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  1. NXT February 22: Results

    This was a good showing from Peyton and Liv  it's a little tiresome how triple threats anymore fall into formulaic matches where one person spends 80% of the match outside the ring and there's always a Tower of Doom spot, but I did enjoy the match for what it was worth. I liked when Peyton first debuted and used all the kick variations, and I wish she would have kept that because her moveset is a little boring as a heel, but it works out okay when you have Ember acting as the match's spot monkey and Liv pulling off the athletic underdog babyface moveset 
  2. NXT March: Spoilers

    honestly how are we supposed to get attached to these girls or see what they're doing if we only see them once a month  the draft/HHH not checking for new girls has ruined NXT's division
  3. NXT March: Spoilers

    I was just warming up to her, too    
  4. NXT March: Spoilers

    I can't even imagine anything interesting happening for this taping but isn't it the last one before the WM weekend Takeover?
  5. SmackDown February 21, 2017: Results

    I agree. I also think that we should give credit where credit is due though, and some people refuse to give any praise to SD just because. SD is not slaying every segment, and I can see that it's not always interesting to some people because I don't think it is either all the time. But, when the girls show up, regardless of brand, we should give them the respect they deserve. When Charlotte and Sasha serve, they deserve respect. When Nattie and Nikki show up and deliver, they deserve praise, too.
  6. SmackDown February 21, 2017: Results

    PSA: you can stan horses and still appreciate the hard work the other women put into their matches and storylines 
  7. Miz with the taunt, Nattie is about to serve dominatrix valet for Miz/Maryse  
  8. Dolph's USA tights are why I don't watch the men  
  9. Has Baron Corbin lost weight also? the beauty factor of the main roster must have got to him 
  10. Is Baron Corbin's gimmick that he's a witch or do they really want me to believe Cena can't fireman's carry him   
  11. SOMEONE GIF THE WOMAN VIDEOING NATTIE   i lowkey can't believe they're really going for Nikki/Maryse
  13. Someone get me a working stream I closed mine after the opener  
  14. make the fca match for the title or something idk 
  15. I tune in for once and this is what I get 
  16. Are Nattie/Nikki the ME tonight  
  17. Reunite the queens of comedy
  18. Her suspension expired in mid-December and she's in a multi-year deal. Unless you're casting spells to get her suspended again or to not recover from her injury she'll be back at some point.   I do think this film is a bit excessive, but WWE is in the money making business and I guess Saraya and family didn't mind selling the rights to their story to allow them to do so. 
  19. WWE Games | Discussion

    The video package was very cute, but if you're a fan of the women and have followed them it's so obvious that they were creating a fantasy story for casual fans since at the time of this match Jackie had just beaten Harvey Wippleman for the title yet they sell her as a dominant force and Ivory had already been champion twice by this point. Still a cute package though, it just remains obvious that the #womensrevution still has its plot holes