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  1. Darren Young: "being gay doesn't define me"...     Also Darren Young:  
  2. “Charlie’s Angels” flops at the box office

    Did anyone really expect different?
  3. "Mortal Kombat" Movie Reboot Casts Major Characters

    Josh Lawson is a babe. I might have to check this out.
  4. Nooooo 😭😭😭. If that's the case, then yes, Layla... she was my favorite deever.
  5. My pick, the real queen of moonsaults.  
  6. The fact that this round is even a competition...   Queen McCool should win this round.
  7. WWE Raw | Official Chat Thread

    The fans still not reacting to Drew
  8. WWE Raw | Official Chat Thread

    We already know Drew is going to defeat Ricochet. Can we move on to more entertaining things?
  9. WWE Raw | Official Chat Thread

    The women would have to be in the arena for that to happen.
  10. James Gunn wants a Drax the Destroyer solo film

  11. WWE Raw | Official Chat Thread

    I meant as a character. Shes been your typical mean girl and a random face turn, dont know how well people would get behind her. I like Lacey's ring work... Botches and all   
  12. WWE Raw | Official Chat Thread

    Lacey has been so horrible, I'm not sure how a face run would do her... But I'm ready.
  13. WWE Raw | Official Chat Thread

  14. WWE Raw | Official Chat Thread

    Can someone post the draft list before daddy Roode derobes himself?