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  1. This logic is why I left feminism. It's not proven she's a victim. I shouldn't be expected to back her up or take Foley's side with lack of any evidence. All you can make are assumptions. "He looks creepy"; "the business back then was dirty" but we really know nothing.
  2. I understand that, but you have to see the other side of the coin. At certain point you have to ask yourself what is more important- helping getting the abuser behind bars or removing yourself from the situation and allowing him/her to do it to others. Waiting for years is never in your favor because evidence is long lost and then there's more room to doubt the validity of the claim.
  3. Still dents the logic that "victims" never lie. It really has turned into a situation of ruining reputations with mere words. The point is what if he is in this 2%? Blindly believing people is not justice.
  4. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    The way he acted. I don't actually know it's how heย presented himself imo.
  5. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    Holy fuck...Aleister Black vs Velveteen Dream was such a great match! Glad for Patrick cause I really liked him during TE and he actually had passion for wrestling unlike Josh who was in it for the money.
  6. I am not a person that will ever adopt the mantra that people should believe everyone that says he/she has been assaulted (sexually or not). It's not enough to just come after decades and claim things. It kinda sucks that among the Weinsteins there's bound to be people falsely accused just because someone wants attention (not saying this is the case here). So I will not believe this or make snarky comments about Foley until the woman comes with evidence.
  7. Comics Thread

    They really need to do it! But I wouldn't mind if they give us separate movies for each lady to establish them. If DC pulls off actual good Harley or Poison Ivy movie I will forever defend them. Also seems like Whedon getting involved was a good move. Even Red Letter Media had nice things to say about the movie (although not a lot) and they were basically stuff Whedon did.
  8. I just hope the truth is unveiled sooner rather than later. If she's trying to defame him I hope she gets at least blacklisted from showbusiness. If she's saying the truth I hope Otunga gets whats coming to him.
  9. I kinda can't believe this is true. Like Vince is not that insane...
  10. The Rock's daughter wants to wrestle

  11. The Rock's daughter wants to wrestle

    No. No. No. I am tired of people thinking they can be Charlotte....Charlotte has been the exception
  12. Wow...10 years of engagement...we were making fun of Nikki for being the constant girlfriend all this time and Mr Otunga was living 10 years waiting on that actress to say "I do". Nikki, I get back any shade. ย 
  13. Random Thoughts

    The thing is I think they don't realize they are being rude. I've talked about me being attracted to both sexes and they acted like it was nothing which was great, but they do make these comments sometimes for gay guys in class that make me cringe. "He is acting so gay", "he is hanging out with the girls" and then they giggle. I really try not to be so dismissive to people cause I've made mistakes in my life too and I have had my own journey in order to get to the point I am. I think they saw that I was feeling uncomfortable cause they stopped giggling pretty quickly after I didn't take part.
  14. Random Thoughts

    My friends have been lowkey homophobish today and I kinda feel down. And last night one of my roommates made fun of me for watching RPDR and said "Ew!" at drag queens. So I am kinda bumped out cause I thought they were better than that.
  15. Peyton makes most sense. Kairi I love so much but it would be a boring story to have her win the title now. We need a heel as champ now, I feel.