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  1. Play this at my funeral. The fact we've only heard it ONCE in the near year she's been back. I am THIRSTY for this iconic bop  
  2. The way Maryse has been serving BUMPS in these backstage skits. Wobbling in her heels at EC and getting wrapped in a curtain tonight  a legend @Wilifred.
  3. I'm completely shook.   OVW/FCW really built these girls right. Them finally getting to show out. I'm emotional right now... WE did it. DIVAS did it.  
  4. Ugh these livestreams stay freezing making me miss Mom's segments 
  5. nnn when they both end up just standing there 30 seconds in because they've done all the moves they have.
  6. Kelly Kelly Coming Back For Another Run?

    "Kelly Kelly won't be able to keep up with the girls they have now"
  7. Kelly Kelly Coming Back For Another Run?

    !!! These girls up here talking about "she won't be able to keep up" as if the girls still don't just pull out their 5 signature moves during a match and call it a day. These fans really have these new girls gassed up over a few good Takeover and PPV matches and I've had it. They'll be eating their words when Barbara starts wrestling circles around these girls after her crash course at the Performance Centre. Doing it all while looking good, getting pops and getting paid. 
  8. this bitch really went and got her glam done backstage first though. kii 
  9. Instant WM 22 flashbacks. I'M SHAKING    
  10. This storyline is lowkey sick with WWE trying to make Mickie look like the bad guy for just wanting to be remembered. It's literally them trying to justify forgetting an entire era. A mess. But I'm perched nonetheless.  
  11. !!! Jennifer Hudson's husband saying Becky knows about the women who came before. Could have fooled me   I hate how Mickie's the heel in this storyline, getting ha ass beat. WWE, their "Women's Revolution" head asses are so shook. 
  12. Other acceptable answers include; Racism, Sexism and Trumps America.  
  13. I feel like they'll do it during the FCA next week. Neck and Nat will go backstage and bump into her again and legend will SNAP   Maybe our parents got the night off for Valentine's Day? Iconic couple, they deserve it. 
  14. LIT... but also I woke up just to watch this shit so I am gonna need a Maryse appearance tonight mawma