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  1. TLC 2019: Live Chat

    honestly, charlotte and becky make me sick. the whole match i genuinely felt like they both were no selling or at least giving asuka and becky a hard time. charlotte and becky both expressed their distaste for the tag team division or being involved, and i almost feel like they feel too superior to be involved. kairi was literally getting slung around during the match and charlotte and becky seemed to not give a damn. charlotte completely no sold asuka and kairi’s beatings when they were trying to lock her in the chair and i knew something was up during that powerbomb spot, for somebody as “great” as charlotte... she slapped kairi after kairi visibly was out of it and then slammed her RIGHT through a table. it was fucking gross. i really think wwe despite putting a lot of faith in charlotte and becky have GOT to humble them or at least invest in some other stars. people are also obviously getting tired of them too (the boo’s prove everything) and they aren’t creating any stars. this match should’ve made the tag championships a DEAL and asuka and kairi look like threats but it was bowling shoe ugly. ”the man” and “the queen” literally only reap benefits and glorify the “women’s evolution” when it seems like it benefits them two. they haven’t created any stars and literally bury everybody.
  2. if anything, it should’ve been trish/kelly (w/ snooki) vs. laycool but we won’t even start there but melina had zero to do with this lmao
  3. The IIconics Receive Their Side Plates

    when they told becky, “bad reception” and walked away lmao! they’re growing on me a lot. i like them!
  4. WWE Top 10: Women's Wrestlemania Milestones

    charlotte winning over trish and mickie?! ronda over trish and mickie?! wwe doesn’t even hide how selfish this evolution is..
  5. WWE Top 10: Women's Wrestlemania Milestones

    charlotte winning over trish and mickie?! ronda over trish and mickie?! wwe doesn’t even hide how selfish this evolution is..
  6. and that’s on period. idc, i love sasha forever - she always says what we’re thinking whether it’s unpopular or popular lol.
  7. Charlotte Flair Wins SD Women’s Title

    charlotte has literally put nobody over but becky. sasha’s star dimmed IMMENSELY after they feuded and she was once a huge star, and asuka’s streak ended because wwe just has to foam at the mouth and have charlotte run over everybody. they could’ve just had charlotte/asuka, becky/ronda @ wm instead of this bc the more i think about it, they prob arent unifying anything and just want the 4hw to hold the titles at the end. hell i would’ve took charlotte losing her spot in the main event, ordering a match against asuka at wrestlemania then taking out becky at wrestlemania and then taking becky’s spot last min and then becky doing the same RR spot and coming through and winning. creative spat in every sd woman’s face. at least they could’ve kept the four way before hand or something. it was like completely cut as if they didn’t matter. a segment w them four or something would’ve worked even. i’m sure they’re gonna throw them in some meaningless pre show battle royal, that they’ll never get their deserved title shot for (looks at naomi).
  8. WWE SmackDown | Official Chat Thread

    as much as i don’t want her champ, i’ll be okay as long as those titles aren’t unified either. i would’ve took a pre-show match or something over them just not being on the card..
  9. WWE SmackDown | Official Chat Thread

    maybe just maybe, they’re not unifying the titles and just want the four horsewomen (becky, charlotte, sasha and bayley) holding the titles at the end of the show. that could be it.
  10. WWE SmackDown | Official Chat Thread

    in a tlc match or something wasn’t it? asuka has not cleanly pinned charlotte. charlotte completely buried her whole credibility. they had her beat her streak just to add another accomplishment under her belt. let’s not act. charlotte runs people over. becky is the only one she hasn’t.
  11. WWE SmackDown | Official Chat Thread

    charlotte has literally been shoved down our throats since she got here and it’s clear this “evolution” revolves around her and her last name and it’s sad. charlotte had no reason to win against asuka and to make asuka look stronger, a successful defense and maybe an interference from becky or ronda would’ve been fine. charlotte did absolutely nothing to earn that title shot and got it handed to her. at least trish lost, she didn’t run people over like charlotte. i’m almost positive charlotte is the only person asuka hasn’t beat which is ridiculous. this “women’s evolution” took 2 steps forward to take 50 back. this year’s wrestlemania should’ve showcased them in such a huge light following the year they’ve had smh. is wwe’s attention span that shitty they can’t focus on three women’s feuds?
  12. Dana Brooke on Chasing Glory

      something about that raw promo made me like her. send her to smackdown and let her work her way up, dana’s got lots of potential. wwe dropped her like a bad habit and i could feel all of her sentiment reading this. she really could’ve had a major story with charlote and turned on her but they dropped the ball on that. i think it’s good she thought smart and didn’t walk out because genuinely i think good things may come in dana’s wwe future.  
  13.   well now that you mention it, lacey attacking all of them to make it asuka/lacey/naomi/carmella/mandy/sonya in a six pack challenge makes total sense.   
  14. the gag would be dana having a becky/kofi moment and i want it to happen. wwe needs to let FANS make the stars for once.
  15. this slap from torrie here?! I-CON-IC.