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  1. Post Your Pictures

    @Travis Roucka thank you bb 💓💕
  2. Raw May 7, 2018: Live Chat

    They needa stop disrespecting Momkie
  3. Raw May 7, 2018: Live Chat

    I hope Mahal loses just to solidify his newly found jobber status.
  4. Raw May 7, 2018: Live Chat

    The men’s matches are so boring. I’ve watched WWE for years and will never be intrigued with the men like I am with the women 💀
  5. Raw May 7, 2018: Live Chat

    Another week of RAW 
  6. Which is exactly why she’ll lose 🙃
  7. Post Your Pictures

    I wanna be a little vain, so hi 👋🏻 
  8. Alexa Bliss Suffers Shoulder Injury

    She needs some time off tv so this could be a good way to write her off for a bit. Wish her a speedy recovery though.
  9. Favorite Origin Stories

    As previously mentioned, Victoria. I may sound biased because I stan her but she truly had some of the best character work we’ve seen in the women’s division, she was always consistent and had the ring skills to back it up. Her and Trish just had an undeniable chemistry.
  10. Backlash 2018: Live Chat

    Tonight was a big flop. Mediocre wrestling in all three women’s bouts, I was bored through all of them. Ruby vs Bayley was what I expected, a snooze. I find Bayley completely unwatchable. Nia vs. Alexa.... sis. Why do they keep booking Nia to be dominated by someone 1/4th of her size just to pull out the victory with a somoan drop every time. I love Nia but that post match promo was CRINGE. Also, her makeup was so off tonight, she looked pale and bland. Charlotte vs Carmella .... I don’t even know what that was. Charlotte came off lazy and Carmella shrieked the whole time.  This PPV was not cute.
  11. Jim Ross Provides his Opinion.

    Did I miss something? Why is everyone roasting JR? Is he secretly a POS? 💀
  12. Mickie James: Crazy Sweetheart

    Legend James.
  13. Definitely some misses, but it’s not terrible. Nice to see Victoria getting some recognition.
  14. Is this actually her? 💀 I thought she didn’t have social media.