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  1. One Day At A Time

    I absolutely love that they included more of the LGBTQ+ community instead of just having one lesbian or one gay character. It’s so important that they did something like that and having that kind of representation on TV has really made me (and I’m sure countless others in the LGBTQ+) feel more accepted. I really hope more people take notice of this show and that Netflix doesn’t cancel it. 
  2. Random Thoughts

    I'm doing four subjects at Uni this term, holy hell I'm gonna die. 
  3. NXT Spoilers

    Hopefully it's just a way of making her look credible before she drops the title. 
  4.   The show depicts the everyday life of a Cuban-American family with each character finding their own journey. Following the story of Penelope Alvarez (Justina Machado) a United States Army Nurse Corps[3] veteran, facing her return to civilian life with a lot of unresolved issues from her time in the Army. She works as a nurse in the office of Dr. Leslie Berkowitz (Stephen Tobolowsky). After her husband's alcoholism due to post-traumatic stress disorder from his time in the Army made it, in Penelope's words, 'unsafe to be in the house', she separates from Victor (James Martínez), taking the children with her. With the help of her Mother, Lydia (Rita Moreno), a refugee who left Cuba as a teen following Fidel Castro's rise to power, she is raising her two children: Elena (Isabella Gómez) and Alex (Marcel Ruiz). Each episode of the series focuses on important issues that face the Hispanic community and families in general. It has dealt with topics such as veterans' struggles with PTSD, depression, and anxiety, as well as sexuality, gender identity, sexism, alcoholism, drug addiction, and religion, amongst others.    I highly recommend watching this show it's 100% worth your time.              Discuss the show here!! All 3 Seasons are on Netflix.
  5. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    they didn't stop there 😂          
  6. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    ???????  Not him always reminding me why I never stanned his ass. 
  7. I hope it’s good news ❤️
  8. NXT Spoilers

  9. NXT Spoilers

    I’m hearing that apparently Shayna got loud boring chants after she choked out Io, Bianca & Kairi. Also apparently Io slipped on the top rope when she went to do her springboard drop kick. 
  10. NXT Spoilers

    NXT has gone to the dog house lately. Not just with the women’s division either, seems HHH has no idea what he’s doing anymore. 
  11. NXT Spoilers

    It was the return of the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic. 
  12. NXT Spoilers