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  1. Allie to Su Yung: "Your time is up" (featuring Kiera Hogan) Hendry promises revenge for Grado vs Eli Drake next week (featuring Katarina) Alisha Edwards vs Tessa Blanchard + Tessa Blanchard calls out Allie Scarlett Bordeaux arrives to the arena (at 31:43) Scarlett Bordeaux derails KM and Fallah Bahh's conversation Scarlett Bordeaux's "The Smoke Show" premieres next week  
  2. Full Sail | In Town (RP Thread)

    BARON CORBIN "I get it. It's ok, we don't have to do it." After hearing her first rejection to talk about her past, he decided to not be the one pushing her to open up if she wasn't ready to do it, specially since Baron would have answered the same in her position. And yet again, another silence invaded the lake... this one more uncomfortable than usual. Trying to find something to do, Baron takes one cookie from the amount of groceries he brought to start eating. It wasn't until he finished that cookie when Sasha unexpectedly resumed what they were talking about a few minutes ago. "I guess... But sometimes is not just about moving on, maybe you are not ready for that yet, and that's alright." Trying to find the perfect words, he stares again at Sasha. For the first time since they met, she was looking fragile. The strong woman who was always staring at him through her eyes wasn't there, which meant that she was starting to show the woman under the shell, with all her strenghts and flaws. "I... I just want to share the weight of whatever makes you suffer, no matter what it is. And in the future, you can move on from it or not whenever you are ready. What I'm trying to say is that, during that process, maybe we can take care of those wounds you mentioned together."
  3. Full Sail | In Town (RP Thread)

    BARON CORBIN "Maybe it's not really a question, it's more like a... thought? I don't know. Anyways, do you remember the day Trinity and Regal appeared at my house? Regal told us all these stories abot demons and creatures from hell and blah blah blah." Coming up with what he wanted to day wasn't easy for two reasons: one, he wasn't sure how to put into word what was on his mind yet; and two, he didn't want to touch a possible uncomfortable subject to her. "He told us something about our relatives being in this position before us, you know... my aunt, your mother and Trinity's father. It may sound stupid but, since that day I realised that there's a lot of things I don't know about you." Trying not to sound too acussing with those words, he quickly adds. "It's not like you have to do it but... you know, if you ever want to tell me anything, no matter what it is, I'll be here." As soon as Baron ends, he chuckles shaking his head. "Thinking about it, it's not that surprising how little we know each other. I mean, our relatives have fought against every supernatural creature out there and, at least in my case, I had no idea until Regal told me." After a while avoiding any eye contact, Corbin turns his head to stare at Sasha. "What about you? If you want to tell me."
  4. Full Sail | In Town (RP Thread)

    BARON CORBIN Those same thoughts coming from Sasha's mouth were stuck too on Baron's mind since the beginning of their training. But panicking together was not the most intelligent thing to do when they were supossed to be the heroes so, trying to comfort her, Baron wraps his left arm around Sasha's shoulders. Holding her tight, he starts caressing her arm softly and stares to the calm surface of the lake. "I know this may not sound very... motivating, but you con look at it this way. If we were not trainning to fight, we would probably end up murdered by some random monster. At least with some trainning fighting monsters we can..." "Die anyways", was the first words that crossed his mind but, again, that wouldn't help. "My point is that we can't change the past. This is who we are and this..." Says showing her the place they where at with his free arm. "Is the reality where we live in. The only thing we can do is give our best and hope everything ends up good for us." With the sense that he was being too close to Sasha for too many time, Baron stops hugging her. "Can I ask you something?" Suddenly says while thinking about the moment when everything began for them, the night after the gala.
  5. Just when I thought she couldn't flop harder, this happens. I hope she gets well soon and that someone tells her to stay out of the ring for her own safety.
  6. Yeah, just like Mickie with her cholesterol level
  7. I love when we reach this point of the HBRR where everyone is fighting each other
  8. I needed to put the blame on someone and Nikki eliminated her. btw, if 2018 is about things like Molly being more liked than Mella I want to go back to 2016 NOW.
  9. kjfhdjkfhdskjfhjdkshfkjdsf y'all are CANCELLED to me @ bella army, just like your faves' reality show after next season and Nikki's engagement
  10. In reality, Billie is the one winning with all of us giving her 20-30 points I placed her higherthan that  btw
  11. I thought I would never see the day where Molly can outlast Brie.
  12. Whew, Molly truly came for wigs. Trumpie must be next
  13. I guess we are more grateful for her and the rest of the golden era girls now that we have to deal with women like Shayna and Ronda.
  14. jhdsgfajsdhkdfjghdf I can't at you not stanning even by association
  15. Riott Squad: Out Absolution: Out Team BAD: 2/3 Out Team PCB: 2/3 Out It's so obvious who we truly stan.