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  1. Plans for the Raw Women's title

    Don't spend money on WWE period. I haven't spent a dime on it since Linda became a part of Trump's cabinet
  2. Today in History

    I loved seeing Becky win the title. I wish she wasn't booked so badly as champ though
  3. Empress of No Tomorrow? NXT Women's Champ INJURED

    I've seen some people actually happy that she's injured. WTF is wrong with them. You don't have to like Asuka as a wrestler but she doesn't deserve to be injured
  4. I'm not a big fan of the NXT womens championship but I think it's better than the other 2. My main problem with it is the giant X. I like white straps, the intercontinental championship is the best looking belt in the WWE right now IMO
  5. I think that the NXT women's championship looks the best. I dislike the design of the Raw and SD womens championships, because they look like fruit roll-ups.
  6. Favorite Summerslam moments

    Becky Lynch picking up the win for Team PCB two years ago
  7. Update On Io Shirai & WWE

    Sounds racist to me
  8. Update On Io Shirai & WWE

    disappointing, but stardom needs her
  9. Nia Jax sends Bayley to the injured list

    Nia was called up from NXT too early
  10. Kairi Sane Reportedly Injured During Mae Young Classic

    hope she gets better soon
  11. Cyberg Wants A Match With Becky Lynch

    I hope this doesn't happen. Cyborg would win and Becky can't afford anymore loses
  12. Let me start by saying there is no depth on either roster. The brand split was a mistake. There's not enough women on either show. On Raw, Alexa Bliss shouldn't be champ. She's overpushed and bad in the ring. Nia Jax is being pushed over much more talented women like Emma and Sasha. On SD, Naomi has been booked horribly as champ and is going to be facing Natalya at SS while Becky and Charlotte are stuck wrestling Tamina and Lana, who's terrible. WWE just isn't the place to go if you want good womens wrestling right now
  13. Women who attract the most WWE Youtube views

    It makes sense that two of the women who have gotten pushed the most have the most views.
  14. How important is believability to you?

    Becky is more muscular BTW, I'm not saying that bigger wrestlers should always dominate smaller opponents or that smaller opponents can never beat bigger ones. I think smaller wrestlers can often make up for their lack of size with how they wrestle. One example of this is Asuka. Even though she's pretty short, she has a stiff-looking offense, especially her kicks, so I don't think it's unbelievable for her to beat bigger opponents. Sasha Banks makes up for her lack of size with her intensity in the ring. Alexa Bliss has a weak-looking offense so she's better booked as a conniving, sneaky heel who cheats to win matches. I think Kurt Angle is a good example of a wrestler who was smaller and not as tall as a lot of his opponents, but he made up for that with his amateur wrestling background and being an olympic gold medalist. He was legit, so I didn't find it unbelievable when he wrestled guys like Lesnar. So size and height should play a factor, but a wrestler's style and athleticism are both important factors too.