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  1. Dana Brooke on Chasing Glory

      something about that raw promo made me like her. send her to smackdown and let her work her way up, dana’s got lots of potential. wwe dropped her like a bad habit and i could feel all of her sentiment reading this. she really could’ve had a major story with charlote and turned on her but they dropped the ball on that. i think it’s good she thought smart and didn’t walk out because genuinely i think good things may come in dana’s wwe future.  
  2.   well now that you mention it, lacey attacking all of them to make it asuka/lacey/naomi/carmella/mandy/sonya in a six pack challenge makes total sense.   
  3. the gag would be dana having a becky/kofi moment and i want it to happen. wwe needs to let FANS make the stars for once.
  4. this slap from torrie here?! I-CON-IC.
  5. lmao THIS was an ass whooping and i LIIIIVED for every second growing up. ugh torrie was like my trish of smackdown. i stanned for her and trish so hard, torrie’s feuds with nidia, dawn and sable were highlights and an ERA for me. i could always count on torrie to give me a good T&A match (no shade) she along w/ trish were definitely the epitome of looking pretty while kicking ass tbh. loved her. so many great moments in this thread.
  6. Chyna Getting Inducted as Part of D-Generation X

    genuinely when i first read, for some reason i thought they all were inducting her but i realized she’s going in with them and i’m a bit displeased bc it’s very cop out-ish and she deserves a solo induction. however like someone mentioned, i’ll finally get chyna in 2k (i hope) so i’ll take it..    
  7. Women's Match advertised for Fastlane

    again, take yourself away from stanning and stop lying to yourself. sasha’s light dimmed harshly after that win/lose/win/lose nonsense. she’s a majnstay because the fans love her, and yes she’s winning the tag titles (she deserves and honestly should be rewarded after how much of a slump her career has taken) otherwise, sasha after charlotte feuded with nia jax, had a feud that went no where with bayley, won the title for a week against alexa, and now she’s finally getting some shine again and getting the tag titles but even those belts i feel like may be mishandled. but yes after her feud with charlotte, sasha’s shine wasn’t the same and she didn’t come out looking strong.. let’s be completely honest here.
  8. WWE Games | Discussion: WWE 2K19

      so do you guys modify the attires in the game or just download them as brand new superstars? like some people’s hair you can’t change and i’m too lazy to do so (lol) so do y’all just download them as a new superstar? some people’s attires i just change...
  9. Women's Match advertised for Fastlane

    lmao, charlotte came out strong in her survivor series match and lost by dq. her hiac match w/ sasha?! she won. her tlc match and the rumble match she lost but somehow is STILL in the title picture or managing to feud with the champion(s). let’s not act like i’m just talking out of my ass. becky genuinely has been one of the few to look strong against charlotte. they lowkey buried sasha with that win/lose/win/lose mess because charlotte won the big ppv matches and she broke asuka’s streak (wasn’t nessecary at all) so yeah... charlotte wins everything.
  10. Women's Match advertised for Fastlane

      like she always does. i’m genuinely sick of her. it’s not even in a trish kind’ve way because trish would at least lose. charlotte wins everything.
  11. Womens Title match announced for Elimination Chamber

    genuinely, everyone else’s title reigns should’ve been treated like this.. a few title defenses here and there, and successful ones. instead of only defending it to drop it or advance a storyline. back in the day, that’s what the girls used to get so i’m glad that’s happening however i wish it wasn’t with ronda...
  12.   lmao oop drag me. idk the braids thing is one thing that doesn’t bother me as long as they’re not claiming the braids as theirs. like “boxer braids”.. you mean cornrows?! but i can’t fault another black person for being upset. and i totally understand it, the braids discussion just doesn’t rile me up as much as other appropriation discussions. now if kaitlyn got dreads then i would be disgusted.  
  13. you know i don’t have an issue with girls getting braids that aren’t black, i have an issue when they’re done like shit. these look great on kaitlyn, so i’m not mad tbh.
  14. Ronda Rousey To Leave WWE After WrestleMania 35

    genuinely, i don’t care for her being this undefeatable monster but i enjoy her matches because the 4HW seem to really go hard on her because they obviously want to prove a point, so i wouldnt want her to leave without a proper few more ass whoopings lmao. like i’m really looking forward to sasha stiffing her on sunday lmao...
  15. Nia and Tamina vs Natalya and Ronda announces for Raw

    can we just get the women’s tag titles please? at this point. give the other girls SOMETHING christ.