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  1. is asuka about to announce her pregnancy  
  2. Nikki Bella's criminal past EXPOSED

    nikki the next time she returns to wwe
  3. Random Thoughts

    congrats! a kind queen  
  4. Wassup Wassup

  5. Hey, girl, hey!

    welcome! i keep thinking you are @Twisted Bliss with that avatar 
  6. Carmella Is Innocent

    not you @ing a naomi stan
  7. Carmella Is Innocent

    defending herself because a man was rude to her isn’t comparable to either of these situations. the deflecting in this thread from the sympathizers  
  8. Carmella Is Innocent

    fabulous glow is so embarrassing omg  
  9. i stan angelegend but it was a team effort
  10. isn't this the man gail always drags on twitter? not the part about velvet being in bold; she is messy but she had good character work and mic skills in tbp  
  11. this cast fucking sucks omg, cancel it  
  12. The Bella Twins

    this season has actually been good, we love a total ronda alternative  
  13. not feeling her but it could've been worse