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  1. Brie Bella's journey to get back in the ring

    glad they turned the compost toilet room into a mini gym
  2. WWE HB17 | Online

    -------------------------------------------------------------------- HBW's broadcast personality Renee Young sits down with Dawn discussing her return, state of the division, etc! Renee: Dawn, first let me start by saying congratulations on returning just a few weeks ago, what an amazing couple of weeks it has been for you! Dawn: Thank you, Renee! It has been amazing; I received a rather cold welcoming from most of the girls, but what's new? Renee: So, lets just jump right into it, you come back from rehabbing your ankle with a new look and new attitude. How was taking a break from HBW to rehab, and what motivated this new you? Dawn: Renee I won't sugarcoat how hard it was to admit I wasn't fully recovered, that match I had with Akira.. when she kicked me off the turnbuckle and I hit the ground I felt a sharp pain in my foot..It wouldn't stop, I just knew I was hurt. I come back three months later, the average break being six months, I was just determined to get back and prove to the world I was unbreakable.. But every match the pain kept worsening- I just had to sit myself down and accept if I wanted to take over this division again I needed to do it right. I rehabbed everyday I sat at home and studied the girls, rehabbed, and repeated. Then one day I came into the performance center, saw the doctors and they cleared me. It was a second chance. Renee: Wow, and now you're #1 contender, how inspiring. So, your upcoming match, what's your strategy heading into Extreme Rules? Dawn: I don't intend to boast, but if you check my history.. any singles title match Dawn competed in, Dawn came out on top. I respect all of these women. I've put on incredible matches with these women, but when it comes to that belt, I'm taking no prisoners. I will walk out of Extreme Rules HBW Women's Champion, period. Renee: Well I wish you the best of luck in your match! Now, lets talk the division, Chloe Chanel recently separated herself from Team MAC, what're your thoughts? Dawn: Honestly Renee, I don't think about it. It's not my business. I'm aware they were the best of friends, or whatever, but to be frank there are no friends in HBW.  When you get your first taste of the title, that becomes your only friend- and it's clear that title is the reason the Chloe's relationship with Mercedes and Kimberly imploded. Renee: Do you have any thoughts on any of the other ladies? Akira? Ariana? Charli? Brit-- Dawn: Who are you interviewing here??? I've said my piece on each and everyone of these girls before, it hasn't changed. Akira is a pretty girl though, we love pretty girls, Renee. I'll just put it like this, I'm back.. Let that settle. I back to collect my crown, I'm back to collect my reign. I'm not here to engage in this nonsense of "what do you think of her"   ..Rise and Shine ladies; as darkness falls, Dawn arises. ------------- tags; extreme rules, dawn, hbw
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  4. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    Alright y'all, it's apparent ER has some type of ant/rodent problem.. I don't fuck with bugs so let me go.
  5. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    so go back there.
  6. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    we love justice
  7. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    It's blatant that you signed up only to be a participant in debacles, sweetie, the girls aren't here for that and this isn't the place for that. Dead topics or the slander of Sasha shouldn't be only two topics you're capable of discussing and/or contributing to Heartbreakers. This forum is for people who share the mutual interest of women's wrestling to interact, while the occasional argument uprises it shouldn't be the intent. Either get it together or join stan Twitter, we don't have time for it.
  8. WWE HB17 | Online

     vipervillian mark   @randysrko                                                     Follow        if this gets 100 likes i'll show the rest of @chloechanel                                              8:04 PM - 23 May 2016                  
  9. i hurt... my will to continue serving hot dogs to the public at work.

  10. Random Thoughts

    i can't wait to illegally snatch lust for life!
  11. Random Thoughts

    its time for me to get ready for work...
  12. i been working so hard im so tired you guys :cry: 

  13. Random Thoughts

    oops, that's no longer the move. it was just the picture i saw, the rest changed my mind.  
  14. Random Thoughts

    i need to be gutted by braison cyrus, is there any reason i should feel otherwise? i dont think there is