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  1. I'm thinking they're only moving two girls from each brand during this shakeup. To Raw: Charlotte and Naomi To SmackDown: Sasha and Sonya (maybe Mandy as well)   Sasha getting moved to SmackDown at the right time too.  Naysus getting moved to Raw, however, is NOT a look. Dumb bitch got too popular for her own good. Queen is gonna be eating big boots and tapping to armbars in no time, and my ass won't be able to handle it! 
  2. Full Sail | In Town (RP Thread)

    PHIL BROOKS "See you tomorrow." Phil answers, giving Carmella a slight smirk before she disappears into her room. Plopping down on the nearby worn couch, he throws his head back, closing his eyes for a moment after an eventful few hours. Despite everything that had occurred throughout the night, it looked like things were going to be alright between Phil and Carmella; for some odd reason, he didn't know how he felt about that. A part of him appreciated that things were back to normal after everything that had transpired throughout the night. However, there was still a part of him that wanted her. A part of him that wanted to become hers, that wanted to give in to his darkest desires. It was a strange feeling, overwhelming, bewitching, and hard to ignore. Suddenly remembering where he was and who he was with, Phil puts off those thoughts for a moment, turning his attention back to his 'friend'. "I'm already quite the handful for you, but you think you can handle her, Elias? I'd watch out for her. I know I like to bark, but Carmella actually bites." He warns, yawning as he speaks. Sprawling out on the couch, he feels himself dozing off, barely listening to what Elias was saying. He needed to rest. tbc: @JayP.
  3. Full Sail | In Town (RP Thread)

    PHIL BROOKS "Something of the sort. Elias is moving in for a bit." He responds, roughly tossing the bags outside of the room Elias would be staying in. Phil was curious as to how Carmella would react to his bandmate's sudden arrival. In just those first few moments, his mind contemplates whether he was making the right choice. He didn't want to make things uncomfortable for Carmella, or Elias for that matter. The apartment was small enough to where privacy and comfort were already going to be hard to have between Carmella, Liv, and himself. Adding Elias to the mix was bound to make things interesting, especially when their huge personalitlies are taken into consideration. "Is that okay with you?" tbc: @Mariah.
  4. Women's Match Already Booked for WrestleMania 35?

    Considering that this is the biggest matchup in the women's division, it makes sense. Charlotte and Honda are, as of right now, the only girls that have been built to look like main event superstars. All of the other girls have been booked like flops, or just aren't built for the main event despite their booking (*cough* Alexa *cough*). Charlotte/Ronda screams WrestleMania main event, even if I'd prefer other girls in the spot. As much as I'd like to see Sasha throw it down with Charlotte or Bayley in the main event instead, after last night, I know where WWE's priorities are. I'll be all for it if we get a cute build instead of the shit they pulled with Charlotte/Asuka, and if Ronda begins performing better than she did the weeks leading up to her match.   If those things don't happen, I'll make sure to hate tweet Honda Housing until she cries about me in one of her awkward ESPN interviews.
  5. Full Sail | In Town (RP Thread)

    PHIL BROOKS "I didn't think you would. There is one rule though. Whatever you do, do it when I'm not around." Taking the keys, Phil opens the trunk and begins unloading the things Elias had with him. His patience was growing thin as the interaction progressed, but Phil had no one else to turn to. He needed Elias, to be in a better place with him. As a result, he reluctantly carries on with what he's doing, ignoring his urge to bring his prickly bandmate down a few notches. His "friend's" attitude was something he'd have to put up with. Removing the last of Elias's items from the vehicle, Phil shuts the trunk and turns his attention back to him. "Well? Giving me a hand with your shit or not?" He says, tossing the keys back at Elias.
  6. Hurt or Heal - Red Mania | SASHA BANKS WINS!!!

    Whatever helps you sleep at night!
  7. Hurt or Heal - Red Mania | SASHA BANKS WINS!!!

    Hope you all learned to NEVER cross the Krew after today! #BossesMakeBank #BankOnBanks
  8. Hurt or Heal - Red Mania | SASHA BANKS WINS!!!

    Carmella - 4 (-2)Naomi - 9
  9. Hurt or Heal - Red Mania | SASHA BANKS WINS!!!

    Carmella - 11Naomi - 11Nikki Bella - 3 (-2)
  10. Hurt or Heal - Red Mania | SASHA BANKS WINS!!!

    Alicia Fox - 4 (-2)Carmella - 26Naomi - 24 Nikki Bella - 19
  11. Hurt or Heal - Red Mania | SASHA BANKS WINS!!!

    Alicia Fox - 8 (-2)Carmella - 26Naomi - 26Nikki Bella - 23Sasha Banks - 6
  12. Hurt or Heal - Red Mania | SASHA BANKS WINS!!!

    Alicia Fox - 15Carmella - 26Naomi - 26 Nikki Bella - 23 (-2)Sasha Banks - 9
  13. Hurt or Heal - Red Mania | SASHA BANKS WINS!!!

    Alicia Fox - 19Carmella - 30Naomi - 26 Nikki Bella - 33 (-2)Sasha Banks - 17
  14. Hurt or Heal - Red Mania | SASHA BANKS WINS!!!

    My heel turn starts here. I'm going to make this game hell for ALL of you!
  15. Hurt or Heal - Red Mania | SASHA BANKS WINS!!!

    Alicia Fox - 19 (-1)Carmella - 30Naomi - 26 Nikki Bella - 35Sasha Banks - 33 (+1)