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  1. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    Please, I would totally be down for that. They could even have her on the next season of Total Divas preparing to be in the ring again. They can replace Alexa Bliss with her.
  2. Hi Everyone!

    You'll never look back!
  3. Raw March 12, 2018: Live Chat

    "Don't touch my microphone." I'm sweating.
  4. It’s time for WWE to pay their female talent more

    I know the town she lived in before signing her contract. Can confirm.
  5. AJ Lee

    I am LIVING for how light her hair is getting.
  6. Womens (R)Evolution DVD being released in 2018

    This set sounds like a Day-One purchase, but I really hope AJ Lee isn't left out.
  7. Hi Everyone!

    I haven't gotten a chance to watch much of Brie when she was with the company but I absolutely love her on Total Divas. Carmella is amazing, but ugh I am ready for her to cash in! And Naomi has the BEST entrance in the game but is super under utilized.
  8. Hi Everyone!

    Hey everyone! I go by Jordan and I just got back into wrestling at the end of 2015 after watching Bayley and Sasha tear the house down in their Iron Man Match. Some of my favorites include the four horsewomen, Liv Morgan, and the Iconic Duo. I am so excited to make new friends and talk about women's wrestling with all of you!