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  1. NXT Live Event Division

    Can I call dibs on being one of the first people on the Kacy bandwagon?  https://twitter.com/FLWrestlingFan/status/997643902046953472
  2. NXT Spoilers

    I honestly think people like Kairi or what have you  taking losses and being out of the title picture , wouldn't be so bad if  NXT  still had secondary feuds and story lines.  Now if you're not in the title scene  you are basically out of the show except for random matches that go nowhere usually against  enhancement talent.     NXT has been going steadily backwards in terms of booking and treatment of the women for a while now . You rarely see a long competitive women's match on NXT tv theses days, and the Takeover matches are lucky to get over 10 minutes , compared to the 15-20 minutes they were getting in the NXT heyday