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  1. the girls were not prepared for this tonight but it's still cute.
  2. I hate multi-women matches anymore. A 3 minute commercial and we come back to the same two in the ring?  
  3. Tamina is still shitting tbh. Aggressive queen.
  4. Ziggler trying to critique gimmicks being degrading and embarrassing when 3/4 of his career was shaking his ass and being cut. Okay, white supremacist.
  5. Daniel Bryan dropping Gloria Steinem like WWE viewers will know who she is, I'm done with tonight 
  6. Why does she hold the title so high on her shoulder I'm having second-hand embarrassment
  7. Nattie is a mess with her cat shirt and ring jacket
  8. Perch for Charlotte's segment to be the "Celebration of Women" since they've got Nattie/Charlotte booked for that Starrcade event and I feel like they want to hype it
  9. please tell me she's going to cut a promo dressed like this  
  10. @Cordelia so much for Bayley in grayscale
  11. I thought this was a title match for a second and Nia won
  12. Paige is back at the performance center

    I feel like I always say this but she really is missed right now and would be a welcome addition to either show at this point. She has natural charisma and when she actually tries she's a really interesting competitor, so I'm rooting for her. 
  13. WWE Games | Discussion: WWE 2K18

    This is helpful if you're just looking to see the women:  
  14. WWE Games | Discussion: WWE 2K18

      why is there literally 0 gravity in this screen? Yes she looks good, but her entrance is going to serve Paige's 2k17 entrance so they don't have to animate her taking off the jacket because it's serving SVR 07 tubes as sleeves    Its too soon to judge, but Bayley, Nikki, and Asuka definitely look a bit recycled to me and I'm sure other girls will be too. I'll wait to see entrance clips though.  
  15. Carmella's ring work is seriously lacking still in my opinion, but she knows how to work a gimmick and that's more important  tbh. I would say Alexa, too, but I actually just think the main roster way of things got her into lazy habits in-ring. It really just sort of seems like the girls (excluding Charlotte, Sasha, and Becky) leave NXT and lose the edge because of the more unpredictable nature of being on the Main Roster while NXT is very structured and allows them to really practice spots and prepare so they always can look decent.  
  16. Women's TLC Match??

    The girls so will probably get a "Chairs Match," whatever tf that is, so that they can call it the first. A traditional ladder match would be interesting, but I don't see them doing it so soon after MITB and the subsequent rematch. Sasha/Alexa also are not equipped for a Tables Match tbh, as we saw last year when Sasha couldn't bump through a table. Unless Nia is dropping them through the table or there's extra weight there, I don't see a table spot in the future for either of them. There's no build either, so I don't see the need for a stipulation, but they always book them for the pointless men's feuds at this PPV, so give us some #equality I guess. 
  17. Surprised no one mentioned Beth Phoenix/Dana Brooke (debut era), but tbh close the thread, @Wilifred. ended it
  18. NXT Spoilers

    The only established girls not to compete in matches for the 4-way were Billie and Aliyah who lost to Kairi, so  I'm guessing they'll pull a Battle Royal of the whole division next set of tapings and decide in the meantime. Ember/Peyton/Kairi itself would be a good match without a fourth though.  They're trying, but why do I need to see Iconic Duo v. Indy Darlings for the 8th time? Have Billie/Peyton v. Sarah Logan/Kimber Lee or something. Have Bianca squash a local talent. Get these MYC gals going.  I don't need anymore of Ruby and Nikki Cross.
  19. Alexa was at the top of the SD division, but I don't think she was a top star in terms of her selling power in comparison to Charlotte/Sasha/Becky. Competing against Bayley and Sasha and succeeding has helped her in achieving the top billing she now has more than staying on SD could have, and I'd argue that sending her to Raw has forced her to up her game in some sense because competing with Sasha requires a more dynamic opponent or they'll get eaten alive in promos. She didn't have to do as much work with Becky because Becky's energy is sort of infectious in a way that makes everyone shine, and with Naomi it was about the narrative of Nay finally achieving success and her being the foil to that. I'd still say Alexa isn't at the pinnacle, but she's getting there, and she wouldn't be if she weren't occupying a space Charlotte left vacant.
  20. !! even if SmackDown's division is fairer to the women and more enjoyable for the stans, Raw's Women's Title, I feel, has more prestige and has been booked that way. Even though Sasha consistently has hot potato reigns, the other women who have held it (well, at least Charlotte and Alexa) have benefited and become top-tier talents during their reigns. Charlotte is sitting backstage at SD right now but is still at the top of the division because of the way she commanded the division alongside Sasha and really made people pay attention to the championship in a new way. The SD girls are good, and their reigns maybe have more substance, but Raw's is built around incredible moments rather than just an organic, flowing transition of power.
  21. The title of the topic says which was the best, but the poll asks which produced the most successful talent. So 2004 for the question in the title and 2006 and for the poll. 
  22. Nattie's act is tired but she makes everyone look so good, so whatever