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  1. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    They really are that desperate for attention. I guess that's what happen when you are bored and no one really checks for you since 2015 while others are busy and getting booked regularly.
  2. Impact Wrestling | Official Chat Thread

    This week show was a recap of what happened at Slammiversary. The only "new" content was a triple threat match between Kiera Hogan, Jordynne Grace and Madison Rayne. If someone wants to watch it, you can do it here at 28:57
  3. Slammiversary 2019: Results

    Tessa Blanchard reacts to being asked about Sami Callihan (at 53:29) Melissa Santos interviews Taya Valkyrie right before her title defense (at 17:47) Impact Knockouts Championship Match: Su Yung vs Havok vs Rosemary vs Taya Valkyrie (c) in a Monster's Ball Match Full match at 20:41: Tessa Blanchard vs Sami Callihan Full match at 35:14:
  4. I can't believe she was left out just to have people like Torrie and Michelle in. These gays are out of control.
  5. I don't know what NXT is since 2016, so I'm ready to put all the alumni divas, Carmella and Alicia on my top 15. Thank you for hosting this another year bb @Charlie 
  6. Kiera Hogan vs Madison Rayne with Jordynne Grace as special guest commentator Full match at 22:33: Father James Mitchell tries to intermediate between Havok and Su Yung ahead of Slammiversary (at 32:28) Impact+ Flashback Moment of the Week: Rosemary (c) vs Jade for the Impact Knockouts Championship in a Monster's Ball Match (at 34:42) Four Way Monster's Ball for the Knockouts Championship at Slammiversary Hype video for Tessa Blanchard vs Sami Callihan at Slammiversary (at 42:23) Tessa Blanchard arrives at the building (at 22:48) Tessa Blanchard gets revenge on Sami Callihan
  7. Taya Valkyrie and Rosemary form an unholy alliance Su Yung and Havok vs Taya Valkyrie and Rosemary Full match at 21:12: Fallah Bahh (with Scarlett Bordeaux) vs Sami Callihan + Tessa Blanchard is assaulted by O.v.E Full match and segment at 03:35: Melissa Santos interviews Madison Rayne about her victory against Jordynne last week + Kiera Hogan is challenged to a match against Madison next week (at 30:09)
  8. Tessa Blanchard vs Jake Crist Full match at 02:45: Alisha Edwards tries to stop his husband from taking revenge on Killer Kross (at 23:33) Taya Valkyrie offers a deal to Rosemary (at 36:36) Su Yung (with Havok and Father James Mitchell) vs Taya Valkyrie (featuring Rosemary) + James Mitchell announces a Monster's Ball Match for the Impact Knockouts Championship Full match and segment at 40:12: Impact+ Flashback Moment of the Week: EC3 (with Dixie Carter and Rockstar Spud) vs Bully Ray in a Texas Death Match at Slammiversary 2014 (at 17:31) Eddie Edwards snaps on Killer Kross (featuring Alisha Edwards)
  9. Sabu (with Melissa Coates) and Rob Van Dam vs The North Full match at 03:11: Havok gets ready for her in ring return (featuring at Su Yung and Father James Mitchell) (at 18:48)   Havok (with Su Yung and Father James Mitchell) vs Masha Slamovich + Father James Mitchell calls out Rosemary Full match at 20:50: Rosemary answers Father James Mitchell challenge (at 39:16) Jordynne Grace warms up before her match against Madison Rayne (at 02:19) Tessa Blanchard confronts Sami Callihan in the Knockouts locker room (featuring Alisha Edwards and Masha Slamovich) (at 02:33) Jordynne Grace vs Madison Rayne with Kiera Hogan as the special guest commentator Full match at 03:59: Scarlett Bordeaux hosts "The Smokeshow" with Taya Valkyrie as her guest
  10. Perched to read all your complaints when other companies don't allow her to do what she was doing on Impact. Anyways, considering how unhappy she was, I am glad that was allowed to leave to try to find luck elswhere. She is one of the most talented women in the indie scene right now, so I am sure she will be fine by herself.
  11. The only thing more sickening than the act itself, are the idiots who are trying to justify it. I hope AAA takes action against this idiot.
  12. Rosemary, with Su Yung, heads to the ring for her match against Taya Valkyrie (at 14:26) Taya Valkyrie is interviewed by Melissa Santos about her upcoming match against Rosemary (at 14:42) Taya Valkyrie vs Rosemary (with Su Yung) + Havok makes her return to Impact Wrestling Full match at 17:11: Scarlett Bordeaux and Fallah Bahh vs Dave Crist and Jake Crist (with Sami Callihan and Madman Fulton) + Tessa Blanchard takes out both Crist brothers Full match at 44:19: Kiera Hogan vs Jordynne Grace Full match at 16:15:
  13. Sabu (with Melissa Coates), Rob Van Dam and Tommy Dreamer vs Moose, Ethan Page and Josh Alexander To watch the full match check at 02:11; and to see Melissa get involverd in the match, at 13:25: Tessa Blanchard vs Glenn Gilberti Full match at 19:34: Rosemary nearly kills Father James Mitchell (featuring Su Yung)  
  14. Fallah Bahh (with Scarlett Bordeaux) vs Sami Callihan Full match at 02:30: Impact Knockouts Championship Match: Madison Rayne vs Taya Valkyrie + Rosemary, accompanied by Su Yung, appears to confront Taya Full match at 19:48: James Mitchell warns Rosemary (featuring Su Yung) (at 36:40) Ashley Vox vs Glenn Gilberti (featuring Tessa Blanchard) (at 30:29) Full match at 14:08: Melissa Coates and Sabu return to fight off Moose and The North  
  15. .ama::-webkit-scrollbar { width: 5px; } .ama::-webkit-scrollbar-track { background-color: #fff; } .ama::-webkit-scrollbar-thumb { background-color: #e59277; } .ama { background-color: #fff; border: #eee solid 1px; padding: 10px; height: 250px; overflow: auto; text-align: justify; font-family: arial; line-height: 100%; font-size: 10px; color: #000; } .amatitle { padding: 20px; background-color: #e59277; font-family: calibri; text-align: center; text-transform: uppercase; font-size: 8px; letter-spacing: 3px; color: #fff; } .amafields1 { padding: 10px; background-color: #e59277; font-family: calibri; text-align: center; text-transform: uppercase; font-size: 8px; letter-spacing: 1px; color: #fff; } .amafields2 { padding: 10px; background-color: #e59277; font-family: calibri; text-align: center; text-transform: uppercase; font-size: 8px; letter-spacing: 1px; color: #fff; margin-top: 1px; }   Thomas Burke   face claim: Brad Pitt canon name: Poseidon associations: Sea, earthquakes, floods, drought and horses alias: Tom age / apparent age: 33 zodiac: Leo date of birth: 08/04/1963 place of birth: Antlantis Beach, Olympia, USA pronouns: He/His sexuality: Heterosexual moral alignment: Chaotic Good character traits: Attractive, fierce, ambitious, bold, charming, mysterious, reliable, smart, unstable, flirtatious, persuasive world views: Simple, live and let live. He doesn't care about anyone's religion, sexual orientation, gender, origins... as long as they don't hurt other people and, of course, he gets his way. physical attributes: Tall, athletic body, blue eyes, blonde hair, square jaw, strong jaw line, bright smile, strong arms. musical taste: Rock, rap and grunge. His favourite artists are: Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Green Day, Guns'N'Roses, Hole, Tupac... aesthetic: For casual and daily looks, mostly oversized flannel shirts, denim jackets, jeans, bomber or baseball jackets and converse footwear. As for more professional looks for his job, he opts for a black suit; except for the summer, where he usually wears white formal shirts and skinny jeans.. lifestyle: Unstable, it really depends on the day. There are days where he would want to be surrounded by people and having fun; and the next day, want to be alone and just be by himself. Doesn't tend to follow trends, to the point when, sometimes, he is out of touch on what's happening in the world occupation: Owner of a real estate agency class: Upper middle class genealogy: James Burke, his dead father; and Violet Burke, her actual situation is unknown. BIOGRAPHY: Son of James, a well known fisherman, and Violet Burke, a nurse who left her job to take care of her child; Thomas was born on a sunny day, August 4th, 1963, in a small house in Atlantis Beach. He doesn't remember that much about "beautiful childhood moments" with his father, but what he holds in his memory is who introduced him to his first love... the sea. And that was his mother. Since before he can even remember, Violet taught him to love, respect and enjoy the marine environment through walks on the beach, games in the sand, evenings admiring the sunset and even helping and learning about the different creatures of the sea. Thomas grew to love the sea as much as her mother did. Everything seemed perfect for the family... but not for long. While Violet looked like she was made to be a mother, James was the total opposite. Two years after Thomas was born, James was introduced to cocaine through one of the colleagues he used to share a boat with. As expected, this addiction took the best out of James and turned him into a cold, aggressive, distant and unstable man, especially to his own wife and son. This situation was exactly what led to a moment that marked Thomas' life forever: his mother's sudden disappearance. Yet, to this day, Thomas isn't sure if she left because of his drug addicted husband, if she was abducted or if she was as unstable as her husband. The only thing he knew was that: whatever happened to her, she left him alone with a monster. Thomas' childhood continued with James struggling to be a decent father, which he absolutely failed doing. This had a big impact on Thomas' personality and the man he is today. He learned to fight for himself to survive. Whether by confronting the dangerous people who surrounded his father, or finding a way to cook something for himself when he was just six years old, he learned a very valuable lesson: at the end of the day, you can only count on yourself. Fortunately, when Thomas started school he had the chance to get away (at least for a few hours) from the toxic environment of his own house, and had the chance to start interacting with new people. The surprising thing was that, contrary to what everyone was expecting from him, the poor son of a drug addict proved to be very sociable, smart and show great abilities as a leader. There's no wonder that over the years, he became one of the most popular boys in the city, which was an uplifting attribute, since the situation in his house kept getting worse and worse. One example of this came when Thomas was just thirteen. Thomas tried to stop his father from leaving the house to keep spending their money on drugs, but this resulted in Thomas being beaten up by his own father. From that moment on, he promised himself that he would never in his life end up like him. Two years later, after going through hell with this situation, Thomas lost his father to an overdose. Totally alone, a lot of people offered their help, but he refused to take any of it. In his mind, if he survived since he was five years old already technically alone, he could go through this, rise from the ashes and take control of his fate... and that's exactly what he did. While finishing high school, he started working as a bartender in a beach bar, and save enough money to ateend university and study accounting and finance. Thanks to his excellent grades, a scholarship and hard work, he got to graduate and set his next goal, turn Atlantis Beach into the paredise that should be instead of a hole full of drug dealers and criminals. Nowadays, and thanks to his rough past, Thomas still can't trust a lot of people and, even though he had a few serious relationships, he still hasn't found a person worth of trust to share his life with. That's why for the last five years, his relationships have never crossed the three month mark. But at the same time, he considers himself a very lucky person: has an amazing job as the owner of a real estate agency, reformed the place he grew up in and turned it into a much better looking house next to the beach (where he loves to surf in his free time) and, thanks to his persuasive and flirtatious personality, almost always has what he wants. Everything was perfect how it was, but things were about to change... would it be for the better? PLATONIC: Thomas may know a lot of people, have friendly relationships with them and even enjoy their company; but just a few can be considered friends. Because of his trust issues, break through Thomas' barriers can be a difficult process because he refuses to open up to anyone. So the only thing he looks for is to surround himself with lots of people, and then time will tell if they are suited to be his friends, or maybe something more. ANTAGONISTIC: There is one kind of people that he can stand, those who are always complaining, victimizing themselves, blaming other people for their own faults... in brief, weak people. But this feature would just make him dislike a person, what he really hates is being outsmarted by someone. So, ironically, his perfect antagonist would be someone just like him. ROMANTIC: He is single right now, but enjoying every second of it, so he isn't looking to change this status right now. He is not closed to find someone and fall in love at some point, but with every day passing he feels like that idea become even more impossible. In a relationship, he would look for someone independent, just like him, who doesn't need to be 24/7 together. OTHER: I'm open to almost any idea or roleplay with this character, so never doubt to ask me if you are interested in trying something, come up with a idea or develop a story between characters. no triggers, 24, CEST, PM  
  16. When these girls get together I always remember why I love them, this is what women supporting women really is about. She may not have been very talked about during her last years, but it is amazing to see how she touched so many lives, from fans to her own colleagues; specially while being through so many difficult situations in her life. Now it's time to return all the love she shared with us; and the least that can be done, for those not donating (which they are in their perfect right), is respect and don't try to judge how much she was appreciated by "X" based on the amount of money he/she donates.
  17. Jordynne Grace vs Madison Rayne vs Scarlett Bordeaux vs Tessa Blanchard vs Alisha Edwards vs Kiera Hogan vs Solo Darling vs Tasha Steelz vs Karissa Rivera vs Ashley Vox (featuring Taya Valkyrie) Full match at 03:00: Su Yung vs Rosemary in a Demon Collar Match Full match at 23:30: Madison Rayne announces she is facing Taya Valkyrie for the Impact Knockouts Championship next week (featuring Melissa Santos) (at 35:11)
  18. At least they have the chance to actually be featured on TV and wrestle for other promotions. Obviously they are paid less than they would in WWE, but they can compensate it working the indies. Plus they have the chance to do what they love, something WWE is stoping from doing to Harper, Lio Rush, Sasha Banks, Dawson, Wilder... Once again, at the end of the day is every wrestler's decission to choose what to do with their career, but as we all know WWE is not the perfect place to be anymore. So let's not act like Impact is some kind of wrestling purgatory and WWE a heaven, because that's proved to be false just watching how positively Impact has changed in the last months. 
  19. Ashley Massaro passes away

    This doesn't feel right. Some of you already said it, but it's crazy to think that someone we grew up watching and enjoying her work is gone. She seemed a genuinely good person who wouldn't make harm to anyone and a dedicated mother; a superstar in all levels. She will be dearly missed. RIP Ashley.
  20. Madison Rayne is interviewed by Melissa Santos before her match against the Impact Knockouts Champion (at 14:54) Tommy Dreamer's emotional prematch rallying cry (featuring Scarlett Bordeaux and Melissa Santos) (at 21:37) Taya Valkyrie vs Madison Rayne featuring Tessa Blanchard as the guest commentator of the match Full match at 20:48: Rosemary challenges Su Yung to a Demon Collar Match (at 39:19) Jordynne Grace vs Alexia Nicole Full match at 39:57: Kiera Hogan confronts Jordynne Grace backstage and says she is over being friends with other Knockouts (featuring Melissa Santos) (at 44:56) Tommy Dreamer, Rich Swann, Willie Mack and Fallah Bahh (with Scarlett Bordeaux) vs O.v.E Full match at 28:14:
  21. Killer Kross Requests Impact Release

    Everyone at May 13, 2019: "He should go to WWE. He's an amazing wrestler, has created an amazing character and they will use him better than Impact." Everyone at May 13, 2020: "He shouldn't have signed with WWE, it was obvious that they wouldn't use him right. He should go back to the indies, WWE sucks." Don't get me wrong, he's 100% right on asking to be paid his worth, but I am sick of the "he should sign with WWE" comments that are about to come om the IWC in general. Especially when we are trashing this company 24/7 and complaining about how they misuse talent.
  22. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    Brooke is so embarrasing omg. First off, her gimnick used to be having a big botty and... and... that's it. No one can steal your character when you don't even have one. And secondly, she stole the Trump supporter gimnick from Randy Orton and I don't see him complaining, so... next caller.
  23. WWE Raw | Official Chat Thread

    I can't believe WWE is still proclaiming a "women's revolution" after last nigth, it makes me legit mad. It's not like we didn't know all of this was made up to take advantage of a powerful movement like feminism, but even for the wrong reasons, I thought they would do better featuring women from now on, and they can't even do that. A squash match, four women standing like clowns on ringside, and Becky running in after the match... is that the best they can really do? Seriously? And the saddest part is that, as time goes, I care less and less. Investing time in this company is a waste of time.
  24. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    We can't cancel her since she has never been a thing. "Girls gotta botty" deserved better.
  25. Rosemary and The Undead Bridesmaid head to the ring (at 27:20) Rosemary (with The Undead Bridesmaid) vs Kiera Hogan + Su Yung appears to get revenge Full match at 29:17: Taya Valkyrie sets her own championship terms (featuring Melissa Santos and Madison Rayne) Scarlett Bordeaux propose Fallah Bahh as one of Rich Swann's partners for next week match against OvE (at 13:40) Gail Kim and Tessa Blanchard reactions after their Rebellion match If you want to watch the full video package, skip to 24:24: