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  1. Nia and Tamina vs Natalya and Ronda announces for Raw

    can we just get the women’s tag titles please? at this point. give the other girls SOMETHING christ.
  2. Becky injured; might not make it to Survivor Series

    whew becky 3:16 >>>>
  3. Maria and The Bella Twins' Beef Is Over?

    for someone who “doesn’t care about her involvement” A LOT is being done lol
  4. Maria and The Bella Twins' Beef Is Over?

    she addressed it and apologized? so what more do you want lol? y’all literally want to find something to bitch at maria about... you can’t be more mad than the people involved lmfao
  5. Maria and The Bella Twins' Beef Is Over?

    lmao wtf if she KEPT talking about it y’all would’ve told her to get over it. now she’s over it and ignoring it so she’s a clown lmao!! ridiculous.
  6. Reby Hardy drags Ashley Massaro

    reby is gross. like utter and complete trash. you have the kid, matt is your husband and ashley obviously has no chance so what’s the reason to put forth all that energy in cursing her out online as if they’re high schoolers arguing about a baby father? somebody get kia to knock her out again.
  7. that means sis is a republican. poor that.
  8. easily, this could have been a dope dvd. wwe needs to push her again because she’s a crowd favorite, has moments and obviously has created history. idk why she’s on the back burner.
  9. Melina Addresses WWE Evolution Snub and Naomi

    ugh melina deserves recognition seeing as when trish and lita left, her, mickie, beth, michelle and victoria were really the driving forces in the division. naomi tributing her was so heart warming and i’m glad melina recieved it well.
  10. Evolution Match Officially Changed

    this all could’ve been avoided if they gave us an actual dream match. trish, lita, sasha and bayley vs. ruby, sarah, liv and alicia (w/ mickie playing like the mentor role) could’ve been good too. ugh this pay per view really is garbage and idk if there’s any saving it. this match lacks excitement or hype. love alicia but its clear she’s thrown in to job, this whole “past vs present” garbage theyre trying to conjure up like mickie hasnt been in the ring with them both.. is crazy. although trish and lita aren’t the same age this whole situation shouldve and couldve been flipped and trish/lita vs. sasha/bayley could’ve happened too. instead we really get resorted to last min buildup with a backstage “brawl”.
  11. what a total disappointment lol. all that sasha/bayley build up to do what.. not even a tag team championship being introduced smh
  12. literally half of this could’ve been avoided, if they made a women’s tag team championship announcement and made a tournament. they could’ve saved squeezing everybody in by bringing past and present teams as well as current teams. easily the build up could’ve been all the girls scrambling to find partners (which i thought we were building up to) we have asuka/naomi, iconics, sonya/mandy, ruby/liv (or sarah whichever), bayley/sasha, nia/tamina, natalya/beth, ivory/molly, laycool, lana/carmella, easily they could’ve created teams instead of squeezing them into an uneventful ass battle royal. ugh wwe smh.
  13. the iconic judgment day show stopping performance she did for torrie's entrance >>>>> lilian is an icon, truly.
  14. ugh i don’t want trish passing the torch to charlotte. i refuse. a gimmick match anyways shouldn’t be won by a face. it should be a stamp to end the feud and becky should win that for credibility. charlotte doesn’t need to win the match, we need to move her right along. so i’m hoping becky isn’t seriously injured.
  15. lol exactly. she wants to face becky because chances are she’ll win her title back at this “historic” event. ugh. charlotte irks me.