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  1. Allie gets ready for her match (featuring Su Yung) (at 13:50) Tessa Blanchard and Moose send a message to their opponents tonight (at 14:20) Allie (with Su Yung) vs Heather Monroe + Kiera Hogan appears Full match at 16:41: Katarina introduces her new friend, Ruby Raze (at 33:10) Scarlett Bordeaux has high hopes for The Rascalz Taya Valkyrie and Johnny Impact talk about their tag team match against Tessa and Moose(at 25:38) Tessa Blanchard and Moose vs Taya Valkyrie and Johnny Impact Full match at 27:30:
  2. I was going to make campaign for y'all to include Baron in your top five, but I know you won't do it So, for any one looking for that random name to complete the list, Baron is your man. I'll be happy with him at least being part of the 30 men choosen, so when you are voting remember to show some love for the hottest GM ever.
  3. Scarlett Bordeaux

    What a flawless OP @Cooksie  By the way, I don't know if any of you already watched this, but Scarlett has been paired with Killer Kross in AAA and they are HOT together. I hope the talent search she is making leads to them being together in Impact too 
  4. The disrespect to Maryse vs Brie on Smackdown. I truly hate this company.
  5. Full Sail | In Town (RP Thread)

    BARON CORBIN For a few seconds, Baron saw his end coming, and in that moment, he only had one person in his mind. Not his parents, colleagues, friends like Seth or whoever he had met through his life; the only person he could think about was Sasha. Would she suffer? Would she miss him? In some way, they were already dead to each other, since the relationship at the moment was inexistent. But, in the opposite, the feelings were still there, alive and making impossible to forget her. Luckily for him, he had his full motorcycle helmet on during the attack, so the damages (at least in her head) weren't as bad as they could have been and he could move quickly when that mysterious person came to his aid. With a big cut on his left arm, Baron gets out of the way and tears part of his shirt apart to make a provisional bandage to stop the bleeding. That was exactly what he needed, a moment to get himself together, now he is ready to go back and keep fighting. But as much as he doesn't want to admit it, he wasn't needed, the other person was handling the creature pretty well without him and got to do something he doesn't, defeat it. Or at least apparently, because as soon as Baron thought things were finally over, the creature's body loses all its consistency and turns into a shadowy mist that slowly builds a new figure. Escape wasn't an opinion, that person helped him first, and now it's time for Baron to step up and return the favor... something difficult when he finally found out what the creature decides to turns int. Shocked, Corbin remove his helmet and from behind the tree mumbles... "Eva?" The woman whose death changed everything in Full Sail was there, as beautiful and imposing as always. In an attempt to take the creature by surprise, Baron keeps hiding behind a tree, waiting for the perfect moment to interfere and trying to figure out why that monster turned precisely into Eva Marie out of any other person dead in Full Sail during the last year.
  6. Full Sail | In Town (RP Thread)

    BARON CORBIN One year and almost six months... A lot of people in Full Sail can say things have changed drastically since then. Vampires being real; news about neighbours dying or dissapearing weren't news anymore... A strange atmosphere had been surrounding the once quite town, and today, like any other day, everyone is panicking over it, except for one man: Baron Corbin. Just like he'd have done a year and a half ago, Baron cross a lonely road in the middle of one of Full Sails' lush forests riding his motorbike on his way back home, a place too big for him now that he knew what it's like sharing it with someone he used to love. For quite several months, that was a problem for him, but not anymore... Why should he care about being alone? That was his situation for most of his life and he had always been ok with it... or at least that's what, nowadays, he's still repeating to try to convince himself. Lost in his thoughts, Corbin comes back to reality when the sound of a man screaming break the silence of the road. Instinctively, Baron hits the brakes, tries to identify where that sound came from and, most importantly, decide what to do. Should he stop by or just keep riding and let another day end? Sighing, Baron gets off his bike and follows the noises. After two or three minutes into the woods, he finally finds the reason behind those screams. A spider-like creature slightly larger than Baron was there, about to attack a middle-aged man lying on the ground. Not wasting time, Corbin throws himself on top of the creature, trying to hold it for a few seconds. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING IDIOT? GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE NOW!" Screams at the scared man, who quickly gets up from the floor and escape as fast as he can. At first, Baron is able to handle the beast, but as time goes, the creature starts dominating him to the point where it hits him with one of its claws. Baron falls onto the ground screaming of pain, but the fight doesn't stop and the creature crawls over him, ready to strike what could possibly be the final blow. @Queen of Hens  
  7. Full Sail | In Town (RP Thread)

    Six Months Ago... Scarlett Bordeaux "Al Tedag Scarlett," or as other people would say "don't worry Scarlett," that's what she had been hearing her whole life as some kind of excuse to her confinement. "Al Tedag Scarlett, we are doing what's best for you," "Al Tedag Scarlett, this is what's best for you there's only sinners and atheists out there," "Al Tedag Scarlett, one day you will thank us for this"... And all for what? An unhappy life being someone she wasn't? To hide her real self by Torah studying? No, not anymore. Now she's aware that that wasn't her destiny, she had always been destined to be someone big. Bigger than just a naive Jewish girl, the Torah, her parents or the human race in general... her destine always was to be a vampire. Summer had just begun, and the night life in Full Sail clearly reflects it, its streets are full of young people partying and celebrating what would be the beginning of a exciting time for everyone in the town. Everyone is talking with each other, drinking, dancing and letting themselves go; but there's one girl who is totally quiet, in fact, she doesn't know if she will be able to say anything again. Even though no one noticed it, in the side alley of one of the most popular pubs in Full Sail and hidden between garbage cans, an unsconcious Scarlett rests on the floor after a meeting with a man who had changed her life forever. It's strange because, in her current condition, she isn't able to know if she truly is dead or alive, the only thing she knows is that her body is asking for something, something that is slowly giving her enough strength to open her eyes and take a look at herself. The dress she secretly bought online is full of blood, her shoes are missing and two holes in her throat hurts like nothing she has experienced before. With clumsy and slow moves, Scarlett sits against a wall and instantly feels the urge to cry... but nothing happens. It's like her brain and emotions suddenly took a backseat to her instincts, and those instincts aren't telling her to look for a safe place or geat back home, no, they were asking for blood. With that growing wish of blood taking over her body, Scarlett wakes up and looks at her surroundings with little success, there's no one there to satisfy her blood thirst. Trying to control that desire, she bites her bottom lip and kicks one of the garbage cans, which bumps into the building in front of her and shatters right in front of her eyes. What the hell was that? Where that strength came from? She didn't have much time to think about it anyways, because almost seconds after the crash, someone leans out of one of the windows of the lower floor building... Karlee Perez "Fucking kids." An already irritated Karlee wakes up from bed after hours putting up with the scandal in the streets, she had promised to herself long ago that she would control her kill instinct in order to live a quite life outside of the Full Sail mess, but enough is enough. Dressed in her underwear and a shirt, the once powerful demon leans out of the window to check what or who caused that crash against he wall of her house... that's exactly when her eyes finds Scarlett's for the first time. The young girl covered in blood was standing there, just staring at the demon in an almost hypnotic way. She was not a human, that's for sure, that power of attraction was more usual in vampires... but that couldn't be possible either, vampires only displays that power of attraction with humans. Either way, Karlee can't stop staring back at her, and without trading words, Scarlett starts to approach her until they are face to face. The latina can feel her heart racing in her cheast, that woman was the most engaging creature she has ever seen in her life. Scarlett Bordeaux After a few seconds, Scarlett becomes aware of what's happening and, obviously, decides to take advantage of it. Still staring at each other, Scarlett comes into the house through the window and, now a few inches away from Karlee, starts kissing her. Hypnotised by Scarlett's charm, Karlee submits to her and what she was doing; now Scarlett was in full control and starts biting the opposite's lips while leading her against a wall. She was almost there, about to get that blood her body is asking for, but while seducing Karlee, Scarlett couldn't help but feel like someone or something was near; a feel that goes away as fast as she starts kissing Karlee's neck and, finally, sinks her teeth on her... just to spit whatever ended up in his mouth when she started sucking. "What is this shit? What are you? Where is your blood?" Scarlett asks with a very different look on her face than the "enchanting" one she had before. "I... I'm not..." That girl was a vampire, and now that it was clear for Karlee, she had to find a way to fight against it, but that became impossible. This girl is different to any other vampire she had met before. "WHERE IS YOUR FUCKING BLOOD?" The vampire shouts at Karlee holding her by the neck, tighten her hand on it more and more. "I... I... I..." "I want it... now." Whispers in her ear while, with her free hand, stars pulling Karlee's head back, sticking her fingers in that woman's eyes while the defenseless victim triews to fight against it. "..." Before Karlee can answer, her whole head and neck is ripped of her body and a viscous and black substance starts to pour out of Karlee' dead body. "Oh..." Still holding her head, Scarlett gives a look to the ripped head, then to the body and the substance; noticing that she isn't a human. "What a waste of time." The young vampire gives a last look at what she've done and, not regretting a single thing of it, just throw the head and leaves the house stomping on Karlee's body in her way out, where someone was waiting for her. With his arms crossed and taking a look of the whole scene through the window, the man asks with a firm and clear voice. "You have killed that creature for nothing... don't you regret it?" With a cocky grin on her face, and staring at the attractive man in front of her, Scarlett tries to do the same she did with Karlee to seduce him, but this time it doesn't work. "Should I? I would do the same with you right noe, but I think we can have more fun doing other things together... who are you?" "Someone who can teach you how to get all the blood you want, whenever you want; and to control an use properly those powers you have." "So... you are a vampire too?" Noding her head, she feels that wish for blood reappear and continues. "You know what? I don't care, just give me blood now and I'll go with you" Says giving a dissapointed look at Karlee's body for not being useful to calm her thirst. "Then let's go now." Just like that, Scarlett wasn't seen in Full Sail for months... until now. END
  8. Katarina vs Jordynne Grace Full match at 26:38: Scarlett Bordeaux being Scarlett Bordeaux (KM and Fallah Bahh are also there) (at 35:22) Tessa Blanchard argues with a referee (at 01:05) Ray Lyn vs Taya Valkyrie + Gail Kim returns to thwart Tessa Blanchard (at 29:36) Full match and segment at 04:42: Kiera Hogan's emotional plea to Allie Moose visits Eddie Edwards at an insane asylum (featuring Alisha Edwards)  
  9. Wrestling's Sexiest Men | NSFW

    Killer Kross, a MAN
  10. GWN Flashback Moment of the Week: Eli Drake Turkey Trot 2017 (featuring Laurel Van Ness and Allie) (at 02:28) Katarina joins Eli Drake's team (at 20:51) Scarlett Bordeaux puts on a show for the Vegas crowd Favourite Thanksgiving memory (featuring Ray Lyn and Tessa Blanchard) (at 39:55) Alisha Edwards joins Fallah Bahh's team (at 02:27) Scarlett Bordeaux derails Eli Drake's pre-match hype speach (featuring Katarina) Fallah Bahh's inspirational message to his troope (featuring Alisha Edwards) Eli Drake Turkey Trot 2018 (featuring Katarina, Alisha Edwards and Scarlett Bordeaux) (at 16:43) Full match and segment at 16:43:
  11. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    ... She is serving Cameron in those videos she used to post showcasing her acting skills. And that's not intended as a compliment.
  12. Well, she is not a Carmella/Alexa/Lana mic wise, but imo she's good, or at least better than Kurt Angle or other flops who are given the mic every week.
  13. She has enough charisma to fill any position WWE wants to put her in, but I'm also against her being paired with Ronda. In my opinion, once her SD GM days are over, she could be a good asset to the NXT UK brand as a manager to stablish some of the girls/guys, commentator, General Manager... use her to make the brand bigger. I'd prefeer watching her work with new talent rather than being the shadow of a big superstar because, let's be realistic, the booking of managers (even more if they're woman) in WWE is always the same unless you are Paul Heyman
  14. Hello, I'm A Newbie

    Welcome to HB sis!
  15. Tessa Blanchard vs Ray Lyn + Taya Valkyrie gets a rematch against Tessa Blanchard at Homecoming Full match and segment at 01:52: Kiera Hogan warns Heather Monroe before her match ginst Su Yung (at 23:37) Scarlett Bordeaux being Scarlett Bordeaux (at 24:33) Alisha Edwards ask Moose for help (at 01:25) Scarlett Bordeaux enchants the Impact referees Katarina has an intersting offer for Jordynne Grace (at 22:03) Eddie Edwrds is dragged away kicking and screaming (featuring Alisha Edwards) Su Yung vs Heather Monroe + A demonic Allie betrays Kiera Hogan Full math and segment at 25:30: