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  1. Alexa Bliss Injured

    I think its a work. She'll most likely train with Trish or have some time off again. Might be bac for Round 2 of the tournament. 
  2. Bigger Missed Opportunity?

  3. MMC Returns Sept 18th

    LITTLE BIG! <3 
  4. MMC Returns Sept 18th

    Team Little Big. <3 
  5. OMG, CAN NOT wait for this!!! Awesome booking. Lita deserves the win & the rematch!
  6. Ok, Im so excited for her! One of the most charismatic Divas Ever!
  7. Maria wants to bring back the Divas title

    Why Not. At least credit the Divas champs & what they've done, if not the title. Esp. wrestlers/characters like Melina, Mickie, Jillian, Maryse, AJ, Kaitlyn, LayCool Deserve credit, a mention, the spotlight like the rest that always get praised... 
  8. Epic Match Rumored for Evolution PPV

  9. A Queen can not be bothered!  But if she gets involved and helps Michelle win would be awesome! 
  10. Is Melina the Sunny of the new era?

    Oh, yeah, I meant that I agree with ya. lol  Wrong quote. 
  11. Ronda running the Raw Women’s Division?