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  1. Who Will Be on the WWE 2K19 Cover?

    @Andrés ♡ your set is hot btw
  2. Me peeking through the blinds and seeing @Ninja Balenciaga enter the NSFW thread for the 10th time in one day :necki:

  3. WWE Doctor Had Relationship with Diva While Treating Her

    girl not photographic evidence, what happened to no trace no case?
  4. SmackDown June 12, 2018: Live Chat

    what has happened so far  
  5. HBW '18 | Online

    411 Mania: The Ken Doll "Recalled" Enduring weeks of rigorous training down at the performance center, Ken "The Doll" was finally ready to showcase all that he'd learned. Debuting a dazzling entrance, he let the HBW Universe know he was not afraid to express his feminine side. However, his debut match would take an unfortunate turn. Former HBW Champion, Akane spent the match attacking Ken's knee leading to getting himself disqualified after taking a chair to his uncovered kneecap. Akane then spat on him after the match, and told him "take that femme shit back where you came from" ------ kenthedoll•Follow   kenthedoll| Hey dolls 💖, about to leave the HBW doctors. No need to worry, I'm cleared for action in 2 weeks! I genuinely have never felt more betrayed, to be spat on by another gay man for being "too fem" @AkaneHBW in two weeks time, at MITB this fem is going to  give you the lashing of your life. I just might do it with acrylics and stilettos. #HappyPride 💅🏼🏳️‍🌈
  6. Happy Birthday, Mariah!

    • • • HAPPY BIRTHDAY MEHRIAH • • • Six. Nine. Whenever. The day you became a bad bitch. I just wanted to wish my mom a happy birthday, though I've practically had to raise myself I still hope everything goes your way today! After the past couple of months you had, you definitely deserve it- I'm wishing you the best! We all wouldn't be here without you, like literally so thx for that, and we hope you enjoy your day!     Now, let's light it up her notifications! @Mariah.
  7. Wrestling's Sexiest Men | NSFW

    check the expiry date for a surprise
  8. Wrestling's Sexiest Men | NSFW

    k lock it. xcx.
  9. @Josh. Sorry, Tyler and I have to cancel lunch. I totally forgot one of the dogs had a grooming appt, can you and Ro' do dinner at 7 before they go on RAW? :knit:

    1. Josh.


      No, the kids have to be in bed by then. Sorry, maybe next time xoxo.

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  11. Alicia Fox Is Scheduled For A Exam

    aw. well i hope she does well on the final.
  12. HBW '18 | Online

    Ken "The doll" Signs with HBW! -------- After months of negotiating the IG Socialite, Ken "The Doll" has signed with HBW. Shoaib Mcmahon has been on the hunt for a draw to revitalize the men's division, it's safe to say he's found it. Ken has built a platform for himself by promoting his physique, speaking out about the societal lack of LGBT inclusion, and his scandalous West Hollywood ventures, all accumulating 328k loyal followers on his Instagram. He's just wrapped his first week of training and is reportedly looking forward to his tryout match with former Champion Akane. --------- "The fact that I haven't received a championship match yet is homophobic, but mimosa's with my WeHo's after I win will be worth it! <3"