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  1. We want Wrestling's Sexiest Men back! #FreeTheFox #BringBackOurTroops #BestForBusiness #UseYourVoice

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    2. Captain Fox

      Captain Fox

      My last post on this subject: I don't know who in particular I was being ugly to, but I thought the thread needed to be locked because their was behavior going on in the thread that I personally didn't find cute which then sent the thread into a tailspin it didn't need to go to. On top of this, we were getting people who were making threads just so they would be able to click the links House was posting, which isn't a cute look since that would lead to us having to deal with issues you girls wouldn't be bothered with.

      In conclusion, I don't really care if you or Gavin didn't feel I had a reason to lock the thread because you two aren't my boss. I did what I did and that is that. Enjoy WSM now.


    3. Curvaceous


      Girl shut the fuck up

    4. Curvaceous


      You're just extra. Period.