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  1. Yeah I don't think think Taya is having a bad reign either. It's more about the fact that Impact can actually book an entire division where everyone gets something meaningful to do being a stark contrast from WWE where they can only handle booking a couple of women with any credibility.
  2. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    yeah they're friends. both involved backstage at impact.
  3. Slammiversary 2019: Results
  4. Slammiversary 2019: Results

    I wouldn't be surprised if she continues to do intergender matches fairly regularly from now on, and may even figure in the world title picture. She's kinda outgrown the KO division at this point. If you haven't seen it I strongly recommend her match with Gail at Rebellion from a few months ago.
  5. Also good to play a drinking game (with Speidi sized wine glasses) every time someone talked about their anxiety.
  6. Slammiversary 2019: Results

    These were two absolutely fantastic matches. Impact has been doing a great job with the Knockouts for a long time now (notably absolutely destroying what WWE has done in the months since Mania) and they've done it all without obnoxiously blowing their own horn yelling revolution every two minutes. The Monsters Ball match was sick (in a good way) and really blew me away considering I think Havok and Su are two very limited wrestlers. A hardcore, multi woman match like this hides their weaknesses really well - and some of the spots in this were just amazing. There were at least four genuine holy shit moments.  Tessa's talent is truly undeniable. She is one of the hottest wrestlers around, period, and main eventing a PPV feels totally natural and not at all tokenistic. She's so great it's totally believable that she could have a legitimate fight with a man, and her and Sami put on a really entertaining, emotional, physical match. 
  7. Nah I think you need a title. Wrestling is (well, at least should be) all about championships. Matches feel pretty pointless if there's no real consequence/aim to them.
  8. Superstar Photo Booth

    isn't it nice? so much better than those super awk photos of her clinging onto cena while he looked like he was being forced to drag an annoying dog along the street
  9. Nah I disagree. Impact did a lot to raise her profile and she might find that the grass isn't always greener. Expecting to get paid something like a full time salary when you only work 5 nights a month is unrealistic.
  10. It's annoying that Melina took so much shit for this from the neckbeard fans who were obsessed with her "bad attitude" and yet she had nothing to do with it. Mel won with that cialis pic tho 
  11. Jessie Elaban gets a new name

    her face is giving me grandma hippie who went to woodstock and smoked too much weed in the 60s tea, ngl
  12. Shayna Baszler To The Main Roster?

    Meltzer has no idea to be honest, he's been reporting this for ages now just based on the fact that Shayna is old. Obviously they are going to get called up at some stage but clearly there are no imminent plans for either of them.  
  13. WWE Adding Another Championship

    This is exactly what is needed!!
  14. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    So random - I can't think of anything Madison has done that would have got these hens upset. Someone needs to get to the bottom of this! That's now Kong, Angelina & Velvet, Brooke & Taryn - but she's remained super low key about it all. Subtle shady biish.