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  1. Full name: AJ Styles Nicknames/Aliases: N/A Grade Level: 11th Average Grades: Low A's/High B's Source of Income: AJ's grew up on a Marine Corps Base Camp in Georgia, which is where his father was based out of before the move. His mother runs her own house cleaning business, which AJ himself refuses to take part of. If he needs money of his own, he has no issue with partaking in manual labour (mowing lawns, painting houses, etc.) around the neighbourhood. Sexual Orientation: Straight Clique: Jocks of all sports. Hobbies/Sports: Football, basketball, soccer (aka all sports he could get his hands on) and the student government (running for president) Preferred Music: Hip-Hop, some rock. Friendships/relationships: N/A right now. Personality description: AJ thrives off of being the best, whether it's in the classroom or on the football field. He's a multi-athlete student, priding himself in the accolades he's managed to acquire as well as the hero-like reception he receives from his peers after a tremendous performance. He's cocky, brash, and knows that he's better than any other student athlete. Wanting to rule everywhere he can, AJ brings that competitive nature to the student government where he wants to be the  face that runs the place. Physical description: Basically medium height with the same hair and facial hair (maybe not as thick) as current AJ Styles. Color code: AJ STYLES