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  1. Naomi and friends recording Carpool Karaoke

    She's so charitable
  2. More MMA Horsewomen Report to PC

    Anything to keep Ronda happy I guess, I just hope the homegrown talent doesn't end up having to take even more of a backseat than they already do
  3. New Knockout debuts at TNA PPV

    at least I dont gotta worry about crimson chin polluting wwe any time in the foreseeable future
  4. Bianca Belair

    New jacket to go with her new theme, I love a glo up
  5. Tinashe

    I just hope sis doesn't do Troy Ave numbers , I always thought she'd be the next superstar after I heard Black Water and was blown away but she gets a bunch of unwarranted hate
  6. As good as she is, the idea that she's hands down "the best" is far fetched and WWE has given her by far the biggest push and leeway out of all the girls to come from NXT from the very jump despite Sasha being the one who had the most hype and interest initially. Not to mention sis can't get over without relying on biting from her pops.  With that being said, she's a great wrestler and all but she's not as superior to everyone else as WWE would like you to think despite her racking up 100 accomplishments while people just as good get paid dust, so I guess she's overrated in that sense.
  7. Hai

    Hi my name is Ronny, I been a wrestling fan on and off since 2006, I stan Bianca Belair, I also like Naomi and Kiera Hogan and pretty much anybody else black. I'm 24, I like rap music, sports, fashion and other cool stuff like that. I look forward to chatting it up with the rest of you good folks.