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  1. NWO & Batista Confirmed for 2020 WWE Hall of Fame

    Congratulations to Batista 👏🏽👏🏽
  2. "Wonder Woman 1984" First Official Trailer

    I’m am f**king readyT 👏🏽
  3. It was garbage how they did Kofi losing the title. 
  4. AEW Suspends Nyla Rose

    Definitely not their finest moment. 
  5. So she was fired because she had heat backstage? 
  6. WWE Legend Announces Pregnancy

    Congratulations to Stacy! ❤️
  7. Wonder if Taya will follow him? 
  8. WWE SmackDown | Official Chat Thread

    I’m over the Reigns/Corbin feud tbh. 
  9. The Birth of a New WWE Power Couple?

    I hope it leads to a push for her 
  10. Kane is my all time favourite male wrestler. There was nothing his character couldn’t do and I loved that he kept refreshing the character and adapting it to whatever era he was in at the time. 
  11. The best part of her reign has been the Sasha feud. 
  12. They definitely pushed her hard this past weekend. Wins over Charlotte, Sasha & Shayna and a draw with Becky. She’s definitely beating Shayna for title soon. 
  13. Proud Family reboot poised for 2020 premiere