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  1. The Bella Twins Hint At Return?

    Was this not part of the 2014 Steph/Brie angle??   anyway, they'll always have the cute one-off returns to come back for, and if anything can be taken away from Nikki lasting till the very end of the Rumble, it's that they have star power and are considered to be greats of their own time. That being said, they've both moved on into other ventures and I don't ever see a full-time return for them. Nikki may work now post-breakup and try to push through for a solo run to overwrite the WM angle, but other than that, they seem to be basically done, and they seem to be okay with it. Tag Titles for the women would really be the only way and and the only reason they'd make a return as a team, and WWE has been teasing it for years with no payoff, so I don't know how seriously we should take it at this point.
  2. A (presumably) white woman thinking a tribal tattoo is her intellectual property?
  3. the booking tonight was... interesting
  4. The rosters seem so uninteresting. They haven't done anything to make fresh match ups or new feuds, and the one exciting debut has fizzled out after a week. Am I supposed to believe that shifting the jobber heel factions is going to change the way things go?
  5. WWE cancelling Nikki Cross's career, we believe in justice
  6. we deserved Emmalina tbh
  7. who;s coming to set up the 6-man next week
  8. now I know Billie can do more than sloppy forearms and armbars
  9. Billie better serve in this match, we're on the cusp of stanning  
  10. why is Billie the better talker of the two tho? lanky queen
  11. I feel like she's going to drop the title rn
  12. last week the gays gif'd the Iconics, this week it'll be this Carmella retrospective
  13. Carmella can talk, but her accent coming in and out and visiting different places of the world ruins it