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  1. Post Your Pictures

    Celebrated Kiera Hogan's Coming Out party last night in Chicago. Her, Gail, and Alisha were all so sweet!
  2. Why didn't the WWE do photoshoots anymore?

    They still do shoots based off all the girls' instagrams, I wish WWE would actually release the shoots in HQ.
  3. WWE signs Shotzi Blackheart

    Her personality is kind of aggy to me, but I like her green hair. Hopefully she learns to style it better. Congrats to her.
  4. WWE Reality Shows | Official Chat Thread

    Nattie crying she wasn't part of the "first ever" womens tag title match 
  5. Hell in a Cell 2019: Live Chat

    Sasha and Becky should be main eventing, but we all know the smarks would throw a fit if The Fiend wasn’t closing the show 
  6. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    Not Nikki holding a title and still being referred to as a guest  
  7. People want to see that Edge/Beth vs Seth/Becky match so bad. That is just so sad...
  8. People want AEW to fail so badly, it's excuse after excuse with any type of success they achieve. I haven't watched either show yet (I will Saturday), but I'm glad AEW had a successful first night. It's nice to see some actual competition for WWE after many years of no other mainstream company and WWE signing a good amount of indy wrestlers. It's nice to have an alternative other than WWE, and while there's improvements to be made, I look forward to seeing AEW grow.
  9. Total Divas premieres to 252k viewers

    That was my thought as well. I get that it's a scripted show, but you can't not respect someone for not taking bumps when your bestie is notorious for doing the same. Ronda's inclusion to the show flopped hard. Her presence felt so out of place on her farm in the middle of nowhere while the rest of the girls were at brunch. She's gonna kill TD just like she killed the women's division. We hate to see it 
  10. Music of the moment 🎶 

  11. Seth Rollins drags Sasha Banks

    I mean, I'd hardly consider this a drag. I thought Sasha's comment was more humorous. I wouldn't be talking about under-delivering when he's engaged to Becky...
  12. Updates on Raw and Smackdown

    Now give us iconic ppv arenas again 
  13. She's had a phenomenal career even with how WWE treated her in her last few years with the company. Her storyline with Trish will forever go down as one of the greatest feuds. She reinvented herself after WWE and had a really nice run in TNA. Lisa has so much to be proud of, and I hope WWE will finally acknowledge her by putting her in the HOF, and maybe give her a call for the Rumble.
  14. WWE Games | Discussion: WWE 2K20

    Her attire looks good, but that's about it. I'll appreciate that she's at least in the game, but they could have done a better job (Facially and the bazooka only going off once). Also, the hair not moving is really bothersome. The Xbox Raw 2 teas.
  15. NXT Superstars get new T-shirts

    They're all pretty ugly. Bianca's outsold. Hopefully they don't wear these as ring gear for the rest of their careers