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  1. Main Roster Stars Being Sent Down to NXT

    I'd be all for it if I didn't know the hens were going to be paid minimum wage. Poor Tittie would finally have an excuse for her ancient attires.
  2. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

  3. Raw July 24, 2017: Live Chat

    Jason Jordan is so yummy. 
  4. Raw July 24, 2017: Live Chat

    Ummmmmmm, what the fuck? No one wants to see this mierda again. I'm not here for another "This Is Your Life" filled feud. Alexa and Sasha were SHITTING in their mini feud, and WWE decides to go back to the well that killed the RAW Women's Division's momentum? This is ugly, and I LIKE Bayley. RAW is trying me again.
  5. Raw July 24, 2017: Live Chat

    My RAW Live Chat return is about to be cancelled by a trash finish involving a N/A interference. I can't wait.
  6. Cute stuff! I guess I'll start watching the YouTube clips again. 
  7. WWE: Alma Mater - Campus and Community (RP Thread)

    MARYSE Well shit. Maryse had finally met her match. Emma wasn't going to back down, but Maryse wasn't going to either. She wasn't going to look weak in front of this nobody. Taking every single one of her roommate's volatile words with grace, she simply dropped the blue bag onto the floor unceremoniously. "It is so nice to know that we are on the same page, Emma." Taking her phone off the dresser, Maryse scrolls through it. "Try me one more time, and I will make sure your life is a living hell while you are here." Fixing herself in the mirror, Maryse makes her way to the door. She turns to Emma and waves. "Bye Emma! I hope your nun thing works out. Also, hope your arm and your back get better. Bitch." She slams the door on her way out, cursing the school for not being the cakewalk she imagined.  
  8. WWE: Alma Mater - Campus and Community (RP Thread)

    MARYSE Once again, Emma defused Maryse's attempts. It almost felt like she was onto her. Emma wasn't going to be someone she could manipulate, that was obvious. However, Emma was new and didn't have any advantages over Maryse, so bending over backwards to form a "friendship" wasn't going to benefit her in any sort of way. Emma, at the moment, wasn't an immediate threat. Frankly, if she wasn't going anywhere with this, she wasn't going to waste her time with the "nice girl" act. Clearly frustrated, Maryse internally rolls her eyes at Emma, then stares down the Aussie. She was done playing games with this rat. "Well, Emma, I would NEVER do anything demeaning like that because I have the looks, the talent, and the money to where I only have to bat my eyelashes to get anything done. You, on the other hand, obviously need to rely on more...inconvenient methods to get even a fraction of what you want done." Tossing her hair behind her, Maryse grabs the blue bag, walking over to Emma. "Drop the nice girl act around me. I do not want any problems with you. You seem like a smart girl, someone with plenty of potential. Who knows, maybe I could give you a few pointers in the future if I feel like giving them to you. Do not step on my toes, and I will not step on yours. Understood?" This little rant by Maryse was sure to backfire; Emma didn't seem like someone who would stand down. Bracing herself, Maryse flashes an insincere smile.
  9. WWE: Alma Mater - Campus and Community (RP Thread)

    MARYSE Taking the blue bag and helping put away its contents, Maryse felt like she was in a room with an alternate version of herself. Emma was making the right moves every turn she got, and that was unsettling. Maryse knew what Emma was trying to do with her "innocent" questions, and responded cautiously. "Oh, I just got here a little later than everybody else, so I have not really gotten the opportunity to meet anyone. It has just been catching up on schoolwork and running around campus for me. Very uneventful." She wasn't going to make her little night of fun with Mike known to a complete stranger. Wanting to change the subject, she turns her attention towards Emma. "What about you, Emma? Anything exciting you have done in your life, maybe recently? Your hair does look a little messed up. Any scandalous payments you made to have that guy help you with your bags?" Laughing after asking to make sure Emma didn't see it as a malicious response, Maryse needed material, fast. She was over playing the "maid" before she even made her way through the door.
  10. WWE: Alma Mater - Campus and Community (RP Thread)

    MARYSE This little "act" that Maryse was putting on immediately bit her in the ass. As soon as Emma introduced herself, she immediately returned to her injury story, except this time it wasn't her back that was hurt, it was her arm. She has to help her to get the intel she wanted. Smiling through her annoyance, Maryse agrees to "help" Emma with some of her things. "Do not worry, let me help you with some of your things. I would not want you to reinjure your arm." This was the perfect opportunity to find something embarassing on Emma; she had to have something, judging by her accent she was Australian, and Maryse had heard of weird things that Australians did, like putting shrimp on Barbies and other weird stuff like that on TV. "Which bag do you want me to help you with first? Any bags you want me to avoid?"
  11. WWE: Alma Mater - Campus and Community (RP Thread)

    MARYSE Surprised by her roommate's natural ability to manipulate someone to do her bidding, Maryse feels a smile come across her face. I guess Lana is not the only person on this campus with something resembling a brain. This will be fun. Lauging at the viciousness of the girl's nun excuse, Maryse sees the man coming towards the door. Fixing herself and making sure the girl couldn't see her, Maryse smiles at her roommate's little victim as he makes his exit. Listening after he leaves, she soon learns a little more of her "roomie." Hot, smart, and manipulative? She is almost just like me. Almost. I am still hotter, and probably richer based on those bags. This little preview left some decision making for Maryse: would she try and befriend the witch, or would she actively avoid her? Let me see what she wants to be based on her actions.  Walking into the dorm, Maryse greets the girl with her go-to tone of voice: sugar coma sweet. "Oh my god, you are finally here! Hey roomie!" Maryse pulls her into a forced hug. "We are about to have so much fun together. Party every night! Oh My God, I am so sorry, I am getting carried away. First things first, introductions. My name is Maryse, Maryse Ouellet. And you are?"
  12. WWE: Alma Mater - Campus and Community (RP Thread)

    MARYSE This particular morning, Maryse had woken up in a surprisingly good mood. Her little one night stand with Mike had been even better than she expected, and despite his leaving unannounced, she felt phenomenal. She got ready and left for the gym. Heading back to her dorm after a fun workout session, she felt like she could actually start to appreciate the surrounding campus, even with all of its human oddities. It almost felt like it was growing on her. Almost. Heading down the hallway on her dormitory floor, Maryse spots a beautiful girl right outside of her dorm. With her was some guy carrying what Maryse assumed were the girl's bags. Annoyed, she almost felt like calling out the pair. As the girl opened the door, Maryse knew that very second that she was her dreaded roommate. I cannot believe I have to share such a cramped room with another person. This is so disrespectful. Contemplating what she should do, Maryse decides to sneak in on her roommate. Maybe I will catch the pest doing something I can use if she ever decides to do anything stupid. Maryse soon peers through the slightly open door, listening intently for anything incriminating.
  13. WWE: Alma Mater - Campus and Community (RP Thread)

    MARYSE Genuinely laughing for the first time in months at his answer to her joke of a question, Maryse feels satisfied for once on where her life was going. Gasping as his hands slightly travel her body, she leans into him, closing her eyes to think. This moment, despite being sudden and not planned out, was perfect. Having Mike at her side felt...right, even if she had just met him a few minutes ago in a nightclub filled with others that were just like him...and her. Out of every individual in that club, he was the one that changed everything that night. He was the first person to bring joy into her life, legitimate joy, not the dulling mask that she wore everyday to satisfy those around her. She had laughed at the stories she had heard and read growing up, those about love at first sight; she had completely trashed and ridiculed them. The idea seemed like such an impossible thing to occur to someone, a simple fantasy invented by lonely girls who weren't receiving any attention from the opposite sex. But, after meeting Mike, sharing those first few moments with him, she almost believed... No. She couldn't believe any of that bullshit. This was simply a one night stand, no strings attached. He was a Mizanin, she was a failed businesswoman, even if she was kind of rich and really hot. Besides, none of it was true. She knew it wasn't true. The fairy tales, the elaborate romances, the stories about loving mothers and their daught-- It was happening again. That old bitch was clawing her way back into her head and ruining everything for her, just like in the past. She wanted it to stop, she needed it to stop. Her mother had already ruined so much for her, she wasn't going to get her toxic hands over this new stage of her life, not if she could do anything about it. Leave me alone mother! Get away from me! You were never there for me when I needed you most, why do I need you now?! WHY DO I NEED YOU NOW?! "GO AWAY!" She pleads, the last line in her thought process unknowingly escaping her mouth. The two vicious words echo throughout the busy streets outside, where Mike and Maryse are waiting for their ride. It happened again. She let her get too deep into her head. Composing herself, Maryse shuts down Mike before he can ask what her sudden outburst was about. "I was just...going through some lines for a...play I am in. Do not worry about it, I just got...really into it is all." Turning towards the individuals starting to swarm around them, she responds. "That includes all of you! Keep your noses out of other people's business, okay?!" Laughing it off, Maryse returned to the insincere composure she was so familiar with. She pulled in Mike for a kiss, fighting the tears from coming back to her eyes. Pulling away, she sees a pair of headlights approach the couple. "I think that is our ride, handsome. I hope you are right about your little assumption and the lonely old driver does not try to join in."
  14. WWE: Alma Mater - Campus and Community (RP Thread)

    MARYSE Each measly second that passed seemed like an enternity to Maryse. She wanted to feel his hands over her aching body, she wanted her hands all over him, to feel his lips against hers and let the moment consume them. But getting to her room stood in the way. She was taken aback by the fact that Mike, a Mizanin, was relying on an Uber to get anywhere in New York. Almost laughing at the very real and very present fact, she buried the impulse of mocking, helped by the strong arm wrapped around her waist. She didn't want to offend Mike right before the main event. Looking into his eyes, she smiled, toying with his chest. "Do you think the driver would mind if we warmed up in the back?"
  15. What would you think about a seperate show for the women?

    As some of the other hens have said, it would take away alot of the focus from the women on RAW and SD. WWE would probably utilize the show as an excuse to bar the women from their already limited time, which would be really ugly for the division. Plus, creative can't handle more than one well-written and well-booked storyline for the girls, let alone a whole show. We'd be seeing Charlotte or Alexa serving Neville teas while the rest of the girls are ignored by everyone because they're a network exclusive. In theory, it would be a really good tool. But with it being run by the dummies running stuff right now, we'd be stuck with a female 205 Live and we all know that ain't cute...