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  1. K-pop

    hey y'all the queen of kpop is back!
  2. Haaaaay

  3. TBH I think a lot of you are wrong about Asuka. If the things you guys are saying is true why is she destroying everyone? 
  4. K-pop

      tbh they aren't special but they are really popular already. i really like the blonde girl the most (just because she's the best dancer and i always have dancers/visuals as bias). but srsly they are all visuals so i just love them 
  5. K-pop

      dragged. they r so hot expect some of them tryna lipsync when on music shows 
  6. WWE Divas DRAGS the lessers

    Back when the Diva's only got two minute matches they didn't even experience crowds like this.. I guess it was 'cause they were gone from the ring so quickly 
  7. Newz on the Divas Revolution

      Sweetie you're delusional. Paige didn't put shit over for nine months. She was there squashing everyone. Nikki faced her loads of times and put Paige over by making sure the match endings were always via cheating/doing something sneaky. 
  8. How come she is less sloppy here than she is in the ring.. 
  9. K-pop

    You Think was so good. They really suit that style, I love it. I'm so annoyed YoonA got no lines? Why didn't SM give her a RAP.
  10. K-pop

    Yoona looks so good in all of them 
  11. TNA Knockout Struggling to Pay Bills?

    she needs jesus! poor girl can't even afford rent.  
  12. Wrestling's Sexiest Men | NSFW

    Who has the video of John's sex scene omg
  13. GFW Titles Getting an Upgrade

    Is it on TV yet? 
  14. K-pop

    I loved Party tbh. It was really good. I died Yoona looked so good 
  15. K-pop

      the MV    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Llzu0F8ODU   bald at their live for this comeback.  and their fan chants were so, so good.