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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  2. Raw July 30, 2018: Live Chat

    i think when ariana said 'god is a woman' she was talking about veteran foxy 
  3. fix your fucking box hair dye job first before you come after talent 
  4. Y'all remember that iconic ugly cry from a segment with Dolph? I wanna see it one more time
  5. Your WWE Entrance

    Okay, let's say we're all employed by McMahon and you were told to come up with an entrance. Hit me with the music, movement, rope work, etc. that goes along with your character! Go ahead and borrow bits and pieces from fellow wrestlers. Add a description of your character and name while you're at it! I have mine mapped out, honestly. Is that bad?  anyways... Vanessa Holiday would my character name, entrance music being Calm Like a Bomb from RATM and I feel like Lacey Von Erich's entrance would be cute. 
  6. Which WWE women’s wrestler are you?

    I got Sasha.                                                                                                                                                                                                          .  
  7. Past/Present: Tag Team Edition

    Zelina and AJ 
  8. Are Guts Becoming Sexy?

    dad bods that pull hair and choke 
  9. Bray Wyatt Sustains Multiple Injuries In Car Crash

    I guess that's why JoJo is gone too. Hope he recovers swiftly.
  10. Raw July 2, 2018: Live Chat

    kevin  put it so deep i can't speak a sentence 
  11. Raw July 2, 2018: Live Chat

  12. he has no life lmao. his job is talking shit about other people and starting rumors. disgusting  
  13. Raw July 2, 2018: Live Chat

    The most interesting thing that has happened on RAW so far is the Spanish Lexus commercial.