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  1. Wrestling's Sexiest Men | NSFW

    uhh 24 minutes? they should have just made a gay porn
  2. Drama amongst former BFFS?

    this thread  y'all writing essays because a few girls clicked the unfollow button and liked some comments. stuff like this is kind of sad tbh because i've always thought of the women's division as a sisterhood and not some jerry lawler "all women secretly hate each other" mess. if these girls have a problem with each other, can they address it privately instead of shading each other on social media?
  3. Drama amongst former BFFS?

    tbh this is the ghetto "a lion does not worry herself with the opinion of sheep"
  4. wait an all womens show is more opportunity for my irrelevant faves. alicia always shined on the sideshows!
  5. Alicia Fox

    Alicia was on the Jax is Rad podcast. Not super long but an interesting listen!
  6. Who Will Be on the WWE 2K19 Cover?

    this is so ugly and basic. i'm over these fugly red covers that look the same every year
  7. i don't keep up with this company much but isn't katarina in it as the temptress? i might watch to see ha
  8. NXT UK Brand Officially Announced

    mess wtf i can't keep up with all these bitches
  9. Paige Attacked By A Drunk Fan After MITB PPV

    not y'all thinking she got a pie in her face
  10. Undercover Boss: Stephanie McMahon

    stephanie always knows how to make herself look like a good person  i lowkey like ha sometimes. kii at no one wanting to bid on the charlotte autograph  not mickie showing up in the ring without an entrance like the other superstars. stephanie getting hit by the big show like aj lee this was cute.
  11. Five Years Ago Today...

    "Eight Years Ago Today..." coming on June 20
  12. Aliyah

  13. Who Will Be on the WWE 2K19 Cover?

    get someone who we know loves her gays like naomi tbh!
  14. this katarina gimmick isn't really giving me what i need like winter but she always looks cute. it was nice to see rebel back. i wish they would sign her again and give her a better gimmick instead of her just being a jobber. that taya promo wasn't bad but i don't really care for her. i can't with kiera's basic ass theme. i wish she would have won because i feel like she needed the win more than tessa.