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  1. AJ immediately scoffed at what John said, upping the pace of the treadmill to continue to outdo his fellow student. AJ STYLES "And what did you hear about me, huh? Because as far as I know, they support me 100%. If you heard otherwise, it's probably a load of bullcrap. Now, if you do believe it, you're not as smart as I thought you were and that's already not that smart to begin with." TBC: @Cooksie
  2. AJ STYLES "You're darn right it isn't up for discussion, but you purposely tried to embarrass me back there, so I need to prove that I, and I alone, am the reason why our football team has a shot at bringing home the gold. Got it?" AJ Styles hit the button on his treadmill to get it started, starting off at a brisk pace before working towards a faster one. Arrogantly, he peered at John from the corner of his eye, chuckling. AJ STYLES "So, John, you probably know I'm running for student president. Finding out what my peers want is something I need to do in my campaign, so why don't you tell me what you want for the school? Y'know, I've already got the support from the cheerleaders." TBC: @Cooksie
  3. AJ bit his lower lip, feeling slightly humiliated - which is the worst feeling in the world to him. He flipped his hair out of his face, taking a step closer to John after his small remark. If there's one thing he hated, judging by the look in his eyes, it was being questioned in front of a crowd. AJ STYLES "I came here because... I was supposed to meet that oaf, Braun Strowman, about helping him get into better shape for the rest of the season. That farm life's making him a bit fluffy, but clearly he's nowhere to be seen! Y'see, that's why I'm talkin' with you, but hey - even at my most tired levels, I still got the best cardio at the school. Hell, why don't we see how much run you've got in those legs on the treadmills over there! I mean, as long as you can actually run with your legs as well as ya do with your mouth." AJ cockily shot John a wink as he walked over towards the treadmill area, wondering if he'd follow suit. TBC: @Cooksie
  4. AJ Styles muttered under his breath as he faked a smile taking a seat while looking around at everybody. AJ STYLES "Well, John, I appreciate the kind words that you're giving me in front of all these wonderful people, but maybe you should be honest for once! They only call you 'Big Match John' because I'm the one making your ass look good with my catches." He shrugged as he took the proper position, not even changing the weights from John's routine. After all, AJ wanted to impress the audience and outdo John at any and all opportunities. Getting comfortable and reaching up, AJ tried to start some reps. Obviously, it was tougher for him and he maintained focus, especially as it was evident that he wasn't nearly as strong as his fellow student. AJ grunted and tried to keep his cool as he only did a handful of reps, struggling as he set the bar back up. AJ STYLES "Well, that...that was just a small preview. I could totally go longer, but I just came back from another gym session across town so I'm a bit tired. Yeah, that's it!" AJ stood back up, patting John's arm in a condescending way (even if he had lied through his teeth) before motioning back to the press - a silent challenge.   TBC: @Cooksie
  5. After a hard week of campaigning around school, working on assignments, and busting his ass at the last few football practices, AJ Styles decided to hit up the gym to blow off some steam. When he arrived at the facility, AJ couldn't help but notice all the onlookers gathering around someone. While the Georgian was used to having all eyes on him, he was curious as to why everyone would be drooling over somebody. AJ STYLES "Well, well, well. Let's see what attention seeker is about to be outdone by myself." Strutting like he owned the place despite his age, AJ walked through the crowd, eager to see who this mysterious person was. It wasn't long before the identity was revealed: it was John Cena, AJ's quarterback at VKMHS. Just the inside of AJ was burning up over the rivalry the two had, which is when he started to approach the jacked up teenager. John's little remark caused AJ to roll his eyes, scoffing as well. AJ STYLES "Why am I not surprised that you want the attention, John? I know it sucks living in my shadow at school, but how about you hop off this machine and let me show these people what a real workout looks like?"   TBC: @Cooksie
  6. AJ was caught off guard by the slap, to say the least. With his face turning red, he checked his mouth for blood, smacking his lips together as he eyed the Coach and back to Nikki. AJ STYLES "Alright, alright - I'm going. Still, Nikki... consider the option because you haven't heard the last of me yet. I'll even dedicate the game-winning touchdown to you." With that being said, the hopeful future student president shot Nikki a walking before giving Coach Billy Gunn a small glare. The way he backed up towards the field was done so that he could stare at Nikki a little longer, reinforcing the notion that once he had his eye on something, he was going to get it at all costs.   tbc: @Mariah.
  7. AJ STYLES "Yeah, maybe if we get some holy water on him. Face it: the dude's a freak and you're way better off without him. Tell you what, Nicole: I'll let you think about it for a little while. Do your cheerleading practice, take a few peeks at me making all-star catches, watch me carry the team to a victory in the last game, then get back to me. After all I accomplish more in a day than Seth has in his life." It seemed like AJ was about to turn around and leave, but instead he held up his index finger and traced invisible shapes on the upper part of Nikki's chest. "Y'know, the elections ball is gonna come up soon and I'll need a date. You will too considering Seth'll be in the coo-coo bin by then."   tbc: @Mariah.
  8. AJ couldn't believe the words that were coming out of Nikki's mouth right now! Had his teammates been around, he may have been a bit more embarrassed, but they weren't, so he played it off coolly by rubbing his left bicep with his right hand. AJ STYLES "See, I don't see Seth around here anywhere and, if anything, the team was crap because of him. The only reason why we have a shot at making the playoffs if we win the last game of the season is because of me: A...J... Styles. You understand me?" AJ flipped his hair, scoffing at the thought that anyone could think Seth was more of a help when he was still a student. "Besides, why would you still want to be with that loser? He never achieved anything here and the last I heard, he's been havin' some daddy issues. I think you honestly need to reevaluate yourself and consider dating a real man like the guy standing in front of you. High grades, sports accolades, future student president. It doesn't get much better than that, toots. Besides, let's be honest." Still feeling full of himself, AJ twirled his finger within Nikki's ponytail, acting like he ran the place. "You won't be able to stop thinking about me all day and night after this."   tbc: @Mariah.
  9. AJ STYLES "That's my time, hun, and don't wear it out... unless you have somewhere a little more private we can go to." AJ's eyes stayed on Nikki's features as he spoke absentmindedly, still confident that he could always have everything - and everyone - he wanted.   tbc: @Mariah.
  10. AJ Styles wasn't exactly happy about the response, chuckling to himself as he rolled his shoulders. Of course his eyes found the back of Nikki, taking in the view as he resumed his quest for what he wanted. AJ STYLES "Woah, hey, hey, hey! Hold on just a minute, sweetheart! It's not every day the star player of the football team approaches you. Now, I know you're used to mediocre players like that loser, Seth, so I get it. You need a second to process what's going on. All I need is a few seconds with you. What d'ya say?"   tbc: @Mariah.    
  11. AJ chuckled confidently, eyeing Nikki up and down before having his eyes meet hers again. AJ STYLES "What I want? I just wanted to say hello, y'know? I figured the head cheerleader and star player of the football team may as well mingle, right? Surely you have enough time for lil' ole me!" Flashing his trademark grin, AJ placed his hands on his hips and took a deep breath, making sure Nikki knew his confidence wasn't going anywhere. AJ STYLES "Besides, you've probably heard the news that I'm running for student president. Imagine how I could get the vote if I had the whole cheer squad backing me up. What do y'say? I'll make it worth your while." AJ left the last part open ended as he really didn't know what Nikki wanted, but he was sure he could come up with it. tbc: @Mariah.  
  12. "You. Have. Got. To. Be. Kidding. Me." That was AJ's reaction as he took his football helmet off and slammed it onto the field, berating the second-string quarterback that was taking John Cena's usual place. They had just run an easy hook play where the ball was supposed to go to AJ, but the nameless QB threw it about three feet wide. Running his hands through his brown hair in frustration, AJ poked the QB in the chest repeatedly. AJ STYLES "I swear to God you have to be the biggest idiot on the team if you don't know how to properly execute a play that all of us learned by the age of seven! I can't bel- Y'know what? Forget it. I'm going to cool off for a second and hopefully by the time I get back y'all can run a grade school play." In a huff, the star receiver stormed off, grabbing his water bottle from the bench before noticing the cheerleaders in the distance. Being a teenager, AJ couldn't help but stare a little bit, focusing his eyes on Nikki. He had seen her a few times around the school, but she was always with AJ's former teammate, Seth Rollins. Figuring now was a good opportunity, AJ slowly made his ways towards the ladies, trying to keep his cool. AJ STYLES "Nicole Bella? Is that really you?" tbc: @Mariah.  
  13. "AJ STYLES FOR PRESIDENT! AJ STYLES FOR PRESIDENT!" The voice came from none other than than one of the most cocky students on campus, AJ Styles. You know, the military brat who made it on the football team and instantly became the school's top receiver? The one who excelled at every single student sport he touched and even had the grades to back him up?  Yeah, him.  Winning football championships came as a second nature to the Georgia native, so you could assume he was ready to do that again. However, with it being his junior year, AJ wanted to leave a bigger mark on the school's history than he did before. It wasn't about being wanted to be recognized for his grades or his athletic accolades. No. AJ Styles wanted every single person in the student body to recognize everything about him and the only way to do that was to become student president. The previous night had involved AJ making posters and buttons for his presidential run. Okay, maybe he didn't make them, but he flirted with a couple girls (who he saw below him) in his arts courses to get them to make the posters. He then promised some dorks safe passage for a week in school as long as they hung up the posters early in the morning (which they did).  Now there was AJ Styles, his brown locks flowing in the (imaginary) wind as he admired one poster in the main hall that said MAKE VKMHS GREAT AGAIN with AJ's face in the center of it. AJ STYLES "Now this is what I'm talkin' about! AJ Styles, you've got this in the bag." With a cocky pat of the poster, AJ Styles turned to the bystanders in the hallway, all flocking to their various classes. AJ knew that if he wanted to leave his mark, he would have to do it soon. Therefore, he cleared his throat to get everybody's attention - or at least enough people. Right then and there, he turned his smile factor up to 11. AJ STYLES "Good morning everybody! I know that you have classes to get to, but this'll take just a minute. As you all know, I'm a star on the football team - THE star to be specific. Y'all probably remember me from my game winning touchdown against the Wild Dogs in the championship last year." He paused for a second as some of the students applauded and cheered him on. "Please! I'm humble, so stop aha. You also know me for continuously getting on the honor roll as one of the top students in the school, but that's neither here nor there. What I want to talk about is making Vincent Kennedy McMahon High School great again. Actually, scratch that. I want to make our halls and classrooms PHENOMENAL again. We're all sick and tired of the monotony of our day-to-day lives, so why not change it? I know I'm the man who can turn this school around and give you a president that you can go up to with ideas. Maybe we don't see eye to eye, but I damn well know this school has potential! If I'm the face of everything I do, why can't I be the face of you." AJ pointed to as many people as he could in the crowd gathered around him  AJ STYLES "Now, I ain't askin' for a miracle of here! I'm simply sayin' that it's time for a change, folks, and no one else is stepping up to the plate. You know we've got problems with idiotic druggies like Kevin Owens are able to just walk in here. Or maybe my teammate John Cena could try to realize that his rap career ain't going anywhere and realize I'm showing why I should even be the captain of the football team! Or what about the plastic girls who...who just put everyone down? I would never belittle anyone or put them in danger because that's who I am. So please, when the election time comes, votes for AJ Styles. I'll be the face that runs the place and the jewel that runs the school." Everyone around AJ gave him another applause, furthering his self-belief that he had this whole election in the bag. Just as that was happening, the bell rang and all of the students headed off to their classrooms, leaving AJ to admire his poster once more. However, that smile disappeared and turned more into an arrogant smirk. AJ STYLES "The fact that those losers bought into all that bullshit shows that I've got this whole school in the palm of my hand." With a shrug, AJ huffed and headed towards his locker and ready to start the easy part of his day. END
  14. I don't think it was shade. I'm pretty sure he was just kidding around because Rollins and Omega have both talked positively about each other. Plus, for all we know, Rollins could have asked Omega, much like how Daniel Bryan asked Hideo/KENTA for permission to use the running knee.   Either way, it's a dope finisher. Seth just needs to put a little more stank on it.
  15. Full name: AJ Styles Nicknames/Aliases: N/A Grade Level: 11th Average Grades: Low A's/High B's Source of Income: AJ's grew up on a Marine Corps Base Camp in Georgia, which is where his father was based out of before the move. His mother runs her own house cleaning business, which AJ himself refuses to take part of. If he needs money of his own, he has no issue with partaking in manual labour (mowing lawns, painting houses, etc.) around the neighbourhood. Sexual Orientation: Straight Clique: Jocks of all sports. Hobbies/Sports: Football, basketball, soccer (aka all sports he could get his hands on) and the student government (running for president) Preferred Music: Hip-Hop, some rock. Friendships/relationships: N/A right now. Personality description: AJ thrives off of being the best, whether it's in the classroom or on the football field. He's a multi-athlete student, priding himself in the accolades he's managed to acquire as well as the hero-like reception he receives from his peers after a tremendous performance. He's cocky, brash, and knows that he's better than any other student athlete. Wanting to rule everywhere he can, AJ brings that competitive nature to the student government where he wants to be the  face that runs the place. Physical description: Basically medium height with the same hair and facial hair (maybe not as thick) as current AJ Styles. Color code: AJ STYLES