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  1. Impact Wrestling August 16, 2019: Results

    Kiera and Madison make a fun team! I'm liking the frenemy angle. The tag match was nice, but I didn't get how Alexia couldn't get the pin because she wasn't legal, yet Madison pinned her 20 seconds later?
  2. NXT Spoilers: August 21-September 11

    Dear god I hope Shayna vs Mia doesn't continue. I'd be interested to see Rhea contend for the title, though. Glad Io and Candice are continuing their feud, hopefully it they have several more stipulation matches.
  3. Santana Garrett Signs With WWE

    This sucks for WOW which kind of built her up as their top star, but I'm happy for her and hope she's utilized to her full capabilities. She has a natural likability factor along with excellent wrestling skills and charisma. She could be a big star if WWE plays their cards right. Hopefully she gets cute new gear.
  4. Happy 7th Birthday, Heartbreakers!

    Damn, I feel like we were all just celebrating HB's 6th birthday. It's been such a pleasure seeing this board evolve over the couple years I've been here. This is by far the most respectful community I've encountered in my many years of women's wrestling forums. Whilst we may have disagreements, I seldom see any become personal. I love the maturity while still getting to be a little shady here and there. Happy birthday, HB, and here's to many more years to come!
  5. A legend and one of the best wrestlers I've seen  Happy to see Jazz back in a mainstream company!
  6. The clip is from WWE Confidential. Finlay producing the match makes me that much more excited for SS. I really think Trish and Charlotte have the potential to tear the house down, especially now with this news. Finlay brought out the absolute best in all the women during the golden era and this will be no exception.
  7. I mean, it's pro wrestling. Women going up against men in this type of setting is just as realistic as Buffy, the Charmed ones, Charlie's Angels, etc going up against men. It's entertainment, not a legitimate fight.
  8. Plus his racist ex Zahra. We hate to see it
  9. Impact Wrestling July 19 and 26, 2019: Results

    I don't care for Taya, but her reign has been fine. She's held the title for a majority of the year and has consistently been used and has feuded with half the locker room. The triple threat was fine, nothing spectacular, but it was a solid match. Jorynn and Kiera once again tore the house down. They have so much chemistry in the ring and are the top women in Impact along with Tessa. I would love to see them in the title picture.
  10. Impact has the best women's division atm so I'm here for it, I just hope she doesn't get injured during the first tapings.
  11. Aww cute. Fun finale (we'll forget Dana made it that far and act as if Bianca was in her spot). Thank you so much @Charlie once again for a spectacular rumble!  
  12. Bianca started from the beginning and made it this far. Y'all really gonna do her like that.
  13. I blame @Dante. for Bianca's loss
  14. Ok this Dana moment was cute, but now playtime is over. I call rigga morris.
  15. Dana finally took that opportunity