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  1. Favorite Fandango pairing

    Andrea Lynn! She was so captivating. The fact that nobody knew who she was. What an icon. The modern day Miss Elizabeth that got away. I remember when she did an interview after they stopped using her and she said that the WWE Universe "Fandangoing" wasn't dancing and that she could teach them how to dance. A heel until the very end. My wig will forever be snatched. 
  2. Random Thoughts

    I'm not from NY though??? But I'll happily set aside some coins to fund this irl rom-com for you sis.
  3. RuPaul's Drag Race

    I finally got caught up on this mess and Valentina and Shea are the stars of this season. I love them both omg. They're literally flawless and snatching me completely bald every single episode!?!  Sasha's interesting but I don't know if I see her getting very far unfortunately. Also, I'm surprised by how much I like Trinity since I actually don't live for her ~aesthetic~ at all nnn. Everyone else can go home if they haven't already though... 
  4. Ember Moon explains her gimmick

    This alt-underdog gimmick clearly isn't working if you have to hop on instagram and explain it mawma, no shade. Just say you're a Mortal Combat cosplayer and call it a day. 
  5. I'm really looking forward to having my Tuesday evenings free again. 
  6. The chemicals from dying your hair Red for all those years as apart of the #RedNation have messed up your physic powers sis.  
  7. Isn't that exactly what your faves did last night for Alexa ft. Mickie though? 
  8. The male equivalent of Charlotte vs Sasha making the jump to SD. They're really about to do it.
  9. I really hope you're right but I wouldn't be surprised if WWE just wanted to use the SDLit writers to try and salvage these two after their botched RAW run. Let me pray they aren't that stupid.
  10. Me when Sasha's theme hits tonight while Charlotte's already in the ring  
  11. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    A concept @Wilifred.. We love legends  
  12. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    @Wilifred. @Shoaib. @Mariah.
  13. Raw April 10, 2017: Live Chat

    Although the SDLit writers will probably execute this "shake-up" properly. Guess I'm tuning in again.
  14. Raw April 10, 2017: Live Chat

    WWE are really about to put us through all this again tomorrow. Post it on dot.com and call it a day.
  15. Raw April 10, 2017: Live Chat

    this crowd clearly knows TALENT