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  1. Carmella Is Innocent

    fuck them kids
  2. Lana calls out Ronda Rousey why does nicki look like fucking ganondorf in this gif 💀 
  3. Vickie Guerrero Shows Her Ass

    me expecting to come in here and see vickie’s nudes  
  4. if by polite reactions you mean sitting on their hands then yes, she does get polite reactions!
  5. you saying all this when nattie is the least captivating and has done nothing to improve her lack of charisma in the 15 years she’s been there
  6. gurl this reach she tweeted it bc naomi was wearing a yellow outfit head-to-toe, not bc she’s racist, I’m tired
  7. Nia calls out WWE for racism

    we don’t 
  8. lock the thread, mawma covered all the bases 💅🏼 
  9. Social Media Updates | Twitter News

    they have common ground - they're both white
  10. Her eliminating Gail in 10 seconds in that one Survivor Series match
  11. 1 women's segment in 2 hours... we love an evolution! #salute
  12. why do the tired squad always look confused as to who's going to tag in? can these hens practice these matches ffs
  13. I'd be more grateful if she was at home pigsitting