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  1.   @Jake is coming for the crown
  2. @Jake & Jeigz for HB Mania tag champs
  3. I'll vote for myself so it's not a clean sweep
  4. Is Moolah overrated?

    If you guys want to hear from contemporaries of Moolah, there's a very good documentary (Lipstick and Dynamite) out there where the other lady wrestlers explain the way Moolah did business. @Dayvid's post is as accurate as it gets in my eyes--her legacy holds up over time and her ring work wasn't awful or anything, she was just a terrible human being who only cared about herself and her money (which her damn ring name alludes to).  
  5. Me on the way to the ring to collect my ass whopping
  6. I'll vote for WWF I guess  
  7. Make this my HB emoji and I'll donate 25 dollars @Mariah. @Shoaib.
  8. An excerpt from my campaign speech: This should be fun!
  9. spoiler that video above the thumbnail made me emotional
  10. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

      Angelina literally doing charity work for a TNA paycheck, sis needs to love herself and find a better platform for income to support her child
  11. The women individually all serve something, but you can't deny the match is sort of just their way to throw them all into a match and let them work because Naomi's injury cancelled any preliminary plans. It'll still be good regardless, though. 
  12. I'm not mad, isn't the preshow on YouTube? I'd rather watch on there than have to mess with a stream or wait for the replay. The SD women being demoted saves me from having to sit through the rest of the things I don't care about. A blessing in disguise.  it is DIRTY that they always get the preshow but it's obvious it's a very underdeveloped match so it's fair that they're there, too  
  13. Raw March 27, 2017: Results

    The match was not bad at all but these girls seem TIRED. A lot of the motion that's usually pretty fluid was clunky or slowed down which just to me made it feel like they weren't giving their all, which is to be expected since they're saving big spots for Wrestlemania hopefully. Them giving Nia development six days before the event is a mess though. I guess they wanted her involved but none of us take her seriously enough to even believe she's a threat when one week she's a monster and the next she goes down to a belly to belly suplex.  
  14. I'm perched for Sasha to turn on Bayley mid-match leaving us with yet another Charlotte/Sasha reprise. The match will be fine but they sure aren't hiding where they're going with this one.
  15. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    Me reading through the 8th Maria argument this week 
  16. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    1. Heidi Lovelace maybe has a fraction more of accolades on her resume than Billie and Peyton did when they were signed. I wouldn't say she's coming in ready to go, I think they're just cheaply capitalizing on her alternative look and giving her a gimmick that isn't fully fleshed out to get some new face personas on NXT since Liv is still developing slowly and Ember will be the champion sooner rather than later.  2. The 4HW were the four women actually benefiting in NXT two years ago, so when they left it makes sense that things fell. No one else was equipped to succeed. Nia, Carmella, and Alexa were called up and got minor payoffs (sans Alexa, somehow a 2x champ already) on the Main Roster but were just enhancement during the HW period. I don't really recall much happening in NXT before the diva's revolution call ups other than Sasha/Charlotte/Becky/Bayley, and tbh it was worse with Paige who was the only star of the division besides Emma at that time (Summer had a little shine too), and WWE quickly saw that she was only over with the Full Sail crowd with that wack gimmick. That's just how NXT is set up honestly, and yes the booking is lazy, but when you go from 4 stars with 3-5 enhancement girls helping out to Asuka and friends it's going to be a burden until the other girls embrace their gimmicks and get their ring work at a solid level. 
  17. 62 in the last 8 months but she's consistently been in promos and involved since her return, too. Makes sense to me.      Me just going through again and seeing Nattie land on most improved, her rise 
  18. Some of these were so close and so hard to choose between, truly it was such a good year for the women. 
  19. !!! and Molly will be asked about it and say, "I didn't think she would ask me, I didn't really do much for her." 
  20. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    I don't know, you guys get your kiis in if you want, but I'm over the leaks and I'm not interested. Granted not all these girls will be embarrassed or feel a sense of degradation about them because that's their personal opinion, but to me it's an invasion of privacy and I don't want to think of these girls in that way. It's their business what they do on their own time and it's breaking the line of cute voyeurism and becoming plain creepy when these continue to leak.