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  1. Wrestling Dreams

    I had a dream that I got into a fight backstage with Mandy Rose once. I don't know why (she was probably laughing at my hair) but it was fun! I'm still waiting for Sasha and Naomi to show up in one, but they say you can't see gods so I'll just live without tbh!
  2. Raw January 15, 2018: Live Chat

      Real talk tho, I need to rewatch that last segment, but it did look like Finn didn't shield himself enough from the move. Did he even use his hands?
  3. Raw January 15, 2018: Live Chat

    Did you catch the ending mawma? Finn looked like he got hurt. It didn't feel like he was selling.
  4. Full Sail | In Town (RP Thread)

    Sasha Banks Scoffing at Baron's petty insults, Sasha looks at him dead in the eyes, unyielding. "You know what? You're right. I'm just wasting my time. Despite the wealth of information that you're supposedly storing in that thick skull of yours, I can probably get it with a lot less effort from someone else." Taking out a pen and her small, worn leather-bound journal from her pocket, she scribbles in it and looks back at Baron. "Should've known better than to attempt to have a civil conversation with someone who still wears beanies past middle school. I'll just go before you hurt yourself trying to think of something else to say." And with those simple words, Sasha proceeds to walk back to the front of the hospital, a smirk beginning to form on her face even after the state of anger she had just found herself in. Despite his petty insults and hasty generalizations, in those few minutes, Sasha found Baron to be rather amusing. And annoying. Very, very annoying. Fin.
  5. Full Sail | In Town (RP Thread)

    Sasha Banks "Listen, I understand getting a little frustrated with some of my deception, but there's no need to berate me the way you just did, asshole." She responds after a moment of shock. "I just wanted an interview for a case that kind of affects the entirety of this town. If you didn't want an interview, you could've turned me down and just gone on with your day you...you washed up Hot Topic reject!" Disappointed in her lack of bite, she's almost ready to turn on her heel and storm off in frustration. However, sense returns to Sasha, and she instead stays put in an attempt to salvage the situation. "So, besides cutting up animals when you were 8, how long have you been working as a forensic pathologist, Mr. American Psycho?"
  6. Full Sail | In Town (RP Thread)

    Sasha Banks "Um, sure?" She responds, taken aback by the sudden change in demeanor of the man she thought was going to blow up on her for lying to him. Posing for the photo, she darts her eyes at him for a quick second, not knowing what to expect. Finding nothing suspicious about his behavior, she waits patiently for the photo.
  7. Full Sail | In Town (RP Thread)

    Sasha Banks "I was...I'm volunteering at the hospital. Had some free time, felt it was my responsibility to perform a good deed or two with all of this negative energy going around!" As she looked at the young man's face to see if the deception worked, she was instead met with a stone cold scowl. Sasha knew that she had no chance of changing course now. Throwing her untouched cigarette on the ground and stomping it out, she takes a stray piece of hair and tucks it behind her ear. Looking at his nametag, she composes herself.  "Okay, fine. The truth, Mr.....Corbin? The name's Sasha Banks. I'm the voice behind the podcast Full Sail Mysteries. I was looking to get an interview with the person in charge of Eva's autopsy. You wouldn't happen to know who that is?"
  8. Full Sail | In Town (RP Thread)

    Sasha Banks "Couldn't agree more. Full Sail isn't perfect, but to think there's someone in this town that was willing to do what they did to that poor girl? It's just...unbelievable." As the ash of the burning cigarette fell onto the tip of Sasha's boot, she couldn't help but think back to the night when it was reported that Eva's body had been found, burnt beyond recognition. "Have you been following the case?"
  9. Full Sail | In Town (RP Thread)

    Sasha Banks "Wouldn't be asking if I didn't." Smiling, she reaches in her pockets, taking out a carton she had just bought for her uncle. Handing him one and taking another for herself, she frowns for a second. Sasha wasn't a smoker, but she didn't know how else she could have started a conversation with the stranger without shoving a mic into his face. Keeping the cigarette away from herself for as long as she can, she looks out into the surrounding area, thinking of a way to strike up a conversation. "Thanks for the lighter. With the stuff that's been going on, it's nice to just take a breather once in a while."
  10. Full Sail | In Town (RP Thread)

    Sasha Banks The murder of Eva Marie had both captivated and horrified most of Full Sail. This fact was made evident due to the constant swarm of reporters that sat outside of the small town's police station and hospital. Like scavengers, they were looking for whatever scrap of information they could find, hoping to push themselves ahead of the media game. Among them was Sasha Banks, aspiring journalist and amateur podcaster. With her Podcastudio in hand, she walks the grounds of Barclays Hospital, looking for someone, anyone that's involved with the case to interview. Avoiding the mass of reporters stationed in the front portion of the hospital, she heads towards the back, scanning the passing faces for anyone that looked important. After a few misses, she spots a tall, rough looking guy in a white coat spotted with bits of blood. "Worth a shot." She mutters under her breath, sporting a slight smile. Leaning against the wall with him, she turns to him. "Do you have a lighter I could borrow?"
  11. Full Sail | Premise and Casting

    Maryse Ouellet Full Name: Maryse Ouellet Age: 28 Income: Upper Class ($65,000 from her personal income, Additional from her parents) Sexual Orientation: Straight Occupation: Prosecutor Nicknames/Aliases: N/A Marital Status: Single Hobbies: Shopping, Working Out, Yoga, Romantic Comedies, Drinking, Clubbing, Eating chocolate cake Friendships/Relationships: Acquaintance with Eva Marie, Well-known around town as a result of her family. Connection to the Crime: Assigned to Eva Marie’s murder for her first major case, Maryse is put in charge of finding and convicting the monster responsible for the young woman’s death. Maryse also knew Eva from Washington’s social circles, and was one of Eva’s major detractors. Her past behavior is a constant source of conflict for the reformed prosecutor. Personality Traits: Confident, Demanding, Vindictive   Backstory: Young, charismatic and beautiful; the French Canadian socialite Maryse Ouellet seemed destined to follow in her mother’s Louboutin-clad footsteps. With her family moving down to Washington for business purposes, it seemed like she’d climb to the top of Washington’s social hierarchy, inherit her family’s multi-million dollar company, marry a successful corporate giant, and live the rest of her days in pure bliss and vanity. With her vicious attitude and her materialistic views, it seemed like it was all but certain that this was the path she would take. However, a mysterious personal tragedy in the young woman’s life would change her course drastically. Gone were the days of only wanting designer clothes, splendid parties and luxurious trips abroad; Maryse was dead set on changing the criminal justice system from wronging anyone else. Turning down her family’s company in order to become a prosecutor, tensions were high before she left home. Relocating to her family’s summer lake house in the small town of Full Sail, Maryse moved in search of a more peaceful life and a starting point for her ambitious career, unaware that she would soon find herself drowning in danger, betrayal and the lingering sins she had committed in her mysterious past.   Appearance: Dangerously stunning, 5’ 8”, long platinum blonde hair that she likes to curl and occasionally straighten. Shapely and toned, all as a result of a health conscious diet and one or two surgical procedures. Her closet is filled with ensembles from high-end boutiques to pieces that are straight off the runway, all very stylish and never unappealing.   Color Code: #D87093
  12. Full Sail | Premise and Casting

    Sasha Banks   Full Name: Sasha Mercedes Banks Age: 23 Income: Lower Middle-Class Sexual Orientation: Straight Occupation: Podcaster/KV’s Bait and Tackle employee Nicknames/Aliases: The Boss Marital Status: Single Hobbies: Podcasting, Investigative Journalism, Urban Legends, Conspiracy Theories, Listening to Music, Anime Friendships/Relationships: Known to be a lone wolf all of her life, Sasha lacks any true friends but for her very short-lived friendship with the late Eva Marie and the recurring faces at her uncle’s bait and tackle shop. Connection to the Crime: After learning of the crime, Sasha’s looking to follow and investigate the case, hoping that her stagnant podcast becomes a hit as a result of her work. However, a cloud of guilt hangs over Sasha's head, as she was also near Hunter Lake on the night of the murder, hearing signs of a struggle but not notifying the police for reasons unknown to anybody but herself. Personality Traits: Brash, Selfish, Driven   Backstory: For years, Sasha Banks never worried about herself. The only thing that mattered was her family and their well-being. If they were ever in trouble, she did whatever she could to ensure that they were okay. This mindset made Sasha an isolated and hostile individual, alienating her from all of her peers, leaving her with no support. However, her life drastically changed in just a moment. After decades of gambling and heavy drinking, her father’s immense debt caught up to them, threatening to take away everything the family knew. Just as it all began to crumble, Sasha managed to make an arrangement at the last minute, saving her family from living on the streets. After a heated fight with her parents, Sasha left home and wandered the streets for weeks, with nothing to her name but her pride. Finally having time for herself, Sasha decided to finally pursue the dream she’s had since she was 10 years old: becoming the most renowned journalist in the world. However, with nowhere to go and no money for school, her dream came to a screeching halt. Sasha eventually looked for refuge with her estranged uncle, knowing her family wouldn’t come after her once they knew where she was, and with whom. Spending her newfound free time at the library, Sasha became interested with her town’s strange past. As a result, she tried her hand at podcasting, finding limited success. The lack of progress in her early career began to dishearten Sasha, until the tragic night that Eva Marie was murdered. With the town’s full interest being on the case, Sasha would attempt to take advantage of the situation, unaware that she was tangling herself in a dangerous web that she would not be able to escape.   Appearance: Standing at 5’ 5”, at first look, Sasha’s a pretty albeit average girl. However, her fiery personality adds to her features, making her rather attractive to those around her. Despite her small frame, Sasha has a muscled and toned body from her hard work at the shop and on the lake docks. Her most defining feature is her bright magenta hair, which she constantly likes to style and change up. She's particularly fond of denim, leather, boots, and anything rough in terms of style.   Color Code: #C71585
  13. Full Sail | Premise and Casting

    Oh wow, pearls have been found clutched. Can you reserve Sasha Banks for me por favor?
  14. Absolution vs. The Riott Squad

    Even if Mandy attacks me for my hair, Absolution by a mile! They are going down the path every serious stable should be taking. The girls on Raw look like and are booked like mega stars (especially with Paige), as opposed to the Riott Squad, who are being dragged down by the lack of momentum on SmackDown. Fire Sarah and make Ruby and Liv lesbians and all will be better tbh! 
  15. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    I think Liv is doing cuTe even though I choked on her first night on SD. But can someone drag Sarah Slogan's ass for not being able to form something resembling a word without choking on the vile that's coming up at the back of ha throat because she's used to stuttering in front of a 30 person crowd in a rundown high school gym? For 3 weeks in a row too? Not only that, the bitch thinks it's cute wearing old, stanky, greasy clothes that put Paige's 2017 salsa verde scented gear to shame. I need the Carmites and the Riotters to rag on that bitch's wig first before claiming that Liv isn't LIVing on the main roster. Ha ditsy gimmick is a hiT, Ms. Sahara's alligator eating gimmick, not so much.