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  1. Raw April 16, 2018: Live Chat

    I don't really know what's going on or who's going where but can they please just put Finn and Sami on the same roster so that I can maybe finally get this goddamn match on TV, or if Stephanie's really about that life, that gay storyline? Give me us what I we deserve. Snatch that GLADD award, mawma. 
  2. Raw April 16, 2018: Live Chat

    I just read that Jeff won a title tonight. Isn't he just back from a DUI? I swear that man could smoke crack in the middle of the ring live on RAW and still get pushed. His MIND. Whew, we love a legend. 
  3. So Maryse really lay on her back and battled through category 5 gale force winds at Wrestlemania so that these two could have their ~moment~ just for them to call it quits a year later?  Disappointed, but not at all surprised.
  4. The synchronised swivel.
  5. Oh wow, Miss Billie didn't come to play games. Dr Miami snapped.
  6. My getting the notification that Cumallah cashed in her lunchbox after I decided not to watch tonight.
  7. Raw April 9, 2018: Live Chat

    I love Mickie with a straight weave. The 06' legend jumped out. 
  8. WrestleMania 34: Live Chat

    Izzy has been found fuming at Full Sail.
  9. WrestleMania 34: Live Chat

    Take some initiative Nicholas. Shake the table, sis  
  10. WrestleMania 34: Live Chat

    spring cleaning* 
  11. WrestleMania 34: Live Chat

    Last years set outsold btw
  12. WrestleMania 34: Live Chat

    I can't believe i've sat through 9 hours of wresting only for Carmella to not cash in. Hateful bitch tbh. We love a HEEL.
  13. WrestleMania 34: Live Chat

    I guess Cumallah is coming for the WWE title? Shook
  14. WrestleMania 34: Live Chat

    An underrated classic. Diva pandemonium  
  15. WrestleMania 34: Live Chat

    Serving crime scene victim