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  1. I don't know why y'all make jokes about certain videos as if they weren't released without her knowledge or intent, but please, continue to be trash and don't mind me.

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      Is anyone even still talking about them

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      We love face Brandon :clap:

  2. Superstar Photo Booth

  3. Watch Atypical on Netflix if you're bad! 

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      I won't but just stick with it!:excited:

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      That show is a mess!

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      But do we or do we not stan?! @Cooksie

  4. Well it's back sweetie, trends tend to return for their second wind.   
  5. I would assume the one who owns the site. 
  6. because you aren't a premium member, get ya coins and reap the benefits
  7. Raw September 11, 2017: Live Chat

    he has a wife, sis. @Christon how do you feel about Ms. Katy fantasizing about ya man?
  8. @Travis Roucka so you think you're a bad bitch, huh? tslspYV.png

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      v0KNOH9.pnglet's find another....

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      Travis Roucka

      Is this about draglina still tslspYV.png

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  9. Wrestlers drag Sasha Banks

  10. What should i do with my youtube? POLL

    You'll get subs for doing top 10's, so I'd do that build my base and then switch over to gaming to I can start making moolah.
  11. KELLY KELLY ||Resting her head on his chest she'd look up at him, "Deal."  Closing her eyes, a faint smile formed on her face,  "As long as you tickle my front" she joked. Releasing an exhale Kelly would drift into a deep slumber to the thump of Tyler's rhythmic heartbeat.
  12. KELLY KELLY || "Sounds like a plan" she'd agree, "I don't feel like walking back to my dorm anyways." As she came out of her outerwear she'd turn to Tyler admiring her petite silhouette, "tuck me in?" Kelly's cheeks flushed red, she'd smile while gazing at the floor.
  13. KELLY KELLY ||tilting her head as she inched closer to him, showing off the smug smirk plastered on her face she'd twirled collective strands of her hair.  "And since when were you a medical professional?" she'd imitate, trailing her hand down his abdomen, stopping at the sheet cloaked around his waist.
  14. KELLY KELLY ||She'd gasp as he'd lock his fingers with her,  "I don't think alcohol is the best way to cure a cold " she'd tease, she she playfully fanned her nose with her free hand. "But I'm not mad, I guess, I'm not sure how I feel right now" She was sure, but she wasn't upset anymore since she's enjoyed his company for the past few minutes