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  1. imagine if dean comes whew my heart
  2. you really thought you did something there didn't you.
  3. Rosa's gonna beat her ass, argue with your mother not me.
  4. This could lead to a really huge storyline, basicaly; Liv and Sarah are paired up in 1 v 1's and tag matches with eachother against other girls, and basically they keep losing. This could lead to a backstage meltdown with Liv pushing Sarah away causing Sarah to contact Ruby one night, and raising a concern. The night ruby comes back, Ruby picks up a easy win on an opponent Liv's yet to beat. Causing Liv to run in and pick a fight with Ruby. The next night she apologizes and attacks Ruby during her match. Leading to a backstage promo, where Ruby pays back the Favor. This leading to a PPV spot
  5. JOHNNY GARGANO:Johnny nodded towards Corey, ducking his head down as he pulls his Maroon hoodie over his greasy brunette hair. "Understood." Heading through the doors, walking outside.
  6. JOHNNY GARGANO:"Yeah, and when you win.. maybe I.. can uh.. I-.. can be your assistant." Johnny stuttered a bit, as he curled his mouth slowly into a smile joking around with Corey. Though it wouldn't be the worst thing to be appointed the assistant to Corey. Twiddling his fingers behind his back, nervously as he second guesses what he said to Corey.
  7. JOHNNY GARGANO:Johnny needed this he thought to himself. This was the only way he could have the perfect life that he once imagined of having. He turned his head over to Corey, nodding. But what is it the right choice to side with Corey. Was he risking too much? "I-.. uh?" Johnny knew that he was special and could grow to do bigger and special things but was it worth it? Was the course he was taking logical? Was it smart? Was it?.. No matter whether it was or not. Johnny wanted to be capable of helping and that's what he was going to do. "A... Al.. Alright." He turns over to Corey. "I.. I c-
  8. JOHNNY GARGANO:Eyes? What was Corey talking about? "What do you mean by eyes? I'm just a teenager, there's only so much that I can do." Though Johnny was very eager to help Corey, he knew that he only had a limit to what he could do. Johnny was confused and lost as to exactly how he could help Corey. He looked up to Corey, with a confused look printed across his face.
  9. JOHNNY GARGANO:Gargling up a little bit of spit, as he coughs out intensely.. He leans his back against the wall, nodding towards Corey. He once again readjusts himself as he looks over to Corey. "Alright, my apologies.." Corey was right. He was the only person the Johnny could rely on. He didn't wanna lose Corey. He need Corey. "So, what's your plan to take control. I'll do anything to help." Johnny was desperate to do anything for Corey. He wanted Corey to know that he was able to do anything and everything for the greater good (in this case.)
  10. JOHNNY GARGANO:Johnny readjusted himself, after colliding straight onto Corey's floor. "Fuckk.." Climbing back onto his feet, as he picked up the newspaper and pack of cigs that fell when he was tossed by Corey. "You're welcome.." Rolling his eyes, as he looked around. "You could at least fucking say thank you." Passing over the newspaper along with the pack of cigarettes over to Corey. He looked around the place, sticking his palms back into his maroon hoodie pocket before turning around to look at Corey. As he looked at him he noticed several scars and bruises along his body. "Whoa.." He tho
  11. omg i love scarlett. i remember knockouts only night and she looked so good. i can't wait for herrr!
  12. JOHNNY GARGANO: Johnny had been fiddling with his fingers and pacing back and forth as he stood in front of Corey Grave's apartment door. In his right arm there was a newspaper and inside of the newspaper had been a pack of cigarettes. Johnny begin to raise his fist to the door, as he noticed his hand was shaking tremendously. "Cut it the fuck out.." he thought to himself.. He rolled his neck around, shook his hands, and breathed in heavily and then breathed out. He then knocked on the door of Corey Graves, waiting to be let inside. Johnny looked around the outside of the apartment setting, g
  13. I expected this level of pettiness from Sasha.
  14. Don't quote me on this, but I think it has to do with how everything being handed to Alexa and possibly how shes displaying herself on the media and not seeing the reality of her actions but that's just my take on it.
  15. I found out about Vader through Mick Foley's documentary on Netflix. He went through so much and this is so sad to hear. R.I.P
  16. This is honestly disgusting. People on twitter are actually agreeing with this and saying its okay. There is nothing wrong with her body, I'm sick of male wrestling snarks.
  17. Now she has to face Ronda and Nia Jax. whew she's dead.
  18. Nia shit herself, it's over for her.
  19. Why is nia coming out first wdf.
  20. the male superstars are already seething. we cant have all the women being under fire cause of them getting m/e.
  21. Carmella needs a new finisher asap. I'm over this superkick that isn't connecting.
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