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  1. Nikki Bella Talks Dating After John Cena

    being friends with an ex is entirely possible and actually good for your own development regarding emotional maturity etc (assuming it wasn't abusive or toxic) but telling them about all your new dates/prospects is a tad much, but whatever works for them i guess.
  2. i could totally see dana and nattie serving a female Hart stable aesthetic.
  3. Nattie's career is having a twilight peak, happy for her.
  4. Politics aside, the fucking WOMEN are gonna main event Wrestlemania. Flashback to a decade ago, it's practically surreal.
  5. Alexa out indefinitely with multiple concussions

    Really sad, wish her a speedy recovery. I hope Ronda learns from this and develops a safer technique, regardless of your feelings towards any superstar, no one wants to see this.
  6. Hulk Hogan Confirmed for Crown Jewel

    The absolute worst thing they've ever done and that's saying something.
  7. Renee Young Set to Work Crown Jewel

    This company...
  8. Stephanie wants Serena Williams in WWE

    Ronda makes somewhat sense because she comes from a fighting background.   This is just a nonsense, it's all about chasing $$. And clearly not about the quality of the product. I don't want the women's division overrun with celebrities who can draw but do little else. Stephanie, sit down and STOP.
  9. Evolution was a success. Surprised?

    I am a little but I'm super happy because even though that company needs a complete corporate re-working, the McMahon's being trash and just overall it remaining UGLY, nothing and no one can bring our girls TALENT, DEDICATION, DRIVE & PASSION down and long may it continue because they deserve every inch of the praise.
  10. Evolution: The Rise of Alexa Bliss

    Honestly she was set to be a slightly zanier Dana Brooke but bitch knew her potential and ran with it. She wasn't given the spot, she took the damn thing. She's effortlessly a future HOFer of this era and in the top tier lineup with Charlotte, Sasha, Becky, Asuka and Ronda.    People can hate but baby Stratus is here to slay and be a draw.
  11. Evolution 2018: Live Chat

    Good GRIEF Mother Pat came to school all the gays calling her dried up.   Serving like it's 2005.
  12. Evolution 2018: Live Chat

    Are they interplaying boos over Becky's old promos im doneeeeeeee
  13. Evolution Match Officially Changed

    Should have given us Sasha V Trish.    
  14. Trish Stratus & Lita rewatch their epic Raw main event

    Heel Trish as Raw GM...   Gays would get out of the grave to watch.