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  1. SETH ROLLINS "Well, if you stopped stealing my chips..." Seth shot Emma a teasing glare as he truly didn't mind giving her a couple.  "But pineapple on pizza? I can't do it, but dinner with you? I'm all in. It's been a long time and I can't wait forever for Paige. What do you say?" Truthfully, Seth still did like Paige. A lot. But why not at least try dinner with Emma? What could be the worst that could happen? Although, he knew he'd be killed if Paige found out and he felt bad about that, but Seth didn't always think with his head.
  2. SETH ROLLINS Seth was absolutely surprised by Emma's confession. Actually, he was more impressed than anything! Holding his Doritos, Seth followed every single one of Emma's words, grinning the whole time. He would never have expected it to come from her, but he was decently happy it did. "Wow, Emma! Colour me surprised! Honestly, just when I didn't think I couldn't be as big of a fan of you as I am, you tell me about your pranking side." Humming to himself, Seth opened up his bag of Doritos, taking in the cheesy scent before continuing. "Well, I'll make sure to send any gossip your way if I hear or see anything. Maybe, just maybe, this is the start to a wonderful partnership, yeah?" He eyed the Aussie as he finally dug into his bag, eating the chips one-by-one.
  3. SETH ROLLINS Seth found Emma's comments genuinely funny, leading to a quiet laugh by the frat boy. "Look, you didn't hear it from me, but..." Making sure the coast was clear, Seth bent closer to Emma so that he could whisper in her ear, still all grins. "Most sorority girls are total doorknobs." He got back to his normal stance, finding it amusing. "Seriously, this Lana chick wanted to be the chairwoman or something for her sorority and she wanted to go as far as sleeping with me so that I would give her name a boost around my bros. Thankfully, we didn't end up doing anything, but most of those chicks have nothing between their ears." Seth had hoped he didn't offend Emma by making that generalizing comment, but he didn't really care. Hunger was calling his name and the vending machine was right there. He eyed his possible choices, stroking his chin until coming to the conclusion. "At this point, a bag of Doritos will do." The frat boy inserted a couple of bills and started making his selection.
  4. SETH ROLLINS Man, if this girl even knew what I usually do before my first dates. That's what Seth thought inside of his own head, looking back at Emma.  "Do I want to come snack and rest with you? Who am I to deny a girl like you that?" Seth chuckled, slipping his arms into the pouch on the front of his black hoodie. "You know what? I wouldn't mind getting a quick snack before I have to go back to the frat house. What're you in the mood for?" Yes, Seth completely dodged everything Paige-related for the time being. He liked her and she was unpredictable, but that made him second guess why he even asked her out on a date in the first place. 
  5. SETH ROLLINS "Well, I wouldn't go as far as saying we're dating. We met in the library, almost hooked up in a study room, she escaped out of the window because we were going to get caught and she didn't want to be expelled." Seth rolled his eyes and grimaced when he thought about how he had to get in trouble for that. Nevertheless, he continued, "We bumped into each other at a party again, got high together, agreed to go on a date, but she's been a ghost, like I said. I can't wait around for her forever, though." Seth's eyes met Emma's with an expression that stated he was okay with changing the topic. "So where are you off to now? Another class?"
  6. SETH ROLLINS Now it was Seth who looked like a ghost, going somewhat pale at the mention of Paige's name. Now, NXTU was a massive school, right? What are the chances that it could be the same Paige?  "You're right! I'm just going to have some fun, you know. Meet people, hangout with the guys. Whatever. Life is pretty awesome when no one is strapping you down, right?" He nudged Emma's arm with his elbow and laugh softly, but his mind instantly went back to Paige.  "So your roommate, Paige... is she British with dark hair? Always getting high and shit? Because if so, that would be the girl..."
  7. SETH ROLLINS "Food for gym lessons? I think we could absolutely work that out." Seth licked his lips, enjoying the little deal he and Emma worked out. Working out came easy to him, so it wouldn't take much of an effort. Plus he'd get to watch Emma do so. However, when she brought up the "girlfriend" thing, he wasn't sure how to reply. Seth sucked the inside of his cheeks, eventually rolling his eyes. "Well I don't exactly have a girlfriend. I mean, I was supposed to go on a date with this girl I dug, but she's been a ghost lately so I doubt I'm even on her radar. But what about you? Boyfriend or nah?"
  8. SETH ROLLINS "Well, maybe I could put you on the right path to finding anything you want. I kind of know my way around this campus by now." Seth was beaming with arrogance, trying to impress Emma as best as he could. Her flirting wasn't so subtle, but it was welcomed as it distracted him from his shitty day. "I study business and music, mainly because I want to get into the recording industry. But you'll mostly see me doing frat stuff, whether it's parties or fundraisers. The other half of the time I'm at the gym or trying to get a hold of Pai-" Seth paused and offered a chuckle to cut himself off considering his mind was still frustrated with Paige and, with the silence he was getting for her, Seth doubted she even was thinking of him. "So if you ever need someone to show you the best gym, I'm your guy."
  9. SETH ROLLINS Seth had never seen this girl in his life, but he wished he had seen her sooner. The whole Australian accent caught him off guard, but within a few moments he opted not to be a total douchebag. "Well, Emma, my name is Seth and I try not to bump into pretty girls. Maybe keeping those sunglasses off will ensure that you don't go bumping into people, alright?" He was about to walk away, but Seth actually stopped in his tracks. It had been weeks since he heard from Paige and that left a sour taste in his mouth, so why not keep a new girl on standby. Turning to Emma with his best grin, Seth took his hood off. "Then again, maybe I don't need a hood indoors either. Why haven't I seen you around before?"
  10. SETH ROLLINS The school year had been picking up and Seth hadn't had enough time for any of the things he enjoyed. Whether it was the girls (mainly Paige, who he still couldn't get off his mind), partying, drinking, or frat activities, the Davenport-born man basically had his social life disappear in front of him like nothing. To make matters worse, his reclusive lifestyle didn't improve his grades. Like at all. He had just finished midterm for some psychology class that he had to take as an elective. The cute girls were the only reason he attended, but, at the same time, he was failing because of them too. Seth walked out of the classroom, knowing that he completely bombed, running his hands over his face. He wanted to crawl into a hole and die, hence why he pulled his black hoodie's hood over his head. Unfortunately, that led to him bumping into someone by accident! "Hey, watch where you're going. Alright? I'm not in the mood."   TBC: Anyone!
  11. SETH ROLLINS Seth returned the sweet kiss with one of his own, smiling against Paige's lips before she pulled away. "Yeah, I'll see you around. Be good." As she walked off, he was already staring at her backside without needing her prompt. Seth shouted back, "You know I already am!" While Paige disappeared into the night, Seth shook his head and rubbed his lips, wondering if all of that had really happened. One thing was for sure, though: he had to get back to this party and make sure everyone knew that he still ran this campus. END.
  12. SETH ROLLINS In all honesty, Seth had expected to get rejected, so Paige's response caught him off guard. Thankfully the darkness of the night his the features on his face, specifically the smile. Nevertheless, he fiddled with the hem of her Paige's shirt and nodded. "At least we can say we tried, y'know? If it doesn't go well, we can go back to strictly using each other for our bodies." Seth took the bag of weed out of his pocket again and handed it to Paige. "You take this and save it for the next time. Meanwhile, I'll figure out our first date and let you know."
  13. SETH ROLLINS "Hey, I have no complaints about you using me for whatever you want!" Seth said in a playful tone, joining in with Paige's laugh. "I'm just saying if you ever want to go out on a real date... yeah..." The frat boy's words even caught himself by surprise. He didn't expect to feel this way about anyone, let alone Paige, so he didn't want to linger on this topic any longer without feeling like an idiot. Clearing his threat, Seth looked out at the darkness, exhaling slowly. "So, final thoughts on the weed?"
  14. SETH ROLLINS Seth shook his head in disagreement. "Actually, the problem is I know too many people. Don't get me wrong, I love Greek life, but so many people are fake, drama-filled messes. But you?" Seth, uncharacteristically, placed his arm around Paige's waist, resting his hand on her stomach in more of a calming way.  "You're real and honest and I can appreciate that a lot."
  15. SETH ROLLINS "And that's exactly why you're my favourite person." Seth said with a smile as he put his phone back into his pocket. After taking another puff from the joint, he chuckled. "And here's the best part: I'm using this picture of her as leverage to get a recording contract with her uncle or brother or some shit. Hell, maybe I'll even bring you to the studio."