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  1. home gurl will really try anything huh...
  2. I'm cryingggg wtf is this video 
  3. Literally!!! I'm screaming at certain people in this thread acting like people HAVE to contribute more so than they already do or contribute in other sections of the forum??? Gurl LOG OFF and go outside 
  4. you remind me of tiffany new york with these elegant measured reads absajsjdjd
  5. Lana leaks sextape on Snapchat

    am I missing something or was this not clocked as fake on page 1???
  6. Sasha Banks leaving WWE?

    make it happen baby
  7. Sasha Banks leaving WWE?

    I liked and I read it in full ma. I braced myself and set aside a good half hour but it was tea!
  8. y’all really gotta learn that there are humans on the other side of these characters 😭 you ain’t have to do sis like that
  9. Melina in Batista's locker room
  10. Mickie James releases new song

    BITCH I do not need Mickie James and released in the same thread title my heart SKIPPEDT
  11. This is HUGE! Is this the first time this has happened in the WWE? This should be enough proof for Vincetta to realise that women are a draw
  12. WWE turning every one of these gerls heel at some point in the last 6 months because they don't know how to write a good babyface, I have to laugh
  13. Carmella Is Innocent

    fuck them kids