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  1. Clash of Champions 2017: Live Chat

    Lmao I'm just over the same outcome of the Singh Brothers interfering and Jinder taking advantage for the win and then cutting the same promos.
  2. Clash of Champions 2017: Live Chat

    Right?! At least Styles won so we hopefully don't have to see Jinder in the main event anymore.
  3. Clash of Champions 2017: Live Chat

    I don't think the match was... that bad. It certainly wasn't good. It was just messy and nothing new. I don't get the direction of the division. Charlotte's one of the few faces and it's not working for her. Naomi and Becky need to be the faces because they're more believable. RS has potential and I like their look, but they need a clear target and need to truly take over. Also, Tyler Breeze in shorts and a high pony WIG
  4. Clash of Champions 2017: Live Chat

    Gets me hyped af. One of the best themes in WWE 
  5. Clash of Champions 2017: Live Chat

    Daddy Roode deserves better
  6. Clash of Champions 2017: Live Chat

    Naomi and Lana's attires looked amazing! 
  7. Clash of Champions 2017: Live Chat

    COC has an awful theme song. I miss the attitude era's music. I feel like having rock music just suits WWE more. Also, I'm surprised to see WWE still using Otunga after everything that's happened with Jennifer Hudson.
  8. Clash of Champions 2017: Live Chat

    I feel like the best ppv's are the ones I'm least excited about, so maybe this'll be alright after all. Not getting my hopes up, though.
  9. Congrats to her and her fiance! That said, I do not think blonde fits her. She definitely looks better with dark hair.
  10. HB Rants and Struggles - A Venting Thread

    It's probably stemming from insecurity in herself. She sees something special in you and your relationship and doesn't want to compromise it. If she's been hurt in the past, she's probably still nervous about letting those walls down again for someone else. It sounds like she's okay being vulnerable around you, just without the labels of dating. I think the best thing you can do is just be there for her and not do anything differently. Show her you care about her and won't do bad by her.
  11. They do look good. I love Sasha's makeup.
  12. Not a porn star dictating what's embarrassing. Glad Maria put her in her place. I'll never understand how people act like wrestling isn't a sport when it's one of the most physically demanding jobs there is.
  13. Newbie!!

    Welcome! Great taste in favorites 
  14. HB Rants and Struggles - A Venting Thread

    I'm so sorry, Jodes! I can totally understand this being a hard time for you and you have every right to hate this time of year. I know it'll be hard to enjoy the holidays, but I hope you can find peace during them.
  15. Net Neutrality Discussion

    Shoutout to the two queens that tried their best to save us. They'll be spared in the purge when it occurs. Once again, straight men ruin everything in Trump's America.