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  1. It also gives a new layer to how she buried Asuka.
  2. Raw October 15, 2018: Live Chat

    It's sad what they've done to her.
  3. WWE probably paid them to put Charlotte at number 1.
  4. Charlotte Flair Is Predicted To Win Royal Rumble 2019

    I hope the crowd boos her.
  5. Hell in a Cell 2018: Live Chat

    Good for Becky. Asuka should be the next champ.
  6. Carmella is a good example of white privilege.
  7. MMC Returns Sept 18th

    I liked Asuka/Miz as a team but I wanted to see her paired with Jeff Hardy.
  8. Charlotte officially ties Trish with 7 title reigns

    The amount of title reigns you have isn't very important. What matters is how long you can hold onto a title and how often you defend it.
  9. Did Charlotte Earn Her Accolades?

    She has talent and works hard, but I don't think she's the best nor does she deserve as many accolades as she has.
  10. SmackDown August 21, 2018: Live Chat

    Asuka went from being the first women's RR winner and having the longest undefeated streak in WWE history to this? Fuck.
  11. Becky Lynch SNAPS

    Charlotte deserved the beatdown Becky gave her. Charlotte betrayed and did awful things to her several years ago and her dad basically sexually assaulted her at the Royal Rumble in 2016. Becky is getting her revenge.
  12. Potential Spoiler: BIG Heel Turn Coming?

    I'll be ok with this as long as they don't make her a generic foreign heel.
  13. Trish and Alexa are both poster girls for white privilege.
  14. They should do Sasha vs Trish but white privilege wins out I guess.
  15. Is Trish still the standard?

    Trish is overrated