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  1. I really liked her on WWE/TNA, so great for her! 
  2. She's absolutely one of the best ever in ring & on the mic. Everything from her look to her entrance to her promo skills to her attire to her wrestling skills was unique & is well remembered. Whoever doesnt admit to that doesnt know shit about wrestling or/and is pressed by The Paparazzi Queen. She will slay all of your faves combined with a look - if she decides they're even worthy to be looked at. 
  3. They were just promoting a match like other do. I dont think that was the reason. I think Jericho agreed on a match and they saw a better option than Rusev and threw him out. They dont like him anyways. 
  4. Wrestlemania Win/Loss Records

    Sable, Torrie & Melina! <3 
  5. Maria Kanellis Gives Birth

    Congrats, Maria & Mike!
  6. Miz/Finn/Seth  Alexa/Nia 
  7. Is Nattie the Madonna of wrestling?

  8. What does the future hold for the NXT women?

    Zelina, Bianca, Shayna are future Superstars.
  9. FIVE Women's Matches at WrestleMania?

    They cant think of anything MORE BORING.......  Alexa gets face reaction lots/most of the time anyways. And Vince will sell a shit loads of Little Big merch, if that happens. I ope they're considering it with the way they left things with them in that backstage promo, as if something can happen in the future... 
  10. Should Bliss retain at Wrestlemania?

    I feel like even if she wins it, it will be a short reign. She really is not ready to be the face at all.     
  11. FIVE Women's Matches at WrestleMania?

    And if Alexa is introduced Braun's secret tag team partner... 
  12. Top 10 Female Wrestlers?

    Chyna, Lita, Trish, Melina, Mickie, Beth, Molly Holly, Jazz, Ivory, Jaqueline. 
  13. Maryse Gives Birth

    All the love to Maryse! <3