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  1. WWE Games | Discussion: WWE 2K18

    If you're interested in learning more on the effects of tobacco use, I'd like to encourage you to go to www.thetruth.com to find out more information 
  2. Alicia Fox on Lilian Garcia's podcast

    I agree that this was sad to listen to. The saddest part for me was not so much that she feels embarrassed of her career (which honestly must be such an awful feeling, especially when you've worked so hard) but more so the fact that she's of the mindset now that her WWE career doesn't define her. Don't get me wrong, that's extremely true, and I'm glad she knows that, but it also made me feel like she's given up hope of ever being used better or getting to a point when she feels fulfilled with her career. It's as if she's accepted that this is the way it is and she's too humble and grateful to complain about it on Twitter. A class act. She truly deserves so much better  
  3. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    I'm mad. Why are these new hens getting the Diva era dragged for filth in here? Y'all ain't got no home training. Don't speak ill of the dead. Let it rest in infamy. #NotAllDivaStans
  4. The hate towards K8 is too much, and for what? If we're gonna sit idly by and let tragedies like Bayley and Nia Snax (not to mention the dozens of flops rotting in the PC) have a job then we can damn sure make some room for someone who actually has charisma and can work. I mean, are y'all forgetting that she pretty much invented the NXT Women's Division by winning the iconic, groundbreaking Season 3 of NXT? Put some repeckT on a legends name plz.   Mama Celeste is coming to enter (and accidentally win) the 2018 Women's Royal Rumble  
  5. Rosa Mendes

    Nothing but respect for MY Smackdown Women's Champion    
  6. So when's the Diss the Diva and Diva Dance Off portion of the #ReneeYoungClassic happening?    
  7. WWE Games | Discussion: WWE 2K18

    I think as her biggest stan, it's only right that you be the one to ask  
  8. I can't believe we're getting a new baby sibling @Wilifred.  wow, a FAMILY!  
  9. OMG WTF!  I can't believe it. A baby announcement, in the middle of the ring. ICONIC! Truly the most must see baby in sports entertainment. We're crying in the maternity ward.    
  10. Plans for the Raw Women's title

    Don't fret sis. You could always try and get a glimpse of Sasha at the airport. 
  11. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    Hurricane Nikki. Irma is shook  
  12. The way I was shook when she kept going after "not two babies, or three babies"  Bitch quadruplets? Insane. She's so tiny too. Wishing legend a safe and healthy pregnancy  
  13. I don't know how many times I've logged on, seen a thread with "GFW" in the title and asked myself wtf that was, only to realise (and quickly forget again) that's what TNA is calling itself now  Good luck to them I guess.
  14. WWE Games | Discussion: WWE 2K18

    I didn't know 2K18 was being released on the Nintendo DS as well. Slay  
  15. oop, witch witch bitch, another one in the basket  our pm's apparently being thee ideal place to conjure. we are so powerful