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  1. Random Thoughts

    Finally saw the latest Star Wars movie. It was so good! I am just blown away, it absolutely exceeded my expectations. Now I'm sold on a million more to come :D
  2. Eva Marie hopes to return to WWE

    For some reason I don't dread the idea of her being back as long as she's booked according to her strengths (considering how Lana is handled I'm afraid that won't happen tho).
  3. I don't even recognize her face let alone recall how she did on the Diva Search...
  4. Talent kept in the dark about rumble announcement?

    That's why most had truly shocked faces and Paige started crying immediately. But I am still mad at how poorly it was all executed. It was once again Stephanie going out there trying desperately to make it seem like she's this amazing feminist activist, using once again equality fight for a cheap pop. This is not getting things to the next level. This is pandering. Not to mention how dumb everyone looked in the end when they joined hands...they were trying to kill each other minutes ago. Would have been so much better if Stephanie would come out while everyone was going ham on each other and was just like "Oh, you all wanna fight so bad? You'll get that chance at the first ever female Royal Rumble". That way she still would have  been the one introducing the match, history would have been made still and yet the women would have kept kayfabe. Not to mention it would have made it seem like the women actually evoked this stipulation with their work not that Stephanie and the rest of the management just decided to give them a X-mas present. Fuck I hate this company's management so bad! They are so transparent.
  5. AJ Lee's Autobiography Being Turned Into a TV Show

    That's great and I feel so happy for her
  6. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    Okay. Eva Marie really represented wrestling well and with class here and I am ready to apologize for saying anything negative about her even though she wasn't all that in the ring.  
  7. Natalya sets the record straight about retirement

    Wtf..where is this gif from I don't remember it :D
  8. Legendary DIVA Announced for Next Years HoF?

    This would be so great if it happens!
  9. XFL coming back?

    I don't even remember the first attempt. But I don't understand this sport and I never cared for it either. Would be sad if it turns out all the budget cuts were to fund this shit though.
  10. Carmella Cashing In MITB at Clash of Champions?

    At this point I am not excited to see her cash in. I guess if they execute it well I will pop
  11. I feel so bad for her :/ Glad she overcame that
  12. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    Okay, but what if she's not like you and she votes as how she pleases instead of being loyal to a certain party? My point is we know shit about how she actually feels politically and if she's even a political person.
  13. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    I'm not American so idk how things work but does her registration as Republican mean she MUST vote republican? There were plenty of republicans that didn't vote at all the past elections because even people affiliated with it knew Trump was bad. Also can we not get on Bliss's ass when she has not said or done anything bad... You are going off of things that are just straws. Her liking the Net Neutrality tweet punched me harder as a fan of her because I feel like she just liked it out of being misinformed and just read the title and was like "Yeah!".
  14. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    :/ Becky better run clear from any idiocracy cause I am so close to just dropping wrestling and simply devoting all my attention to Katya and Trixie.
  15. Net Neutrality Discussion

    Gosh, I so hope they hold this promise. I'm not trusting any fucking word a politician says tho. I'll believe their actions