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  1. She doesn't own his likeness. A mess.
  2. WWE legend Bruno Sammartino dead at 82

    An icon like no other. RIP. The next time a legend of this stature passes it will be Flair and that will be a truly sad day.
  3. SmackDown April 17, 2018: Live Chat

    It's balanced out better than I anticipated roster wise but I can't shake this feeling that there are a a few pieces of the jigsaw that don't fit. Smackdown is feeling very tag team heavy with IIconics, Absolution and Charlotte/Becky/Asuka. Also where does this leave Naomi? Carmella is serving well so far, I can see her holding the belt till Summerslam at least. I was hoping we'd see Sasha jump to Blue and feud with Mella but damn, they are BURYING this girl on Raw. If we have to sit through 6 weeks of programming with her and the Riotts feuding I'm done. Thing is, I know WWE wanted to humble her with the short reigns but they've really hurt her star power. Everyone's been talking about a Sasha heel turn and how it'll revamp her career but she heel turned at Rumble and EC and the booking has just been so bad that no one noticed, realized or cared. She's been heel turning for the past 6 months but she's just not the star she used to be and I blame WWE 100% for that. It actually makes me angry because as far as potential goes, there probably isn't anyone outside of Charlotte who has THAT package. She's one of the best they've ever had and they need to get over themselves and let her thrive again. I hate this company and if she ends up walking because they don't let her live I'll never forgive them. I think Alexa will be fine, bitch always delivers and if she starts to fall down the ranks mother will reinvent. However she remains the top blonde on Raw so I'm good.  Ugh these shake ups give me anxiety   
  4. They really should have just kept this shake up. Or moved a couple of big stars to mix it up properly. Why move Dana just so she can sit it out on another show? I need these stables and groups BROKEN up I'm so over the Riott Squad ugliness it does not function, cancel and take it back to NXT. Also after last night, Sasha and Bayley are essentially b-list in the division. Creative has done a horrid job with this but what an utterly pitiful way to leave that feud. If they team up to face the Riott's next week...   
  5. Billy Graham drags Ronda Rousey

        Right? I'm meh on whether Ronda sinks or swims during her WWE tenure but while she's one of the gurls, my gay ass is gonna go to the bat for her against trash like this.
  6. Billy Graham drags Ronda Rousey

    Okay I was not here for the Alicia incident but let me not hang her man's messiness at her door. She obviously cares about being in the business, it clearly means a lot to her to be over with the crowd and I'm sorry, but after Mania, the girl proved she could go. I'm here for an angle with Nattie, she's not going straight into the title picture and her character work needs improvement. She knows she has work to do and I think she's willing to do it. WWE will almost certainly over push her but she's willing to pay her dues, give her that. As far as Billy Graham calling her a "failure". I don't just think it's harsh and unnecessary but it's also hardly accurate. I'm so over crusty, dusty MEN thinking their opinions are valid like it's 1973.
  7. Raw April 16, 2018: Live Chat

    Smackdown going to get the 4 horses and Asuka what has RAW done to deserve her fate?!     
  8. Raw April 16, 2018: Live Chat

    Wait I'm late af and tuning in and out. They did not just send the Diet Squad to Raw?  Ruby has been dust since Fastlane and the other two haven't done anything ever. I am retired this is a mess.
  9. Raw April 16, 2018: Live Chat

    Not Alicia probably getting served her rights for speaking ha mind but Jeff getting rewarded for being a drunk menance on the roads. WWE remain as cute as a bunion. 
  10. hi

  11. The IIconics on Chasing Glory

    I'm in fucking BITS 
  12. Alleged video of Nikki cheating?

    Lets be real. Even if she did stray that excuse of a pig been looking for a get out clause since he wrote up her contract.    
  13. The IIconics on Chasing Glory

    I live for Dr Lil.
  14. Nikki Bella and John Cena End Relationship and Engagement

    I can't stand this boring ass reject from the Action Man warehouse. First he had to get his charmless MUG all up in the women's match at Mania (every time they cut to his face I wanted to break the screen) and then he's gotta jog his aged ass up the ramp to steal Char's moment and NOW he's finally done stringing Nikki along. He has a flat pack where his balls oughta be. I hope karma turns him bald and breaks his foot. Mother Universe allow his last match be him getting buried by Taker in 3 mins. I HATE MEN
  15. Naomi Responds to Racism