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  1. Her eliminating Gail in 10 seconds in that one Survivor Series match
  2. 1 women's segment in 2 hours... we love an evolution! #salute
  3. why do the tired squad always look confused as to who's going to tag in? can these hens practice these matches ffs
  4. I'd be more grateful if she was at home pigsitting
  5. why does nattie always sell with her mouth openfkdjk serving the MITB gif part 2
  6. Me getting ready to tweet #GiveDivasAChance after that sharpshooter
  7. The Boss's future is too bright Nattie needed to bring sunglasses 
  8. I don't want to laugh but Nattie with those glasses I'm
  9. Maybe Paige can put ha out of commission
  10. Are tag titles coming? The forum discussion posts spoiled for me
  11. Actually I've changed my mind, keep Piss as assistant to the GM so she can't win anymore titles 
  12. Alexa Piss is a cockroach, we can't keep ha down
  13. the tribute from Naomi was the sweetest thing in the whole show   sis really didn't have to do that but she did and to see the respect between two of my all time faves is iiconic    
  14. Evolution 2018: Live Chat

    This match is going to be amazing I feel it