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  1. This just makes me WEEP for SD Live 2016. An era.
  2. Nick Miller of The Mighty released

    Let me start praying for a Shane Thorne breakout moment.
  3. Why is Maria so disliked?

    Because she snatched With Legs Like That from Stacy! Jk. I don't mind her for the most part, but there was definitely a time where she was way too much for no reason, aka when she went on AfterBuzz to slut shame Kelly and her tirade on the Bellas for "blocking her contract," which she ended up retracting shortly after. I think she makes good points sometimes though, particularly her response to her nudes being leaked and standing up for the diva era.
  4. Is Trish still the standard?

    Until the headliner girlies of this generation retire, yes.
  5. Were any of these alleged MMA "horsewomen" even anything special pre-WWE to deserve this kind of hype? I fr only knew who Ronda was. 
  6. Which WWE women’s wrestler are you?

    Ruby Riott 
  7. Stacy Keibler Expecting Second Child

    Legend serving healthy, fit pregnancy yet again!
  8. He was never a big player but he got a decent amount of attention & support when he first came out, so I'd probably be a little pressed too. Obviously he didn't know about the entrance beforehand to actively try and be a part of it, but I would have been @'ing Finn and WWE like the aggy bottom that I am as soon as the Balor Club equality shirt was announced if I really wanted some type of clout.
  9. Queen is here to keep kayfabe ALIVE
  10. Wrestling's Sexiest Men | NSFW

    I don't know when I became a WHORE for ginger men but 
  11. Isn't she in the middle of suing WWE too? I'm peeing