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  1. Full Sail | In Town (RP Thread)

    PHIL BROOKS Smirking as AJ quietly kisses him, Phil frowns as the moment ends almost as soon as it starts. It takes everything within him not to reach out to her once more, to take her in his arms like he had before. Glancing at her as she lays against the doorway, mimicking him, Phil can't help but shake a growing feeling of uncomfort deep inside of him. It had made an appearance throughout the night, but now it was more prevalent than ever. Looking around carefully, his dark gaze sees nothing unusual or out of the ordinary, confusing him. Turning back to AJ, he almost flinches as he gazes into a familiar set of warm brown eyes, eyes that didn't belong to the stranger he had spent the night with. Just like that, the remnants of the fire from before are put out, only leaving behind cold ash. Where AJ's hair was once dark and stormy, now it was a familiar shade of gold, falling around her in soft curls. Her features were replaced by those of a tempting and alluring individual, a person he thought he'd never see again. Carmella stares back at him, at first lovingly, then accusingly. Her eyes bore into him, hurting him unlike anything he had felt before. Shaking his head, he turns back to find AJ once more, with no sign of Carmella in sight. Cursing as the familiar sensations return to him, he makes his way down the steps of AJ's home in a hurry. "See ya, gorgeous. Take care, alright?" Phil says abruptly, shoving his hands into his jacket as he makes his hurried exit. Hopping into his old truck, he gives AJ one last wave before driving back to Luke and Serena, confused at what had just transpired. --- Driving along the lonely outskirts of town in silence, Phil's thoughts constantly turn back to those last few moments with AJ and the sense of dread that was following him since. He had seen Carmella standing in front of him, even when she wasn't there. The unsettling moment shared the same strange and unnerving feeling that tinted his memories of the gala and all of his recurring nightmares. It frustrated him, but worried him as well. Was there something wrong with Carmella? He couldn't quite say, and that ate away at him, even today. "No. You're just siking yourself out. She's alright. You're just... drunk." Phil quietly reassures himself, refusing to surround himself with all of the negativity he had left behind. Turning on the radio, he hums along to the music to distract himself from everything, wanting to just meet up with the rest of the band and leave Full Sail once and for all. Gazing out into the surrounding forest, Phil feels himself lose control when his eyes meet an unsightly scene. Off in a nearby clearing, strung up on the branches of a towering tree, swayed the bodies of countless of women. Their clothes were tattered, their skin pale and on the brink of rotting. Feeling his hands begin to burn once more as he looks on, he lets go of the steering wheel in pain, cursing as the flames begin to surround him. As he struggles to control what's occurring, Phil braces himself as the truck barrels into a nearby tree, sending metal and glass into the air. At first, Phil sees nothing but black. Then, red. Nothing but red. Feeling himself slowly return to consciousness, he struggles to exit the car, limited by his poor sight and something else. Cursing in pain, Phil desperately wipes away at the red in his eyes, feeling a slick substance cover his hands as he tries to see. Managing to make out certain things around him, Phil pushes against the broken door of his car to make his exit, only to be restrained once more. A sudden sharp pain stabs at his leg, eliciting a deep growl from him. Looking down, he sees that part of the truck has crushed his right leg, preventing his escape. Cursing, Phil desperately looks around for his phone, only to find nothing but twisted metal and shards of glass. Feeling himself gradually slip back into unconsciousness, Phil yells out for help, only to hear no response. As he quietly accepts his situation, Phil manages to hear the soft footsteps of someone in the woods after an eternity. Then, another. And another, and another, and another until eventually he hears a large group approach the accident. Thankful, Phil attempts to call out to them, to no avail. Once they reach him, they stand in silence, surrounding the accident without a word. Unsure of why they weren't responding, Phil is able to find his answer by staring outside once more. It was the women from before, the ropes around their necks now falling behind them like a braid. They stare blankly at him, not responding to any of his calls. Panicking, Phil feels the furious flame surround him even more, burning away at him minute by minute. Then, he feels a familiar hand take ahold of his face, turning him towards where she sat, unharmed. It wasn't Carmella, and it wasn't AJ, but Phil couldn't shake the feeling that he knew her. Staring at her wild blonde hair and alluring features, he listens carefully before going back to black, her clawed hand lingering seductively on his tattooed chest. Bring me the grimoire, Phil. Bring me the grimoire.   FIN.
  2. Full Sail | In Town (RP Thread)

    PHIL BROOKS Taking her hand, Phil follows AJ as she guides him to the door, enjoying her company for the last time. Reaching the doorway in silence, he finds himself struggling for words, unsure of why he had grown so attached to her through the night. It almost felt wrong walking away from all of this. Watching her carefully, he clears his throat when he notices he's been looking at her for too long, feeling his face grow warm for a moment. "Just a heads up... this town has a tendency to spiral into chaos the moment things get too comfortable." He starts playfully, leaning against the doorway, his tattooed arms crossed. There was a hint of truth to what he was saying, too; whenever things had been going smoothly for him, so much came at him immediately after to offset it all. How much of it could be linked to everything he had learned and discovered with Carmella and Elias, he couldn't really say. "Keep an eye out for any signs of trouble, okay?" Glancing at the outside once more, he scoffs as his eyes are met with nothing but forest and tall grass. "Though by the look of things, I think you'll be alright in your little shack." Taking out a card and pen from his pocket, he quickly jots down his number, handing it to her. "I'll see if we can make a stop in Full Sail later down the road. Maybe we can do this again sometime."
  3. Full Sail | In Town (RP Thread)

    PHIL BROOKS Letting out a slight laugh, Phil sits up reluctantly, getting dressed as the dawn draws nearer. "Maybe you're right. But that's part of my charm, right?" He simply replies, getting a better look at her room now that there was more light. All kinds of odd things surrounded them, drawing a smile from him as he looked around. It ranged from being covered in geeky posters, cluttered with old records and fun little trinkets, as well as even more of the rocks from before. It amazed him how much more he didn't know about AJ, and how much he would never know, too. Sitting down at the foot of her bed, he peers out of the nearby window for a moment, taking in the woods colored by the waning night sky. Oddly enough, he felt like they were calling to him, almost as if there was something awaiting him in the middle of the forest. "I had fun tonight, AJ. It kind of bums me out that once I walk out of here, I'm going back to the same old shit from before." Laying down once more, he rests his hands behind his head, turning his attention to her once more. "Thanks for this."
  4. Full Sail | In Town (RP Thread)

    PHIL BROOKS Flashing her a slight smile, Phil takes a hold of her hand, feeling the unusual fiery sensation gradually escape him as he lays with her. He was confused, but satisfied for the most part. Catching his breath in the cool darkness of her room, he feels the hair on his arms stand suddenly. For a moment, it almost feels like the pair are being watched, but the unusual sensation disappears almost as soon as it arrives. Quickly scanning the room, his eyes fall back into the warmth of hers, forgetting the small distraction when she looks back at him. "Y'know, I'm kind of embarrassed I got carried away. I don't usually do all of this on the first date." He chuckles, running his thumb along the back of her hand. If it were up to him, he would lay here forever, talking to the stranger he found himself so captivated by until the end of time. But he knew in only a few moments, he'd have to leave all of this behind to head back on the road, never seeing her again. "You're a bad influence, AJ."
  5. Full Sail | In Town (RP Thread)

  6. Full Sail | In Town (RP Thread)

  7. Full Sail | In Town (RP Thread)

    SASHA BANKS Feeling a regretful sigh escape her lips, Sasha's face goes dark when Baron finishes speaking and pulls away from her. Fighting the urge to simply reach out to him like she had in the past, she instead finishes tending to his wounds, taking in everything he had just revealed since their split. It was odd seeing him so... vulnerable. He had always been so calm, so stoic, so level-headed. That was something she always admired about him, something she always loved. Sasha had always assumed Baron had everything figured out, no matter the situation, even when he didn't. But seeing him like this... something about seeing him like this made her fall even more, despite everything. "You're not a loser, Baron, no matter what I've said in the past." Sasha playfully starts, trying to break the uncomfortable silence that was growing between them. Laying her head against his shoulder, she sits with Baron for a moment, reminiscing all the moments they had shared in the past. "You're probably the greatest person I've ever met." Fiddling nervously with the sleeve of her jacket, Sasha feels herself falling deep into the familiar feeling she constantly tries to avoid with him. "I just think you haven't met anybody that's been able to match just how great you are."
  8. Full Sail | In Town (RP Thread)

  9. Full Sail | In Town (RP Thread)

    SASHA BANKS Frowning, Sasha stops wrapping his shoulder for a moment, sensing his attempts at deception once more. "What kind of 'nonsense', Baron? It takes a lot to knock a nearly 7 foot dude like you over, let alone have a clear advantage in a fight." Moving in front of him as he looks away, Sasha blocks any distractions from his view, wanting to help her clearly damaged friend. There weren't just physical wounds she needed to tend to, there were also deep psychological and emotional issues he was keeping away from her. Staring straight into his hesitant eyes, she lays a caring hand on his muscled arm, her face completely serious.  "Despite what I've said and done, I still care about you, Baron. And if there's something that's bothering you, I want to know about it, whether its something major or in this case, plain nonsense. I hate seeing you like... this."
  10. Full Sail | In Town (RP Thread)

  11. Full Sail | In Town (RP Thread)

    PHIL BROOKS At first, Phil doesn't know how to react, a whirlwind of emotions brewing within him as a result of the moment of intimacy. He knew where things were going to go the moment he stood up, but for some reason he didn't expect them to actually... happen. Refusing to break away from AJ when she slowly pulls away, Phil finds his hand nearing her blushing face, tucking a stray strand of her nearly black hair behind her ear. "A-As cheesy as this sounds, AJ... I think I already have." He manages to say with shaky breath, unable to resist the temptation of her lips by the time he's done speaking. At first, Phil kisses her softly, tenderly laying his hand along the small of her back as he loses himself completely. Then, they turn fervent, his mouth exploring hers with an urgent need he hadn't quite known before. Lifting her by the waist onto a nearby table, he finds his fingers tangled in her dark hair, intoxicated by her sweet taste. Reluctantly pulling back, Phil stares deep into her eyes, a dark fiery passion reflecting from his own. "I've been waiting for this all night. There's something about you, AJ. Something that draws me to you, something I can't explain. I want you."
  12. Full Sail | In Town (RP Thread)

    PHIL BROOKS "Thanks, cute rock collector." Phil says simply, unable to put into words what he's feeling in that moment. Carefully taking the dark crystal from her, he finds that he's unable to pull his hand away once it meets hers. Feeling his fingers carefully intertwine with hers, he questions the choices he knew he was about to make. Was this really him, or was it all of the drinks he had through the night? Could it be too soon, especially after everything that happened in this godforsaken town only a year ago? He was sure to find out soon. Acting blindly, Phil carefully removes a sleeping Larry from his lap, rising to stand close to a curious AJ. Letting out a nervous laugh, he turns the smoky quartz in his free hand, carefully storing it in his pocket after he finishes admiring it. "Tonight was... fun. You alone changed my opinion about this little town, AJ. A miracle worker if I've ever seen one." Phil jokingly proclaims, never looking away from the eyes that had confused him all night. Feeling himself drift closer to her, Phil snaps out of his trance to say his goodbyes, hoping to stop before he did something he would regret. "I-I probably should go. It's late and I gotta get moving. Hope you find what you're looking for in Full Sail."
  13. Full Sail | In Town (RP Thread)

    SASHA BANKS Taken aback by Baron's tender words, Sasha feels her tired eyes begin to water, struggling to hold herself together as a result. Taking a deep breath, she wipes away the single tear that manages to escape her, focusing her attention on his injured shoulder before she goes down a path she has yet to explore. "Thanks Baron. I... I know." But did she really know? Why had the fear demon taken Eva's form during the struggle? Of all the things she was afraid of, why did it choose to mimic her dead and estranged friend before it tried to kill her? Could it be she still held herself accountable, blamed herself for not doing enough? Tightly wrapping Baron's bleeding shoulder, she works in silence for a moment, aiming to understand it all before the night was over. Glancing at Baron occasionally from the corner of her eyes, Sasha stops when she comes to a sudden realization. The monster had turned into Baron as well, had fought him as himself. It had taunted him, spewing words she wasn't able to recognize as she recovered from its attack. "Have you been okay, since y'know, everything happened? That thing turned into you. What did it say?"
  14. Full Sail | In Town (RP Thread)

    PHIL BROOKS "Collect isn't really the word I'd use. More like... lose them at the worst possible time, then accidentally stumble upon one a week after buying more. It's kind of this endless cycle I wish I could escape." Phil cheekily replies, throwing the pick into the air for the last time before maintaining it in his grasp for the rest of the conversation. Running his finger along its smooth nylon surface, he flashes her a cocky little grin as he indulges in the moment. It was nice not having to worry about anything, to finally live a calm and normal life with someone he was growing to like more and more. The small home, the warm lights, the welcoming atmosphere, it almost felt like it was too good to be true. No, it was too good to be true. Soon enough, the disappointment begins to set in. It finally dawns upon him how late it was and what awaited him in the morning. Feeling himself frown at this realization, Phil lets out a deep sigh, not wanting whatever was happening to end. After quietly contemplating what he should do, he meets her sweet gaze with confidence. Offering her the guitar pick, he scratches Larry's ear once more, masking his mixed feelings with the same playfully arrogant state from before. "Take it. That way you'll have a little souvenir from the night you met that smoking hot musician."
  15. Full Sail | In Town (RP Thread)

    PHIL BROOKS "I think I'm fine for now." He replies, taking a boot clad step on the old floors of her home. Scanning the humble setting curiously, Phil's eager eyes are drawn to a collection of stones and crystals scattered atop a fireplace mantel. Walking over to the assortment the moment AJ disappears, he reaches for a pink stone with white swirls, turning it in his rough hand before placing it back. "Didn't know you collected rocks, though." He says loud enough for her to hear, taking a seat on the same worn couch as AJ's dog, Larry. Sensing his presence, the dog stirs from its state of slumber for a moment, drowsily sniffing Phil's hand once he offers it to the animal. Apparently liking his scent, Larry proceeds to hop on Phil's lap, drifting off to sleep as soon as he positions himself comfortably. Smiling, Phil scratches the back of Larry's ear as he waits for AJ, struggling to remember the last time he had been around a dog. Just like everything else before, he found that this was all actually pretty nice. He was enjoying every little moment, even the small ones. "Anything special about these particular rocks, AJ? You could start by, I dunno, disclosing which one's worth the most." Phil jokes, making himself comfortable. Taking out a guitar pick from his pocket, he tosses it in the air mindlessly, catching it in his free hand every time he does.