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  1. Alvin, it's never over sister. Only Alvin I stan is Alvin and The Chipmunks.

  2. Ariane "Cameron" Andrew to be on MTV's The Challenge

    I'm ready for a  "You put me up for elimination? I got something for your ass." moment 
  3. Alvin "Natalie" Perry playtime is over.

    1. blndkendoll4mj


      Kiki Insulin Marie playtime is over.

  4. The complete cast of #TheChallengeAllStars a special mini-series of MTV's The Challenge (source: )           I squirted all over my walls. I'm ready are you?
  5. You though it was over? :specky:

  6. You thought it was over?

  7.           ☆ I'm a Entrepreneur & Entertainer ☆     MY STAN LIST: BRIE BELLA, EMMALINA, NIA JAX, BAYLEY, MICKIE JAMES, LITA, GAIL KIM, JILLIAN HALL, BRITNEY SPEARS, TRISHA PAYTAS, FOREHEAD BANKS    ❤  I'm not like most girls  ❤