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  1. I’m honestly not sure if it has been filmed yet or not. 
  2. Heard Bobby Lashley is out of Mania now as well. 
  3. Thankgod! I didn’t want to wait another month. 👏🏽
  4. Oooooh I forgot about that. I think they started taping yesterday? 
  5. Glad he’s putting his health first. Especially since he’s at a greater risk due to his previous cancer battles.    I’m guessing WWE won’t cancel it because they don’t know how long they will be postponing the show for since we don’t know when this pandemic will die down. 
  6. Production of ‘The Batman’ delayed indefinitely

    I’m going to really the need this virus to go away like right now. 
  7. Next MCU Big Bad?

    I absolutely believe Dr Doom, Galactus & Kang The Conqueror deserve chances to be huge villains in the MCU and I hope they do it because it would snap period 👏🏽
  8. Dark Side of the Ring

    I brought this up in another thread in a very poor and immature way. I think this is a good chance to clarify what I was trying to say before. I believed there was more to the story in the sense that they didn’t put much emphasis on CTE and brain injuries in wrestling, at the time of the tragedy I was young and the only answer I had been given was that it was roid rage/steroids and that’s what I believed for years. It wasn’t until the last couple of years I became aware of the brain injuries/CTE issues that plagued him (and other wrestlers). Now this does not excuse his behaviour and it never will and I do understand why WWE have taken the route they have with ignoring him but I do hope this documentary opens up the door for more discussions on the severity of brain injuries in sports in general (cause these injuries happen in football as well) and how they can stop them from happening in the future.  As for this series I have actually only seen the episode about Bruiser Brody which was super sad and changed my opinion on Carlos Colon quite greatly. I’m honestly surprised the guy who killed him never did a second of time in jail for such an obvious murder. 
  9. Dana Brooke & Rey Mysterio in Quarantine?

    This might explain why that rumoured Humberto/Rey/Andrade/Angel match for the United States Championship isn’t going ahead because Rey can’t participate.
  10. "Wonder Woman 1984" Officially Pushed Back

    The one movie I wanted to see this year.    I’m fucking madT 
  11. WWE Raw | Official Chat Thread

    I wasn’t paying much attention to the Shayna segment so when she hit the deck I deadass thought Charly clocked her 😭
  12. Eve Torres Ring the Belle interview

    This part is actually so sad to me. The amount girls that spent so many years in WWE doing their best only to eventually leave because they did not see any change in site and it seemed literally impossible that the company would ever take them seriously. I’m sure they’re happy for the girls of today but I’m sure it’s also a little frustrating to see them get all these opportunities and respect when the eras before them should’ve had the same. 
  13. WWE SmackDown | Official Chat Thread

    I truly hope Sasha wins at Wrestlemania. She’s long overdue for a big mania win/moment. 
  14. Sasha’s outfit on Smackdown this week 😍

    1. Ninja Balenciaga

      Ninja Balenciaga

      She's on another level. Queen of the jungle realness.

    2. Kat


      @Ninja Balenciaga I’m going to need to see more of this fashion sense but with a championship to add to the look. 

  15. 20 Years of Trish Stratus

    My favourite Trish moment ever is this brawl with Lita:  https://youtu.be/LSK5ylxAh9c