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  1. Superstar Photo Booth

    did Seth lose his championship or did he just make the (correct) decision not to bring it to an event 
  2. Forgot to actually comment, but I do think it looks good! I’m not familiar with the source material, but I am glad it’s the sequel rather than a remake of The Shining. Stephen King apparently approves.  
  3. Misery as well, Ms. Kathy Bates’s Oscar says hello!
  4. Pokemon

    The new pokemon are actually really good so far. I'm glad they were more inspired for this gen than they were with Sun and Moon
  5. hopefully they add some of the features to streamline gameplay like they did in the FF9 remaster. I would absolutely play it through once just for nostalgia, but it's nice to be able to just open it up and not have to worry about grinding.   Link's Awakening looks so cute and the music sounds so good.  
  6. didn’t see that they were remastering Final Fantasy VIII, but catch me spending too much money on a game I already have multiple copies of because I used to play it until the discs stopped working   
  7. I assume Nintendo is tomorrow because that’s the only thing I’ve seen nothing of yet. We want a Bayonetta 3 trailer.
  8. Biggest problem they have, in my opinion, is the way people consume media today. Their target audience is so plugged into streaming and getting everything online that it’s no problem for them to switch to something else if they’re not interested. If there’s no incentive to watch, no one will—especially when it’s easier to open Netflix on your phone than it is to find an illegal stream or a television that still has cable service. (The fact that the WWE Network still doesn’t stream Raw and SD is puzzling and bad business, but that’s beyond the point). They think that they’re providing a commodity people will tune into because only they provide it, but the truth is simply that they haven’t adapted to the market, and what they do put out isn’t worth spending time watching when we’ve got whatever we want to watch at our disposal. The quality is not the question to me, tbh, as many of you stayed watching through the PG Divas’ era and I personally did not because I was bored of it and took up other things to occupy my time. Media consumption is so different now that no one is obligated to watch and it’s a matter of choice. They’ve been putting out trash for a decade and now that people have options to tune out they’re struggling to make money and making business decisions (i.e. Saudi shows) to keep the business going without realizing that the problem is just an entirely dated presentation and business model. They can’t fix it because they make no money, so they prioritize cash over the fans. 
  9. Alexa And Natalya Flying to Saudi Arabia

    did y’all really think—
  10. Pro Wrestling Eve holding Super She Down today

    the poster serving
  11. Alexa And Natalya Flying to Saudi Arabia

    Also, let’s please stay objective and nonjudgmental about this unless you are an expert or want WPs! No reason we can’t have this discussion without being reductive or problematic! Wouldn’t say this if I didn’t already see it happening.
  12. Alexa And Natalya Flying to Saudi Arabia

    I doubt they’re wrestling unannounced tbh. Firstly, WWE would not miss the opportunity to scream “FIRST EVER!” especially regarding a social issue that is completely against the core of their executives and makes them look better than they are. Secondly—and I am so uninformed on the social politics of Saudi Arabia so I don’t know enough to give a real considered opinion—I feel like there would be a problem to have an unannounced match because some people would probably not want to be there/see it/etc. and it would leave a bad taste in their mouths about this already tricky “business relationship.” Them wanting Nia v. Nattie does problematically seem like them trying to use their women that are not conventionally attractive which irks me a LOT, but I also don’t see much coming from this other than them being there. 
  13. Pokemon

    Isn’t this just a more realistic version of Keldeo too tbh  
  14. Pokemon

    I don’t understand why we need the parade float Pokémon, and I actually think the legendaries are both a little heinous (though the shield one is clearly better). Otherwise, the appearance and polish is expectedly great.