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  1. Full Sail | In Town (RP Thread)

    ELIAS SAMSON “That was quite the show you just put on there, Punk.” Elias had just about finished his meal, eating slowly while watching the two bicker, for lack of a better term. He can’t help but chuckle after he speaks seeing that he clearly wants to move on from the conversation. “I get it… I get it… I’ll see you at the show.  It’s a big one, they say we’re close to making it big.  It’d be a shame if a… distraction...” Elias glances off to the side insinuating the distraction is Carmella. “…got in the way of that.  Now if you’ll excuse me… I have to be going.  You can handle this right?” Elias stands up with a wry smirk as he gestures towards the empty dish on the table, referring to picking up the check as he pushes out of the booth and steps away leaving Punk in the booth. TBC: @Queen of Hens
  2. Full Sail | In Town (RP Thread)

    ELIAS SAMSON “Wait… just wait a minute...”  Elias pauses scanning from Punk to Carmella and then back to Punk, the famous grin on his face as he grabs one of the chips from his entrée and takes a bite, swallowing it. “This is rich… you guys know each other?  I mean yes, Phil… this is the waitress I was telling you alllll about” Once again stretching the truth to intentionally cause some doubt between the two as he is the only one to have been in both conversations. “But enough about me buddy – you need to tell me… what did you do to have someone as wonderfully nice as Carmella here to have so much angst towards you?” Elias chuckles a bit and reaches for his food again but before Phil can answer him, Carmella cuts him off. TBC @Mariah.
  3. Full Sail | In Town (RP Thread)

    ELIAS SAMSON “Anything else interesting?” Elias glances down and then back up briefly.  It’s been a bit now, and it’s clear he’s getting a bit antsy about his food not having arrived yet. “Other than your disappearing act? No.  We didn’t really have the opportunity to get around and have a great time while waiting for you to show up.  Well… the rest of the band didn’t.  I as usual can always find a way to have one hell of a night.” Elias antsy look fades as he reforms the grin on his face.  His eyes focused on Punk’s as he tells a story, stretching the truth just a bit as expected. “In fact… before you got here I had my and I guess… our waitress skipping out on her tables to chat me up.  You should have seen her Punk…” Elias’ grin turns into a chuckle as he makes the ‘OK’ sign with his right hand and lightly winks his right eye just as the waitress in question steps to the table, slowly… TBC @Mariah.  
  4. Full Sail | In Town (RP Thread)

    ELIAS SAMSON “Caught up in something? What is this a television show? You have responsibilities, Phil.” Elias shakes his head from left to right before looking back up at him as he finally feels some sort of remorse for laying on the attitude thick so he backs off.  “The other guys were worried, but they trusted you a little more than I did… I guess.  They kept telling me you’d show they kept telling me you never missed a gig, but I figured the best way to get you to show was to follow you and get you in person.”  He pauses. “So are you sure you’ll be ready for tomorrow or am I going to have to drag you out of wherever you decide to sleep tonight?”
  5. Full Sail | In Town (RP Thread)

    ELIAS SAMSON Elias scoffs a bit at Phil’s disdain for him.  He raises his eye brows and looks down at his glass of water taking a quick sip from it before setting it down. “You know we have a gig tomorrow, right?  I mean you are the leader of this band and I would hate to see you start to lose commitment.  Remember – you chose me to be in this band… I’d hate for my… generosity to negatively impact my career.”  Elias insinuates that he is in the band as a favor to Punk as he interjects once more. “So I guess what I want is to know what the hell you’re doing skipping out on our tour for the past few days?”
  6. Full Sail | In Town (RP Thread)

    ELIAS SAMSON Elias’ familiar grin remains in place as his head lightly cocks to the side.  “Well let’s just say that I have a few years of practice, I mean after all you said it yourself… I am a star.” He chuckles. “Now shouldn’t you be checking on my food? I wouldn’t want a pretty thing like you getting fired because she was distracted by something far more interesting than her job..”
  7. Full Sail | In Town (RP Thread)

    ELIAS SAMSON Elias grins as Carmella hands the order off to a fellow waitress as she sits across from him.  “You didn’t strike me as a rock girl, and my band isn’t exactly cute...” Elias pauses as she brings up an ex and a friend, but he relents and decides to let that road go untraveled for now.  “I’m the front man for a rising band named the Straight Edge Society, it’s a weak name in my opinion, but the guys are talented enough to get me where I want to go.  One of my bandmates is on his way, you may get to meet him if he actually shows up.”  Elias pauses briefly to lightly wet his lips with a small drink of water.  “So to address your earlier comment… I didn’t expect to be alone for long, and it looks like from the look of this that I was right.” Elias lightly gestures towards Carmella and the fact that she’s across from him.
  8. Full Sail | In Town (RP Thread)

    ELIAS SAMSON Elias lets out few sharp chuckles as he briefly closes his eyes turning his head away before turning it back to Carmella, regaining eye contact as his strong hands press to the hard table top.  It’s clear that those words were sharp, but he doesn’t plan on showing that in his words.  “Now how did you know I was a ‘rock star’?  Were you looking me up over there with that friend of yours?” Elias pauses as he glances up at the clock on the wall briefly realizing it’ll be a bit longer until the deadline he set for Punk to arrive hits.  “Or did you know I’m a popular rising solo act?”
  9. Full Sail | In Town (RP Thread)

    ELIAS SAMSON Elias can’t help but watch as she writes down his order as she asks if he wants anything else.  His confident smirk remaining on his face as he opens his mouth to speak. “Unless you can get take a break from your shift and join me here in this booth, then my meal will be enough.”  
  10. Full Sail | In Town (RP Thread)

    ELIAS SAMSON Elias leans back slightly as Carmella leans forward to look at the menu, his eyes sneaking a peak with a small smile on his face.  He is a man after all.  The smile quickly transitions back to what is seemingly a patented smirk at this point as he listens to her suggestions. “Fresh fish huh?” He pauses with a raised eyebrow turning his attention to her face once more, making sure he makes eye contact as he speaks with her. “I can never pass up on fresh food – I’ll take it.”  He folds up the menu in front of him and grabs holding it in front over her as he lets out a chuckle that causes his upper body to shake a bit, his muscles flexing in his form fitting shirt after letting out that small gasp of air from the laugh.  “Oh and by the way… it’s working” Elias’ grin spreads across his face, growing wider as he alludes to her ‘trying ta stay in shape.’
  11. Full Sail | In Town (RP Thread)

      ELIAS SAMSON Elias can’t help but let out a small scoff and chuckle combination as he watches her whip her long blonde hair behind her.  That same small smirk that has been on his face since his arrival remains as he watches her slowly saunter before she slips into a conversation with a fellow waitress.  His eyes scan their conversation and the menu almost simultaneously as for some reason he can’t stop glancing up at the waitress.  Eventually their conversation comes to an end and she starts off back towards them as Elias maintains the same ‘I don’t give a damn’ demeanor.  As she places the glass of water onto the table, the force at which the glass connects with the table top causing waves to ripple through the glass, Elias once again makes eye contact with her. “Well you know -” Elias pauses and leans up briefly to look at the name tag pinned to the waitress’ chest before looking back down at the menu. “…Carmella….  I have to say I’m quite torn.  What would you suggest this evening?  I was thinking about a burger, but I’d love to hear a local’s recommendation.” Elias takes the menu and lays it flat giving her the option to flip through it and pick something if she so chooses. “The name’s Elias… by the way.”
  12. Full Sail | In Town (RP Thread)

    ELIAS SAMSONThe grin that slowly crawls across Elias' face expands as he sees the waitress turn around, his eyes scanning her up and down enjoying the sass that she throws back at him with a light chuckle.  Elias lightly shakes his head, using the natural weight of his wet hair to clear it from his face, glancing down briefly at the distraction that was her pen before returning his focus to her eyes.  "Well I don't know about you sweetheart but where I come from the customers are shown to their tables..." Elias trails off taking a few steps forward before gesturing to the table with his large hands, pointing towards the table discretely with his left pointer finger. "Now am I going to have to go to my table without an escort or will I get company?"
  13. Full Sail | In Town (RP Thread)

    ELIAS SAMSON Ring ring, the bell echoes through the diner late on this almost dreary evening.  A slow fog rolls into town after a day of rain.  It seems like it has been raining more often than not since he arrived.  The heavy sound of his black boots connect with the floor as the stranger to most if not all in this town steps through the door of the diner.  His boots almost disappear into his form fitting black jeans and matching black v-neck t-shirt threating to rip itself free from his body.  Around his neck, he wears a loose fitting black and gray plaid scarf that is not tied rather just resting over his shoulders.  His black hair is wet, slicked backwards and his beard has been freshly trimmed.  “Why don’t you help me find a seat, honey?” His heavy voice echoes through the diner as he stands there behind her, a good eight feet away at first, his eyes naturally gravitating towards the toned legs and undergarments that the unknown  (to him) waitress displays.  A small grin grows across his face as he waits for a response. --- It’s been a few days since Punk, Elias’ bandmate went off the grid.  At first Elias marked it up to Punk just taking some time away between shows but when Punk had gone a few days without responding,  Elias feared that he was going to miss their upcoming gig.  He had heard through the grapevine that he went to the small town of Full Sail and Elias was determined to find him.  Finally late one night Elias arrived in town and sent a message to Punk. “I know you're in Full Sail.  Need you to meet me at this small diner… Mercury’s is it?  One hour.” Elias’ text was short, it was clear he was not happy with Punk cutting it close with this gig.  Every show matters to him. tbc: @Mariah.
  14. Full Sail | Premise and Casting

    FULL NAME: Elias Samson AGE:  27 INCOME: Working Class SEXUAL ORIENTATION: Straight OCCUPATION: Guitarist/Vocalist NICKNAMES/ALIASES: Elias, Eli MARITAL STATUS: Single HOBBIES: Songwriting, singing, playing guitar, listening to music, women, sex, himself, satan FRIENDSHIPS/RELATIONSHIPS: Phil “CM Punk” Brooks (Bandmate) CONNECTION TO THE CRIME: Entirely unfamiliar with the crime until he arrives in town, obtaining a passing knowledge, but remaining uninterested PERSONALITY TRAITS: Arrogant, aloof, artistic, womanizing, self-important, suave BACKSTORY: Elias has lived a life moving from one town to the next, not caring about the chaos he may leave behind.  He can be described as only caring for himself and his career.  Elias loves his music and while he participates in Punk’s “Straight Edge Society”, he cares more for his solo career, and actively decides not to live that life style.  However, Elias needs Punk.  He wants to make it big on his own, and without his band he knows that won’t happen therefore he is adamant about keeping Punk engaged and decides to follow Punk to Full Sail to do so, under the guise of helping to make ends meet.  He has always seemed to have an odd charm about him, despite his attitude, which can’t quite be explained rather felt.  Elias has a secret devotion to satan which drives his every move.  His devotion drives his arrogance, his art, his opinion of women, and his self-importance.  Everything in his life can be tied back to it.  Elias first and foremost is for Elias and he will not hesitate to make sure that he gets what he believes he deserves.  APPEARANCE: Elias has a bulk to him, a muscle bound body, that gives him almost a menacing look even though he stands just about 6’ tall.  Elias’ signature look includes long waving black hair down to about his shoulders and a full matching beard.  Elias often rocks the outfit of a musician.  Form fitting jeans, heavy black boots, wrist bands, scarves, tight shirts, you name it.  Elias’ hair his typically wet, but the style can change from day to day.  Elias, while not giving a care about the people around him, is ultimately very deceptive and can give off a demeanor to fit the situation.