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  1. Last name: ANN! First name: RAGGEDY!
  2. WWE Hall of Fame 2019: Live Chat

    I'm crying already. Fuck off.
  3. Torrie keeping HOF speech under 10 minutes

  4. Raw March 25, 2019: Live Chat

    Not The Andre The Giant battle royal...
  5. What's with all of the negative feedback? As an avid fan, Torrie Wilson did bring something to the table. Sure, she wasn't a Champion. But while women like Trish and Lita were the forefront of RAW, Torrie Wilson was the forefront of SmackDown! and she deserves all of the recognition for that. She might not have been the best women's wrestler, but she was dedicated and that's all we could ask of our Divas back in the day. None of them were jumping off ladders, participating in cage matches, etc. But when I think of Diva, only a few names stand out and Torrie Wilson is one of them. I'm so proud of her and all that she has accomplished. It almost makes me teary eyed. She's one of my IT girls.I'm so happy.
  6. Biggest Wrestling Pet Peeves?

    Still waiting for Sable to go into the HOF.
  7. Carmella Is Innocent

  8. Vickie Guerrero Shows Her Ass

    She makes me cringe.
  9. Lacey Evans...... a Diva Hybrid!?

    I stan.
  10. Raw January 21, 2019: Live Chat

    Ronda out here going through the gigs and sounding like a crack head behind 7/11. I'M HERE FOR THE MESS.
  11. Raw January 21, 2019: Live Chat

    " Lacey speaks so slow. " Que Bella Twins. Nikki talks so slow it's like she has a speech impediment.