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  1. NXT Spoilers

    If we didn't have a match next week, it'll be three weeks in a row without a women's match in NXT (not counting Takeover) and the funny thing is that there were never a bigger women roster than the one we have right now
  2. Wig News: Mickie James SNAPS on Twitter!

    Tell 'em Mickie! Her booking has been a total mess and is a shame because she still could give us good moments. They should let her develop a character like TNA's Mickie James, she was everything during her heel era
  3. The problem begins when people (not refering people in this forum) can't simply see a man or a woman, and instead they try to always label them as: a trans man, a trans women, a gay man, a lesbian woman, a bisexual man/woman, a heterosexual man/woman... Who cares? When a person have talent and drive to suceed it doesn't matter who they are. If a trans woman wants to break in on the wrestling bussines what is the difference between her and a biological born woman? Surprise, both of them are WOMEN. But, at some point of this explanation the 80% of the WWE fans seems to not understand something, so, sadly, we would have to wait for people to grow up and understand the issue before integrate and normalize the role of a transgender person in WWE.
  4. Vote for new Women's Elite Action Figure

    Even though I stan Emma and Carmella, Mella deserves this one. I don't know what a Nia Jax is
  5. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    I don't know why, but the first name that came to my mind is Kassius Ohno
  6. Because Naomi is the champ. She struggled for six years to get a championship, imagine Charlotte cashing in her and taking the championship in seconds after the reaction of the WWE Universe when Naomi became champion, as a heel or even a tweener it would be amazing, but as a face...
  7. Wouldn't be odd that a face wins the MITB to cash in against another face? I mean, if the plan is to make Charlotte a big babyface this win won't make her any favours other than "making history" again
  8. I doubt the MITB'll happen tbh but in case it does, I think WWE will add Summer to the match. The RAW women's roster is bigger than the SD one, she is not needed, and she's not in Paige's position, she should be returning at some point and this is the would be the perfect moment.
  10. Would Sasha/Alicia do better on SD?

    The problem is RAW took the two of them out of nowhere and began a feud at a moment where people doesn't care for them at all. The booking of Sasha have been a mess, and we went from 2015 when people chanted "We want Sasha" to now, where the reactions she is getting are pretty poor, and for Alicia, her booking was even worse than Sasha's and all of us know it. Smackdown would have done better this story between the two, because they would have built them from bottom with backstage segments, interviews, transtional matches... and not simply throw for three weeks in a row the same match.
  11. If they were going to do this match, what was the point of giving Carmella those two pinfall victories over Naomi?
  12. Here the live stream will begin at 2:00 am, I don't know if stay and watch it live with all of you or go to bed, I hate the time zone difference
  13. Women's Money in the Bank Match in the Works

    I understand your point, but maybe with a proper build-up it'd make more sense. You are right, most of the girls will be in contention at some point, but for example, think about Carmella, if she was portrayed and build up as a coward heel who knows that she can't beat Naomi in singles competition, the need of her to win the MITB would make a lot of sense, that's why I think part of the problem is that, right now, Smackdown doesn't have a "strong" women's champion, so there is no need for the briefcase to take the title from her. Idk, I still like the idea of the match not being for the title, but the stipulation would make more sense for the women if the PPV was celebrated in a few months when the girls'll be more stablished (specially the champion ) instead of right now
  14. Angelina Love

    This. Lil David literally serves model and he isn't even two years old yet