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  1. Raw August 14, 2017: Live Chat

    @Wilifred. being in the presence of God right now, while I'm sat waiting for a stream to load   
  2. Raw August 14, 2017: Live Chat

    Did @Wilifred. make his RAW debut yet? It's the only reason I'm here.
  3. I said it last year, and it's even truer today, but HB really is the sole reason that I continue to somewhat check for wrestling. I joke daily about retiring from HB and wrestling but I can never seem to fully distance myself because I know I'd miss the community. Despite the fact that there's usually a 6 month gap in between my posts and I'm not the most active or talkative person on the site, I really do appreciate the members here more than I can truly express for making this one of my favourite places to visit where I know I can escape for a bit. Thank You HB, and Happy Anniversary, Heartbreakers!  
  4. Celeste "Kaitlyn" Bonin visits WWE live event

    Can she hurry up and return? Queen of bodybuilding. I want her to serve Hogan vs Andre and bodyslam Nia Snax at Wrestlemania  
  5. Eva Marie OFFICIALLY gone from WWE

    Was it really only 4 years? Felt like 40, but with like 4 minutes of action. Truly such a waste of a bona fided wrestling icon.  RIP Red Queen. Gone too soon.
  6. All the things she said All the things she said Running through my head Running through my head Running through my head (Running through my head) All the things she said All the things she said Running through my head  Running through my head  (Running through my head) This is not enough Mother looking at me Tell me what do you see? Yes, I've lost my mind Daddy looking at me Will I ever be free? Have I crossed the line? All the things she said All the things she said Running through my head Running through my head All the things she said All the things she said This is not enough This is not enough ...  Victoria's theme really does deserve the top spot. The most fitting theme for the Diva Era in retrospect 
  7. How convenient. Mariah's payola. I knew this countdown was rigged.  
  8. TRULY DESERVED!   Lilian Garcia's greatest contribution to wrestling. I heard that she's in line for a HOF induction simply for singing this GOSPEL!  
  9. Sometimes I wonder, how I made it this far With all these people hatin' on me, y'all know who you are Take a chance and try to come up, in this game bein' a star Now I own the keys to a brand new fancy car, baby It's my turn to burn, and now I'm here to rub it in ya face (giggling) When will you learn, I'm the Queen and I'll put you in your place WOAH! IT'S TIME TO ROCK N ROLL!
  10. I'm afraid you just can't teach that type of slayage, sis.  The rats in that warehouse aren't worthy anyway
  11. Okay, Sable did not single-handedly invent crowd POPS with Wildcat for it not to make the Top 10. I am disgusted  Legs deserved Top 10 as well.
  12. Happy Birthday, Willy!

     Happy Birthday @Wilifred.! Have a great day King, you deserve it! Thanks for always putting up with me in PM's   Love ya, sis xo (rare photo of myself and Willy with our Mom, taken from the Ouellet-Mizanin Family Album )
  13. Any theme that got dubbed out by WWE after the fact is a guaranteed BOP because you know it was expensive af. Walk Idiot Walk is proof. Poor "Gangsta Grunt", ha direct-to-dvd career
  14. The fact that all this UFO$ TRASH is ranking higher than iconic, legendary BOPS is a tragedy and I weep for the new generation of #Diva #Women stans. I'm gifting WWE Network subscriptions to any hen that hasn't watched anything pre-2012 because ignorance will not prevail. Not on my watch  
  15. The iconic cowbell, from Boise, Idaho, combined with the string of pearls flying across the titanton, always left this hunty so shook