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  1. Honestly it annoys me how the word "diva" is thrown around as a dirt insult nowadays, even from the top down as it was used against Carmella in a segment recently.   Was it the greatest era for the women? No, but there wouldn't be an "evolution" to speak of without that generation and the ladies before them sacrificing all that they did. Say what you want but there's no Sasha Banks without Trish Stratus and there's no Trish Stratus without Sunny. It's all linked, it all mattered and it's all relevant.
  2. Is Trish still the standard?

      I didn't compare them, I compared their statures. I'm not denying Moolah doesn't deserve hers at all but that's not the discussion at hand. 
  3. Is Trish still the standard?

    Yes and no. In terms of overall achievements she is this generations Moolah. The aspiration and the sort of legendary figure that people cite as the inspiration for where the division is currently at. In Trish's generation, Moolah was that figurehead and Trish is that to the girls today. Charlotte will be the next one to hold that mantle. The wrestling industry has changed so much though, in terms of social media and influence, I would say Nikki is the standard bearer.
  4. Seminal Pop Culture Moments

  5. Madonna

    Happy 60th Birthday Queen.    
  6. Renee Young to serve as guest commentator on Monday Night Raw

    Now it's been said, it's utterly mad the commentary team has been all male since its beginning. 
  7. How Popular Are YOUR Faves?

      If Trish was having her peak (2001-2004) in the social media era she'd be 10 million+ no doubt.
  8. hello, legends

    Welcome! x
  9. Who is Bianca Belair?

    Baby icon.   I am PRESSED they changed her theme tho.
  10. Stacy Keibler Expecting Second Child

    Congrats Legend.
  11. SmackDown May 22, 2018: Live Chat

    Lana serving Legend Moretti teas by being a messy mouthpiece with more heat than a fever and STILL getting those opportunities.  
  12. Nikki's messy antics turning the viewers AWF and affecting Brie's coin. 
  13. All Signs Lead To Nia Jax Retaining At MITB

    Don't turn Nia heel for GODS SAKE. This is such a bad reign sorry Lina.