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  1. She was amazing on ECW & TNA, I wished she worked for the WWE for awhile. Wasted potential. Like Kharma. 
  2. How did you become a wrestling fan?

    Everyone were talking in highschool and I decided to watch, I liked Torrie Willson & The Rock.  And then I REALLY got into it with Edge & Lita. 
  3. Alexa Bliss

    Simply The Best. 
  4. Maybe Carmella will feud with Nattie after that, cause Nattie will turn on her out of jealousy she got her opportunity. I think Nattie will win the title by the end of the year. 
  5. Good, I'd prefer Naomi/Carmela than Naomi/Charlotte. Something different. Hope she stops screaming in the ring tho. 
  6. They will put her on Raw to replace Emma. They wont push her. She aint needed in SD as well. 
  7. Maryse

    Definitely, sexiest of the sexy. :o     
  8. Maryse

    Maryse coming back is like one of the best things to happen to the WWE!  She should really go back to the ring as well... 
  9. Jillian Hall

    Oh, Thank you very much!
  10. Jillian Hall

    This was iconic! lol  Why isnt there a Maryse fan base?
  11. Who Served The Best Wrestlemania Attire?

    Alexa & Maryse were the coolest. 
  12. Layla or Eve?

    Eve is not going anywhere. She isnt remembered at all.  LayCool are getting inducted for sure. 
  13. Layla or Eve?

    Layla 100%. 
  14. Melina

    This is soeone Im going to miss forever. WWE will never bring her back and she was the best Ever.
  15. Alexa Bliss

    Alexa saved the womens division. Simple as that.