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    @Charlie check pm bb  
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    not  "So buckle up, ho!" @Ari M. 
  5. Rah took you to ha doc, but you'on look like rah.. :travis:

  6. WWE HB17 | Online

    Internet Confessions of a True Diva No. 3 This week: LiLith debuts a new face? Who the hell is Vana? ----- It feels great to be a achieved. Like I said in a prior blog, when you reach the top — jealousy comes out of the woodwork! ---- What Vana thought she was doing by indirectly mentioning me in her interview is beyond me, but nonetheless, she has and it's time to address it. The girl just debuted and the first thing she does is make it about me, that's what I call being desirable!  I took her debut, I took her moment. Once I found out I was scheduled in a match with LiLith and Vana, two nobodies, I just knew I couldn't compete in that match and tarnish my name. So I did what I do best, I took the spotlight and turned it to me by exiting the ring and joining commentary.   Everyone else must understand my point of view, I cannot surround myself with girls like Filth and Vanother if I want to share a ring with true stars like Akira and Chloe Chanel. I got out of the indies for a reason! You can't be pablo if you're facing slops, I don't face no flops! Vana made the comment that I will be warming up to her, I don't do well with threats- if this girl thinks she's about to lay hands on me she can expect a precise boot to her tired face 'cause it's obvious this loon is dreaming! ---- I can’t remember anyone who has crossed my path and disrespected me that didn’t get what’s coming to them. How stupid can a person be? LiLith, surprisingly, I know you're reading this and I want you to read this part carefully: Plastic.. is fragile, just know thaT. Donna took you too her doc, and you look just like Donna- still look like nah babygirl! Next time go to Dr. Miami, cause Dr. Missouri ain't it!  If you ever get the opportunity to share a ring with me, just remember that YOU did this to yourself when your dumbass accused me of larceny!    You really should have thought this one through before you opened your mouth. That’s the end of this confession, and I feel so much better now — though I know I’m going to be walking on clouds the day I see you in the parking lot and I tap you with my car. That feeling is simply going to be wonderful! xoxo, Besos Uglies!  ~ Isabella ------- Follow me on Twitter and Instagram @BellaHBW! Add me on Snapchat @SeuxBella TBC ~ @Eric @SaraLaDiallo
  7. 5th Annual Heartbreakers Year End Awards | VOTE NOW!

    I was gonna vote for Thea because her and Melina are girlies, but apparently they're not because Melina is still unemployed so sure
  8. WWE HB17 | Smack Talk

    Clock team fat!  
  9. [Vocalizes in Arabic] ft. Billie Kay

  10. 5th Annual Heartbreakers Year End Awards | VOTE NOW!

    I have a tab up of my un-submitted votes which is subject to change if anyone reasonable objections. My PMs are open.
  11. WWE HB17 | Online

  12. WWE HB17 | Online ----- Premiering Soon.. to HBW is..  El Magnífico // Amir Figueroa! ----- "...Once the news on HBW inaugurating a men's division broke you had to know it was only a matter of time before The Magnificent One~El magnífico made an appearance." Reclined comfortably on a chesnut leather chaise, the quintessentially sculpted specimen grins displaying his pearly whites... "Having me on a HBW screens is the greatest move for the company, I appeal to all audiences; every woman wants me, same goes for the men!" Amir releases a soft chuckle, aware of his allure.  "The night after HB MANIA is when I plan on making my glorious debut, I will put my many talents on display for all of the honeys and hunties to admire. Like most-- Like ALL of you, I can't wait until everyone gets to experience my power, my glory, and if you're lucky my touch.. but lo más importante.. I cannot wait until the HBW Universe experiences Mi Magnificencia.. Until then.. Mis partidarios.. me amo y todos ustedes deben amarme también.." -----
  13. If you had my love, and I gave you all my trust, would you comfort me?

  14. Werkin on your fitness!

    Let me leave, I have not been to a gym in years so..
  15. Lisa Marie needs YOUR help getting WM & HOF tickets

    I hope one of these fans pull through so her and beth can lock eyes her during intermission