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  1. full name | Natalie Neidhart nicknames/aliases | Nattie; Nat grade level | 12th average grades | 3.6 (As) source of income | luxury cat breeder (mother); trust fund (affluent family, now estranged) sexual orientation | heterosexual/questioning clique | teachers' pets; wannabe instagram models; jocks who don't play sports anymore; future cat ladies hobbies/sports| youtube hair and make up tutorials; weight lifting; photography preferred music | pop; alternative friends/relationships | carmella (style idol); antonio cesaro (acquaintance [mutual friends]) personality description | Recently relocating from her grandfather's world-renowned boarding school thanks to a family fallout, Nattie has recently relocated from Calgary to Beverly Hills to finish her high school career. While she's always been an exceptional student and excels at whatever she puts her mind to, she's never been the most liked by her peers, nor does she have the real-life experience to help her see what is right and what is wrong, which oftentimes puts her in situations where others take advantage of her or use her oblivious nature as the brunt of a joke. She smiles through all of it, not quite sure what is going on around her or that, even though she is an exceptional student, she'll probably be remembered more for the stories she tells about her cats than anything else. Nattie is a sweet girl who hasn't quite grasped how the world functions outside of high school, which may not necessarily be a good thing at Vincent Kennedy McMahon High School... physical description | Fairly imposing for a high school student, Nattie stands at 5'6'' and is quite bulky from her athletic past, even though she no longer plays any sports--her bulk is undoubtedly thought of as excess weight by her peers, though. She has blonde hair that extends just past her shoulders and is usually fashioned into some sort of top knot, chestnut eyes, and fair skin, usually covered in a thin veneer of makeup to hide the last bit of acne she can never seem to clear up. While she does consider herself rather fashionable, her choices are typically ordinary, and sometimes unflattering. She tends to either go too far, or doesn't try hard enough with her fashion, despite being an attractive girl. color code | #CD6889
  2. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    I don't know know why this is still an argument when the last few Sasha matches I've watched (sans WM) she was formulaic and predictable in-ring, and Becky has been a "five-moves-of-doom" style of wrestler at least since after WM last year. Clearly these girls are not producing Takeover matches every week but you can't exactly say they're reinventing the wheel every time they're in the ring either. They're good, and they were able to thrive in the environment NXT provided while they were there. It's not rocket science. If Natalya, AJ, Naomi, and even Paige to a lesser extent were able to experience development like that they would have opportunities to headline pay per views, too.  
  3. According to Meltzer, WWE is done with Paige

    I don't know what to believe. She's got a few more years left in her contract, right? So either they'd have to buy her out or they'd have to keep paying her even if she's cleared and doing nothing. I don't see how she's going to just be tucked off to the side now with this film being produced. And even with the scandal, I'm not sure if ending her career for the sake of that would be beneficial or problematic for her. Everyone just needs to let things blow over, she needs to get her man in check, and then they can all choose the best way to proceed. 
  4. Another Milestone for Natalya!

    This is old news, but slay I guess  
  5. "Wrestling with Chyna" Film Trailer

    The thing that immediately triggers me in a way is that this doesn't seem to offer any redemption for Chyna. The trailer reads to me like the AMY documentary from a few years ago, but the powerful part of that film was that it highlighted the roles of the crooked people around her and how they contributed to her demise, while this trailer shows us 1.) Sean Waltman, who should be nowhere near this project and 2.) her problematic manager. I think it may be too soon for this and I think rather than it being a film about her life/legacy and how things ended how they did, it's pointing an unnecessary finger at her self-destructive tendencies, which we know she was trying so hard to move away from. Maybe it's the editing on this trailer but it makes me a little uneasy. They're trying to go for something profound with the clip of her saying "you make more money off of me dead than alive" but, yeah, they are exploiting her for money rather than honestly trying to help people understand her story.
  6. NXT Spoilers

    Why is there a post with order of elimination, yet nowhere a match is listed? Why does the OP have one match listed? @Taryn would never
  7. NXT Spoilers

    If they're doing another 4-way at Takeover Asuka is retaining again
  8. Becky/Naomi/ReluctantChar v. Nattie/Carmella/Tamina is coming  
  9. I'm interested to see what happens, because a six-woman tag wouldn't make much sense unless someone is going to flip-flop alignments. It seems like Tamina might be a tweener or at least leaning face. Carmella/Nattie/Charlotte (a TEAM tbh) vs. Naomi/Becky/Tamina?
  10. Ember Moon explains her gimmick

     and really she has enough skill where they could just have given her the babyface "I've had to overcome so much to get to this point" gimmick from the start, and it probably would have worked, but when you book her with this paranormal, Amazonian warrior look and show vignettes echoing some kind of supernatural gimmick prior to her debut and then don't follow up on it for months, it doesn't make anyone look good or help anyone flourish in the long run.
  11. Ember Moon explains her gimmick

    So she's a generic babyface with contact lenses?   
  12. Maria Kanellis to WWE?

    Icon "Chyna" Laurer says hello 
  13. Maria Kanellis to WWE?

    It doesn't really affect the women if these reports (that seem to surface once a month right on cue) are true since there's very little chance Maria will actually compete. It's a Maryse/Miz situation if true.  
  14. Raw April 17, 2017: Results

    The match was a little boring to me. I hate that there can never be more than 2 people in the ring in these multi-person matches because it just seems lazy to me. The crowd seemed dead too, and even though these girls were doing their best, getting little to no reaction kills the match very quickly. Poor Mickie, she needs to go home to her child instead of getting these poor reactions and traveling on the road full time and reaping 0 benefits.