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  1. Two Legends Meet

    Char serving Cher. I hope Gail returns for this Woman's Tournament. I wanna see her roll out the ring and quit before it begins. 
  2. Hi everyone. Just popping in to remind y'all that Maryse Ouellet is facing 16x World Champion John Cena in a match at Wrestlemania.  
  3. nnn if it was Mickie he'd have the tickets, flights and accommodation paid for by now. Madison Rayne got a digital camera and some shoes from the good sis WWF for doing far less. 
  4. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    These vultures hacking the good sis while she's going through a divorce. So rude. Let me pray they don't leak... ... ...although, if there are FCW/NXT era leaks, didn't she and Fandango have a thing? Is mawma Celeste about to bless the gays? 
  5. nnn poor Barbara chancing her arm like that. She didn't wanna have to be Kelley Kelley on the indys. The Bella's convincing her and Maryse to demand it all knowing WWE's ass would never agree so they could just lowkey sign on the dotted line. Savage. 
  6. Don't do the good sis like that. To be fair to K2, wanting to use Kelly Kelly outside of WWE wasn't that big a request considering the others she was set to return with could do it since they have their real names. Petty from WWE really. 
  7. Keep saying it. Just keep saying it. Keep saying it out loud, and maybe you will convince Hope @DorianCain, cause you won't be convincing anybody else so, dream on!
  8. When she got up out of her seat and started preaching into the camera  WIG FLEW! Meryl Streep has been found dead  
  9. Can we just take a moment to appreciate Maryse's monologue? CHILLS. Serving emotion. She had me feeling like I was the one that was stabbed in the back and robbed of a contract. I love talent. @Wilifred.  
  10. No Singles Match at WM

    I mean I honestly don't really care since Trish vs Mickie will never be topped so why even bother? But while I do agree that it's good that everyone gets a chance to compete at Mania (besides the non horse RAW girlies ) it does kind of make the feuds a bit dull around this time of year and makes everything seem a bit pointless. Throwing everyone on the card for the sake of using all the girls and doing all these multi-women matches kind of lessens the impact and grandeur of "Wrestlemania". I mean what's so special now about WM if everyone is gonna be on it anyway? At this point it's harder to get a match on RAW than it is Mania.
  11. Wow at these accomplishments. A REAL Hall Of Fame resume  
  12. I NEED Mickie to become the first former Divas Champion to win the SD Women's Champion (since Maryse won't stretch that knee out for a real ring return). Go snatch that title Tittie
  13. Not pictured: Summer Rae, Alicia Fox, Emma and Dana Brooke being detained by security at the front gate