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  1. Not Malaria's SDLive re-debut getting cut. What was that headline again? Miz and Maryse split to make way for Maria and Mark Kanolli? Life comes at you pretty fast, eh @Vinaro?
  2. Carmella: *literally breaks no rules and spills tea on past MITB interference's*  Daniel Bryan: *acknowledges but completely ignores said tea and issues rematch*
  3. Breaking News: Carmella resurrects kayfabe and puts the #WomensRevolution in the dirt where it belongs in the promo of the year on SDLive. Bucky, Baygel, Saucer and Chart found crying while holding up four fingers in the middle of a ring at the WWE Performance Centre.
  4. "While they were worried about making history, I was making plans for my future"  Fuck, clock the whole division queen. We're stanning so hard
  5. Same. @Mariah. is always the highlight of the live chats.
  6. Maryse

    We love an iconic, ageless, holy bop.  
  7. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    Video footage of Kelly "I wanna have a baby" Kelly after I get done harassing her on Twitter for teasing a return and not following through.
  8. Raw June 19, 2017: Live Chat

    yeah I take it back. Pourquoi? having me so shook I almost forgot I was watching FLAW! See y'all at Big Balls of Fire tbh
  9. Raw June 19, 2017: Live Chat

    Ugh Maryse deciding to start showing out while I'm firmly in my part-time era. I can't stand her   Let's renegotiate my contract @Mariah., I may start showing up on Mondays again. Save me a space at catering @Wilifred. @Travis Roucka 
  10. Raw June 19, 2017: Live Chat

    Did someone say Pourquoi? @Wilifred. @Boris. @Travis Roucka
  11. Carmella literally having the first ever womens MITB contract fall into her lap. A scammer. Iconic. 
  12. The Miss Money In The Bank match serving Miss Wrestlemania Battle Royal with a man snatching the finish. Messy
  13. I'm lowkey mad but her catching the briefcase was actually cute af  Watch them take it off her. 
  14. She didn't even get her top of the ladder celebration? They really had a man go get it for her? Okay?!
  15. They WOULD open the show while my internet is acting up. Iconic PPV Live Chat return cancelled. Know I'm here witnessing Carmallah make history in spirit gerls.