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  1. Hey guys!

    I approve, you may stay 
  2. WWE signed former knockout?

    Good for Mia! She's a great talent and absolutely deserves it. I just hope they don't base her character off being a survivor of domestic violence, cause you know WWE would pull that.
  3. Alexa Bliss Injured

    They can get a cardboard cutout of her and it'll still put in the same amount of effort in matches.
  4. Hey guys!

    Welcome! Who are your faves?
  5. Hell in a Cell 2018: Live Chat

    God really hates us, huh 
  6. Hell in a Cell 2018: Live Chat

    I'm gonna need Lana to bring a new look. Over the Lana Day shirt and black skirt.
  7. Last week was a bit better. Deonna is so bland, I just can't get behind her. Paige lite was alright. She's young, she has plenty of time to improve. Zeuxis and Aeriel was a mess. They had no chemistry together. the finish was pretty awesome, though. Kacy is so cute! Lemme stan her. As much shit as I give Reina, she played her role well. I could warm up to her if she gets some better attires. Madison vs. Mercedes was actually pretty disappointing. It was a good match, but I expected so much more from two really talented girls.
  8. Naomi and Lana have gotten storylines on their own their own outside of WWE's creative team, Ember trying to follow in their footsteps when she calls out Princess 
  9. WWE Evolution Leaked?

    Clearly fake, but I hope this didn't spoil the MYC final 2 since it was already pre-tapped. Maybe the title can be edited to save others from being spoiled.
  10. Zelina Vega on Chasing Glory

    The tables have turned! Our new supreme Zelina
  11. Much deserved! Coach being bumped to the preshow, he can stay gone so Renee can do both.
  12. Solid first episode! I'm digging Rhea's heel character. She reminds me of Test and attitude era Triple H. Lacey shows a lot of potential, but she definitely needs some polishing. That botch off the ropes was pretty bad, but I appreciate she tried something cool. Meiko was amazing  Commentary team is a lot better this year. Also, the themes seem better so far as well. Not as basic as they were last year.
  13. Stephanie McMahon - All Business

    The McMahon-Helmsley era was such a fun time. I'll definitely watch for the nostalgia.
  14. Are good looks important to you?

    Looks are definitely important to me, but that's not necessarily good looks. To me, a wrestler (especially those in WWE) need to look like superstars. How they dress and do their hair and makeup is a representation of who they are. That goes for the men as well. If you look like an jobber, you're going to be treated as such.
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