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  1. SETH ROLLINS Seth returned the sweet kiss with one of his own, smiling against Paige's lips before she pulled away. "Yeah, I'll see you around. Be good." As she walked off, he was already staring at her backside without needing her prompt. Seth shouted back, "You know I already am!" While Paige disappeared into the night, Seth shook his head and rubbed his lips, wondering if all of that had really happened. One thing was for sure, though: he had to get back to this party and make sure everyone knew that he still ran this campus. END.
  2. SETH ROLLINS In all honesty, Seth had expected to get rejected, so Paige's response caught him off guard. Thankfully the darkness of the night his the features on his face, specifically the smile. Nevertheless, he fiddled with the hem of her Paige's shirt and nodded. "At least we can say we tried, y'know? If it doesn't go well, we can go back to strictly using each other for our bodies." Seth took the bag of weed out of his pocket again and handed it to Paige. "You take this and save it for the next time. Meanwhile, I'll figure out our first date and let you know."
  3. SETH ROLLINS "Hey, I have no complaints about you using me for whatever you want!" Seth said in a playful tone, joining in with Paige's laugh. "I'm just saying if you ever want to go out on a real date... yeah..." The frat boy's words even caught himself by surprise. He didn't expect to feel this way about anyone, let alone Paige, so he didn't want to linger on this topic any longer without feeling like an idiot. Clearing his threat, Seth looked out at the darkness, exhaling slowly. "So, final thoughts on the weed?"
  4. SETH ROLLINS Seth shook his head in disagreement. "Actually, the problem is I know too many people. Don't get me wrong, I love Greek life, but so many people are fake, drama-filled messes. But you?" Seth, uncharacteristically, placed his arm around Paige's waist, resting his hand on her stomach in more of a calming way.  "You're real and honest and I can appreciate that a lot."
  5. SETH ROLLINS "And that's exactly why you're my favourite person." Seth said with a smile as he put his phone back into his pocket. After taking another puff from the joint, he chuckled. "And here's the best part: I'm using this picture of her as leverage to get a recording contract with her uncle or brother or some shit. Hell, maybe I'll even bring you to the studio."
  6. SETH ROLLINS Seth took out his phone with an arrogant grin as he scrolled through it to find the picture in question. "It was some sorority chick who wanted to suck my dick in order for me to put in a good name for him when it came time for elections. Can you believe this shit?" With a single feeling of remorse, Seth handed his phone over to Paige, showcasing the picture of Lana, who had fallen in the shower, tangled with the rods and curtains. "But nah, I didn't fuck her. Some of my buds walked in and I made some bullshit excuse about how she had to throw up, so I helped her to the restroom and she fell. Blondes, right?"
  7. SETH ROLLINS Seth nodded with a wide grin as he on the joint back. To be frank, he was just as surprised as Paige was for finishing her assignments on time. "Wow! Colour me impressed, Paige. Just when I thought you were only a pretty face, you actually end up being a total nerd." Seth's tone was that of a teasing variety. While the mischievous frat boy took another hit, he became more relaxed and willing to open up.  "So since the last time we talked, would you believe me if I said some lunatic bitch tried getting in my pants at a frat party, only for her too drunk, stumble into a bathtub while pulling down the curtains and rods with her? I've even got photographic proof!"
  8. SETH ROLLINS "Yeah, the fat fucker made me pay more than we agreed to because I complained about him being late." Seth simply rolled his eyes whilst taking another puff. Handing the joint back to Paige, he spoke again. "I know our deal is pretty sexual, but what have you been up to lately? Besides being invited to preppy parties that we don't belong at."
  9. SETH ROLLINS "You're a dick, you know that?" Seth's tone was extremely playful as he let out a laugh. Paige was her challenging self, which Seth enjoyed. The Davenport native placed a joint between his lips and lit with with Paige's lighter, taking a couple puffs before passing it to her. Unexpectedly, Kevin had come through and this was some good shit. "I guess prepare to get fucked up."
  10. SETH ROLLINS "Well if this shit isn't good, I'll have someone's ass to kick," Seth said playfully, even though he'd have some real problems with Kevin if it came to that. Wrapping his arm around Paige's waist, Seth guided her away from the pool area, intent on smoking what was in his pocket. Once they were away from it, he leaned up against a tree and took the bag out, hoping she had the lighter she had promised.
  11. SETH ROLLINS "What? No! Of course not! I have some sort of class." Seth wouldn't have said no if Paige agreed, but he played it off as if he wasn't disappointed. "I was talking about smoking some good shit I bought a few hours ago. I mean, unless you're too much of a wimp to get caught and lose that art scholarship."
  12. SETH ROLLINS "Well, I think it'd be a little more than talking," Seth said with a suggestive look, giving Paige's hip a little bit tighter of a squeeze. "Why don't we go use our mouths for other things? Maybe around the back of this dump?"
  13. SETH ROLLINS Seth looked down at the raven haired beauty, grinning like a kid in the candy shop as one of his hands fell to Paige's waist. "Well I'd like to talk. I believe have some sort of catching up to do." Seth looked around, trying to figure out where they could go. "I suppose it depends on how risky you're feeling."
  14. SETH ROLLINS Seth knew someone would help him out, mainly because of his popularity, but what he didn't expect was for it to be Paige. His lips lit up into a smile as he looked at her lustfully, crossing his arms. "Well if it isn't my favourite public temptress. Got anywhere we can catch up privately?" He raised an eyebrow as he looked around.
  15. SETH ROLLINS It was the night of the big party and Seth was ready to continuing blazing his trail of popularity among the NXTU students. He didn't know what to expect at this Eva Marie chick's party, but, for Tyler's sake, Seth hoped it lived up to the hype. He had arrived to the party with high hopes and a stash of joints in his pocket, acquired from the indesirable Kevin Owens. The music was loud, the vibes were high, and Seth even overheard people crowded around what seemed to be an argument of sorts. Not even a little curious, Seth chuckled and shook his head. "Now that's some shit I don't want any part of." Whatever was happening, it was below Seth. His mind was set on making the partygoers walk into class on Monday and think of how he was the life of the party. He'd do all he could to accomplish that, giving out bro hugs to fellow frat brothers and compliments to sorority sisters until he felt it was time to mellow down. Looking around, Seth held out his bag of joints with a grin. "Hey! Anyone who has a lighter gets to smoke with Seth freakin' Rollins!" The Davenport native continued to look around with a grin, seeing if anyone would take him up on his offer. TBC: ANYONE!