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  1. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    Velvet is clearly against women's empowerment because she never had the credentials to empower anyone herself 
  2. With Kairi being sick for the recent tapings and now this, it looks like this feud may be over before it hardly started. I don't know the details, but if it's the fault of Marina or Jessamyn, then WWE seriously needs to reconsider using them at this time. There's already been reports of them dropping someone on their head (I think that was also Dakota). Maybe Dakota and Tegan can now merge together to form one fully functioning wrestler.
  3. They should have both QOTR and Evolution to compensate for the 2 male Saudi shows a year 
  4. I know Seth, Finn, and Elias will be at the top, but daddy Dash and Buddy better be up there, too! 
  5. Nikki and Artem Spotted Together in Paris?

    We love an upgrade! Artem is hot and he couldn't take his eyes off her when they were paired together. Every interview, segment, dance, etc he was befuddled by ha beauty.
  6. Candice Michelle's TED Talk: The Authenticity of Being Fake

    The secondhand embarrassment, whew
  7. What an questionable list, but at least Killer Kelly got her well deserved mention.
  8. Superstar Photo Booth

  9. Hello

    Welcome!  Great taste
  10. Nia and Tamina vs Natalya and Ronda announces for Raw

    RIP Tamina 
  11. WWE Opening a Performance Center in the UK

    Speak on it! The arenas were one of the best parts of the ppv.
  12. I'm back back back again

    Welcome back!  
  13. Little Mix

    It really was. I wasn't crazy about the Woman Like Me or Joan of Arc, but I kept hope, but the overall album was a letdown. While I appreciate a more mature tone than their previous albums, Glory Days outsold. LM5 lacked the pop anthems like Glory Days had with Shoutout To My Ex, Touch, Power, and No More Sad Songs. The only song I really like from LM5 is The Cure. Strip, Motivate, Monster In Me, and Wasabi are cute, too.