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  1. She feels like a big deal because WWE presents her as a big deal. Charlotte's best matches have been with Sasha because Sasha is better. Sasha has given almost everyone their best matches.
  2. Naomi Responds to Racism

    It's great that she's getting support but it sadly doesn't surprise me that WWE has so many racist fans. The company is run by a racist old man.
  3. HB Council

    How do I add a signature?
  4. It should have been an up and coming star like Ember. Charlotte is already an established star with a bunch of accolades, her breaking the streak was unnecessary. It wasn't just that she broke the streak but also the manner in which she did it. She made Asuka tap out after just a couple of seconds. As for Carmella, they could have had her cash-in during the Raw women's title match. She could have pinned Alexa and stolen the win from Nia.
  5. Asuka should go to SD and get revenge on Charlotte, and then become the first woman to win the WWE title.
  6. Charlotte rarely ever shows out nowadays. She hasn't had many great matches since going to SD. Her best matches have been against people like Sasha and Asuka, who are better in the ring than she is in.
  7. Asuka

    She deserved better at WM.
  8. IMO, Asuka vs Ronda would be a bigger match if they kept Asuka undefeated.
  9. Asuka was only being built up to lose to Charlotte to make her look strong. WWE is a racist company. Vince is one of Trump's best friends and his wife is part of his cabinet. There's no denying this.
  10. Vince is a racist so unfortunately he'll never let a non-white woman main event WM which is why Asuka lost. He'll probably have Ember job to Ronda within the next year too.
  11. Ronda is transphobic so I don't care how good she is in the ring.
  12. Asuka and Ember deserve to be in the main event of WM but no they have to give it to two white women.
  13. They wasted Asuka's streak on Charlotte for this. I hate this company.
  14. WWE is a racist company. That's why they had Charlotte beat Asuka.