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  1. Asuka

    After tonight I'm convinced that Vince just hates Asian people. I'm worried about her ever winning the title.
  2. Money in the Bank 2018: Live Chat

    WWE is such a racist company.
  3. It should have been an undefeated Asuka in a streak vs streak match but they can't do that now.
  4. Why can’t Charlotte sell merch?

    Asuka has a lot of fans who aren't smarks or neckbeards. She's popular with kids.
  5. I think Charlotte is a good heel but medicore face. Asuka is good at playing both which makes her more versatile IMO. While Charlotte's current face run has been more successful than her first one I still think she's a natural heel. I think it's wrong for her to be the top face on a show that has Becky, Asuka, and Naomi who are all better faces than she is. I think Carmella should lose the belt because no ones takes her seriously as champ and she has no credibility. WWE is trying really hard to get her over as a heel by it just isn't working.
  6. They book Charlotte as an underdog as a face too. She got beat up for most of her match with Carmella at Backlash. Asuka is good at playing a heel but no one wanted to boo her when she was one in NXT. She's also been over and gotten positive reactions as a face on the main roster. Charlotte's first run as a face flopped.
  7. I think an Asuka reign would be good because she's a better babyface than Charlotte.
  8. I never thought he was funny. Please stay away.
  9. Why can’t Charlotte sell merch?

    I honestly don't think WWE cares that much about who sells merch. They push who they want to push.
  10. Triple H Praises Charlotte

    She gets more opportunities than everyone else.
  11. Return, Release, Repackage

    Trish never had a match half as good as Asuka/Ember II.
  12. The Iconics are Merch Sellers

    If WWE pushed people who sold lots of merch, they wouldn't push Charlotte so much.
  13. NeXT Breakout Star??

    That's Kairi Sane. She wears sailor attire because she used to compete in sailing.

    I hope she squashes Lana.
  15. Fox & WWE Reach Agreement to Air Smackdown Live

    I bet a good portion of that billion dollars will go towards Trump's re-election campaign.