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  1. Happy Birthday, Cooksie!

    Happy Birthday or whateva
  2. Post Your Pictures

    So, I went to ulta and they put my bank account in a guillotine.  This is the result  
  3. @Shoaib. I know you miss your fave, but DAMN, you ain't have to go AWF like that! :shook: 


  4. Random Thoughts

    @SaraLaDiallo I'm crying, you have me reliving Danity Kane's album, sleep on it is such a BOP! they truly wanted whoever to leave them the FUCK alone   See I appreciate the compliments you're giving to meeeeeee  and any other night it'll be alrightttttt But now there's way too much going onnnn IMMA SLEEP ON IT, SLEEEP ON IT (UNTIL TOMORROOOOOOOW)   You KEEP ON STRESSIN MEEEE YOU KKKKKEEP ON STRESSSIN ME (DAMN!!!!)
  5. Can Mickie make this run successful?

    Mickie could easily slay it this run, but taking into consideration that it's many elements into making one's run successful she isn't in the best standing. Creative has to be behind her along with the crowd- meaning her marketability/demand, she's has yet to adapt to WWE's current scheme which is her problem. Her talent isn't the concern, her ability to spin her look to something the current crop of viewers would want is.
  6. Worst Womens Finisher?!

    The finisher itself is effective, but when she [Becky] executes it she doesn't do any theatrics to give the illusion she's inflicting pain. She just sits there screaming for a few seconds until the person taps, and does so very lazily. The sequences where she gets into the move itself are unique though.
  7. Worst Womens Finisher?!

    Affect defines the value of a finisher, along with the superstars arsenal. I feel like the aforementioned finishers: the Bayley to Belly and Nia's legdrop are great picks. For Bayley to pull out all of her stops and expect to have a match end with a move any superstar is capable of doing then the impact of the move and match in it's entirety is drained.  To add on to the thread I'd say Becky's armbar is truly the pits. @Cordelia fight me.
  8. Now that my Waldorf era is over I just wanted to say, "Hey, Doll."

    1. Mr.wolf2020


      I love your Kim Kardashian set.

  9. CCBh11k.png
    #ad People always ask me how I stay in shape and looking so good. I just remind myself that there's
    No Crying in the Club! @camillacabello is my this year's summer must-have and uhhh, I feel amazing
    (go bop today, there's a 20% off sale!)

    1. Katy


      Your pillow case trick really works!

    2. Brandon.


      Yassss Katy! :heart: 

  10. Allegedly Paige details what happened at Airport

    And it isn't much you can say to her that she hasn't heard on any outlet already, so she'd dust anyways
  11. Allegedly Paige details what happened at Airport

    Okay, it truly isn't a real one in WWE or in her life period. Paige clearly did not write that on her own accord, and I'm sick of her putting this man's career over hers.
  12. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    I suggest everyone calm down right now
  13. "uuuuuuhhhhhbadadakjadfnk da da blah blah blah"

  14. Beyonce WON | Heartbreakers' 50 Favorite Artists

    Rihanna Beyonce Erykah Badu Aaliyah Lana Del Rey Nicki Minaj Drake The Weeknd Ariana Grande Usher Kanye West Lorde