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  1. Wrestling Dreams

    I don’t think I’ve ever had one tbh, but I’m typically a good sleeper so if I don’t write my dreams down they’re lost forever
  2. He really thinks they’re going to bring him back in the future when it’s clear the company wanted him and Paige separated so he wasn’t interfering in her career and her success. What person above 14 thinks you can just say you’re sorry and everything goes away? His messy ass can stay working cafeteria bookings.
  3. Saraya’s still collecting her checks though, so I guess she really feels like they were out to get her, huh  
  4. Commentary dragging Liv for being around just as long as Charlotte and Becky yet being nowhere near them in-ring is cute though  
  5. good to see after a month of not watching that the same 6-woman match is still being broadcast in the upper left corner of the screen during commercial break
  6. Confirmed divas that will show up next week

    I could see them using Terri and Maria as interviewers tbh, since both did well in the "airhead-interviewer-who-the-heels-pick-on" role on Raw and are memorable for it. The rest are likely going to be a bulk announcement for the Royal Rumble, and Jackie may be in a segment with the APA since they're confirmed to appear as well. The Bellas will probably do something on their own, too. Nothing really out of the ordinary, and really I'd rather be surprised to see who enters the rumble rather than get some kind of messy, thrown together segment. Everyone is saying they don't want Trish and Lita because it's too predictable, but if the queens of Raw don't appear on the 25th anniversary, I don't want to see any of it tbh!
  7. Raw January 15, 2018: Live Chat

    Tonight's not the anniversary show?
  8. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    is this an AJ Lee cosplay   
  9. is it just me, or does the top 10 for 2014 look a little bit like a top 11?
  10. You bringing back this iconic gif just in time for Carmella to maybe lose 
  11. these games are so much less stressful when your fave's irrelevant not involved
  12. Me when the girls come at me for being Peyton’s lowest ranking
  13.    It was no big deal, I didn’t even remember because I did my ranking in like five minutes  
  14. Paige allegedly done as in-ring performer.

    It’s sad, yes, but it’s better that she saves her body since (as everyone is saying) she is only 25 and can still do SO much. She has a very marketable look, is very charismatic, and has an incredible fanbase, so while it’s unfortunate that the career she’s lived her teenage/YA life through and that she cares so much about isn’t going to work, she can still be a successful, strong woman elsewhere, and I’d rather see that than see her really hurt or worse. 
  15. I thought Naomi was my number 1, but I guess I made my list messier than I remember when I threw it together at the last minute