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  1. It seems like with the Draft everything prior has been forgotten about/"never happened". Doesn't make any sense, they've literally not made any mention of Naomi and Tamina's alliance prior to her injury - which never even disbanded btw. The writers had tunnel vision with this 3-on-3 mess and refused to acknowledge any plot holes. But what else is new ladies. 
  2. You know Char's going to be the only bitch woman enough to take some big bumps. Y'all saw the way Saucer was swinging that branch at her, Char made ha look goodt!
  3. There gon' be 4 girls in the MITB ladder match? 
  4. When did Michelle win a bike? 
  5. Backlash 2017: Live Chat

    Gworl, you need to accept your losses and move on. Naomi has been in and out of the title picture since Eve was Divas Champion, while Tinder has literally never won a match until 3 weeks ago. People have been clamouring for Naomi to finally win the gold for years on end now, while no one has been checking for Tinder. Whether that was due to booking or not matters for nothing mawma, as clearly the fans have been behind Naomi for a while - and the same can't be said for the other. Being a martyr is only a good look if it's for a good cause, and Tinder is not that mawma.
  6. Backlash 2017: Live Chat

    Vinaro waiting for Maria to do something useful with her life
  7. For anyone wanting to see what Kairi's version looks like - it's beautiful. I hate Bugley, mediocre white lookin ass.
  8. Smackdown Live May 16, 2017: Results

    Tea  Lexi and Nikki were the stars and everyone else got the rub from them. Charismatic kweens.
  9. NXT May 17, 2017: Results

    Why doesn't Lacey have a badass military fighter gimmick if she was in the military? 💀
  10. Smackdown Live May 16, 2017: Results

    This mess of a feud is taking me back to the Divas Revolution except with less interesting characters. Naomi never wins (the champ btw).  Char is plain unlikable hence why she never got over as a face and neither did her merch. Nattie couldn't lead a horse to water and Ellsworth's dumb ass just makes everything look like a joke. Turning the only women's feud on SmackDown into some mess about them wanting his white mess, delete it Satan!!! Tamina having the driest character of any female talent to ever exist inside a WWE ring, and Becky kinda just being there. This shakeup has been so awful, where is Momckie??? Should've kept her on SmackDown if they weren't going to do anything with her on RAW. And where is Lana going to fit in? I just don't understand. I'm so over WWE. 💀
  12. Wrestling's Sexiest Men | NSFW

    Bitch I can't even see your nipple on the gram. 
  13. Wrestling's Sexiest Men | NSFW

    Never too late to start.