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  1. Rosa training for a comeback

    Good for her, the division is in an amazing place in terms of recognition and respect so I can understand her wanting to be part of that. And props too that she recognizes it's a different level of competition now and that it will require a lot of training to go there. I love a queen who gives effort and passion so if she can bring that in the ring, why the hell not. Beyonce wasn't built in a day gorls.  
  2. Molly Holly

    True icon of the division. And one of the biggest pops of the rumble!
  3. Feuds You'd Like To See?

    Trish V Sasha Nia V Becky Mickie V Nikki Cross Alexa V Charlotte (SS match was better than I expected)
  4. Bianca Belair possibly injured?

    That looked like a painful botch but I don't think Ember did anything wrong. Bianca is gonna be such a hit on the main roster in a few years. She's very unique.
  5. Kairi Sane subjected to racist chants at NXT house show

    So disturbing. This kind of nastiness is becoming more prevalent throughout the world for reasons I wont get into because this isn't a politics forum and we not about to have that discussion but the lesson is to be kind to people and accept everyone for who they are. Even if they don't give you the same dignity. We can only hope these sad and, in some cases, sick hearts get the healing they desperately need. Be more like Kairi, an inspiration.
  6. What an awesome interview. She's such a lovely woman, I'm so stoked that she's getting her props for helping pave the way.  Y'all need to follow her on Twitter and Instagram too! 
  7. Emma talks Emmalina floppage

    I'm still so salty about her being released. She was pretty over, a great in ring performer and her heel persona had legs. Like, no disrespect to anyone but if they need to air up the roster, Dana Brooke will never be over and hasn't done shit in months.
  8. I cannot wait for her speech, it's going to be the highlight of Mania weekend. 
  9. Final Title Tally for the New Era Girls?

      This tea burnt my tongue. 
  10. Six Woman Tag match announced for Raw

    Genuinely confused about what they're trying to do with Alexa right now. Also, putting all six of the EC participants in a tag match is lazy and kills hype. Raw creative taking me back to their mid 2017 creative sleepwalking I see 
  11. So when all is said and done, how many title reigns do you think think the new girls will end their careers with? It's kinda hard to predict with the girls who have yet to hold gold but just for fun. (not gonna include RS or Absolution because they're just too fresh to the game)   Sasha Banks- This is the bitch they're building to break Mother's record. I feel it in my bones. They've done her dirty with reign length so far but I suspect her next one will be lengthy and heel. I think she'll tie Trish in the next 3 years and probably retire an 8 time champ. The tea was served to me at the Rumble. Ma Stratus has waited a decade for her successor, she's handpicked Banks and so it shall be. Charlotte Flair- It would be very unwise for them to try and have her replicate her father's glory. A 6 time champion sounds good. I'm not enjoying her SD reign at all. Maybe another heel run would be good though. Naomi- I'm seeing a similar thing here as with Becky. 3 Time champ perhaps. Natalya- I think she'll stick at two but definitely be in the HOF within 5 years. Bayley- Honestly, I can't really see her having another  Which is weird because if I'd played this game when she was in NXT I'd have put her in iconic territory but she's fallen hard. Maybe another if she picks herself up. Honestly at this stage I can see her being released before she gets another reign sadly. Alexa Bliss- It very much depends how she plays as a face but she's so over, I could see her tying Mickie's tally of 6. That said, I think her current reign should and will be her last for some time. Asuka- See Nia Jax. Nia Jax- I think she's going to have one super dominant reign. Possibly a record breaking one time wise. Carmella- Hard to say because she's not held the belt yet but girl is charisma personified. Her in ring ability is against her at this point but it didn't stop Bliss becoming the top woman in the company. I'll go for 2 time. Becky Lynch- 4 Time Champ (Seems unrealistic now but I think she's got a strong 5 years left in her and 4 time champion is a very respectable tally, puts her in legendary territory)   Extra: Dana aint happening. Alicia deserves one more run. Same with Mickie but I don't see it. Mickie will get HOF status though.
  12. Possible Reason for Iconic DDuo Taking Time Off

    They're super talented. Love them. If it was their choice fair enough, but if it's something they've done on the implication it'll get them more screentime or a call up to the main roster then it really shows that the "women's revolution" has a way to go. 
  13. If Trish & Lita Never Retired

    Post Ivory, Jackie, Molly and Jazz, the division had really slowed and it was very noticeable that it was only Trish and Mickie carrying it in 2006. Perhaps a controversial opinion but Victoria was being badly booked and Lita in 06 was starting to get past her prime. Plus her in a heel role never worked, was too uncomfortable. Their retirements were the ends of an era but I tend to think that Trish had more to give, she was reaching the apex of her in-ring abilities, another 1.5 years and more iconic moments with Mickie and Melina could have been great. As it happens, I think it probably played out in the best way. It would have been sad to see them outstay their welcome and it's very possible that an 8th reign for Trish may have been overkill for the audience. I remember her being booed at WM22 and thinking that maybe the tide was starting to turn. She had reigned the division undisputed for a long time and it was perhaps time for fresh faces. And lets face it, Trish and Lita were either going to be the faces of the division or nothing. They could never play mid-card jobbers for new girls.
  14. SmackDown February 13, 2018: Live Chat

    The girls continue to do the best they can with creative in a coma. Where's Carmella and Nattie? God even put Lana against Liv or something just to mix it up. Maybe give Ruby a title shot since she's beaten Charlotte now? Time was that defeating the champion was enough for a title match but now it's like months between title defenses (both shows are guilty of this) and it devalues the championship.
  15. Ivory Announced for WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2018

    Well it’s about damn time.   This woman has deserved far more appreciation than she’s received both in the industry and WWE. She was a stalwart  of the women’s division, an amazing mic worker (probably the best of the era along with Trish) and an incredible athlete.   Her achievements have been slept on. A 3x women’s champion. An iconic rivalry with Chyna. Iconic character work in RTC. And she was the last of the modern girls to feud with MOOLAH. A generation spanning queen.    Trish is my fave but I’ll never forget that it was Ivory who put her over in the six pack challenge which launched her as the face of the division. She is the original MOTHER.   Good on you Lisa. I’m gonna need you to serve some good tea in your speech. And here’s to an appearance in the 2019 Royal Rumble.