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  1. Ashley Massaro passes away

    I started watching wrestling consistently right after she won the Diva Search. She was part of a group of women I will always look back on fondly. Truly a big part of my childhood. This is hitting harder than I would have ever expected, and seeing the other women from that time period mourn the loss of their own is heart wrenching. RIP.
  2. 2004 Diva Search commercial!
  3. Not the two-for-one special with him proposing on her birthday. The ring is cute though. Congrats to them.
  4. Sonya Deville On Representing LGBTQ Community In WWE

    Can they do something with her though? The only time she's on TV is when she's getting blurred out by Mandy's entrance effects.
  5. Torrie Wilson To Join The 2019 Hall Of Fame Class

    Keiblegend has been active on Instagram! Torrie also tagged WWE in their most recent picture together. Hopefully queen was foreshadowing!  
  6. Torrie Wilson To Join The 2019 Hall Of Fame Class

  7. Carmella Is Innocent

    Mess. I feel like they both deserve lashings. Like how are you gonna do your daughter like that and sleep with her role model? I'd be traumatized. And Ms. Mella, you really can't do better than this whole ass, aggy married man? Good luck with step-motherhood! 
  8. They better STAN Keiblegend!  I felt so sad watching Victoria react to Molly's Rumble appearance. She deserves that call.
  9. This just makes me WEEP for SD Live 2016. An era.
  10. Nick Miller of The Mighty released

    Let me start praying for a Shane Thorne breakout moment.
  11. Why is Maria so disliked?

    Because she snatched With Legs Like That from Stacy! Jk. I don't mind her for the most part, but there was definitely a time where she was way too much for no reason, aka when she went on AfterBuzz to slut shame Kelly and her tirade on the Bellas for "blocking her contract," which she ended up retracting shortly after. I think she makes good points sometimes though, particularly her response to her nudes being leaked and standing up for the diva era.