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  1. Lard Sullivan injured

    The way his main roster callup has literally been an anxiety attack (after talking shit about people with mental disorders), outed as a racist/homophobe/misogynist/xenophobic, and now injured.
  2.   @Mariah. our man   I'm really glad to see Sonya represent our community. Hopefully she inspires other current and future wrestlers to embrace their sexuality and not be afraid to be open in a once homophobic industry.
  3. Impact Wrestling June 7, 2019: Results

    This week was so much better than last week's disappointing episode. Loved Kiera vs. Jordynn! Hopefully Kiera can enter the title scene soon. She's way too talented to be on the backburner.
  4. WWE always brings back legends (and even midcarders) for a short feud or match, especially for WM. He can have this same attitude for Triple H, Undertaker, Goldberg, etc when they come back for their yearly 20 minute match that takes up spots from other wrestlers.
  5. John Cena talks gays

    No wonder gay icon Nikki Bella dumped him.
  6. Agreed. NXT isn't perfect, but I think their biggest issues are that it isn't taped weekly, but multiple tapings over 2 days. To preserve the quality of the matches, an individual talent is only put in about 2 matches at most. Everything else a talent is featured in is usually a backstage segment, whether a brawl, interview, etc. Also, Vince prematurely calls up almost any talent gaining momentum in NXT, which leaves NXT trying to build new talent while the callups are sitting in catering. Triple H can be biased, but he's more in touch with what the fans want and seems more open to listening. Back on topic, the biggest issue WWE has right now is the wildcad rule. It's been extremely boring to see roughly the same 12 men and women each week on both brands while literally over 50 wrestlers are struggling to get any screen time. Additionally, it just seems like a lot of the passion is gone. It's rumored a lot of talent is unhappy backstage and it's showing in the ring. The quality of matches has really gone down and both the roster and fans are over it.
  7. Andrade's Mother Passed away

    I can't imagine how hard it is to lose a parent, especially when you're halfway across the world. May he and his family find peace in this difficult time  
  8. WWE held Women’s Tryouts at UK PC

    She had a few matches on NXT UK. She had the bright pink hair. I can't say I'm really familiar with the other girls, but I do like Jamie's look. She looks like Paige when she was in the indys. NXT UK has one of the best rosters, so I'm all for more strong additions if they're good.
  9. Chris Evans WON | Heartbreakers’ Sexiest Man Alive

    Not me giving him 15 points and getting paid dust   But my man deserves!
  10. Chris Evans WON | Heartbreakers’ Sexiest Man Alive

    Me coming into this and not knowing half these men
  11. Movie Poster Porn

  12. Impact Wrestling May 24, 2019: Results

    I'm so ready for Taya to drop the title. Her matches are typically so slow and boring and she very rarely shows out. And I'm so sick of seeing her fried blonde hair with that one curled blonde track that doesn't blend. Now she's going to feud with Rosemary which'll be even worse since Rosemary has gotten slower over the years, especially since her injury.
  13. Jon Moxley Driggity Drags WWE Creative

    I really respect that he doesn't settle just because WWE is the top wrestling company or because of the paycheck. Hopefully Jon is the first of many to not negotiate. There's too much talent in WWE being held back wasting their prime years when they can be making the most of their talent.
  14. What release are you most excited for?

    Little Mix and Tove Lo (And Kim Petras' new single 'Do Me' out tomorrow)
  15. Maryse announces the gender of her 2nd child

    Congratulations to them! They really are my favorite wrestling couple. They're so cute together and always make me smile. I love how in love with each other they are.