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  1. New NXT Signee Receives Ringname

    Melina is cancelled.
  2. Emma celebrates 5 years with the WWE

    I can't believe she's lasted 5 years  her resumé thin as shit, pretty much just says "WWE: 2012-; employed"
  3. Main Event July 10, 2017: Results

    Not you ending Momckie like that sis let ha liV
  4. WWE rumored to clear out Women's roster

    This article is 100% fake as I don't see Foxy's name anywhere on that list. I love my girl but 
  5. Why do Bella threads always attract the fucking weirdos  congrats Briesus
  6. I'm actually really depressed about this  Talking Smack was one of my favourite shows. Also not cool of them not telling her. Poor girl is literally floating at the moment. Y'all bitches can't even spell Talking Smack.
  7. She's truly an amazing person. Wish we got to see more of her, even if not in WWE.
  8. Paige's Brother Sends Message to Fans

    I wonder if Pebble's documentary will cover this also. 
  9. Paige's Brother Sends Message to Fans

    She's just doing it for the fame sis, same reason she's buddy buddy with Sasha/Summer
  10. Rumored Women's Match for Battleground

    She's never gonna compete in the sweaty (nor should she)
  11. One match at number 9? I'm sure that wasn't the only match worthy. Like someone said, Nikki/Nattie FCA was amazing, and the Becky/Alexa match that main evented SmackDown should've been on there.
  12. News broke out recently of a domestic violence incident between Paige and Del Rio at Orlando International Airport. Paige lied clarified on Twitter that a woman threw a drink at Del Rio which is why they called the cops: HOWEVER, TMZ released audio footage surrounding the incident, with Del Rio clearly heard saying "we had a fight at the restaurant, she assaulted me and deserves to go to jail". TMZ Source:   Thoughts? Personally I'm over seeing a new fight every other day. They both need to come to their senses and end this. And enough with the lies 💀  At this point they must know everyone in the Orland PD by name 💀
  13. You would know about flops.
  14. Stars in the Night Align: Paige & ADR Split!

    Did the tea burn your throat, mawma?
  15. Woo the points will be flying in this thread 💀