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  1. WWE Wants the True Diva Back

    Apparently she rejected the offer when she got the call.
  2. Yeah but we didnt expect Trish to have so much facial work done either. She sounds high in her promos now. Alexa and Sasha delivered on the mic, Alexa just dont deliver in the ring. 
  3. Wrestling's Sexiest Men | NSFW

    Looking at his size... its good to know that the nudes sent out are his.
  4. Maria Kanellis tonight on RAW?

    It's being taped and airing Wednesdays now because of the mixed max challenge. Not sure if it'll go back to live once its done. Glad Mike is back to being on TV. Last time we saw him was the pre show battle royal at Mania, no?
  5. Wrestling's Sexiest Men | NSFW

    Okay... but what happened?
  6. Raw October 8, 2018: Live Chat

    Why did I literally have this exact thought when I heard his theme? I was hoping for a debut from NXT. Not...... this.
  7. Thg fact that Morrison even mentioned the title makes this scream storyline.
  8. Incredible episode. First match was to be expected from both ladies, four paces action and great hard strikes. Kacy .vs. Rhea was good, I didnt think I'd like Kacy, but shes giving me early face Alexa vibes in her ring style, just more acrobatic and show off moves in her arsenal. She'll make a great underdog in the future. Taynara... I'm still wondering why she's signed. Lacey is good for how little she's been in the ring. The main event definitely stole the show and pretty much the entire tournament this year so far. I'm still baffled as to why Mercedes hasn't been signed yet.
  9. Spoiler: New Match Confirmed for Evolution

    Just got done watching NXT... Shayna is at least entertaining enough to work a match unlike Ronda has been. Her and Kairi's 2 matches have been pretty good. Cant wait to see these bitches throw down at debur debur E Evorution.
  10. Wrestling's Sexiest Men | NSFW

    Bitches be sleeping on daddy English. His body, his bubble butt...      
  11. Wrestling's Sexiest Men | NSFW

    These leaks I swear, I'm stanning daddy Gulak even more than I thought I ever could now     
  12. Wrestling's Sexiest Men | NSFW

    Daddy... aka Austin Theory 
  13. SmackDown August 28, 2018: Live Chat

    This feud needs to continue for awhile. Becky needs to win at Evolution, not HIAC. She's owning her role. 
  14. SummerSlam 2018: Live Chat

    Takeover already winning... but we knew that'd be the case.