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  1. hello, legends

    Welcome! x
  2. Who is Bianca Belair?

    Baby icon.   I am PRESSED they changed her theme tho.
  3. Stacy Keibler Expecting Second Child

    Congrats Legend.
  4. SmackDown May 22, 2018: Live Chat

    Lana serving Legend Moretti teas by being a messy mouthpiece with more heat than a fever and STILL getting those opportunities.  
  5. Nikki's messy antics turning the viewers AWF and affecting Brie's coin. 
  6. All Signs Lead To Nia Jax Retaining At MITB

    Don't turn Nia heel for GODS SAKE. This is such a bad reign sorry Lina.
  7. I'm not going to come for Bayley. Unlike some people she's worked her way up from the dirt through passion and love of the industry. All the way along she's done her best to elevate other girls too. Her title run wasn't what it should have been but I blame booking. She could have been one of the biggest female stars they've ever had, at one point in time she was popping as loud as peak Lita/Trish. I don't think she'll ever get back to that level but she deserves another push before Alexa, Charlotte and Ronda.
  8. SmackDown May 15, 2018: Spoilers | From the UK

    So wait let a sis breathe here... Yall ended the streak to give Charlotte the honor only to render that useless the next night by cashing in Carmella only to now render that reign useless by giving Asuka the win at MITB... Carmella a placeholder and swiftly back to catering, Asuka streakless and weakened as champ and Charlotte beating Asuka and losing clean to Mella. Twice.     At least they've dragged the 10 ton truck off of Becky's tit and she's risen but damn.   
  9. Raw May 14, 2018: Live Chat | From the UK

    Yaaasssss Baby Stratus, 4x Women's Champion and Heel LEGEND come thru and keep your boot on the gurls windpipes!        
  10. Ronda vs. Nia Announced for MITB

    And such a waste because Ashley can heel very well and we'd be here for it again.
  11. Ronda vs. Nia Announced for MITB

    So she beats Nia, dominates the division, Nattie wins MITB, their stank feud begins and she has a failed cash in, Charlotte wins the Royal Rumble and WM35 is set. We been knew but if this was really the way they wanted to handle stuff, they should have had Charlotte going forward as champion and Ronda chasing. The only saving grace this was going to have was heel Charlotte. I'm not about to suffer both these bitches playing babyface in the WM main event and hugging afterwards. The trouble is, the booking is SO shocking they can't even have a fair fight between Ronda and Nia because Alexa has been booked to show Nia's weaknesses. Her reign could have been Chyna 2.0 and it's literally been the worst one since the Women's Championship was reintroduced. I feel bad for her, she's been buried as champ.
  12. Honestly the gurls may do as they wish but it's odd to me that any of them get this surgery when they spend their working days getting bodyslammed. I mean a tity bound to pop eventually.
  13. Nikki returns to the Bella Twins channel

    I don't know the story, I don't know either of them, but I don't like him. Not a jot.   I don't stan but honey, you are Nikki Bella, you do not need that. She's gorgeous, successful, talented and big hearted. This is why men need to stay in the dustbin gurls. Y'all have hands, you don't need the dick. Protect yaselves!