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  1. Raw November 26, 2018: Live Chat

    @Mariah. what do you DO during seth matches?
  2. Raw November 26, 2018: Live Chat

    girl ronda looks dead  
  3. Raw November 26, 2018: Live Chat

    im sorry for what i said in discord  

  5. big e licking that turkey like natties sister, i..  
  6. im sorry but truth will never
  7. shane's poor leg not lifting high enough, can he to the 'diva ring out 1' so i can get my kii 
  8. SLDKF;; that video is literally mickie looking at the crowd when her and asuka got in the ring at svs  
  9. WWE really pushes the narrative they want, and if their prop gets injured they will put the next girl in her place and continue the SAME story... im--
  10. charlotte was winning by pin, sub or dq regardless, but at least the prettiest bitch is the last woman standing