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  1. I agree completely, there's always been room for both. A good balance between them is all that's needed. 
  2. Does this mean there won’t be any surprises? 
  3. Kinda figured after what happened the last episode. 
  4. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    How would ya'll feel if they made Vanessa & Aliyah a team?     
  5. Favorite Female Faction

    Did you like Sojourner Bolt in the group as well? Or just when it was those three? 
  6. Favorite Female Faction

    I feel like when people say they love the Riot Squad they mean Ruby & Liv 😂
  7. Favorite Female Faction

    From the past - Vince’s devils (and I know they weren’t that much of a faction but I loved evil Trish, Molly & Gail’s little heel group they brought out sometimes)    Current - The Riot Squad. 
  8. First Ever Tag Team Champions!!

    I would love for IIconics to win it first (because I’m Australian and bias af) but I also wouldn’t mind The Bellas, Laycool or The Riot Squad. 
  9. NXT January 16, 2019: Results

    Jess is for sure the more advanced of the two. I think she’ll be fine and grow to hold her own in the ring. 
  10. Most the girls today are far better than the men. They’re more interesting and they care more about what they’re doing. That’s why they’re on top right now and are the hottest thing in the company. 
  11. NXT January 16, 2019: Results

    Marina is just awful, you could see Bianca motion at her to do something instead of standing there. Jessamyn comes across better so I’ll give her a break but Marina needs to get her shit together. 
  12. NXT January 16, 2019: Results

    I honestly thought they both killed it, Shayna said more so she probably came across as better but I thought they both did equally great. It got me even more excited for their title match! I loved Bianca’s strut up the ramp after she dodged them. 
  13. Dolph Ziggler Is Leaving WWE

    Hopefully he leaves this time. Crusty bitch says this every year.