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  1. When your signature is featuring, Carmella DeCesare. LEGEND.

    1. Christon


      We support heel icons :clap:

      Diva Search pioneer tbh

  2. Sunny Arrested Again

    Congratulations, sis! Clink-clink!
  3. Feuds You'd Like To See?

    Alexa Bliss versus Nia Jax. Mickie James versus Nikki Cross. Charlotte and Becky versus Ronda and Shayna. The Iconic Duo versus Absolution. The Iconic Duo versus The Riott Squad. Alexa Bliss versus Ember Moon. The dream would be, The Iconic Duo w/ Emma versus Absolution w/ Paige.
  4. When you have a dream that Sable was in attendance at the Hall of Fame and wore the most beautiful black sequin dress. 

  5. FIVE Women's Matches at WrestleMania?

    Here for that "Carmella" cash-in... OOP!
  6. Top 10 Female Wrestlers?

    T H E N; 1. Aksana. 2. Eva Marie. 3. Carmella DeCesare. 4. Lacey Von Erich. 5. Dawn Marie. 6. Cameron Lynn. 7. Shaniqua. 8. Miss Jackie. 9. Summer Rae. 10. Sable. N O W; 1. Mickie James. 2. Natalya. 3. Charlotte. 4. Alexa Bliss. 5. Nia Jax. 6. Ruby Riott. 7. Naomi. 8. Alicia Fox. 9. Ember Moon. 10. The Iconic Duo. FOREVER; 1. Trish Stratus. 2. Gail Kim. 3. Victoria. 4. Molly Holly. 5. Jacqueline. 6. Chyna. 7. Barbie Blank. 8. Torrie Wilson. 9. Jazz. 10. Lita.  
  7. Full Sail | Premise and Casting

    TORRIE WILSON ‚ Full Name: Wilson, Torrie.                                   Age: Twenty-nine. Income: Middle class.                 Sexual orientation: Heterosexual. Occupation: Broadcast journalist.           Nickname(s): Ms. Wilson. Marital status: Single.           Hobbies: Cosmetics, Fashion and Fitness. Friendship(s) / Relationship(s): Not applicable. Connection to the Crime: Broadcasting on the death of Eva Marie. Personality traits: Fearless, reliable and strong. BACKSTORY ,  Full Sail. Also known as home. Torrie Wilson had an intense childhood, raised in an upper class family with a controlling mother. As the only child of the household, Torrie was pressured by her mother to be perfect. At times, Torrie is tired of being the perfect daughter, which lead to her branching out and leaving the town of Full Sail behind. She performed around the United States as a fitness competitor. But, in the process, transitioned into a broadcast journalist. She moves back home to Full Sail, still distant from her family, and is wanting to reinvent herself as a said broadcast journalist.Her first motive is to open an investigation on the murder of Eva Marie and is determined to put together the missing pieces to solve the mystery. Can she solve who killed Eva Marie, or will the pressure of re-connecting with her family become to much to bare? APPEARANCE , 5'7" - All-American woman.
  8. Trish, Jackie, Michelle, and Molly were the four matriarchs for me. Those four were outstanding. Beth, Torrie and The Bella Twins were mediocre for me. Torrie did more then I had expected. Barbie and Lita were the two disappointments for me. Lita was off. She looked off from her entrance to her elimination. No energy at all. I was disappointed.  Trish Stratus. Michelle McCool. Molly Holly. Jackie Moore. Torrie Wilson. Beth Phoenix. The Bella Twins. Kelly Kelly. Lita.
  9. SmackDown December 5, 2017: Live Chat

    I could understand Queen Aksana better than I can Sarah. "Ya'll more nervous than cats and rocking chairs." What? :x
  10. Who did you stan/unstan this year?

    Alexia. Alexa & Nia. Lana. She's so fucking annoying.
  11. Is WWE/Wrestling Next?

    Sable came forward about sexual abuse.    
  12. She really is the cats meow.