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  1. Full Sail | In Town (RP Thread)

    Matt Sydal //Returning his gaze to Seth, he'd slightly wince feeling Seth stroke his shoulder, "Yeah, thanks." Matt quickly tried to string together Seth's words. "I'm glad you had fun," He'd affirm, going on to ensure, "You didn't ruin anything bud, I'm actually relieved I got to let some of that out." Matt stood up beside Seth and continued, "And feel free to come back anytime, we can see how you do on the actual course, CrossFit."  Matt honestly did hope he'd see Seth again, he found unfamiliar comfort in being able to air his feelings to someone he'd met so quickly. He waved a polite goodbye to Seth as he'd left the instructional room while simultaneously greeting the the group coming in, "Hey everyone, just hand me your wavers and we can get started...." ~ fin.
  2. Full Sail | In Town (RP Thread)

    Matt Sydal //"Hell if I know. I thought I knew just about everyone in this town, but apparently someone's a murderer." Matt exhaled, impulsively running his fingers through his hair. Peering outside through the large windows, he'd focus on a moving cloud. Matt found it very difficult coping with sudden detachment, feeling crippled yet still a sense of relief in airing it out to Seth. Hmph.
  3. Favorite Raw Moments?

    Melina VIOLATED Maria this night and then went on to invent the term "hair up, square up"  
  4. Full Sail | In Town (RP Thread)

    Matt Sydal //Matt would shift, turning his body to face Seth. His heart began pounding having to reminisce on the sudden halt to his relationship. "I have no idea, I went from seeing her every single day, to her not answering the phone, ya know, I thought maybe she needed space, then I thought maybe she was upset with me, maybe I'd done something" Beginning to stammer, he tried to slow down but the words kept pouring "I go over to her place she's not there, and then I'm getting ready for work and I see the news that she had been murdered. It was soul shattering, I'd never think in this town, low crime rate, everyone knows each other,we'd experienced anything like this since I was born." Matt confessed, trying to keep his voice from breaking. "You just never would expect someone so close to you to be torn away like that." His vision began to blur as he looked at Seth before closing his eyes allowing the built up water to escape his eyes. He sighs, looking at the ground before returning he focus to Seth who seemed genuinely concerned.
  5. Full Sail | In Town (RP Thread)

    Matt Sydal //Leading the two to the bench he'd open up, "I'm sure she doesn't feel anything right now, I mean that literally, not that she was apathetic, but ya know" he took a long sigh, "Alright, this surely goes against every social standard for talking to someone for the first time, but my ex-girlfriend was Eva Marie, the one you've probably heard about on the news " Matt would close his eyes as he scratched his head in an attempt to stifle some emotion "She uh.. She was burned alive."
  6. Full Sail | In Town (RP Thread)

    Matt Sydal //Matt made sure not to break eye contact as Seth wiped himself down, "I definitely saw myself starting a family here, I was dating, hoping the one would show themselves, but ya know" he shrugged, "what're you gonna do, plus Full Sail just isn't what it used to be anymore anyway" Matt would admit.
  7. Full Sail | In Town (RP Thread)

    Matt Sydal //Picking up his harness from the floor he'd go on to answer Seth, "Born and raised a Full Sail male." Whipping his head back, he swings his hair into place, before flashing a smile "I've always lived here, and I always planned to." Matt took a quick glance at the clock, his smile reverting to his regular expression.
  8. Full Sail | In Town (RP Thread)

    Matt Sydal //A smile plastered on his face feeling accomplished, "In your dreams, bud." Matt smirked as he swiftly slinked down the course, jumping off the last mock rock, planting on his feet. He'd look up at Seth, still making his way down, "I've been doing this my whoole life, from waterfalls to mountains, allll without a harness!"
  9. Full Sail | In Town (RP Thread)

    Matt Sydal //Raising his hands, sarcastically applauding, "I'll give it to you CrossFit." Matt smirked as he took off his harness before lunging onto the mock course, he'd innately climb his way up next to Seth. Locking eyes with Seth, he'd wink then go to scale top the top of the mock mountain. Looking down at Seth, he'd grin, "Safety first"
  10. Full Sail | In Town (RP Thread)

    Matt Sydal //'Guess the guy does breathe CrossFit, shit' Matt thought, inching back when Seth peeled his shirt off.  Purposely giving a firm pull to tighten the band around his waist,  "All good." A single pat to Seth's waist and Matt jumped to his feet. "Alright, so I'd say the main element to rock climbing is hand-eye and leg coordination" He'd inform, walking the two over to mock course. "Normally we'd start off with this course, but we can skip to the second course- you seem like the type to jump the gun" Grabbing one of the locks connected to the make-shift mountain Matt would grab the handle on Seth's harness and lock him in. "Second, you want to plan out where you're going to climb, don't just aimlessly pick a ledge because you will get stuck." He'd continue taking a back to observe. "If you're ready, give it a shot CrossFit, or would you like some more guidance?"
  11. Full Sail | In Town (RP Thread)

    Matt Sydal //Forming an ardent smirk, he'd rest his forearm above the hooks supporting the extra harnesses. "Hm," imitating Seth's inflection, "seeing you trying to put on your harness is pretty fun" Matt joked. Walking over to seth, he'd drop one knee- tightening the lower straps before moving up to his waist. "Well that would be the problem," Matt discovered, "Your shirt is stuck in the latch, you can tuck it in or—"  
  12. Full Sail | In Town (RP Thread)

    Matt Sydal //Raising his brows, watching Seth secure his hair back, 'what a schmuck' Matt thought to himself. "Alright, Mr. CrossFit, let's see what you got." he challenged. "Over here," Leading the way over to the hooked wall, placing his phone one of the lockers above. "Safety first." Matt announced, securing himself quickly, as is routine. He was intent on seeing if Seth could back up his claims.
  13. Full Sail | In Town (RP Thread)

    Matt Sydal // Another light chuckle escaped, "Those pesky furballs are a handful, it's all good" reassuring Seth. Plucking the remaining earphone he'd introduce himself, "I'm Matt by the way." Not taking this guy as your typical adventurer into rock-climbing, as exteriorly, he looks kind of intense. "Uhh, so my next group isn't for another hour... If you'd like to wait for the next group it's tons of stuff here in the meantime, if not I figure with one person it'll breeze by pretty fast?"
  14. Full Sail | In Town (RP Thread)

    Matt Sydal // “Have fun and remember to be safe guys!” Matt eagerly encouraged, dismissing the group from the mock course. Impulsively pressing his lips together as he assigned the harnesses his tour group carelessly left sprawled across the floor to a hook, Matt figured he had time to kill before his next group. Planting himself on a bench he’d take a brisk inhale whilst raking his fingers through his hair, exhaling, he’d recline against the wall. Matt popped in his headphones occupying himself, half-smiling, he’d resume play of a classic, Secrets by One Republic. Nodding out of sync with the drums, he’d glance over as moving figure obstructed his peripheral vision. Pursing his lips, he’d tug one earphone out and spring to his feet. Quickly glancing at the wall clock before returning his focus on as he’d approach the man inching towards him, he’d flash a smile, “Hey dude, you’re pretty early!” he’d let out a light chuckle, extending his arm out for a casual shake.
  15. Ladies and gays, assemble! WHO. IS. HE.
    I've been on the search for like a week, who tf is this

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