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  1. A (presumably) white woman thinking a tribal tattoo is her intellectual property?
  2. the booking tonight was... interesting
  3. The rosters seem so uninteresting. They haven't done anything to make fresh match ups or new feuds, and the one exciting debut has fizzled out after a week. Am I supposed to believe that shifting the jobber heel factions is going to change the way things go?
  4. WWE cancelling Nikki Cross's career, we believe in justice
  5. we deserved Emmalina tbh
  6. who;s coming to set up the 6-man next week
  7. now I know Billie can do more than sloppy forearms and armbars
  8. Billie better serve in this match, we're on the cusp of stanning  
  9. why is Billie the better talker of the two tho? lanky queen
  10. I feel like she's going to drop the title rn
  11. last week the gays gif'd the Iconics, this week it'll be this Carmella retrospective
  12. Carmella can talk, but her accent coming in and out and visiting different places of the world ruins it
  13. Carmella wearing her white bodysuit so when they reshoot her render it looks cute, y'all stay stanning the d*vas
  14. someone gif Bayley doing her Mariah Carey imitation in this ugly lip sync promo
  15. I'm still confused tbh. Is Asuka going to interrupt Carmella's segment? Is Charlotte going to bring out a mystery partner to face Billie/Peyton? Will they clump all the women in one segment again?
  16. Naomi scaring off the white men, we love black girl magic
  17. bring Goldust to SD and let Sonya have her deserved singles push
  18. sis smiled thru her pain, her having to leave her friends to give birth to Ronda's career is an ugly move but we'll unstan get over it.
  19. With Paige as the figurehead of Smackdown, it would be interesting to see a huge shift in the dynamic of the show towards featuring more women, but with the moves last night, the roster kind of evened out. I’d expect maybe Mickie or Dana Brooke with her tag team and not much else. There’s so much to build off of from last week that I can’t see them pulling anything too shocking this week with the girls, especially with how odd the choices were last night. 
  20. Raw April 16, 2018: Live Chat

    they're never giving Mickie that seventh title reign but she keeps working for it
  21. Raw April 16, 2018: Live Chat

    Nattie going to Raw so she can bring another girl's career into existence? we're not shocked. but we are bored. as usual.
  22. Raw April 16, 2018: Live Chat

    I'm still catching up on what happened but they really sent Roode to Raw to stop Charlotte from becoming a full-fledged homewrecker, huh