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  1. WWE SmackDown | Official Chat Thread

    This sounds too good... So it won't happen.  
  2. Clash of Champions 2019: Live Chat

    And the crowd goes mild for Kofi!!!
  3. "Doctor Sleep" ("The Shining" Sequel) Final Trailer

    They've released a few, floating around on Youtube
  4. Kylie Rae Quits AEW

    How sad is it when this was my first thought as well? I'm hoping its nothing as serious though.
  5. WWE SmackDown | Official Chat Thread

    Haircuts do wonders       But seriously tho... He's packing in the back.
  6. WWE SmackDown | Official Chat Thread

    What'd you expect, Vince is running tonight's show. How much more can they force this "Romans apology" to the fans?    I need Desire & Fire on my screen.
  7. WWE SmackDown | Official Chat Thread

    Had to check the history and saw they had one match with a few tag matches after that... Nothing memorable. But Lacey isn't a woman who's been used much since June/July. Let the interesting characters be used.
  8. WWE SmackDown | Official Chat Thread

    Is this not their first match together?
  9. Ronda Rousey books recurring role on Ryan Murphy show

    My feelings exactly.
  10. SummerSlam 2019: Live Chat

    I hate that they made Gail afraid of Kong in that segment when she's legit fucked up Kong many times in TNA
  11. SummerSlam 2019: Live Chat

    Finn really coming for Wrestlings Sexiest Man 2019 
  12. SummerSlam 2019: Live Chat

    Sweety, that match already happened.
  13. Io/Candice was easily womens match of the year, including main roster matches. I was surprised Io didn't win with the moonsault (which she hit perfectly). Hope these 2 can feud longer.   The other match on the other hand... One of the worst takeover matches I've seen. Mia's gimmick as everyone has stated, is cringe. Shauna is one of the worst talents I've seen in awhile... She can wrestle, but she does nothing but MMA stuff, her matches aren't exciting, never have, never will be. But between her and Mia, I rooted for Shayna. Mia needs to desperately work on a character change if she wants to be taken seriously. I'm curious to see who the next contender will be, its either Candice or Bianca again.
  14. NXT TakeOver: Toronto 2019: Live Chat

    Daddy Roderick really needs to win this, its about time he gets his single title reign.
  15. NXT TakeOver: Toronto 2019: Live Chat

    Daddy Theory better be snatching that NXT contract