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  1. 1 minute ago, Christon said:

    Was this an off night for Seth promos or is this how everyone of these segments are?

    How did Dana and Sarah not secure an Extreme Rules Preshow bout after the Main Event hype up?

    That's normally how Seth promo's. He's honestly the worse talker out of The Shield, in my opinion.

    God knows how. I really wanted to see them have an Extreme Rules match, but. *shrug*

  2. Just now, prince. said:

    !!!! She can definitely wrestle and manage since I don't think she'll be getting the title soon. Andrades deserves a run on the main event with her 

    I think her little feud with Lana cemented her on the brand. It'd be nice to see them have a little reunion. Especially since it was one of Zelina's first female rivalries on Smackdown.

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