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  1. Bianca Belair possibly injured?

    I think the way this was filmed kind of hides the impact and possibly makes it look less harsh than it actually was—and the kickout could have been involuntary or just her body’s gut reaction (from training and whatnot) had she been affected by the landing. Hopefully she’s okay, though. 
  2. Sarah Logan always seems lost in the ring, like she's wandering around waiting for someone to call a spot and then she remembers what she's supposed to do at the last minute
  3. Mandy's moveset is actually cute, it's just too bad that, you know, she's the one using it
  4. Tonight's Raw is proof positive that they can return to a two-hour format and still be just fine. They used 2/3 of the show on one match and yet maintained the same amount of effort and storyline progression (or lack thereof) in the remaining hour.
  5. a thrown together d*vas tag match main eventing raw, we love the women's revolution
  6. Them sitting our girls down and forcing them to compliment this bitch
  7. the writers backstage doing some heavy procrastination and giving us a two hour match so they don't have to think about storylines for another week
  8. An hour into this match and only 3 men have been involved?
  9. Six Woman Tag match announced for Raw

    it’s my new gimmick, get into it
  10. Six Woman Tag match announced for Raw

    y’all are STILL surprised that the booking is inconsistent and messy when we know for a fact that they decide things by the seat of their pants from week to week? It’s easy to point out that creative is a mess, but it’s been that way since the Shakeup last year, and with Paige's unexpected re-injury, any plan they did have in place had to be dropped. Y’all love to take the bait and then complain when you get reeled in.
  11. Where will Ronda Rousey shake the table?

    tbh the segment probably will be iconic since Rhonda has 0 charisma without speaking and just slouched and pointed awkwardly with a shitty grin at the RR, so adding more performance components should be interesting. I guess she just embraces the fact that wrestling is a joke and has done her best to keep it at that level thus far. I was going to write up a detailed reply, but you’re allowed to stan if you want to & you’re entitled to your opinion. I am a little confused as to where I mentioned Alexa Bliss or why you may think I stan her, but it’s okay.  
  12. Charlotte hovering at ringside because there was literally no script tonight, and I tuned in like I was gonna miss something
  13. PPVS to become dual brand events?

    This was actually the norm if you watch PPVs from 2002 and 2003, at the very beginning of the brand extension, and the shows were actually pretty decent. If anything, the filler matches will disappear and we should be left with more decent content than just three big matches and filler. 
  14. Elias gradually transitioning to more and more floral garments as his ASOS orders arrive in the mail
  15. Paige screaming to her girls from ringside serving:  
  16. This Asuka infographic/afterschool special is kind of cute
  17. y'all taking the BAIT
  18. sometimes I wonder who actually enjoys Bayley's matches, but then I remember my fave is a boring bitch too
  19. I didn't see your op, so I'll just drop a like and move along
  20. Not to be disrespectful either because suicide is not a joke and never should be! But! the sis is not going to be able to handle potentially playing a heel when the crowd turns on her
  21. Rh*nda getting a mixed reaction, she’s really about to have a second nervous breakdown 
  22. Where will Ronda Rousey shake the table?

    This is overall the problem I see with this situation. She’s a popular name in sports circles, but her popularity has fizzled so much that it doesn’t even generate that much buzz anymore, and we all know that the women's division is still targeted at a very specific niche of viewers. Her coming in, likely not being very exciting in the ring, and getting people who traditionally don’t watch the women’s segments is going to do nothing but reaffirm the thought that women’s wrestling is a sideshow act. Regardless of who she is, she’s going to steal spotlight from the girls who worked so hard to get themselves a fraction of better treatment and respect, and it’s likely that she’s just going to reaffirm the idea that women are inferior in this industry. We can compare her with Brock, but it’s a lot different when a women is put under scrutiny than a man, especially when Brock has an established WWE history and fan base. It’s going to be a big mess, I think. 
  23. Ivory Announced for WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2018

    It’s well warranted, and WWE can use it to capitalize on the moderate success of GLOW, so it makes sense. I’m ready for her shoot-style induction speech to make headlines!
  24. Raw match announced

    y’all love to be trolled
  25. Top 10 Female Wrestlers?

    nn the vague op says it all. Like we're supposed to rank Carmella and Alexa against Joshi gals? No thanks