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  1. Ember Coon is a prime example of why wrestling should still be kayfabe.
  2. Maria Kanellis launches YouTube channel

    do you read any other posts before you write? 💀 
  3. Bane is serving
  4. not me thinking princess - of ember foo fame - getting ready to sue wwe and ember for defamation 
  5. Maria wants to bring back the Divas title

  6. Queen of gays!!!  Porqoui am I a f** 
  7. Epic Match Rumored for Evolution PPV

    my dick is hard! 
  8. I can’t believe my all-time fave is coming back for a SINGLES match and I’m not excited in the least. If Miss Piss goes over WWE is cancelledt! 
  9. WWEShop Merchandise Thread

    new shirt confirms title win? 
  10. so is there anymore deeverz tonight or is that it
  11. Melina Says She's Done With Wrestling

    I wish this was a work but I highly doubt that it is 
  12. Alicia getting a bob and forcing Peyton to get clip-ons, smart business kween 
  13. Charlotte jumping over the ropes and taking them both out and Becky serving \O/ YOU LIKE CHARLOTEEEEE
  14. Charlotte’s top heaviness giving ha forward momentum through that front flip