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  1. WWE Raw | Official Chat Thread

    The disrespect to the women. Would rather have Charlotte back at this point.  
  2. WWE Raw | Official Chat Thread

    Makes me wonder if Eva really is returning tonight
  3. WWE Raw | Official Chat Thread

    A triple threat tag team match... I see Lil' Jimmy is everyone's tag partner and that Jeff probably isn't 100% lucid. Who would've thought?    
  4. Rhea, Naomi, Peyton or Bianca for the win.
  5. I say let her, its the only time she'll be... anything. She's got no draw or star power. Great wrestler but her moves are bland and her character/mic work are bland. WWE usually doesn't make the right decision when it comes to pushing their talent... They made the right choice this time.
  6. NXT TakeOver: 31: Live Chat

    Bo Dallas stays in catering.
  7. NXT TakeOver: 31: Live Chat

    Wonder what they'll do when the actual fans come back to the arenas?
  8. NXT TakeOver: 31: Live Chat

    Not if its Bo Dallas.
  9. NXT TakeOver: 31: Live Chat

    Johnny .vs. Damien is the opener, wonder if that means Candice will be winning tonight since I'm sure Damien will retain.
  10. Clash of Champions 2020: Live Chat

    I guess none of the Smackdown women were available...
  11. Clash of Champions 2020: Live Chat

    Asuka vs Zelina got moved to the main show. Bagley is already rumored to have another opponent. So we'll get 2 matches.
  12. WWE SmackDown | Official Chat Thread

    Me waiting for Naomi to first take over Nikki's spot on the match... Then me waiting for Naomi to take Alexa's spot in the match... The foolishness...
  13. Mauro Ranallo Leaving WWE

    Wades definitely better to look at to
  14. Mauro Ranallo Leaving WWE

  15. Mulan Available for Disney+ Subscribers in December

    Pass, I'll watch it for free on the same day.