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  2. Total Bellas stunt continues to backfire

    y'all are really doing too much, watch the latest episode and tell me it's all a stunt. even kathy looked broken after hearing the news and I doubt they're that good actors, we've seen the bellas acting on the MR and they're pretty fucking terrible tbh (no shade)
  3. Taz offers praise for Dakota Kai

    I couldn’t agree more
  4. Total Bellas stunt continues to backfire

    what kind of donald trump on twitter tea
  5. Total Bellas stunt continues to backfire

    honestly, me coming in here expecting them to have lost half the viewers when it's only 2.3%  the bella haters clutching at straws 
  6. how was the match sis spill some HB exclusive tea 
  7. I’d rather rewatch the gauntlet match from raw
  8. Raw May 28, 2018: Live Chat

    WWE petty ass really putting Lana in a MITB match when sis has wrestled all of 4 matches and is prolly gonna end up in a wheelchair when shart does a moonsault on ha while holding a ladder 
  9. Raw May 28, 2018: Live Chat

    That gauntlet match was the pits 💀  Did Ruby and Mickie share a triple bacon cheeseburger in catering before the match? Both moving like they’ve been wrestling for 2 hours with no break Sasha being the only one with a PEP in ha STEP! If she doesn’t win the MITB and a white bitch does I’m done with it! 

  11. Stacy Keibler Expecting Second Child

    so your mum had you late? 
  12. Summer Rae Returns to the Ring... Kinda

    wearing the same musty gear she been wearing for the last 4 years in WWE it can be kept