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  1. Happy Birthday Travis!

    Omg Happy Birthday king! I hope it was fun and wild! 
  2. Kelly Kelly Says She May Have a Few More Matches in Her

    13 year old me says yes to this queen coming back and giving Asuka ha first loss. I want to feel like I did when she pimped out Beth 
  3. All Hail the Degeneres King, he's 19!

    Happy Birthday to a king with tasTe. Hope it's spooky and full of fun! 
  4. Raw October 30, 2017: Live Chat

    Alexa's rest holds starting CM Punk chants. Tittie needs to win.
  5. Gsgsfgsgs NOT the only cruiserweight I cared for. Enzo's integration starting Divageddon 2.0. Half the cruiserweights are about to walk out and I'm not ready.
  6. Raw October 9, 2017: Live Chat

    If they underscore ha ass again tonight even after knowing she has an Elmer's glue neck I swear
  7. Will WWE drop the ball with Asuka?

    4-time Women's Champion Naomi sounds SO good.  I'm sad now.
  8. Will WWE drop the ball with Asuka?

    Judging by all the effort they've put into the buildup of Godsuka before her debut (ha coming soon promos are fuego, having a network special on her, the way they talk about her, etc.) makes me believe that, for the most part, she will be handled like the big deal she really is. My only concern is that she'll probably get fed to Ronda Flopsey to have us forget that Ronda's pistachio head ass isn't relevant anymore. Lord help us all if they even try to pull any of that funky shiT. 
  9. Raw October 2, 2017: Live Chat

    Sasha and Alicia are so cuTe together. Their rivalry could've been so much more tbh.
  10. Raw October 2, 2017: Live Chat

          He still gonna get booked like shit, so nvm
  11. Raw October 2, 2017: Live Chat

    Nnnnnnnn Tittie still wrestling like she's in the ring with Kelly Kelly. Punch N/A in the nose next time please.
  12. Raw October 2, 2017: Live Chat

  13. Raw October 2, 2017: Live Chat

    Hagsggsfsf not at Nikki dancing while Tittie's on. Not letting Cena's ex breathe. I'm conflicted 
  14. WWE: Alma Mater - Campus and Community (RP Thread)

    MARYSE  After an exhausting night spent rushing at KKT, the sleeping beauty, Maryse, wakes from a hundred year slumber (or what it felt it like to her). Preparing for the day, the French Canadian eyes Emma's side of the room, looking for anything else she could ruin just to spite her venomous roommate. Contemplating, she eventually decides against it, as the Australian hadn't done anything in return after Maryse's little prank. Wearing her hair down and dressing in a flirty ensemble, Maryse makes her way to door, ready to tackle the day head on with a devious smile. However, what she finds on the other side boils her blood and changes her entire demeanor. Tripping on something on her way out, she kicks it aside. Looking down at the object, she spots one of her bras. Picking it up, she notices writing and a sticky note on it. Reading the message on her bra, she immediately knows who's doing it is. That bitch is really testing me. Looking at the sticky note, she reads the response to the distasteful words that Emma had written. "They have apps for this stuff. Have some self-respect Maryse. Geez." Furious, she storms out onto the campus, bra in hand, ready to draw blood. Storming through a number of students, unaware of her surroundings, Maryse had only one thought in her head: Emma was going to feel her wrath, and so was anybody that got in her way. However, her frustration (and shoes) work against her, tripping her once again, sending Maryse crashing into a poor stranger. TBC: Anyone!
  15. SmackDown September 26, 2017: Live Chat

    Dolph's a flop, we get it. Give his time to Nattie so she can deliver more awkwardly delivered lines.