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  1. Technically, Maryse was, but sis barely made the countdown, so 
  2. Best albums of the 2010s

    Looked through these this week and meant to post! Just gonna do top 25 because no one even knows half of what's on both of these & NME is a British publication so their list is wildly different     Rolling Stone x NME x  
  3. the only one you should pick on is @WWFoverWWE
  4. I do want to thank everyone for participating and tuning in for what I hope was an enjoyable countdown! I always enjoy our games and countdowns, and with the decade coming to the end, I thought it would be fitting. The list surprisingly turned out mostly okay, too, so good for us! I've lowkey had a messy and rough few months so it was nice to take some time to do something selfish to get my mind off things. I know I thanked him in every post with KOs but, seriously, thanks to @Pablo for assisting me in the early stages and as a consultant with other things too. Give him your likes when you see him post!
  5. ALSO, now that I'm done, let me fully express my CONFUSION about Mickie James's top 5 placement. I counted twice because I could not believe how many of y'all gave her high, high scores (like, 10s everywhere). Mickie may be one of the GOATS, but that's for 2005-2010, if we're being honest.
  6. and I don't even stan, run me my check
  7. Fun Fact: @Gavin is the lone person to not rank Charlotte.
  8.   Total Score: 251.25 Number of Lists: 29 Do I need to say anything? The Queen, Charlotte Flair, takes her throne as our Diva of the Decade. Charlotte has been unstoppable since her NXT debut in 2013, debuting with her father Ric in her corner and quickly raising in the ranks in the developmental brand. She captured the NXT Women’s Title in 2014 thanks to a huge career-making rub from Natalya, and debuted on the Main Roster the following year in the Women’s Revolution angle. Swiftly raising to the top once again, Charlotte dethroned Nikki Bella later that year, and by 2016 was a Wrestlemania headliner alongside fellow Four Horsewomen Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks. Charlotte won their match, fittingly becoming the inaugural Women’s Champion of a new era. A combined 11-time women’s champion, Charlotte has competed in more first-ever matches than any other woman, winning most of them and even maintaining a bit of an undefeated streak on pay-per-view in 2016. Her feud with Sasha Banks, of course, remains in our minds, as does her notorious defeat over Asuka at Wrestlemania 34, ending her 900+ day undefeated streak. It becomes almost redundant listing Charlotte’s accolades, but let’s not discredit her either. She has been handed a lot thus far in her short career, but it takes someone with the aura and the ability of a Queen to be able to take the praise, the derision, and still come out on top. Charlotte is the first woman to headline a pay-per-view, is likely the reason for ‘Mania 35’s women’s Main Event, and her record-breaking accomplishments provide hope that other women can reach such feats. Love or hate her, Charlotte Flair has ruled the 2010s in women’s wrestling.
  9. Total Score: 211.125 Number of Lists: 24 Gone but not forgotten—by any means—AJ Lee arguably provided the blueprint for what women could be and are today in the WWE. Beginning the 2010s as a rookie on NXT season 3, AJ remained relatively silent as a babyface into 2011, teaming intermittently with Kaitlyn in mostly losing efforts. Things turned around when she was paired with Daniel Bryan in an on-screen romance, though. After a pre-match kiss cost him the World Heavyweight Title in record time at Wrestlemania XVIII, AJ began to show signs of mental instability—a trope which always goes over well with fans, but was only amplified by AJ’s general likability to wrestling fans. The romantic angle continued with her taking aim at Kane, CM Punk, and John Cena, memorably appearing in several main event spots, which was unheard of for women during this time. After a brief stint as Raw’s General Manager and allying herself with Dolph Ziggler and Big E, AJ finally became a full-time competitor, immediately making a splash as a villainess and defeating ex-best friend Kaitlyn in June 2013 to become the Divas Champion, a reign that would last over 200 days, echoes of which are still felt today. AJ’s alternative look and persona—kind of a comic geek turned spurned lover turned black widow—resonated much more with the typical WWE viewer than the generic “Diva” characters that were being showcased on the new Total Divas. On August 26, 2013, AJ interrupted a match to drop what may be the most famous women’s promo of the entire decade, vowing her supremacy and promising to beat every member of Total Divas’ cast—which she did. AJ’s unbeatable reign went well into 2014, with her again beating every single Diva in the division at Wrestlemania XXX. After losing the title to Paige the next night, AJ took some time off, but returned later in the year surprisingly, trading the belt with Paige to become a 3-time total Divas Champion before feuding with the Bellas once again, eventually retiring after Wrestlemania 31. Without the oppositional stance AJ Lee presented in the early part of the decade, it’s arguable that there may never have been a Women’s Revolution. Though she missed the entire angle, the whole thing had her impact all over it, and probably would have benefitted from it. AJ was a main eventer without being an active competitor, and then once she returned to the ring, her charisma allowed her to shine and cement herself with one of the best Championship reigns of the decade. AJ’s alternative approach, relatable backstory, and irreverent attitude make her an inimitable force that shaped the path for the women who followed her in professional wrestling.  
  10.   Total Score: 211.125 Number of Lists: 25 When you hear TNA Knockout (or Impact Knockout, who knows anymore), you probably immediately think of Gail Kim. The top Knockout since the beginning of the Knockouts’ Division, Gail did leave the company for WWE, but at the top of the decade she also walked out of the WWE ring so she could return to her home. Returning in 2011, Gail earned 6 Knockouts Championship reigns and 1 Tag Team Championship during her 8 years as an active competitor, playing a heel for the first time since her managerial days and feuding with Madison Rayne, Mickie James, Tara, Taryn Terrell, and others. Her matches are among the best of the Knockouts division; Gail’s in-ring talent has always been among the best in the world, and it’s no surprise that she has the highest score for Technique on our countdown. Gail became the first woman to be inducted into Impact’s Hall of Fame in 2016, and she continues to work behind the scenes as a creative consultant for the Knockouts despite legitimately retiring from in-ring competition in April of 2019. Gail will go down in history as one of the most decorated women in the wrestling industry, and by far and away as one of TNA’s top stars ever. We’ll wait for her Twitter transmission to see what she thinks of this ranking. Special thanks to @Pablo for statistics and accomplishment information.  
  11. Total Score: 207.375 Number of Lists: 27 Y’all had blinders on for this one. After arguably the greatest ascension to top-girl status of maybe any woman, Mickie James left WWE in 2010 after being fat shamed, but still winning a 5th Women’s Championship along the way. A queen always knows how to reinvent herself, though, and that’s what Mickie did: debuting for TNA in the same year, Mickie quickly rose to the top thanks to the talent and charisma we all know and love, having memorable feuds with Madison Rayne, Tara, and Gail Kim on her way to 3 Knockouts Championships. Even without WWE, Mickie was arguably the top woman in professional wrestling, at least through 2012, and she even added depth to her persona that had been missing during her final WWE years. Her TNA run trailed off, and she was run over by a train or something, but in 2016 she made a shocking return to WWE, first challenging the unbeatable Asuka and then in an angle that allied her with Alexa Bliss on SmackDown live. Proving her ability to transcend generations and her world-class talent, Mickie has been rather quiet since returning thanks to WWE not wanting her to eclipse her rival Trish Stratus’s list of accolades, but she did have a nice feud with Alexa Bliss and has been a perennial competitor in the women’s division. Now retire and get that Hall of Fame check! Special thanks to @Pablo for statistics and accomplishment information.
  12. I'm still doing the writeups, but they'll be like within a minute or two of each other, I guess
  13. y'all want a gradual reveal of the top 3 or all at once