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  1. I can already see it. The smarks and tumblr fans will rave about all these bland indy girls and they'll all get signed and we'll end up with an entire division of Sasha's, Bayley's and Nikki Cross's. Embarrassing. I'm so glad my WWE contract is nearly up...
  2. Maryse

    queen of grinding, interpretive dance, boobs and limited english  
  3. Maryse

    i'm severely shook. Fetus Maryse is literally everything to me. I was literally just watching her early segments with Cherry earlier. Actual queen of SD!   Can you even imagine slaying this hard, this early in your career? Maryse doesn't have to. She gripped my wig, making me stan, on Day 1 and hasn't let go since 
  4. These Diva cameos serving me a 'Throw It On Me' tea except really cringey and embarrassing and not even nearly as iconic. Slay, I guess? These girls really could never. They wanna be "Extreme Expose" and "The Babyfaces" so bad...  
  5. Female WWE Hall of Fame Inductee REVEALED?

    Talented. Brilliant. Incredible. Amazing. Showstopping. Spectacular. Never the same. Totally Unique. #womenswrestling
  6. Female WWE Hall of Fame Inductee REVEALED?

    I suspected she'd go in eventually so good for her if true, even if it does feel a biT too soon. It seems odd having her in before Chyna, who obviously paved the way and served as inspiration for Beth and her Glamazon character and even before Mickie/Melina/Laycool who were her career rivals and frankly had more remarkable careers overall. I'd imagine the fact that her and Edge have a good working relationship with WWE helped boost her up the list as the rest are more complicated and they probably want to wait until Mickie officially retires to induct her.  Laycool would have been cute for this year but with Layla missing and presumed dead I guess it'll just have to wait 
  7. Female WWE Hall of Fame Inductee REVEALED?

    her HOF package highlighting the top rope Glam Slam aka the most iconic Diva spot of the 2010's  
  8. wow at mine/@Wilifred.'s avi making the OP. 
  9. Plans for WrestleMania 33

    Maryse carrying Renee in her first ever match. What kind of ring veteran?  queen finally getting a (somewhat) solo WM moment after being done dirty during both her Divas Championship reigns. Mama better strap that knee up and show out. I wanna see all 4 of her moves executed. I'm shook.
  10. Who's this? Is this one of Matto's faves?  
  11. I'm still screaming at Nikki doing the iconic signature Diva *stretch and pose while walking to the ring* but getting clocked in the middle of it. Would have been better with Diva anthem "Feelin' Me" blasting like it always ought to be but still...
  12. !!! I really don't know what they are teaching them down there because it obviously ain't brawls and it definitely ain't promo classes either. 
  13. If OVW and FCW did anything it was teach these girls how to BRAWL!  Iconic.