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  1. WWE showed it's true colors today

    "Why does anyone watch this garbage?" asks the person who's been and will most likely continue to watch. Why are we acting like WWE being trash is a recent revelation? C'mon now.
  2. Kaitlyn Officially Returning for Mae Young Classic

    We all know NXT Season 3 is easily the single greatest thing WWE has ever produced and now our OG NXT Diva is back  When they change the MYC format to include Obstacles Courses, Musical Chairs, Dance Off's and Diss The Diva  Whew, we have decided to stan forever. 
  3. Kaitlyn Officially Returning for Mae Young Classic

    Wow, I'm really gonna have to watch the Renee Young Classic this year huh?  
  4. The Fox is Ready to Snap.

    All I know is that they better take this opportunity to bring back Shake Yo Tail (Bone) 
  5. DEBUNKED: Drama amongst former BFFS?

    nnn well I said IN the company, but if the shoe fits.
  6. DEBUNKED: Drama amongst former BFFS?

    This era of girls pay far too much attention to stan Twitter. Acting like the messy queens on your timeline while you're IN the company, at your big ass age is...really embarrassing.
  7. Well that was...anyways.  
  8. When the clown comes back to bite and it ends up being Samoa Joe   
  9. WWE is confirmed home of phobic if we don't get some ~exposure~ during this match. It's pride month. @ God, won't she do it?   
  10. When Finn slips off the ladder after going ott with his baby oil only fans gimmick. When you do clownery...
  11. Ronda with these stiff bumps. The way she just flops. Whew, I feel like I'M concussed.   
  12. Me completely forgetting Nia was champion. The Immemorable Force. 
  13. Ellsworth snatching a second run. Carmella creating more jobs than the government. Her mind.   
  14. The audience has rarely been able to recognise talent, so I won't hold my breath.