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  1. Brandon Flynn comes out

    I thought we knew. :DĀ 
  2. Charlotte and Sasha not friends anymore?

    Yeah, all of this.Ā 
  3. And thats why them two will continue stopming on everyone else for YEARS to come. Queens.Ā 
  4. Who is the queen of FCW?

  5. The most iconic diva of ECW

  6. Raw August 28, 2017: Live Chat

    THIS IS MY FUCKING QUEEN!!!!!!!!!!qWDS so happy!Ā 
  7. Natalya receives her side plates

    Very proud of her!Ā 
  8. Raw August 21, 2017: Live Chat

    Cant wait for Alexa!!!Ā 
  9. SummerSlam 2017: Live Chat

    Who's your fave?Ā 
  10. Best Ring Gears

    Ok, i found more that I love!Ā  Ā Ā  h
  11. Best Ring Gears

  12. Best Ring Gears

    Every single Maryse & Melina gear has been PERFECT. She has the best attire.Ā  Also love Layla, Alexa, Lita & Torrie Wilson's attires.Ā 
  13. Alexa Bliss

    If she wins tonight, she'll become the longest reigning Raw Women Champion! Let's hope WWE doesnt messes up!Ā