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  1. The fact that Mickie James, the GOAT, wasn't treated the way an Edge or a Goldberg or a Batista or an Undertaker are during any one of their many, many returns is an issue that we need to address someday. It really doesn't sit right in my spirit and I would like to have that conversation. I hope that when she gets back, she gets treated better but I shall not be holding my breath. Oh and keep her away from Alexa Bliss. Society has progressed past the need for putting that girl over blah blah etc etc...
  2. *swallows roughly* YES! YES!!!! this whole soundtrack is immaculate. Let me give a shout out to Once More, With Feeling from Buffy. That's how you do a tv musical episode. The blueprint. Honorable mention to Spiceworld: the Movie. Speaks for itself mama
  3. Love to see HB talent go mainstream signed. #DefundCharlotteFlair
  4. Did they really just hand Auska the title? Oof no ma'am. Serving that TNA lunchbox match. In my day you had to botch a battle royal to even get a title match and now they're just handing the belts out? jk congrats to both. It takes a lot of courage to give up your top spot and put your career on hold. Wishing her all the best.
  5. A "sorry you weren't the Little Mermaid" consolation prize?
  6. I suppose it was only a matter of time since seemingly nobody at Disney has an original idea between them. Can't wait until they exhaust their library and we move onto the 'animated remakes of the live action remakes' era oh and to answer your questions; No/Lindsay Lohan
  7. hi girlies, can someone please explain how Austin Theory is already on Wrestlemania when he was a chaturbate exclusive superstar two weeks ago?
  8. y'all been watching the shows with no crowd? it makes me so uneasy. like i'm watching a performance center behind the scenes special or something. i feel like their gonna pull a devin taylor and show someone getting released in the office between matches.
  9. hi heartbreakers. i'm here because of tradition and tradition alone. if anyone catches me watching this impact wrestling slammiversary lookin' event chile i-
  10. Oh so Miss "I heard" is suddenly deaf and dumb? Got it. Alexa play HypocriticalWoman.mp3 I swear there's nothing more annoying than a "well EYE never saw anything" excuse. Well I've never been to the moon but I know where to find it, dummy hoe. WWE choosing Fail Kim over Legend Lena Yada was the wrong call and it's about time we had that conversation...
  11. Great job @Jake put me down for numbers #1-30 for next year, k babe? I really need a winning HB graphic to my name for my HOF resume
  12. I want a Rated RKO reunion run. Underated team
  13. Seth Rollins and Buddy Murphy? What on earth? Serving Universe Mode when you simulated 2 years ahead.
  14. EDGE! It took a minute for me to process his music! I feel overdressed for this moment. I feel like I should be serving some classic Lita side boob omg send the Rated R King to Mania (neck permitting)
  15. It's lowkey fun seeing Brock interact with the other roster members nnn
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