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  1. Full Sail | In Town (RP Thread)

    PHIL BROOKS "Yeah, sure." Phil says simply, turning his back to her as he prepares to leave. Fighting the urge to say anything else, he opens the front door quietly, stepping out of the apartment in disappointment. Shutting it behind him to get away from Carmella, he feels regret begin to build inside of him as he walks farther and farther away. Shrugging it off, he slowly makes his way out of the building, feeling a familiar buzz begin to overtake him as he steps out into the early morning air. Unsure of where he had felt it before, he enters his truck drowsily, trying to make sense of everything that was happening. No matter how hard he tried, he found himself thinking about Carmella and everything that had transpired between the two. All he could remember was the intimacy they had shared, the fire he had felt, and the spell her voice had cast. Laying his head on his steering wheel, Phil winces as the intoxicating buzz transitions into a painful sensation, burning throughout every part of his body. All he could feel was an all-consuming rage. Cursing in agony, he suddenly remembers where he had felt this all before: the night of the gala, when he had learned of Elias and Carmella's initial tryst. Waiting for it to pass, Phil lashes out in anguish as the sensation continues, only getting stronger the more he tried to forget. Feeling his hands begin to tremble, Phil watches as flames begin to surround them, licking his skin until it blackened like burning wood. Mesmerized, he finds himself unable to move, completely enraptured by what was occurring. Then, as soon as it had all started, it stopped, as if it had never occurred. His skin was untouched, his body felt nothing related to pain. All Phil felt was himself being drawn across town, by a voice he knew all too well.
  2. Full Sail | In Town (RP Thread)

    SASHA BANKS "You're such a romantic, Baron. But that's what I like about you. You always know what to say, no matter what." Sasha smiles, taking another sip from her beer. Resting her head on his shoulder, she bites her lip, wondering where to start. The thought of her mother being a slayer seemed preposterous to Sasha, considering the woman she had known all her life. She was a quiet woman, meek and very passive, always keeping to herself. In Sasha's eyes, she was weak, not up to par for protecting an entire town from Hell. "Lets see... my home life really wasn't the greatest. Mom and Dad were there, and not there, if that makes any sense. My Mom was constantly out working, while my Dad was passed out drunk every day, gambling and drinking away the few dollars my Mom brought home at night. It was usually just me and my brother most of the time, figuring shit out on our own." Feeling herself be taken back to those early days, she remembers the fear she had felt every time her father had come home, and the hours she'd spent trying to calm her brother down. She remembers the weeks they had gone without eating anything but canned beans and old bread, scraps from the neighbors. The tauntings from the other kids at school, the fights and having to be pulled out so she could raise her brother on her own. "It was a shitty time for me. Never had a moment to think about myself. It was always about them. What I could do for them, how I could help them; same old tired shit every day. It was draining, so I eventually got sick of it all."
  3. Full Sail | In Town (RP Thread)

    PHIL BROOKS Taking in each word like a pill that was hard to swallow, Phil shakes his head in frustration, letting Carmella go as she finishes her inflamed tangent. "You're being unreasonable, Carmella." He shoots, quickly throwing on a hoodie that hung nearby. Grabbing his keys, he makes his way to the front door, looking back at her before reaching for the handle. Where there was once passion within him, now there was anger. Where there was once understanding, now there was frustration. Gazing at her coldly, he continues his tirade, wanting to understand her before he stormed off. "If we want to find him, you can't do this alone, and despite everything that's happened, he's my friend too. But you're too stuborn to see that." Clenching his fists, Phil bites down on his tongue before he can say anything else. "Because of that, I'll get out of your way. But before I do, tell me, what's your plan?"
  4. Full Sail | In Town (RP Thread)

    SASHA BANKS "I... I don't really like talking about my past, Baron. There's a lot of things I've done that I'm not proud of, a lot of old wounds that I'd rather not revisit." Sasha quietly mutters, looking away from the darkness of Baron's eyes. Sitting in silence for a moment, she turns the cool beer in her hand, watching as the condensation trailed down the bottle's surface. Listening to the leaves around them rustle as the wind blows through, Sasha contemplates whether she was right in hiding. Deep down she wanted to open up to him, talk about everything in her life so they knew every little detail about each other. But the last thing she wanted to be was a burden to him, especially now with everything they had to worry about. And yet among this turmoil, something was pushing her to talk, even if for just a moment. Something told her Baron was the person she needed. Taking a large swig from her beer, she sighs, ready to talk. "But there's no way I'm moving on if I ignore them, right?"
  5. Full Sail | In Town (RP Thread)

    SASHA BANKS "Yeah, of course." Sasha responds, noticing Baron's sudden change of tone. Looking at him curiously, she wonders what he could possibly be thinking of asking her. Thousands of scenarios cross her mind as she thinks, each one making her more uneasy than the last. It seemed like everything that was bothering her was bothering him too, picking away at him constantly since the night the creature had attacked. If that was the case, she didn't know how she would respond, finding herself still looking for answers herself; answers to mysteries that still remained unsolved. Messing with the tear on her jeans, she calmly takes in the cool Washington air, feeling her nerves subside. "Ask away, we have time."
  6. Full Sail | In Town (RP Thread)

    PHIL BROOKS Surprised by her sudden outburst, Phil can't help but let out a mocking laugh, annoyed that she was wanting to do this on her own. Following Carmella before she could storm off, he grabs ahold of her arm, forcing her attention in his direction. "Oh no you're not," He interrupts, glaring at her as he spoke. "I'm not wrong in saying that looking for vampires on his own was a pretty stupid idea. The fact that now you're the one that wants to do it doesn't change that." Clenching his jaw, he feels the weeks of frustration he's been feeling begin to bubble inside of him now that he was experiencing the truth. The moment Elias's name was brought up, everything Phil thought he could see disappeared from Carmella's eyes. He was the only thing that mattered. "Why don't you two think before you do something, Carmella? Why don't you ever consider the consequences? Despite everything we've experienced, this is still real life. You just can't do these things at a moments notice, alone."
  7. Full Sail | In Town (RP Thread)

    PHIL BROOKS Distancing himself as he senses her apprehension, Phil turns his attention to the officer, hoping he would heed her plea. "What she means is, can we meet you down at the station in a bit? We need to get ready." Nodding quietly after a moment, the police officer dismisses himself, leaving Phil with the station's contact information as he heads out. Shutting the door behind him, Phil takes a seat at the counter, nervously running his fingers over the card in his hand. Just when things had started to calm down, everything seemed to pick back up right where they left off. It was complete hell, and he still didn't know how to handle it all. "What are we gonna tell them? With the way things have gone in this shithole town, there's no way they can help us find him." Sighing, Phil crumples the card in his hand, tossing it in frustration. "We told him this was a bad idea, but he wouldn't listen. He never listens." Rubbing his eyes tiredly, he rises from his seat preparing to leave, unaware of Carmella's feelings about the situation. "I know Elias, though. Bastard always has an answer for everything."
  8. Full Sail | In Town (RP Thread)

    PHIL BROOKS Standing in disbelief for a moment, Phil's eyes quickly go to Carmella's as he registers what was happening. It seemed like the fire from only moments ago had been ripped away from her; in its place was a blank expression, cold and empty, masking what she was feeling. Swallowing the mix of anger and concern he felt at the revelation, Phil simply frowns, hoping things weren't as bad as they seemed; someone needed to keep a level head for the two. "Anything we can do to help, officer?" POLICE OFFICER "Both of you knew Elias? We'll just need to bring you in for questioning at the station," he responds, propping his hands on his holster. "Get a better picture of his whereabouts that way." Nodding in agreement, Phil glances at Carmella once more, worried. "Hey, you alright?" He asks, taking her hand reassuringly, unsure of whether he believed what he was about to say. "Remember, this is Elias we're talking about here. I'm sure he's alright. We'll find him."
  9. Full Sail | In Town (RP Thread)

    PHIL BROOKS "Shit. Hold that thought, princess." Phil curses, short of breath. Shaking his head in frustration, he looks up at the front door, hoping that he hadn't truly heard anything. To his delight however, the knock came again, this time louder than before. "If we're really quiet, do you think they'll go away?" He asks Carmella jokingly, rolling his eyes as the pounding on the door grew harder to ignore. Waiting to see if they'd leave, Phil would find that the pair's silence would only further infuriate their unknown guest. "On second thought, I think they know that we're here. Let me see what they want." Pulling away from her reluctantly, Phil gathers his clothing from the floor, handing Carmella her robe and his shirt. Making his way to the door, he opens it once Carmella is dressed, his annoyance clear as day. "What?" POLICE OFFICER "Good Morning sir. Can I speak to Carmella Van Dale?" Says the man at the door, keeping conversation between the two to a minimum. Realizing the unexpected visitor is a police officer, Phil raises an eyebrow curiously, wondering why he was at their door this early in the morning. "She's not here. What do you want?" Phil says protectively, grabbing onto the door to keep him from entering. POLICE OFFICER "I want to speak to Ms. Van Dale. It's a matter of importance. When will she be back?."
  10. Full Sail | In Town (RP Thread)

    PHIL BROOKS Stopping her before she can continue, he takes her nervous hands in his, brushing his lips against her fingers. Lifting her up once more, he transitions the two towards the couch, feeling himself ache with desire. Landing roughly on its surface, he continues with an intoxicating excitement, grasping at her golden locks with fervor. Ripping himself away from Carmella, Phil's mouth trails down her body, savoring everything he could as he made his journey. Spreading her long legs with determination, he lets his darkest feelings guide him. Continuing what he had started, Phil lets his mouth run wild, enjoying the vulnerability he was witnessing as her body reacted to his curious tongue.
  11. Full Sail | In Town (RP Thread)

    SASHA BANKS "It was... different. I know it's been awhile, but I'm still not used to all of this." Sasha replies after a short bout of silence, ready to lay everything on him. Smiling at Baron appreciatively, she starts, ready to complain. "Even after witnessing it all first hand, I still find it hard to believe that there's like, actual demons out there, in Full Sail of all places. And we're the only known line of defense?" Calming her nerves by looking out onto the lake once more, she continues, her breath shaky as she collects herself. "Baron, this is insane. We're insane. I'm insane. There's no way we're winning. What are we gonna do?"
  12. Full Sail | In Town (RP Thread)

    PHIL BROOKS "It's always both with you." Phil teases, feeling himself slip back into his devilish state. Trailing his hands down her body, he tops off each devious touch with a playful kiss, previewing what was next. "Good thing I like it that way." He quietly admits, stroking the soft skin of her inner thigh as he gave in once more.
  13. Full Sail | In Town (RP Thread)

    PHIL BROOKS Feeling himself be broken away from the spell he was under, Phil responds with a chuckle to her playful nature. "Are you teasing me? I was in the middle of something." He jests, meeting her gaze as she wanted. Looking deep into her eyes, he traces the line of her cheekbone longingly, disappointed that he had waited so long to let this happen. "I don't know if you've noticed yet, but Carmella Van Dale... you're driving me crazy." 
  14. Full Sail | In Town (RP Thread)

    PHIL BROOKS Watching her with a ravenous intensity, Phil smiles as Carmella accepts his immoral proposition. If this was any other time, he would've seen his actions as reprehensible; she was the woman his best friend had been in love with. Her body had been loved and pleasured by Dolph for years, and now he stood here ready to explore it for himself. It made him feel like turning away as he had done countless of times before, but he knew that there was no way he could now. He was past the point of no return. He wanted this. He wanted to see where this would go. Taking ahold of the soft fabric that kept him from everything he deemed forbidden, he brushes it aside, fully exposing her to him and everything he was willing to do.  
  15. Full Sail | In Town (RP Thread)

    PHIL BROOKS Feeling her tremble in his grasp, Phil lets his yearning guide him, doing away with all of his reservations and beliefs; in this moment, he was someone entirely new. He was someone who knew what he wanted, and wasn't going to stop until he had it. Brushing Carmella's golden locks behind her, Phil's mouth carefully makes its way down to her neck, leaving a trail of pleasure with the heat of his breath. Kissing it with care, he feels slight groans begin to escape his lips, unable to be contained. "Let me give you what you want." He mumbles, making his way back to the corner of her mouth, ready to discover the truth he was seeking. Sensing the tension between the two spiral out of control, he makes the first move, pressing his lips lightly against hers. Feeling his skin grow hot, he savors her sweetness with each second, drawing out the passionate exchange. "Only you and me will know."