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  1. WOW – Women of Wrestling

    Tessa's probably my favorite. Great wrestler, mic skills, and character. I've also really been liking The Beast and Azteca. I really wish they had attire changes. They've all worn the same gear each show(I know the first four episodes were tapped in the same day).
  2. Lana calls out Ronda Rousey

    Literally what. The Paul Heyman comparison is a REACH. Heyman owned ECW. Additionally, he was hired by WWE afterward to commentate and be involved in The Alliance storyline, and then he became a manager for superstars. It is possible for people to transition into other roles in wrestling. Lana was "allowed" to wrestle because she took initiative to train and was passionate in becoming an active competitor. A handful of women throughout WWE's history have been hired just to manage or be in little to no physical roles and have transitioned to full time wrestlers. Look at Trish Stratus for an obvious example.
  3. First Feud For The Women Tag Team Champions?

    Sorry, I was unorganized with how I formatted my OP. I meant to say Banks/Bayley over Mickie/Alexa at FL, then over Team Bestie at WM, and then they'll drop the titles to IIconics afterward at Backlash.
  4. First Feud For The Women Tag Team Champions?

    I wouldn't mind seeing Alexa/Mickie get an opportunity at Fastlane since they didn't get a chance at EC, then they'll probably face Team Bestie at WM, and hopefully IIconics can be built up for a couple months and can seriously be contenders post WM and win the titles to go into a feud with Kairi and Io when/if they get brought up post-WM.
  5. Elimination Chamber 2019: Live Chat

    Not Sarah lasting longer on Raw than Ruby  
  6. Hey, girl, hey!

  7. Wassup Wassup

    Welcome bb! 
  8. Elimination Chamber 2019: Live Chat

    Beth being the good sis to commentate the women's matches last minute so Graves can sit them out.
  9. Elimination Chamber 2019: Live Chat

    Sam being brought back... Is he gonna say Naomi isn't worthy? 
  10. Post Your Pictures

    I feel like I go out consistently for a few weeks and I disappear for months lmao. I'm getting too old to go out every weekend and be perfectly fine to work the next day  But come to Chicago so we can go out!
  11. Carmella Is Innocent

  12. Seth Rollins' Fiancee Publicly Announces Split

    Maybe he should try men for a change of pace
  13. Carmella Is Innocent

    Carmella joining Naomi in this week's festivities
  14. RuPaul's Drag Race

    Yeah, what a cop out of a finale. Any of the 4 were deserving to win, but I wanted one winner. I felt like this was a way to crown Trinity without facing backlash for giving the win to another white queen after Shangela's robbery.