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  1. Liv Morgan Shares Videos of Her Main Roster Call-Up Reaction

    She seems super annoying. Nia had the best reaction of all time being called to the main roster.
  2. Wrestling's Sexiest Men | NSFW

    King really doesn't get the love and respect he deserves. Love the arms but I need more of that phat booty   
  3. Hugo Knox Returning to Wrestling

    He was in NXT.
  4. Hugo Knox Returning to Wrestling

    He quit WWE though didn't he?
  5. Wrestling's Sexiest Men | NSFW

    I'm so excited to see Jordan Devlin, he resembles Finn so much.
  6. Wrestling's Sexiest Men | NSFW

    It's not the bike I want to ride
  7. Raw July 9, 2018: Live Chat

    Every PPV going forward will be.
  8. Raw July 2, 2018: Live Chat

    30 minutes left, there is no saving tonight's show. Seth, Finn, Dash and Roman looked hot as usual. That's all.
  9. Wrestling's Sexiest Men | NSFW

    I'd take them all, but my order is going from right to left 
  10. Latest on Randy Orton’s return from injury

    He's become so irrelevant, I didn't realize he was gone. I'd still bone tho.  
  11. SmackDown June 19, 2018: Live Chat

    It'll be a good show since Big Cass got released    
  12. Wrestling's Sexiest Men | NSFW

    Cause he's hot as fuck
  13. Mandy Rose Reveals Her New Boyfriend

    If she's not tickling, fingering, licking or burying her face in that ass... he needs to dump her.
  14. WrestleMania 34: Live Chat

    Retire already