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  1. She looks like the customers my manager has to chase around the store because they're stealing. Embarrassing.
  2. Sasha Banks leaving WWE?

    Poor y'all! Just as lazy as both of your faves.  
  3. Sasha Banks leaving WWE?

    You know what, let me speak my full mind since reading some of these responses and not seeing y'all get clocked is...  To begin, let's address every single one of you who are claiming she should just be happy with what she has since other girls have it worse than her. This is called complacency. I dunno how it's working for some of you dummies, but complacency NEVER gets you anywhere in life, ever. It keeps you rooted where you are since you do absolutely nothing to change your circumstances. You don't stand out when you're complacent, you don't get what you want when you're complacent, and you don't grow and truly enjoy life when you're complacent. You get used, you get shafted, and you struggle constantly when you're complacent. The fact that some of you are mocking and criticizing her for wanting more from her CAREER in such a competitive industry speaks volumes to how lazy, undriven, and/or narrow sighted you are, period. This company devours those who are complacent, and uses this trait against them until they don't need them anymore. Sasha has proven she's passionate for this business, has proven she is the absolute best with the scraps they've given her, and completely knows her worth as a wrestler and entertainer. She understands she'll be forgotten and tossed aside if she doesn't act. There's absolutely nothing wrong with her wanting to quit an unappreciative company when she can be doing far greater things with her talent elsewhere. As Dante put it, it's not Sasha's fault some of your faves are okay with being jobbed out or completely ignored for others.  She wants to be successful and wants a fulfilling career in something she's centered her life around, something she's worked so hard for, and the only way she can do any of that is if she has the desire to act. Which she obviously does, courageous queen Then, some of you want to say Sasha has been handed and rewarded all kinds of accomplishments, titles, and moments throughout her career, and as a result, she shouldn't really complain about her situation. Up until the introduction of the tag titles (which were built and established rather poorly), Sasha had not done anything of note since losing to Alexa at Elimination Chamber. She was in a 'feud' with Bayley that creative didn't care about, was trapped in wrestling purgatory against The Riott Squad for most of 2018, and was thrown at Ronda to buy time with no long-term benefits coming her way from the 'feud'. She had absolutely no direction. Her stock was constantly being damaged. She was in limbo since February 2018 until the tag team titles came around (which she played a large part in lobbying for and getting established) only for them to be ripped away like everything else, again. Now, let me break down each of her reigns from most recent to her first so it can get through some of y'alls thick ass skulls that they virtually mean nothing at all. - Inaugural Tag Team Champion w/ Bayley (lasted 49 days) Despite claims that the tag team division was being centered around Sasha and Bayley, the two dropped the belts at WrestleMania, after only one successful defense against Nia and Tamina at Fastlane thanks to Bayley. Apparently, their storyline of defending them everywhere and being tag-team centerpieces was dropped in favor of the IIconics and an Alexa feud. Another short, insignificant reign for Sasha's resume. - Raw Women's Championship (4th reign, only lasted 8 days) Literally the ugliest reign in modern WWE history. Only purpose it served was to break up Alexa's reign of terror. - Raw Women's Championship (3rd title reign, only lasted 19 days) Transitional reign. Loses the title to Charlotte at Roadblock in a match that was booked in a manner that made Sasha look foolish. Charlotte having to overcome the odds? Sasha tapping 3 seconds before she won? Then losing the sudden death like she did? Yikes. - Raw Women's Championship (2nd reign, lasted 27 days) Arguably her best reign, which is not saying much. Wins it in the Raw main event, first time women have done so since 2004, but loses it at Hell in a Cell in the first women's PPV main event. Also an embarrassing finish for a match that was supposed to be her crowning moment. - Raw Women's Championship (1st reign, lasted 26 days) Wins it on the first episode of a newly drafted Raw. Just when it looks like it's Sasha's time to be a star, Charlotte wins it at SummerSlam. Sasha disappears for a bit with no explanation. Zero successful defenses on the main roster. Zero chances to prove her worth as a champion. Her combined days as champion pale in comparison to some of Alexa's or Charlotte's INDIVIDUAL reigns. Sasha has also never won any of the 'historic' matches she's been in, and has only had one good showing in her ONLY marquee Mania match, which was at WrestleMania 32, where she lost (33 was not a marquee match and she lost in a less than stellar fashion, 34 she was kicking it in the preshow and lost, and 35 was in a tag match where WWE proved they didn't give a shit about her career, which was also not a marquee match, and surprise! she lost.) Along with the Rumble, Elimination Chamber, MITB, Iron Woman and Hell in a Cell matches she's been a part of, Sasha has served the purpose of making others look good. She has lost every single one. Her reigns only happened because they wanted to fluff Charlotte's stats. She has yet to have a memorable moment on the main roster, because they don't want to invest in her, thinking she'll always be there for them. The WWE have given her these 'moments' to have her believe she's accomplished something, but when you actually use your brain and think critically for once, these 5-minute reigns and constant losses in historic matches show they're not willing to give her the ball to see how she rolls with it. Every single one of her reigns needs an asterisk since some people's pea-sized brains forget there's no substance to any of her stats, period. Sasha Banks has shown she more than deserves to be at the top countless of times throughout her career, but the WWE utilize and take advantage of her passion for the business to push those they favor. Despite many of you claiming they've given her chances at the top, you choose to ignore the fact that they rip them away from her when she's ready to do something with them; she's just there to play support. It's embarrassing and she's owed the right to complain about her shitty circumstances without having y'all slam your sausage fingers on your keyboards to clock her for wanting what any reasonable person wants: success. I hope she quits the landfill she's currently working in, punches anybody who criticizes her for looking out for herself, and finally gets to live out the career she's dreamed of. This thread reeks. F*ck all of you and good night! #KrewForever
  4. Sasha Banks leaving WWE?

    Also fuck y'all calling her petty and immature for this. Sasha's an elite-level talent and she's constantly treated like she's everything other than that. She's broken her back for this piece of shit business, hoping that things would change (with the WWE constantly dangling things in front of her to fool her into thinking things would change.) I hope she quits so she doesn't have to put up with all this crock of crap. Debate your mothers
  5. Sasha Banks leaving WWE?

    Omg I came to post the same thing. I'm READY for this hell to END.
  6. Sasha Banks to appear on Wendy Williams

    The amount of reaching in this thread... embarrassing.  I hope everything's all right. It's not like her to skip out on media and public appearances.
  7. WrestleMania Presents: HBMania VI | The PRINCE Is Crowned

    Also expect my earth-shattering editorial on this devastating issue next week. This has to stop. #TheFutureIsFemale  
  8. WrestleMania Presents: HBMania VI | The PRINCE Is Crowned

    Well... delete it.     Hangover and jokes aside, congrats @prince. !  Like everybody else has said, you're one of the most IIconic members on this site, so it's only fitting that you finally get a title to recognize that. If it weren't for me stanning @Captain Fox's power (and some of the hens on your side ) you would've been my #1 pick in the draft, period. You deserve all of this and more king. You make HB a joy to visit with all of the funny posts and genuine interactions you have with other members. The characteristics of a PRINCE  Same message applies for @Jake, except the having a title part! 
  9. Seth Rollins Holds Reddit AMA; Says He'd Fuck Dean

    Someone should've linked him to Mariah's smut so he could live his fantasy. A missed opportunity
  10. WrestleMania Presents: HBMania VI | The PRINCE Is Crowned

    Captain Fox - 20 (+1) Jake - 12 prince. - 17 (-1)
  11. WrestleMania Presents: HBMania VI | The PRINCE Is Crowned

    Captain Fox - 15 (+2) Jake - 14 prince. - 20
  12. WrestleMania Presents: HBMania VI | The PRINCE Is Crowned

    Captain Fox - 16 Jake - 13 (-2) prince. - 18
  13. WrestleMania Presents: HBMania VI | The PRINCE Is Crowned

    Me to everyone attacking Stephen #oompaloompas  
  14. WrestleMania Presents: HBMania VI | The PRINCE Is Crowned

    Me posing with @Dante. @Twisted Bliss and @Ari M.