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  1. The ironwoman match should be amazing.  Might be more in ring time than the whole AEW division has had on Dynamite during the pandemic!
  2. It's really a bad look that they can't take the slightest bit of criticism. People generally want AEW to succeed and see competition/an alternative for WWE but they are missing the mark so badly with the women's division at the moment. A two minute match on TV isn't acceptable in 2020 - let alone from a promotion that has heavily marketed themselves being about inclusivity and equality. Brandi/Cody/Kenny need to develop thicker skin and not instantly get defensive when the fans tell them they need to be doing better. If they can't handle constructive criticism they need to step aside from their "executive" positions.
  3. Impact Wrestling July 28, 2020: Results

    Deonna's arrival has really reminded me of when Tessa first showed up and instantly elevated everything around her. This was a great TV match, Kimber looked the best she has yet, Deonna looked imperious, and the storytelling/psychology was on point.
  4. Impact Wrestling July 21, 2020: Results

    Kylie vs Deonna should be awesome - might even outdo the Slammiversary match (and that would be saying something). Tasha & Kiera are great. They should absolutely be the first champions if they bring the tag titles back.
  5. I mean WWE is the most carny operation ever so I don't feel the slightest bit sorry, but they basically hoodwinked them into paying for Mike's rehab and her pregnancy, what did she think was going to happen?
  6. Impact Wrestling July 14, 2020: Results

    Kinda surprised to see the negativity - I think this division is really good at the moment and the booking to bring in the new talents and establish them quickly has been great.  I really like how unpredictable the gauntlet match is. Basically anyone could win and it wouldn't seem ridiculous.
  7. Impact Wrestling July 7, 2020: Results

    Madison interviewing herself was amazing. She's always been so good at the comedy character stuff.
  8. WWE Raw | Official Chat Thread

    The women are really carrying WWE at the moment. Things have especially picked up with Becky, Shayna and Charlotte (for now) out of the picture.
  9. Impact Wrestling June 23, 2020: Results

    One of the things Impact has really done well in recent times is cycle wrestlers in and out (partly by choice, partly by virtue of their position in the hierachy these days) and it's meant that their product has stayed a lot fresher than WWE where you have the inevitable problem of not being able to use everyone to their potential. Basically, I doubt they would be surprised by Deonna saying this. They haven't signed her to a contract, so they're probably well aware that she might not be around for a particularly long time.
  10. Impact Wrestling June 23, 2020: Results

    I don't think Deonna's ever going to be a brilliant promo (although she sounded far better in comparison to Alisha!) but I think she came off really well in that radio interview they aired. 
  11. Yeah I don't think think Taya is having a bad reign either. It's more about the fact that Impact can actually book an entire division where everyone gets something meaningful to do being a stark contrast from WWE where they can only handle booking a couple of women with any credibility.
  12. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    yeah they're friends. both involved backstage at impact.
  13. Slammiversary 2019: Results
  14. Slammiversary 2019: Results

    I wouldn't be surprised if she continues to do intergender matches fairly regularly from now on, and may even figure in the world title picture. She's kinda outgrown the KO division at this point. If you haven't seen it I strongly recommend her match with Gail at Rebellion from a few months ago.
  15. Also good to play a drinking game (with Speidi sized wine glasses) every time someone talked about their anxiety.