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  1. WrestleMania 34: Live Chat

    how apropos that you forgot aaliyah 
  2. Social Media Updates | Twitter News

    Carmella was always planned whereas Vince had Nia's pink slip ready to go multiple times but they slipped into the shredder
  3. not 7k views after 5 days  she really does need the promo 
  4. Mandy Rose Reveals Her New Boyfriend

    the women's revolution evolution has gone too far the str8s are commenting on a womyns' wrestling forum
  5. WWE Hall of Fame 2018: Live Chat

    this shade at kurt’s buck teeth you ain’t slick sis
  6. Maria Kanellis Gives Birth

    "Fredrica Moon" Ember Moon's impact nnnn
  7. can charlotte get longer shorts I'm uncomfortable 
  8. is this going to be televised if not idgaf 
  9. this song is actually a bop ! hardcore cunt-ry snapped !
  10. Rosa Mendes on Why She's Returning to Wrestling

    not @ @Boris.'s cameo at 4:22
  11. I just talked myself into being angry smh, us praising WWE for letting women have their matches go for longer than 2 minutes and us kissing their feet smh it aint 'right
  12. this is kinda sad to think about :/ amidst all the preaching of revolution and equality, women still get far less tv time and have far fewer superstars than the men
  13. I feel like this is why they delayed the Iconic Duo's call-up to main - they're bringing them up so they can be the inaugural tag title holders. What would be the point of bringing them up now when clearly they are a team? It was weird enough when Peyton was being in all these singles matches and Billie was on the outside like Boo Boo the Fool.