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  1. her talking about being road buddies with Zeb Colter is one of my favourite things ever. Cross generation relatable QUEEN!
  2. having her lose in the first round of the MYC probably wasn't a ringing endorsement to her

    I know she's not popular here but it should be Ember's move exclusively.
  4. Maria Kanellis launches YouTube channel

    who remembers her flop YT travel show? 
  5. The way the dirt sheets have refused to cover her side of the story because they're buddy buddy with Jay and don't want to rock the boat with ROH is DISGUSTING. We don't have any evidence yet to tell whether she has a legitimate complaint but for PWInsider to refuse to acknowledge her side completely whilst publishing Lethal's statement is completely unacceptable.
  6. Answering a question about who he saw as potential superstars from the current NXT roster disgusting dirtysheet writer Dave Meltzer tweeted the following: That's a hard one. Ricochet, Adam Cole, Velveteen Dream Longer term Montez Ford & his wife are great and super charismatic but maybe will take more than that time. Lars maybe, Black maybe, Kyle & Strong are super workers. When he was called out about the fact that he failed to acknowledge Bianca by her name, he made up an embarrassingly "excuse" saying it was due to the Twitter character limit instead of just owning the fact that he was being a disrespectful pig. When are these basics going to sharpen up and stop acting like filth?
  7. Ruby Riott Injured

    Rubes has been en fuego lately so this is a real disappointment. Hopefully it's nothing too serious because it seems like the writers are really behind her and are pushing the Riot Squad pretty strongly. 

    Io as the #1 Joshi star might well be taking a paycut to go to WWE.
  9. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    They paid for his rehab and Maria's pregnancy - I think he'll be fine. 
  10. basicbitch journoHACK justin barrasso making up shit for clicks, shading the good sis N/A name with no basis
  11. Imma need Artem to swoop in with a quickness so we can get some cute Russian/Italian/Mexican mixed raced babies to join Birdie as the next generation of the Bella/Danielson/Laurinaitis wrestling dynasty. Cena's workrate was never the right fit.
  12. NXT Spoilers

    I'm feasting with anticipation for this match - the clips of the mixed tags from house shows absolutely SLAYED. I'm so glad they put it on TV before Zelina goes to the main roster with Almas.
  13. Superstar Photo Booth

    NXT is dull AF rn but the good sis Aliyah is SERVING looks lately. 
  14. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    I can see why she didn't understand the question as it was weirdly phrased. "Would you go back in time" vs "Would you go back [to UFC], in time".