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  1. I feel like she doesn't fit the role, but it's okay. At least this would be the best moment of her career.
  2. Carmella on her new wine venture "Capo Cagna"

    queen of wine
  3. Trish and Melina. PERIOD.
  4. My Heel Dancing Choreo

    You clearly don’t know anything about dancing. If you are a dancer you can’t lip sync. THAT’S A FACT. This is not Rupaul Drag Race girl, you are so delusional. 0/10 (Go away b*tch!)
  5. My Heel Dancing Choreo

    I’m a sexy style teacher, you are good but you need to improve. Go more with the flow girl, be more energetic and don’t lipsync because you are dancing not singing. You need to be more confident with high heels. Next time use a better outfit or place...  6/10.
  6. If WWE Superstars Had Popular Songs As Themes

    Lana - Too Cool (Camp Rock) Mandy Rose - Hold Tight (Madonna)  The IIconics - Into You (Ariana Grande)  Liv Morgan - Amnesia (Brie Bella Remix.)
  7. Maria shades The Bellas

    Look at your fav does @Vinaro She’s so jobless like you 
  8. Bigger Missed Opportunity?

    I never liked Eva Marie. Lana is obviously better than her. More talented, looks, promos... Just look at her. BYE FLOPEVA MARIE.
  9. Brie vs. Maryse Announced for SD Live

    Paige’s power, sweetie. Stop trying to make Flopiah Injuryellis relevant sis.
  10. WWE Returning to Saudi Arabia in November

    Worst crowd ever. 
  11. Plans for Becky vs Charlotte Feud Changed?

    Shut up, you are so annoying. No one cares bout Injuryria Flopellis.
  12. Becky Lynch SNAPS

    Okay, Becky... I stan.