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  1. WWE Games | Discussion: WWE 2K20

    yas wwe 2k20 is amazing buy it sis!  
  2. nothing was off-topic sweaty, everything i said was about becky
  3. beliEVErs deserve some credit too remembering her title reigns but let me refresh your memory    
  4. i'm not a becky stan as much as a becky're looking for @Layout but welcome to the forum!
  5. the way she got alicia a singles match on raw, natalya a title match at summerslam, lacey a whole 3 month feud, and still managed to make sasha's return flop, sounds like a good reign to me  
  6. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    whew she would have the smarks pressed
  7. ok but she helps put together the matches after the winner, match length, etc. has already been determined. y'all want my sis to get fired like arn 
  8. baby no they aren't...a producer aka road agent is who helps the wrestlers put together the matches. they have a whole separate creative team who actually write the storylines
  9. no she isn't? she's just a producer. show me the receipts  
  10. ok're right it shouldn't be tolerated anywhere but what do you want her to do? y'all act like gail is tna management or something. she will get fired before they fire tessa so she is just sitting and eating her husband's food
  11. I don't know why y'all keep bringing up WWE like that's not a completely different situation where she experienced racism firsthand whereas she has never said she experienced anything like that in Impact to my knowledge and she wasn't even involved in the Tessa situation. Of course she's going to tweet about what she experienced herself rather than something she doesn't know about, but let me just stop here and wait for Gail's statement since some of y'all seem like you were just pressed about Gail preferring Impact over WWE or blocking you on Twitter and were waiting for an "in your face" moment to try to drag her