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  1. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    wow, am i really about to fake stan nattie for svs?                                              
  2. when trying to fix your heart..
    it's unfair..
    im trying to fix myself..


  3. HBW '18 | Online

  4. Happy Birthday Travis!

    Happy Birthday, Travisty!  
  5. Your faves' W-L record?

    Melina: W, 244 - L, 179 Naomi: W, 365 - L, 219 Mickie James: W, 559 - L, 329 Edge: W, 779 - L, 791 Tyler Breeze: W, 185 - L, 494 Johnny Nitro(the best era): W, 667 - L, 550 Source
  6.  @Dante.  Despite your obsession with swiping my face with make up wipes when I'm minding mine, I'd be lying if I said you weren't my sis. You truly are generous, and you pull through when someone needs you, like writing a verse in thirty minutes for a song on my album. I hope you have an amazing day  and that you carry on hope that one day Sasha will unblock you and Nicki will get a number one anyways, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  
  7. Emma and Summer Rae Released

    "Does this mean Alicia will get a push?" An insider, @Lady DarkFox said. 
  8. WWE signs Ronda Rousey

    is this the one that contemplated suicide after she got clocked?
  9. TNA Now Sells Pizza!

  10. Nia Jax quit?

    well now she can add #NoJob to the list