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  1. Seth Rollins calls out Trump

    I mean it is possible but it's not like they were much involved in commenting politics prior to that so it's tough to say if they are not commenting out of fear. If Seth gets punished we'll have a solid proof.
  2. Seth Rollins calls out Trump

    Did someone credible confirm this "order" cause you talk like you have been there in person :D
  3. Seth Rollins calls out Trump

    I don't think people are "not allowed" I generally think superstars don't tweet politics cause it can turn into a shitstorm in the comments. WWE is not as stupid to work themselves into a discriminatory lawsuit.
  4. Sexiest Men Alive *NSFW*

    I finally can lust after Thor! The short hair does it for me :D
  5. Main Roster Stars Being Sent Down to NXT

    One is gonna be Tye Dillinger I suppose.
  6. Sexiest Men Alive *NSFW*

    Whew, I'm not going to hell...for this. :D
  7. Sexiest Men Alive *NSFW*

    How old is he cause he still looks 14 and I am uncomfortable watching this :D
  8. Carmella really makes me like her both on the show and as the kind of person she seems to be in real life.
  9. Seth Rollins calls out Trump

    Every time I see this gif I just laugh at JLo cause it almost seemed like she wasn't paying attention and then everyone got so excited and she tried to overcompensate :D
  10. Seth Rollins calls out Trump

    Why is anyone surprised and why is anyone just now stanning?
  11. LMAO you might strike some luck with the PM Borisov, he is relatively liberal in his views. I just imagine them responding in broken English tho LMAO
  12. That moment when I wanna judge US but my country just legally has no mention of gay or trans people....
  13. You have some insane interpreting skills. You literally asked why would someone bring it up and I gave A reason. Nowhere did I state that I don't believe her. You presented one theory, I presented another.
  14. Spot on. That's why it is so very important for victims to seek out help immediately when something happens. Otherwise, the evidence gets lost and then it all just turns into a circus.
  15. What are you "Oh, really?"-ing me about? I gave a reason for why someone would bring something that was settled in the past. So you are admitting that you're biased and we called you out with some logic that you need to give the benefit of the doubt to the other party as we don't know what really happened