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  1. Today in History

    TODAY IN HISTORY... On July, 27th 2003 (Fourteen years ago) on the PPV: Vengeance, Sable defeated Stephanie McMahon in a Singles Match. Full Match: How do you remember these moments? Who impressed you the most, Sable or Stephanie? Did you want Stephanie to win? Share your opinions and thoughts on these moments!
  2. Bop to the Top - HB's Top 50 Countdown

    Can't wait for a gay anthem like Pourquoi (v2) to snatch #1 (I swear I used to strut like Maryse everytime I heard this bop jhkjjhhkh)
  3. Today in History

    TODAY IN HISTORY... On July, 26th 2009 (Eight years ago) on the PPV: Night of Champions, Mickie James defeated Maryse to become WWE Diva's Champion for the first time and Michelle McCool beat Melina to retain the WWE Women's Championship. How do you remember these moments? What is your favourite of these two matches? Do you think they had the right winner? Share your opinions and thoughts on these moments!
  4. He is not getting over anywhere
  5. Raw July 24, 2017: Live Chat

    RAW creative ain't shit, they are trying to kill my fave because they don't know what to do with her. I'm so done.
  6. Layla Updates Social Media

    Why my flawless fave is serving Rebel in that photo?  
  7. Today in History

    TODAY IN HISTORY... On July, 25th 2016 (One year ago) on RAW, Sasha Banks beat Charlotte Flair to become RAW Women's Champion for the first time and Nia Jax made her debut on RAW beating Britt Baker. Full Match: How do you remember these moments? Do you enjoyed the match between Sasha and Charlotte? Were you expecting Sasha's victory? Was someone excited for Nia and her squash match? Share your opinions and thoughts on this moment!
  8. Today in History

    TODAY IN HISTORY... On July, 24th 2013 (Four years ago) on NXT, Paige defeated Emma to become the first ever NXT Women's Champion. How do you remember this moment? Who were you rooting for to win the NXT Women's Championship? Do you think this was the best match between these two? Share your opinions and thoughts on this moment!
  9. Gfw taking 10% of the shmoney

    If the talent sign those contracts... What is the problem? It's not like they are forcing them to accept theses conditions. They probably have another benefits from being contracted talent
  10. Today in History

    TODAY IN HISTORY... On July, 23th 2012 (Five years ago) on RAW, AJ Lee celebrated her wedding with Daniel Bryan and became the new RAW General Manager. Also, Lita made her return to a WWE ring. How do you remember this moment? Were you happy with the anouncement of AJ as the new General Manager? Do you expect Lita to return and wrestle one more match? Share your opinions and thoughts on these moments!
  11. EMMA Emma looks in total shock how Maryse throws her bag in the floor, she didn't even know how to react to this without getting herself in trouble, so the aussie contains and looks at her roomate with anger. "Try you? Oh girl, you haven't seen nothing yet. But don't worry, if you make my life a living hell I'm going to do everything in my hand to drag you along with me." Maryse doesn't really seems to care about what Emma is saying, so after her farewell, the aussie makes sure to shout to make her listen what she's saying. "Don't worry, I will be as good as a nun as you as a sugar baby to an old creep." Looking at all her clothes angrily, Emma whispers. "Bitch." And continues to accommodate her belongings. End.
  12. EMMA "And do you really think I'm the kind of girl who does those things?" Finally, the true Maryse stood in front of her. Tired of faking her arm pain, Emma walks over to Maryse and stad in front of her showing no signs of fear after everything she said. "Listen, roomie, maybe I don't look like a girl who could easily be confused with a random ex of Hugh Hefner like you, but, if I have to fool someone I prefeer to use my brain instead of the way I look or the money I have. In fact, how is it called when a girl use her body to get a benefit from another person?" Emma thinks for some seconds but quickly continues with wath she was saying. "Ii doesn't mind. Look, I don't dislike you either, in fact, I don't think we will have problems if we let the other live and, as you said, don't step in the other toes, but, I'm not one of those girls that probably chicken out whenever you do something like this, so don't try to play with me." With her eyes fixed on Maryse, Emma returns the insincere smile to Maryse. "Oh, and now I can finally say this... nice to meet the real you."
  13. EMMA At this moment, Emma feels like she knows Maryse, she reminds her a lot of... herself. The extremely sweet act, the "innocent" questions, the smile since she arrived... Just in case she is right, Emma decides not to be completely sincere with her, at least for now. "Then I guess we'll have to have a girlies night out so we can meet some of those hot guys I've seen." Emma fake laughs with Maryse after the questions she's made; the girl is really trying to do the same thing Emma does, but the aussie keeps her sweet attitude and replies. "Not really, things have been pretty boring, I come from Australia and the last weeks I've been very bussy figuring everything out, you know." To answer the second question Emma smiles and taps Maryse's arm laughing. "What a twisted idea roomie! He helped because my arm hurts a lot, I could never do something like that." After saying this, Emma really has to use all her selfcontrol to not explode laughing. "Have you ever done it?" The aussie takes advantage of the situation and stops collecting her clothes to look interested to Maryse taking the question back to her roomate with a smile on her face.
  14. EMMA "Thank you Maryse, you can help me with..." Emma looks around thinking what bag Maryse can unpack to not find anything embarrasing or too personal about her. "The blue one that is right beside your bed." As far as she can remeber, that bag had gym clothes (leggings, sport bras, shirts...), so there would be no problem if Maryse helps with that one. Now using only one arm, Emma smiles thinking about how easy it was to manipulate that girl, but maybe it could be even easier if she finds any secret or something embarrasing about her. "So, tell me roomie, how is the semester going? In my way here I saw a lot of good looking guys and it's imposible that a sweet and beautiful girl like you haven't met anyone yet." Emma keeps a kind smile on her face putting away the bags already empty using her foot given that she is feeling "a lot of pain" in her arm.
  15. LAX continues to target Alberto El Patron and send a message through El Hijo de Dos Caras (featuring Diamante) Amber Nova vs Sienna at 09:56 Sienna calls out Karen Jarrett (featuring Allie, Laurel Van Ness, Rosemary and Gail Kim) LAX segment (featuring Diamante) at 18:42 Laurel Van Ness and Grado go on a date (Part 1) LAX segment (featuring Diamante) at 33:42 Laurel Van Ness and Grado go on a date (Part 2) LAX and Alberto El Patron segment (featuring Diamante) Full segment at 29:46: