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  1. Carmella shades Liv Morgan via Twitter

    okay it's time to lock this thread up
  2. Carmella shades Liv Morgan via Twitter

    I guess when the NXT girls can't make it in promo class and are relegated to wearing clothes that express a gimmick rather than performing it, these are the kind of arguments that happen. It's the way of the future. 
  3.  I watched Survivor Series with my brother (who doesn't follow what's going on) and he thought the women's teams were a bunch of sideshow wrestlers thrown together because of the crazy gimmicks and no one matching, I guess they think that's what we want. It's nice that they let the women have individual personas, but when everyone becomes a caricature of an idea it's a little too far. 
  4. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    HB critiquing the new debuts this week
  5. Battle Of The Blondes: Is Alexa Bliss Over?

    this fan fiction over a racist who knows how to stick her ass out for Instagram, cancel iT
  6. I can't believe these ugly bitches are about to jump Nattie and Char
  7. exactly + the pairing with Paige gives them a sort of credibility, even if it's a fake credibility. Plus Mandy would get over on the Main Roster regardless. When I think of the way they used to debut girls, though, it was just so fresh and exciting because they had already come up with ways to establish them and set them apart -- the Bellas, Nattie to an extent, Mickie for sure -- it's just a weird way to debut these girls when they're not fully fleshed out to begin with and weren't exactly excelling in developmental.
  8. Them bringing up these girls to have a better excuse to release them later after they flop. Thanks, Vincent!
  9. tbh these NXT girls are going to have to grind to get over. Asuka was arguably the biggest draw on the entire NXT roster and gets lukewarm reactions except for the PPV and they hyped her up so much before her debut. These girls are going to have two or three weeks of the shock-value pops, and then they're going to fizzle to nothing when people haven't connected with them. The average viewer has no idea who these girls are and even this community is not too sold on any of them. 
  10. Nattie sweetie please retire so I don't have to watch this shit anymore
  11. Did they actually say someone is debuting or is this a last-week's-Raw situation?
  12. NXT Superstar coming to SD Live?

    Y'all better feel like fools when we get another 6-woman tag with Carmella on commentary this week 
  13. I rewatched everything and I'm not sure. I think Paige should have redebuted in a more impactful way, and even though the crowd was here for her, it felt a little lackluster to me, especially with the two NXT girls debuting as well. It's almost like they put her with other people for the shock factor just in case the crowd decided to be trash. The intention was good but I think it could have been executed better. 
  14. when she shows up on SD tomorrow to drop Lana on her head  
  15. after last night, we know Tina of all people can take on Nia, so maybe she's getting repackaged   they have a misguided MMA fetish and I don't think Sonya is going to work it out, especially with the personalities on Raw. Asuka basically covers that style and does it so much better. 
  16. tbh if they put Paige with these girls they don't really have to have a long term plan because they rely on Paige and know she's good enough to carry it if/when the other two flop. Im not sure Raw needed the new faces as badly as SD does, but Paige herself will carry whatever they're going to decide on. 
  17. Also I'm not making any judgment on Ms. Saraya Jane until I see that she's not just going to do 80 variations of a knee lift but she's a star 
  18. tbh Paige looks good from the neck up and the other two can go
  19. y'all giving me play-by-play so I don't have to tune in, kudos!
  20. WWE Games | Discussion: WWE 2K18

    Maybe, I'm only redboxing it rn but I'm going to get it on Friday depending on who has the best sale 
  21. WWE Games | Discussion: WWE 2K18

    The CAW system seems a little odd this year. There are definitely some changes to the way the layering system works because I know I was able to equip socks and kneepads together and nails and gloves together, but this year it won't allow it.
  22. Survivor Series 2017: Live Chat

    Actually, I'm pretty happy Nattie lost the title so she didnt have to wrestle thaT and she had some cute moments in the tag match, so I guess this pay-per-view was a win  
  23. Survivor Series 2017: Live Chat

     Charlotte dumbing down her in-ring routine for Bliss and selling that tickle-looking stomach claw, we love charitable legends 
  24. Survivor Series 2017: Live Chat

    Charlotte better pick Bliss up and toss her out of the ring