when I tune out of the programming again in 2 years or so. 
  8. Mae Young Classic: Spoilers

    She better get signed for botching on the impact?  
  9. Talking Smack CANCELED as a Weekly Show

    Honestly, I did not watch it once other than YT replays so I'm not super surprised. If something doesn't get as many viewers, they're going to cancel it. That's just how broadcasting works. It was cute because it gave some of the underutilized people a chance to have fun and get some on-screen time, but this isn't shocking.
  10. Edited for spoilers   
  11. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    I think she's from Massachusetts or Rhode Island or somewhere in New England, but I still wouldn't be surprised. Nothing surprises me with how ignorantly people voted.
  12. The questions that aren't directly personal got pageant answers, and, although I'm not too familiar with her so I don't want to judge, I'm not impressed. You can give sweet answers, but if there's no substance to them it shows.   
  13. NXT Spoilers

    this is the first time Billie gets booked to compete since that battle royal and they wanna give us this? Isn't NXT supposed to create stars, not cancel them?  
  14. NXT Spoilers

    where is billie kay, where is peyton, where is the effort in any of this
  15. NXT Spoilers