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  1. Role-Playing Games | Discussion

    Let a dude know if you want to write with Dean or Seth. Would be appreciated. 
  2. DEAN AMBROSE Dean Ambrose began to adjust to the college life in a normal manner. It really wasn't that different from anyone else's. At times, he'd show up for class late, maybe leave an assignment until the last day, but nothing crazy happened. In fact, he was proud that he hadn't relapsed in any form. Most of the time he just plugged in his headphones and stayed in his room whenever things got crazy, but not this time. For once, his music wasn't enough! The room next door were throwing a party, but then again it seemed like everyone on the floor was. Asking people to turn it down wouldn't do a thing, which Dean knew, so he grabbed his textbooks from some random Film class he was taking, as well as his wallet and phone. "I swear to God it's times like this when I wouldn't mind being deaf." As he left his room and headed down the hallway with his books, ignoring everyone else who was offering him a shot or something by each room he passed. In fact, many seemed shocked that ANYONE would rather do readings than have fun. The sound even echoed in the stairwell, which is why Dean headed towards the residence cafeteria.  TBC: Anyone!
  3. I TALKED TO MARIAH AND SHE SEEMS COOL WITH DEAN REPLACING JOHNNY. Full name*: Dean Ambrose Nicknames/Aliases: Dean-O Average Grades: C's and D's, sometimes B's Hometown: Cincinnati, Ohio Sexual Orientation: Straight Major: Undeclared Hobbies/Sports/Extracurricular Activities: Any sort of programs at school that help recovering addicts or those in need, various charities, etc. Preferred Music: Rock Alignment: Hero Ships: Becky Lynch, Sami Zayn, Mike Mizanin, Paige, Finn Balor, Kevin Owens, etc.. Basically everyone. Plot Desired: Open for anything, even possible relapses. Backstory/Personality Description: Dean Ambrose grew up in a rough neighbourhood in Cincinnati. His father abandoned his mother and himself, leaving Dean without any proper guidance in his life. While his mother worked multiple jobs to keep a roof over their heads, Dean ran with the wrong crowd at school. By the age of 15, he was already cutting class and popping pills to get him through the day. Anything he could get his hands on, you can bet Dean would use them. And if pills weren't available, he'd try any drug available. It got to the point where he was nearly expelled from school due to showing up to Chemistry class high, nearly setting the class on fire because of knocking a bunsen burner into a flammable liquid. Eventually Dean's mother helped him seek help and by 17, he was able to kick the habit and live a clean life. His grades went up, his friends wanted him around more, and he got accepted into NXTU in his senior year. Unfortunately a party the night of his graduation had Dean falling into old habits under a different light as alcohol became his go-to substance. Because of this, NXTU gave Dean a year to get help and get clean before being able to enroll. Working hard, Dean managed to fight off alcoholism and was now living three months sober upon the start of the school year. Considering he has no idea what he wants to do with his life, Dean entered school as an undeclared student, hoping that something in his class list will help him figure out what he wants to do for the rest of his life besides being healthy. However, would he be able to resist the temptations that come in college? Overall, Dean is a goofball who enjoys having fun. He can come off as a dick at times, but that's just because he likes to stick to himself and not let many people into his messed up life. He also isn't afraid to tell it like it is, so everyone better stay on their toes.  Physical Description: Messy hair, about 6ft3, not athletic but does hit the gym at times, usual found in simple clothing (Jeans, t-shirt, whatever he can grab in the morning) Color Code: DarkGreen
  4. SETH ROLLINS Seth rolled his shoulders, smirking at Lana's rage. The picture was never a plan going in, but truth be told, it felt good to have it in his possession. Rubbing his chest, Seth laughed. "Look, I could've made you look a lot worse, alright? It was a misunderstanding and nobody will even remember it once I put a good word in for you. Besides, now you know how it feels when someone has a picture of you that you don't want them to have." Seth patted the phone in his pocket before putting his shirt back on. "So tell your uncle about me or don't – I really don't care. Just know that I'm going to tell them to vote for you, but that doesn't guarantee you'll win. Just stay away from me for the rest of the night because I don't need to be embarrassed by someone who can't hold their liquor."
  5. SETH ROLLINS Seth let out a sigh, still slightly embarrassed by the situation, even if Lana had agreed to his version of events. However, in Seth's eyes, payback was a bitch and it's about time Lana got hers. "That's right, boys. Lana's going to start campaigning and I already know which picture she'll use for her posters." With that being said, Seth pulled out his phone and managed to snap a picture of Lana tangled up in the curtains and rods. It got a laugh from his brothers and a look of innocence from Seth as he slid the phone away. "What?! C'mon! I'm just trying to help. Seriously, guys, vote for Lana. She's always covered in rods." Again, the guys shared a laugh as they left the restroom, leaving Seth and Lana alone again. Grunting, he helped Lana up and out of the tub.
  6. SETH ROLLINS With the loud thud, Seth let out a groan. "What the actual fuck?!" Tangled up in the curtains, Seth struggled to get out of the tub. It seemed like every time he was around this Lana chick, something bad happened and the mood was instantly killed. Feeling a giant bruise on his arm, the shirtless communications student managed to move the stuff off of them. As he managed to get out of the bathtub, Seth looked at Lana with pity. "You can honestly kiss any good words I had to say goodb-" But apparently the loud commotion attracted some of Seth's frat brothers! A couple opened the door, confused at what they were seeing. "What the hell happened here, dude?!" Seth looked at his brother and back at Lana. He could either make Lana look bad after what happened or try to rectify the situation. Sighing, he shrugged as he grabbed his shirt off the counter. "That's just Lana, she's in the KKT. I think she had a bit too much to drink so I was helping her out, she stumbled, and tried to use the curtain to brace her fall, but it didn't work." "So... you tried to help her... with your shirt off?" "Hey, Steve, at least I've got the body to do it. You're rocking the dad bod at 18. Anyway, Lana, you can confirm that's what happened, right?"
  7. SETH ROLLINS "I can't deny that, but... you had to go and steal my phone." Seth chuckled teasingly as he began undoing the buttons on her blouse one-by-one, leading his kisses across her jawline. Once her top was completely undone, Seth kissed back down her neck and began to peck her collarbone. While Lana and him got off on the wrong foot, he wasn't going to deny that her perfect ten looks already had made him forget about their prior incidents.   "God... I want you now."
  8. SETH ROLLINS Seth smirked and gave Lana a silent nod, assuring her that he was going to talk to his frat brothers whenever he could gather them. He then took her hand, getting a little antsy as he was more than ready to "sign their contract." The Davenport native led Lana to the restroom in the main hall, which he promptly locked behind them. Maybe it was his hormones and lust for a pretty girl that got the best of him, but Seth promptly held Lana up against the door, brushing his lips to her neck. Rough was always his style, hence why his hands held hers against the hard surface. With a husk tone, he whisper in between neck kisses. "You know... I really think we... needed this. I saw the way you... looked at me on move in day."
  9. SETH ROLLINS "Well, you're as smart as you are hot, huh? Alright, alright. Let's make a deal." Smirking and somewhat impressed by Lana, not that he'd ever double cross her, Seth pulled out his phone from his pocket. "We'll take a picture or video of us signing our contract and make sure we each have a copy. That way if I screw you over, you can release it to the campus and if you don't hook me up, I'll do the same. Either way, one of our name's is tarnished if we don't adhere. You in?"
  10. SETH ROLLINS And there was Seth again, smitten by his own ego. His dream was to work in the music industry, either as a performer or something else, so Lana was pushing the right buttons. Looking down at her finger and back at her eyes, Seth had to think for a few minutes. Was he going to forgive her that easily?  "Well, I would appreciate the hell out of that if you could put a good word in with your uncle considering I'd be doing the same for you, right? So maybe..."  Seth put his can down on the counter, using his now free hand to rest on Lana's hip, which he caressed carefully.  "Now you're talking my language, but the only thing is... my brothers are going to ask questions. Y'know, how we know each other, why I'm so supportive of you, the usual. Now I don't have any paper to formalize this deal, but I feel like there are other ways we can make the mutual beneficial agreement official and to forget about the past for good." Taking a tighter squeeze of Lana's hip, Seth's eyes motioned towards the hallway bathroom door as a perverted grin etched across his lips.
  11. SETH ROLLINS Cracking open a can of his own, Seth nodded his head, listening to Lana. Obviously any new sorority member would like to make her way to the top, so this wasn't a surprise.  "Now had you apologized for the phone thing weeks ago and asked for  my help, I'd be inclined to sing your praises. But, as it stands, I have about..." Seth began to imaginarily count on his free hand before shrugging.  "Zero reasons to help you. Besides, what would I need help with? My grades are fine, my social life is great, my brothers love me. Life's good being me, sweetheart." With that being said, Seth held out his can and made a toast to the air before taking another sip.
  12. SETH ROLLINS Seth would never get overly violent or try to cause a verbal scene at a party, but he certainly tensed up a bit when Lana touched him. After their brief conversation, Seth wasn't sure what the blonde wanted to do with him. As he set the case on the kitchen island, he let out a sigh.  "And just why would I want to help you with anything? Maybe I just want to crush a few brews with my brothers instead of dealing with a girl who, apparently, sucked a lot of dick that was all better than what I have to offer."  His last phrase was clearly mocking what Lana had to say as he rolled his eyes.  "Look, what do you want? Once second you're sending my pictures to yourself, the next you take digs at me, and right after that you need my help."
  13. SETH ROLLINS Seth scoffed, pulling his beers back to him instead keeping his offer.  "Wow, Lana! You're allowed to go anywhere, huh? Any and all parties? How many dicks did you suck to get that kind of influence?" Laughing to himself, Seth picked up the case of beer again.  "On that note, you can kiss my bulge because I see no reason to talk with you." By now, Seth was in a sour mood. He still wasn't happy with their first encounter, but their second one wasn't helping either. On a dime, he turned and started walking towards the kitchen.
  14. SETH ROLLINS "Well, one thing you can know about me is that I love to please those Kappa Kappa Tau girls anyway I can." Seth chuckled flirtatiously, hoping that this girl was attractive enough for him to get somewhere with. Once she helped with the door, Seth settled the case down on a table near the door. Staying true to his word, he opened it and took out two bottles of beer, holding one in each hand. ""As an honest man, I believe I owe you two beers. By the way, I'm Se-" But as he turned around, Seth's flirty grin turned into a look of sheer agony. Standing before him was Lana, the same girl who tried to steal his nude pictures. Taking a step closer to her, Seth spoked in a whisper. "What the hell are you doing HERE? I swear to god if you touch my phone again... I'll make sure you're never invited to a frat party again."