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  1. The booking is a mess. It's like they book her in jobber squash matches after a 3-week "feud" as a way to say "okay, Nia never pinned Bayley or Sasha, we're starting with a clean slate"  
  2. Sis Im not gonna drag Milena into this discussion, you already know what everyone else would say 
  3. Me watching everyone drag Beth for being recognized for carrying their faves to decent matches Char's look tonight is not doing it 
  4. Also I'm perched for the ladies reacting to her in the video package where Nattie can't stop crying about her and Charlotte pretends to know who she is  
  5. Beth going in does not equate Chyna not getting in. They can induct more than one woman a year. Although they probably won't this year.  Mickie would probably be in this spot had she not returned since it seems like they were going for the woman with the most accomplishments to her name and Beth definitely has that. She was one of my favorites during her run, so I am happy, but I would echo what others have said in terms of it being too soon. That said, I'm pretty sure Beth is completely done with wrestling and is living her life as a mom, so it's a nice cap to her career. 
  6.   was as ever a fan of her, but if she comes back to work even one match, people are going to be so shook up. The d*vas stay winning!  
  7. WWE Games | Discussion

      someone tweet him to get this CAW released  
  8. Academy Award Deserving Women's Wrestlers

    Psycho Mickie still has me shook tbh    
  9. Academy Award Deserving Women's Wrestlers

    The poll options are serving #OscarsSoWhite   But my answer is:
  10. Asuka Replacing Naomi at MSG

    not sure what you're suggesting but it's even more twisted to insinuate that people will dislike her because she hasn't mastered English as a second language than it is to assume she would "ruin" SmackDown when the fact is she'd make interesting matchups and can carry the girls with limited movesets to good matches 
  11. Asuka Replacing Naomi at MSG

    Y'all are wicked to Asuka, when she actually gets a call up it's going to be a mutiny  
  12. The Weakest Link | Fin. (Mariah. wins!)

    I have plans tonight (playing bar trivia actually) otherwise I'd be in  
  13. NXT February 22, 2017: Results

    This was a good showing from Peyton and Liv  it's a little tiresome how triple threats anymore fall into formulaic matches where one person spends 80% of the match outside the ring and there's always a Tower of Doom spot, but I did enjoy the match for what it was worth. I liked when Peyton first debuted and used all the kick variations, and I wish she would have kept that because her moveset is a little boring as a heel, but it works out okay when you have Ember acting as the match's spot monkey and Liv pulling off the athletic underdog babyface moveset 
  14. NXT March: Spoilers

    honestly how are we supposed to get attached to these girls or see what they're doing if we only see them once a month  the draft/HHH not checking for new girls has ruined NXT's division
  15. NXT March: Spoilers

    I was just warming up to her, too